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Spafford & Mungion Bring Incendiary Jams To St. Louis [Photos]

first_imgSpafford and Mungion are in the midst of their first-ever spring tour together, and it’s off to a smashing success. Last night hitting the Old Rock House in St. Louis, MO, fans were treated to an exciting double bill that kept the room rocking and rolling in the right direction.With high energy performances, showcasing their top level musicianship, Mungion never stray too far away from each other and display impressive interplay between members.With a style that is laden with heavy grooves and easily danceable, Spafford is creating improvisational highlights on a nightly basis that are simply extraordinary. Together, they deliver an exciting new direction that gives the jam scene hope for a bright future.Check out the full gallery below, courtesy of Tara Gracer.Setlist: Spafford | Old Rock House | St Louis, MO | 04/05/17Set: Windmill, Minds Unchained, Leave the Light On > Weasel*, Slip & Squander, All In, Into the Mystic^, Electric Taco StandE: Shake You LooseNotes: *Red’s Jam tease / ^Van MorrisonSetlist: Mungion | Old Rock House | St Louis, MO | 04/05/17Hung Daddy, Schlingo, Qremake, Sir Duke, Ferris, Makanda, Shallows Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Waiting for the pendulum to swing back won’t cut it

first_imgUnderstandably, left-leaning citizens across the world may feel like they’re on the defensive, with things likely to get worse before they get any better. Michael Kazin, professor of U.S. Social Movements and Politics at Georgetown University and editor of Dissent Magazine, sat down with the Gazette ahead of his Dean’s Lecture in the Social Sciences at the Radcliffe Institute, “Does the Left Have a Future?” to discuss why the left is struggling and how it can rebuild itself.GAZETTE: For the anxious and short-on-time proletariat, does the left have a future?KAZIN: The answer is “Yes, but …” I say yes because the kind of things the left stands for — both liberal and radical — are still very popular. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America right now. Jeremy Corbin is doing very well in Britain. I think in general, most citizens of the world want a lot of things the left has always controlled: equality, decent housing, good education, good medical care, and so forth.The “but,” of course, is that left organizations have not been winning elections as of late; institutions that used to be bold to the left, such as unions, are not doing very well anywhere in the industrialized world; and there’s a lot of skepticism about how to achieve the things they’re talking about.There are, I think, three paths for the left that I lay out in the talk: continue the tradition of being a social gadfly, such as the Civil Rights Movement or the labor rights movement; take a more Social Democratic path, the type that Bernie Sanders is talking about that we see in many Scandinavian countries; or take a hard turn into a Democratic Socialist society, the sort of system that Marx and Engels wrote about, in which there would be a very limited role for private capital.GAZETTE: Is the left at a historic low or is this a more predictable pendulum swing?KAZIN: There have been other times when the left has not been doing well: the 1920s, 1950s, 1970s. I’m not sure it’s a historic low right now. I think left-wing parties are doing worse than they have — across the world — at pretty much anytime since they began in the late 19th century. But left ideas are still vital.GAZETTE: What happened to put the left in such a tough spot?KAZIN: The core of the left, historically, was the working class, particularly the native working class, which, in this country, is the white working class. And that group is turning much more toward conservative parties, right-wing populism, especially towards figure like [President] Trump and others who follow him. So when you lose what used to be the core of your constituency and the organizations like unions that represented that constituency, then you’re in trouble.The left has also gotten the image of being represented more by people at Harvard and Hollywood than by ordinary people in the heartland. The French have a term for this, le gauche caviar (the caviar left). We don’t have the same thing here in the U.S., but “limousine liberal” was an older phrase for people even to the left of liberals. But if you’re trying to win over the majority of people, most of whom don’t go to college, never mind Harvard, that’s a problem. The idea that the left is elite is a problem.Also — and this is more true of Europe, but it also applies to the Democrats — governments and parties got blamed for cooperating in what some people call neo-liberal policies, which is not a term I like a lot. All sorts of austerity, cutting back on government expenditures in order to keep up with Euro guidelines. In this country, Obama did not really try to put bankers in jail for the housing crisis, he didn’t really push to expand union rights — not that he would’ve been successful. So these parties all over the Western world were seen as being more interested in the interests of global capital than in those of ordinary people.GAZETTE: Is Donald Trump helping the left?KAZIN: Good question. Something I didn’t expect is to have a Republican president come into office and see the left actually gaining. Usually they’d be on the defensive just trying to protect their gains. And that’s certainly true of course, Democrats are trying to protect Obamacare and the Consumer Protection Agency.But Trump is a different kind of Republican. He’s divided his party and his popularity ratings are down in the 30s, which has given people on the left some hope. But at the same time, for the left to really advance, they have to put forward their own program. I don’t think most Americans know what the left would do if it were in power, and that’s a problem.GAZETTE: What does the left need to do to compete again?KAZIN: A lot of things. They have to diagnose the problem first of all, but I end the talk with three suggestions:First is they need to build institutions and be part of institutions, and that applies especially to political institutions. The left has to be part of the Democratic party. Unions are in decline but they can still be institutions to help and to educate people who would otherwise be educated by conservatives like Trump and evangelical churches. They have to build institutions at the local and state levels, not just the national, and not just insurgencies like Black Lives Matter and Occupy.Second, leftists have to understand they need liberals as much as liberals need leftists. There’s an important symbiotic relationship there. They’ll disagree and fight a lot, but in American history, especially, leftists have never achieved anything they really wanted to without liberals. It was true in the 1890s, it was true in the 1930s, it was true in the 1960s, and it was true to a certain degree during the Obama administration.And third, leftists have to be more empathetic. There are a lot of people on the left who curse people who voted for Trump as racists, nativists, loonies. I think Trump is an awful person and has awful policies and is dangerous in lots of ways, but if leftists talk about people who voted for him or are ambivalent about him as, in effect, the enemy — as Hillary Clinton called them, “deplorables” — they’re not going to win the majority of people in America. You have to think about why people don’t agree with you and talk to them at the level they understand. And if you don’t, then you don’t really believe in a majoritarian left.GAZETTE: Can any of that happen in time for 2018 or 2020?KAZIN: People can start thinking and acting differently, I suppose. A lot of what I’m talking about are not original ideas, but if people on the left start committing themselves to some [of] this logic, they’ll be a lot better off going forward. Whether that happens right away or not, I don’t know. This is not just about elections, but about building movements which can influence elections, policy, and culture generally.This interview has been edited for length and clarity.Today’s event is already at capacity, however, Radcliffe will add your name to its wait list and will inform you as soon as possible if space becomes available. Please e-mail [email protected] to be added to the wait list.last_img read more

Canadian ORPC branch seeks project manager

first_imgEMARQ, a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary of Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), is recruiting for a project manager to oversee the development of marine renewable energy projects in Canada.The successful candidate will be accountable for the planning and execution of projects, including developing project scope, objectives, schedule and budget involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility, ORPC said.Requiring a minimum 5 years’ experience with project management in marine energy related projects, ORPC added that other responsibilities for the post include coordinating internal resources and third parties/vendors to ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.EMARQ, short for Énergies Marines Renouvelables Québécoises, was established in 2015 with headquarters in Montreal.ORPC, a US-based hydrokinetic developer headquartered in Maine, has twenty-two employees working in three countries, according to the most recent available information.The company is developing tidal energy projects in Alaska, and Maine in the US, and across the Atlantic in Ireland. Illustration (Photo: ORPC)last_img read more

Marinakis Diagnosed with Coronavirus

first_imgGreek shipping magnate and owner of football clubs Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest Evangelos Marinakis has tested positive for the coronavirus.“Mr. Marinakis was diagnosed after showing the first symptoms on his return to Greece yesterday afternoon. During his short stay in Nottingham last week he did not show any symptoms of the virus,” Nottingham Forest Club said in a statement on March 10.“The club are seeking advice from medical professionals and the relevant governing bodies to ensure the correct measures are taken.”Marinakis confirmed the information on his Instagram account.“The recent virus has ‘visited’ me and I felt obliged to let the public know,” he said. “I feel good as I take all the necessary measures and I discipline to the doctor’s instructions.”Following the announcement, it has been confirmed that all of the Olympiacos players and staff tested negative for CoOVID-19.Marinakis joins another prominent figure from the maritime world to be diagnosed with the virus, namely the head of the Port fo New York and New Jersey Rick Cotton.“Mr. Cotton is currently asymptomatic and has self-quarantined at his home while maintaining a full schedule. Any staff members who have had close contact with him in recent days are also working from home as they follow the guidelines and protocols put in place by the New York State Department of Health,” the port authority informed earlier this week.last_img read more

Beckham’s Miami picks top US college scorer in MLS draft

first_imgDavid Beckham’s Inter Miami selected US collegiate leading goalscorer Robbie Robinson with the first pick in Thursday’s Major League Soccer SuperDraft – and Beckham even called to congratulate him. The 21-year-old American scored 18 goals and set up nine others in 19 matches for Clemson University, which lost to Stanford in the national tournament quarter-finals. Promoted Content10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?The Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreA Guy Turns Gray Walls And Simple Bricks Into Works Of Art20+ Albino Animals That Are Very Rare And Unique9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooJason Statham Bought And Sold A Multi-Million Dollar HouseWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksLaugh, Cry, Or Just Relax With The Best Series Streaming On HBO8 Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise YouThe Most Exciting Cities In The World To Visit Retired English football star Beckham, president of the Inter Miami expansion team that will debut March 1 at Los Angeles FC, praised the striker in a video chat after the selection. “Welcome to Miami,” Beckham said. “It’s a very exciting year for us. You had a great season. It was a joy to watch. We’re very excited for you to bring your skills to our city. “We’re excited about you being able to contribute to the team and develop as a player and we’re excited to have you in our club.” Inter also chose right-back Dylan Nealis of US college champion Georgetown with the number three overall selection.Advertisement Read Also: Beckham to appoint ex-EPL manager son at Inter Miami Beckham’s long-delayed MLS expansion club, obtained as part of the deal which saw him play for the Los Angeles Galaxy from 2007-2012, will kick off in Fort Lauderdale with plans to open a new stadium in Miami for the 2022 campaign. Inter Miami’s first home game is set for March 14 against Beckham’s former club, the Galaxy. Argentine teen Julian Carranza is expected to secure a forward spot with Colombian-born American Juan Agudelo and German-born US national team forward Jerome Kiesewetter likely to line up down the wings. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Loading… Beckham’s Miami picks top US college scorer in MLS draft https://t.co/TTvSTIauV0 pic.twitter.com/BxUcWtYlsI— Scoopwithchris.com (@scoopwithchris) January 9, 2020last_img read more

Syracuse places in Top 25 rankings for 1st time this season

first_img Published on October 6, 2015 at 5:36 pm Contact Connor: [email protected] | @connorgrossman Facebook Twitter Google+ Syracuse (7-2-1, 2-1-1 Atlantic Coast) slotted at No. 22 in the National Soccer Coaches Association of America poll released on Tuesday. It’s the first time SU has been nationally ranked since being tabbed as the No. 15 team in the preseason.The Orange has played only two ranked opponents this season — then-No. 7 Wake Forest and then-No. 23 Louisville — and came away with a loss and a tie in those matches, respectively. On the schedule remains matchups at No. 2 North Carolina on Saturday and against No. 5 Clemson on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. at SU Soccer Stadium.Aside from Clemson and UNC, fellow ACC teams No. 6 Wake Forest, No. 7 Notre Dame, No. 10 Virginia were all listed in the Top 25 to round out six ranked teams in the conference.Syracuse hosts Albany (5-4-1, 0-1 America East) on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at SU Soccer Stadium before hitting the road to play the Tar Heels on Saturday. Comments AdvertisementThis is placeholder textlast_img read more

The NFL’s Nickelodeon connection has us matching QBs to beloved ‘SpongeBob’ characters

first_imgMORE: Jarrett Stidham has a monumental task ahead of him in replacing Tom BradyNow, who will all of these quarterbacks be throwing the ball to? That choice is easily the ripped Seahawks receiver from Ole Miss.DK Metcalf: Larry the LobsterBig Larry energy over here.DK Metcalf is an NFL prospect… at WIDE RECEIVER 💪😳📸 via @BunkiePerkins pic.twitter.com/n4UGAch8fw— FanDuel (@FanDuel) February 11, 2019Bout’ to play some volleyball at the beach! pic.twitter.com/laZw6jxJ0P— Larry The Lobster (@Larry_T_Lobster) February 5, 2015 The NFL will take a surprising step to boost its popularity among children next season after reportedly agreeing to broadcast a first-round playoff game on kid-targeted Nickelodeon as well as CBS.Where “SpongeBob SquarePants” captivated viewers before, football will try to win over the hearts of youngsters around the U.S. That got us to thinking: Which “SpongeBob” characters would NFL quarterbacks be if they entered the digital realm?MORE: NFL free agency gradesHere’s our attempt to answer that question in a list that will almost certainly lead to disagreement and indignation. Just remember that we tried our best:Patrick Mahomes: SpongeBob SquarePantsMahomes is fresh off a Super Bowl title and is having one of the best starts to a career in NFL history (76 TDs in 31 games). He seems well-positioned to own the next generation of league success. The top quarterback is usually considered the protagonist of the league, and competition for the role will probably be between him and Lamar Jackson for years to come. Like SpongeBob, Mahomes’ voice is a source of great amusement, and he is generally well-liked even by opposing fans.Mitchell Trubisky: Patrick StarWatching Trubisky try to find his footing in the NFL is kind of like watching Patrick Star try to get through a door.Colt McCoy: Sandy CheeksThe former Longhorns great is as close to the sea squirrel as we can get. He lives in his backup quarterback bubble until called to action.He might not reside in the Southwest any longer, but don’t you dare insult where he came from.Philip Rivers: Squidward TentaclesThe grumpiest quarterback in the NFL really just loves his craft, just like the no-nonsense curmudgeon of Bikini Bottom.Here’s how Rivers looked every time he felt let down by Chargers teammates in recent years:Jared Goff: Eugene H. KrabsIt took Goff little time to secure a four-year, $134 million contract extension that has set him up for life pretty well despite suspect on-field production. Mr. Krabs would be so proud of the finesse.Lamar Jackson: Sheldon J. PlanktonJackson’s entire career is devoted to making everyone who has ever overlooked him or disrespected his game look like idiots. He dropped to No. 32 in the 2018 NFL Draft and was told by teams and evaluators he would be better served as a wide receiver. An MVP season shut that talk down, but the Ravens signal-caller is unlikely to ever lose his sharp edge.His motivations, then, bear similarities to those of Plankton. Plankton, of course, lives to exact revenge for the lack of attention he receives, constantly looking to upend Bikini Bottom.Unlike Plankton, however, Jackson already seems to have the secret formula and a road to massive success.Aaron Rodgers: Flying DutchmanHe’s a baaaaaad man.Here’s Rodgers in the clutch:Tom Brady: King NeptuneThere is no doubting Brady, the GOAT, rules the NFL quarterback kingdom.His throne, of course, will be in a new city for the first time next season.last_img read more