first_imgIf the landing of the Curiosity rover highlighted anything, it was that there are still plenty of people out there that get excited about how things work in space. Understanding the technology and the physics involved in pulling off that landing required an understanding of how objects move in space, and calculating gravity on a planet that no human has ever been on. While it clearly wasn’t impossible, it leaves many asking how some objects travel in space. Fortunately, there are people on the Internet willing to assemble fun videos to help explain some of the mysteries of our universe.Guns in Space jumps around a bit, starting out explaining Newton’s Cannon as it affects objects orbiting a planet and pondering what would happen if we could jump through the center of the planet. Somewhere in the middle there’s a discussion about shooting squirt guns at the sun to try and put it out, and whether or not that’s a good idea.The video breaks down several difficult concepts in fantastically simple terms, complete with stick figures and simple drawings. While it is unlikely the information will become immediately useful to you, it helps provide a simple way to explain how things like orbits happen.Videos like this are a lot of fun because they are great for any age. There’s nothing particularly new or groundbreaking in this video, but anything that can deliver scientific concepts in a way that everyone can understand is fantastic. It could also just be that everything is better when explained by simple doodles and stick figures.last_img read more