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12 Percent of Teens Experience Dating Violence

first_imgOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.INDIANAPOLIS – Romantic notes, hand holding and first kisses – young love is typically full of blissful moments.But that’s not the case for all Indiana teenagers.Colleen Yeakle, coordinator of prevention initiatives for Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, says an estimated 12 percent of teens experience some form of dating abuse each year that can result in emotional or social difficulties, physical injuries and trouble learning.“We see a lot of things ranging from physical forms of abuse to emotional abuse, name calling, put-downs,” she explains. “You know, it’s typically a series of behavior used to make the person feel not good about themselves, to feel dependent on their partner, to feel controlled.”The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has designated October Domestic ViolenceAwareness Month.Yeakle says her organization is encouraging parents to talk to their teens about healthy, responsible dating relationships to show them what respectful behavior is so they can give and expect to receive it from a dating partner.Yeakle says a national study found only about 25 percent of parents reported talking with their child about dating relationships. But she says having the conversation can help to prevent dating abuse, and show the child that his or parents’ door is always open.“It’ll let your kids know, ‘You know, we’re here for you as parents if you ever have trouble,’ because you’ve already started having those conversations early,” she says. “You’ve really set the stage to enable your kids to come to you if they are having trouble.”Yeakle stresses engaging in conversations about preventing abuse and standing for healthy behaviors is also important in schools, at sports clubs and youth service organizations.“That’s where kids really learn how relationships work and if we can guide them toward respectful relationship behaviors, we’ll have a lot less abuse to respond to,” she points out.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year.Mary Kuhlmanlast_img read more

PCB is against ICC’s Big Three model

first_img…The current model gives greater power to the BCCI, Cricket Australia and the ECBTHE Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will oppose the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) “Big Three” model ahead of the chief executives committee meeting in April.The “Big Three” model introduced in 2014 saw the ICC give greater financial power to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Cricket Australia and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).While the ICC are trying to make changes, the BCCI recently passed a unanimous resolution to ask them to retain the model until its annual general meeting in June.“A resolution has been passed at the SGM that we will ask ICC to carry on with the existing model where Australia, England and India get the lion’s share of revenue,” ESPN quoted a top official as saying. “We will definitely work out a new model during the London meeting. This was today unanimously passed by the forum.”However, the PCB is against the move with chief Shahryar Khan saying that Pakistan have already suffered due to the revenue model. They will also press a case against the BCCI in May’s meeting for their refusal to play a full bilateral tie against them since 2007.“We were always against the Big Three revenue model,” Khan said, as quoted on CricBuzz. “Pakistan has suffered a lot because of it as India didn’t fulfill the bilateral commitments with us. We will oppose it again if BCCI brings it up for discussion.”“As far as my understanding goes, the final constitution could be formally adopted in June only. The upcoming meetings will decide that.”The chief executives committee meeting of the ICC member boards will take place on 24 April.last_img read more

We have really and truly made Guyana proud – AAG president

first_imgATHLETICS Association of Guyana (AAG) president Aubrey Hutson says he takes pride in what Guyana was able to accomplish over the weekend – to successfully host the South American Junior Championships. He is particularly encouraged by the large turnout that witnessed the competition.“I’ve gone to a lot of South American Championships and the kind of crowd enthusiasm that we saw last weekend, I can’t remember experiencing it. I think they would have all left quite happy with what they would have seen,” he noted.“We had some people saying, ‘Could we do it? Are you sure we could?’ Well I think at the end we pulled out every stop to have the best possible championships that we could have had at such short notice.”Guyana had just under three months to prepare for the Championships after it got the nod to host from the South American Athletics Confederation. The country was able to overcome the hurdles, however, and witness Guyana’s largest athletics meet turnout which led to the country’s success.“I think we have really and truly made Guyana proud in pulling off a Championships, almost like we would have never seen in South America before, even with our limited experience, and limited personnel,” Hutson expressed.AAG president Aubrey Hutson congratulates Boys’ 100m gold medallist, Guyana’s Compton Caesar.Like many, Hutson was particularly happy with Guyana’s medal take, after in one hosting Guyana more than tripled our medal take in the entire history of the Championships.Over the years Guyana had only collected eight medals at the event, but last weekend we ended with a total of 25 medals and also finished second place in the point standings.“What I experienced over last weekend is a feeling, since I became president that I longed for; to watch Guyanese athletes cross the finish line in first place. I think what happened last weekend is a result of the drive to develop these athletes and hence we get the reward. The coaches have been doing a tremendous job,” Hutson expressed.Three of Guyana’s medals were gold, and the country was fifth in the medals table. A chance for a fourth gold slipped past Guyana after the Boys 4x400m team was disqualified for a baton-passing infringement.However, this achievement did not come cheap, Hutson says the final price tag rests somewhere in the vicinity of $32M-$33M, and all the bills have not yet been paid. Hutson did not shy away from admitting that there were shortcomings, however.“Are there things we could do better? Sure, but I think we did the best that we could have possibly done under the circumstances. Time was our biggest enemy in this project. The venue not being fully equipped for a Championship of this magnitude played a role in our inability to move smoothly.“Also I don’t think we have all the marketing and sales personnel within our council to really market. What we generally needed was more time to advertise, more time to contact sponsors, to push to get more sponsors on board,” he related.But that is by no means dampening the AAG from looking forward to hosting more international meets. Hutson enthusiastically shared that the body will be looking to possibly bring the 2020 CARIFTA here, with the 2018 and 2019 hosting already spoken for.last_img read more

The Town Clerk must go!

first_imgDear Editor,If the article, “Calls grow for King’s removal”, in regard to a recent correspondence from Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan to Mayor of Georgetown Patricia Chase-Green is accurate, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, I welcome the minister’s wise counsel, and hope Her Worship acquiesces to giving the information the Minister has requested.Editor, while I agree with our subject minister in principle, my only reservation here would be that all the information necessary might not be forthcoming, especially since the very information being sought has the potential of indicting the suppliers.I will not be brash to suggest culpability or complicity by any means on any individual; but what would the reasonable man think?Additionally, while I dare not impugn the noble office of the minister, or his wisdom on such matters, my own humble reading on such delicate issues suggests that no reasonable person would want to incriminate themselves: exposing oneself to an accusation or charge of crime, or bringing oneself in danger of a criminal prosecution.As I have said before Local Government Elections 2016 and subsequently, there is a dire need for an independent, complete financial audit of City Hall. Information indicates that we, the “new” Councillors, inherited $180 million in our city coffers, since that time to now, even with numerous financial injections from Central Government, City Hall records billion-dollar debts currently with no end in sight.The Auditor General’s Report to the National Assembly on the spending of funds of the Georgetown Restoration Programme left little to be desired of the Council’s financial and accounting system. And with the $200 million earmarked for the city in the 2018 Budget, I am not confident the people of our beloved city would feel the full benefit if we put new wine in old wineskins.Editor, I have offered before that we ought to sit down as a Council and construct a business plan for the city, but we need to know where we were, and where we are, before we can know where we ought to be heading. We need, as is said colloquially, to “ketch our bearings”.Having the right information, accurate information, would be a good compass. And this city, with it latent potential to be a real international city, needs a better captain. Let me be clear at this point: I am not interested in the job as much as I am ready to exert more energy at the oars and chart a new course with my fellow Councillors. The potential and promise of City Hall must become performance; must become reality.That our Honourable Minister had to require “a complete list of all contracts, leases, sales, and any other transactions involving assets (real estate, equipment, etc.) under the control of council between the dates of assuming office in April 2016 to the present” tells us of the gravity of the situation, and locates for us where we are.This is a crisis of administration and management. We have a crisis of leadership. When a billion-dollar company is failing, the board does not fire all the workers; it fires the management, and brings in new people to turn things around. It is time!I believe in our Government to understand the fierce urgency of the moment. The Town Clerk has, by his own actions, disqualified himself from playing any meaningful role in the city going forward. We must act.Sherod Avery DuncanCity Councillorlast_img read more