first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: K.W Avoid jetlag, sleep comfortable on the plane Jet lag and travel fatigue is not a desired way to start a holiday or business trip, so British Airways has surveyed passengers’ in-flight sleeping habits to develop some helpful tips to minimise jet lag.While most travellers understand how jet lag comes about, 67 percent of people don’t know how to manage it, according to the recent airline survey.British Airways’ appointed sleep advisor Dr. Chris Idzikowsk revealed light is one of the main cues the body uses to distinguish a link with the outside world and the internal body clock.  Flights across different time zones introduce the body to new patterns of light and activity and the body can not adjust quick enough, causing jet lag. Different to jet lag but experienced by travellers regularly, travel fatigue is a result of stress while travelling and accrued sleep debt.  It can reduce your attention span by 75 percent and your ability to make judgements and decisions by 50 percent, according to the Dr. Identifying these problems in the study, British Airways research has come up with some top tips for a restful flight.Exercise in the morning of your new time zone and taking it easy before bed time and during the flight with gentle stretches will help reset your body clock and revitalise after a long flight.Manage your caffeine intake, because it disrupts your sleep so instead of drinking a tea or coffee all day, have a cup when you are at your most sleepy and need to stay awake.While alcohol is widely used as a sleep remedy, it can also disrupt sleep and by managing your alcohol intake you can ensure a restful flight’s sleep.Strategic napping is also essential to improve performance and alertness, according to the airline because some sleep is better than no sleep.Last of all, be aware of your slump time and do not book any important meetings or schedule anything too strenuous for this time.  It is when you will be your sleepiest and less likely to make accurate judgements and decisions.Pre-flight preparation to avoid jet lag includes establishing a bedtime routine, start adjusting your sleep schedule with your destination’s time zone in mind, minimise stress during the flight by getting organised for your trip early, pick out a travelling outfit of loose fitting comfortable clothes and check in online so you can start relaxing as soon as you get to the airport.last_img read more