first_imgYesterday it was revealed that the latest PlayStation Vita $364.71 at Amazon firmware update wasn’t great news for American gamers, with Europe getting a 120 more PSOne games to play than the US. But it seems Sony has sneaked something else into this update, which is sure to upset gamers everywhere.Once the v1.80 firmware has been applied your memory card will be locked to your PSN account. For most people, that won’t be an issue as you’ll only use one PSN account, but for some it will create an expensive headache. For example, if you are an American user who’s created a European account so you can play the 129 PSOne games right now, you’ll need another expensive memory card on top of the one you already own to do so.Locking the memory card to the Vita isn’t entirely new, though. The cards were always locked to your PSN account, but it was possible to switch accounts by restoring the system. That method can no longer be used — gamers have the choice of using multiple memory cards or losing all their data. It is apparently possible to separate your downloads and saves onto different memory cards by copying them back to your PS3, but you still need more than one memory card and you need a PS3 to carry out the procedure.This could be bad news for Sony as it is struggles to sell more Vitas. The PSOne game compatability will come as great news to many, but this sneaky part of the firmware update might put gamers who want or already have multiple PSN accounts off buying the Vita altogether.via Eurogamerlast_img read more