first_img Tweet Share Photo credit: cafepress.comNearly everyone has been burned at some point in life, either by a stove, a curling iron, a too-hot latte… or an object of our affection. Turns out, both kinds of burn are biologically similar. According to science. (You know, actual science.)A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science reports that, according to CNN, “the same brain networks that are activated when you’re burned by hot coffee also light up when you think about a lover who has spurned you.”  The study was conducted using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) on 40 people subjected to a heat source on their left arm akin to a scalding cup of coffee with no sleeve on it, and also separately given a photo of a lost love and prompted to talk about their memories of specific experiences with their exes. The imaging scans showed strikingly similar activity in the same brain networks across both stimuli — physical and emotional.So, what does it all mean? Basically, the pain of a breakup is real. And just like you’d treat a skin burn to help it heal and leave as slight a scar as possible, you can essentially do the same for the kind of burn that’s closer to the heart. As a physical burn starts to heal, you don’t keep messing with it and subjecting it to all sorts of things that just make it worse, right? Of course not. You treat it and dress it and leave it alone to let it run its course.  So when you’ve just been emotionally hurt, why keep pressing the bruise, tearing away the scab and preventing yourself from getting better?The takeaway: when dealing with a breakup, it’s possible to expedite your recovery by addressing it head-on instead of exacerbating it with repeated exposure to the root of your pain. So, no more drunk texting/dialing/emailing/facebook stalking. No more pining away for the ex instead of focusing on more positive things. Pain is inevitable after a breakup.  But how you choose to handle it is up to you, and as with physical recovery from a burn, the more you respect the process of getting better and focus on helping the pain go away, the faster it 53 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share Food & DiningLifestyle Study: Skin burns, heartbreak are actually similar. by: – July 19, 2011last_img read more