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Letter To The Editor: Where Are The Antiwar Protesters?

first_imgWhere Are The Anti-War Protesters?I suppose I understand why there were no protests against Peace Prize-winning President Obama’s various bombings and undeclared wars. To protest back then would be like admitting that our two feuding political tribes are no more than a divide-and-conquer scam; and who’d want to admit that?But we’ve got a made-for-TV Caligula in that chair now. And the GOP-dominated central government seems just as gung-ho for the seven unconstitutional wars that are now so routine that the media concentrates on professional sports and going-out-of-business sales.Yet Democrats seem focused solely on side-issues and personal attacks.Why?I know that most people can’t name the nations we’re bombing, droning or starving at present. We don’t know which forces in which nations get our money, our wrath, or both simultaneously. And we certainly can’t name which freedom we’re defending…nor do we seem to care about the ones we’re giving up in fear.We have apparently made war so distant, comfortable and rationalized that it’s not only common but also popular, to proudly encourage entirely-foreign wars that have nothing to do with USA property, liberty or security.But isn’t it equally apparent that we’ve been intentionally deceived by too many people from all sides for too long?How did we let ourselves be divided into two arbitrary, abstract, ever-changing and absurd factions battling each other over quibbles, when we really should be uniting against at least our counterproductive, unconstitutional, and insanely costly wars?We don’t have to agree on everything. But we ought to agree that it’s madness to keep waging wars we can’t even name, for justifications we should no longer swallow.Maybe we’ll argue tomorrow about how to use all the money we’d save.But for now, you and I ought to be working against our global military-industrial monster, together.Liberty or Bust!Andy Horning7851 Pleasant Hill RoadFreedom, IN 47431FOOTNOTE: This letter was posted by the City-County Observer without opinion, bias or editing.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

SMC presents Four-Year Promise

first_imgOn April 2, Saint Mary’s announced the Four-Year Promise, which guarantees students will either graduate in four years or the College will pay for their extra courses. Students must follow certain guidelines to be eligible for the promise, which will start with the incoming class of 2017, College President Carol Ann Mooney said. “This isn’t a recruitment strategy for us or a new initiative on campus,” Mooney said. “Our students have always worked closely with their advisers and professors to stay on track and achieve their goals. We offer the courses they need, when they need them, led by exceptional faculty who are dedicated to teaching.” Mona Bowe, vice president for enrollment engagement, said 93 percent of all students graduate within the four years already. “This promise is really just putting our money where our mouth is,” Bowe said. Bowe said the major guidelines for this promise include maintaining good academic standing, registering for courses at the assigned times, completing an average of 32 semester hours each year and being accepted into a major by the end of spring semester of sophomore year. “These are things that our students are already doing,” Bowe said. In this time of economic hardship, Bowe said the College would like future students and their families to know the College cares about their investment. “We want people to know that we know how huge of an investment a college education is,” Bowe said. Professor of communications Colleen Fitzpatrick said more and more research has been done on the expense of a college education. “If you look at the research, more and more quality degrees are taking more than four years to finish,” Fitzpatrick said. “Those extra years are lost money.” Bowe said the College has already received positive feedback on the new promise. “Other colleges referred to this new program as a contract,” Bowe said. “We wanted to call it a promise and we have received very positive feedback about this new promise. I gave a presentation in Grand Rapids a couple of weeks ago and the parents of incoming freshman were more than excited to hear about this guarantee.” Contact Kaitlyn Rabach at [email protected]last_img read more