first_imgPacoima A life deprived Re: “Activists plead Ruby’s case to mayor” (Feb. 21): “She’s not with other elephants, but she has a good relationship with her keepers,” said zoo spokesman Jason Jacobs. Are you kidding me? Would you want to live a life deprived of interaction with your own species? The human prison guards offer Ruby nothing except for the sad realization that she is being held captive in solitary confinement, unable to determine her own fate or live a life worthy of an elephant. The problem with the officials at the L.A. Zoo is they continue to put the interests of the animals as their last priority. How many years does this debate have to continue? Let this poor elephant have a few quality moments to stretch her legs and twist trunks with another elephant before she dies. – Amber Avines Sun Valley The Reagan defense As “Scooter” Libby’s trial slowly grinds to a close, it is apparent that he remembers quite a bit: who he met and when, under whose direction these meetings were requested, in what order those meetings took place, and the substance and purpose of his various conversations. However, when asked about the very nature of the Plame CIA leak, and whom he told what regarding this, Libby has, for all intents responded, “I don’t remember.” This smacks sickeningly of the Reagan defense during the Iran-Contra scandal. When those who actually voted for this administration are asked why, perhaps they should do like Libby too, and quietly say, “I don’t remember.” – Bradley J. Kayl North Hollywood Acute Obamamania Why are movie stars making the “news” more and more everyday? I can see “Entertainment Tonight” or some “Access Hollywood” shows, but why are they in our papers and 7 o’clock news more and more each night? Yes, Britney Spears shaved her head and checked in and out of rehab in the same day and, yes, Nicole Richie pleaded not guilty to her DUI charge, but is this really newsworthy? Is the fact that celebrities are following and adoring upcoming presidential candidate Obama “news”? I think news should be more on the reasons why these celebrities want to honor and follow Obama. I want to know why this future presidential candidate is so popular among the stars, not what popular stars are supporting him. – Cassie Maruca Northridge 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Panorama City Hospital dumping I was an emergency room nurse in the Valley for years, places like Rancho Encino, North Hollywood Medical Center and Lake View Medical Center. They are all gone. Last week they demolished Granada Hills Hospital and those four are just a few that no longer exist in the Los Angeles area. How many more are financially hanging on by their fingernails? Where will you get medical help when they are gone? If an ambulance brings a homeless patient to a hospital for treatment does that mean the hospital becomes responsible for that person forever? Is it the hospital’s responsibility to find that person a home? A job? If it becomes a hospital’s legal obligation to start warehousing people, a lot more are going to go out of business. – Michael A. Leptuch, R.N. Re: “Today’s health care gets new prognosis – for better or worse” (Feb. 21): Today’s health care might be technologically advanced, but the human touch is definitely lacking. When one walks into an emergency room, there is no consideration for the pain and discomfort of the patient and instead we are greeted with crowded rooms and bitter nurses. Dr. Herbert Rubin has a great attitude toward patients and his services; patients are people who matter. Instead of investing so much money in machines, there should be more funds for the education of humanity behind the medical field. – Christian Aldama last_img read more