first_imgThere are some epic cosplays out there on the Internet. You only have to Google the word to find some of the best, but none are quite as impressive as this. Perhaps it’s because it’s a full-body armor, or maybe it’s because this cosplayer has shown just how much effort she put into it. Either way, this build of Kat’s armor from Halo is incredible.LilTyrant on the 405th Infantry Division forums posted a step-by-step process of the Kat armor build which took her a total of ten months to complete. The reason it took so long was because she spent a great deal of time on the custom undersuit, as well as the actual armor. The most impressive part is the fact she did it all from scratch. Often, cosplayers will use Pepakura files to help them build their cosplays, but LilTyrant decided to do it all herself as there weren’t any files that were accurate enough for her to use.Firstly, she designed a pattern for the undersuit using a sketch she drew as a reference. The pattern then got pinned to a mannequin and was followed by a great deal of sewing to create the first version of the suit. LilTyrant used Muslin fabric as it is cheap and a light color, which allowed her to mark out where details will be added later on. Other materials, such as Polyester Ponte and Spandex were used for areas that needed more flexibility as well as a combination of Marine Vinyl, Rayon/Polyester knit, and mesh for the final details, particularly around the neck area.Once the undersuit was done, LilTyrant moved on to the armor. Again, she sketched out what the pieces would look like using in-game images as a reference. She then made the armor in rough using cardboard to work out how to layer the foam on top  Craft foam was applied layer-by-layer to help build the detail and every bit was cut using a X-acto blade. As the armor needed to be taken off with ease, certain pieces were often split and attached using parachute buckles, which were surprisingly well hidden in the final suit.To attach pieces together, LilTyrant spray-mounted parts together rather than using a glue gun, but a glue gun was still needed to seal some edges as spray mounting is not as sticky as hot glue. The boots were built around wedged heels she already owned. She used wedges to give herself a bit of height as she is only 5ft 3″ and didn’t want to be too short a Spartan. When it was finished, the entire armor consisted of a chest piece, belt, robotic arm, boots, spine, gauntlets, helmet, and leg pieces.LilTyrant then painted the armor with Kat’s colors using Plasti-Dip for the black base and different colors of acrylic paint for the rest. She used a combination of brush, sponge, and airbrush to apply the paint and detailed it to give the armor a slightly battle-damaged look.It took her ten months in total to complete as she was limited to only working on it during weekends. But I think you’ll agree it was worth the effort as it looks incredible. You’d be hard-pushed to find a better full-body Halo armor suit.via 405thlast_img read more