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Is it hearing loss? Or is it your mask?

first_img Google+ Pinterest (Photo supplied/State Of Indiana) “What did you say?” or “can you repeat that?” or even “Huh?” if you find yourself saying these phrases a lot more during the pandemic it could just be the mask, but have you thought that it could be hearing loss?“In my clinic, I have seen a 20% increase in the number of patients seeking help for hearing loss,” said Dr. Rick Nelson, an Otolaryngologist at Indiana University Health.He said that out of that 20% almost all have been diagnosed with hearing loss.He said hearing loss can happen at any age, but 25% of those 65 and older tend to have hearing loss, and without having to wear a mask before the pandemic, it’s possible some people may not have noticed, or prolonged testing.“I think the masks do a couple things. One is they muffle the speech that people are producing so not only does it decrease the volume but it decreases some of the speech frequencies that we want to hear,” Nelson talking with WISH-TV. “Then two, one of the cruxes is the visual input we get from looking at someone’s face and looking at their lips while they’re talking.”If you’re unsure whether it’s hearing loss or the mask to blame, he said you can sit in a quiet room and talk with someone wearing a mask, or phone a friend that isn’t wearing one. If you can’t hear the person sitting across from you, or the person on the phone it’s time for a test.He said the tests take about 20 minutes and are painless. Is it hearing loss? Or is it your mask? Twitter Previous articleElkhart County moves to orange status on Indiana’s COVID-19 mapNext articlePreventing bullying in Michigan: “Adults have to do more” Network Indiana By Network Indiana – December 3, 2020 0 194 Pinterest Facebook Facebook Google+ WhatsApp Twitter WhatsApp IndianaLocalNewslast_img read more

EC Trojan Volleyball Awards

first_imgThe EC Volleyball team had our awards banquet last night. The awards were presented after dinner and followed by a video of the season. During the awards ceremony, we also presented a check for almost $1400 that was raised during our Pass the Hope night against Lawrenceburg. The check was given to someone in our community battling breast cancer who wishes to remain anonymous.It was an incredible season. Varsity finished 31-3 (school best record) and 13-1 in the EIAC (1st place). We won the Southport, Ben Davis (first time), and Union County tournaments. We had our best showing at Bloomington South’s tournament, and beat Columbus East for the first time in school history. This year’s senior class is the winningest class in school history with a 4 year varsity record of 105-31 overall and 53-3 in the EIAC. It was one of the best seasons I’ve had as a coach and one I will never forget. Pictures are attached for those that want them.The award winners are as follows:VarsityServing- Junior Alex DisbroMost Improved- Sophomore Emma ErtelDefensive MVP- Junior Molly GreggOffensive MVP- Senior Mack EwingTrojan Award- Senior Bailey Grunkemeyer & Junior Molly GreggEIAC All Conference MVP- Senior Mack EwingEIAC All Conference Team- Seniors Mack Ewing & Ashley Dudley and Juniors Molly Gregg & Alex DisbroSEI Local Sports EIAC Girls Senior Athlete of the Year- Mack EwingIHSVCA Academic All-State- Seniors Bailey Grunkemeyer, Ashley Dudley and Grace EgbersIHSVCA 4A South All-District Team- Senior Mack EwingSchool Records Set This YearSenior Bailey Grunkemeyer- #2 for number of aces in a single season with 69Senior Ashley Dudley- #8 for number of digs in a single season with 393Junior Alicia Rosemeyer- #7 for number of assist blocks in a single season with 75 & #4 & #5 for number of solo blocks in a single match with 4 against Batesville and 3 against GreensburgJunior Alex Disbro- #3 for number of aces in a single season with 68 & #8 for number of digs in a single match with 33 against Columbus East in sectionalsJunior Molly Gregg- #1 for number of assists in a single match with 35 against Franklin County; #1 for number of career service aces with 201; #1 for number of aces in a single season with 76; #2 for number of career assists with 1619 (only 182 being the leader); #2 for number of career digs with 867 (only 314 behind the leader)Mack Ewing- #1 for number of kills in a single season with 550; #1 for number of kills in a single match with 31 against Columbus East in sectionals; #1 for number of career kills with 1151; #1 for highest kill percentage in a single season at 50.7%; #1 for highest career average kills/set at 3.0; #1 for highest average kills/set in a single season at 5.0; #1 for highest hitting & kill percentage in a single match at .889 & 88.95 against South Dearborn; #2 for hitting percentage in a single season at .351; #2 for career kill percentage at 46.1%; #2 for kills in a single match with 30 against Columubus North in sectionals; #8 for number of career blocks with 183; and #10 for number of career solo blocks with 67.JVServing- Freshman Hope FoxMost Improved- Freshman Avery DanielsMVP- Sophomore Jessie StengerFreshmanServing- Mia KlemMost Improved- Michelle BattaMVP- Avery DanielsCourtesy of Trojans Coach Cassie Laker.last_img read more

Love Your Planet

first_imgModern astronomy and space travel have given humans the ability to view the earth from a distance and ponder its significance.  Some astronomers expected the earth to be ordinary-looking.  In many respects, however, astronomy is teaching us otherwise.  Clara Moskowitz, staff writer for Space.com began an article by saying, “Earth is one special planet.”    What makes the earth special?  Let her count the ways:Liquid water in abundance – but not too much water to submerge the continents.Plate tectonics and active geology.A magnetic field that shelters it from harmful solar radiation.The only planet known to have life.The only planet known to have intelligent life.The only known planet hosting intelligent beings who have achieved space travel.An environment that has kept water liquid for a long time.A safe distance from its star.A carbon-silicate cycle that has operated for a long time.The right size to hold onto an atmosphere, yet have a habitable surface.A moon the right size and distance to stabilize earth’s tilt and rotation.A moon that circulates the ocean tides.Moskowitz entertained hopes that astronomers will find billions of earth-like planets eventually, but her list of unique features of the home planet is impressive.  No other planet or moon in the solar system comes close: not Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Titan.  No other body is in the “Goldilocks” position of being just right.  And “So far,” she added, “we haven’t seen any planet outside the solar system come very close to Earth either.”  Of the extrasolar planets discovered so far (going on 300), many are “hot Jupiters” or gas giants as close in as Mercury to our sun, or even closer.  An earth-like planet could not compete in the habitable zone of such a system.    She quoted Donald Brownlee, co-author of Rare Earth (12/19/2000, 07/15/2002) and project scientist of the Stardust mission (01/02/2004, 01/25/2008), who said, “I doubt that in our galaxy typical stars have planets just like Earth around them.  I’m sure there are lots of planets in the galaxy that are somewhat similar to Earth, but the idea that this is a typical planet is nonsensical.”  See also the 04/04/2005 entry, where five astronomers on a panel agreed that our solar system is special.Brownlee appeared briefly in the DVD The Privileged Planet explaining his view about the uniqueness of earth.  The unique properties listed above and more are discussed in the film – along with a thought-provoking hypothesis about why these features point to intelligent design.  The production includes startling admissions by a variety of astronomers, some hostile to intelligent design but struck by the facts of nature.  If you haven’t yet seen this powerful and beautiful film, order a copy today.  It makes a nice loaner and conversation starter.(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

South Africa’s plant life

first_imgSouth Africa’s large areas of semi-desert scrub and grassland might suggest a certain poverty of plant life. Aside from the fact that a tract of pristine grassland can hold up to 60 grass species, nothing could be further from the truth.Namaqualand is dry, rocky and desert-like for the most of the year except for a few weeks during spring when it yields its floral wealth in dazzling sheets of colour. (Image: Brand South Africa)Brand South Africa reporterThere are eight major terrestrial biomes in South Africa:Nama Karoosucculent Karoofynbosforestthicketsavannagrassland, anddesert.These biomes, or ecological life zones, have distinct environmental conditions and related sets of plant and animal life.Around 10% of the world’s flowering species are found in South Africa, the only country in the world with an entire plant kingdom inside its borders: the Cape Floral Kingdom. While it represents less than 0.5% of the area of Africa, it is home to nearly 20% of the continent’s flora.Also called the Cape Floristic Kingdom, it contains 9 000 species, 69% of them endemic – and 1 435 identified as threatened. It is a World Heritage site and a biodiversity hotspot.The Cape Peninsula alone boasts more plant species than the whole of Great Britain.FynbosThis southwestern area of South Africa is the home of the fynbos (an Afrikaans word meaning “fine bush”), which is composed of ericas (heathers), proteas and the grass-like restios.Most spectacular in flower are the proteas (Proteaceae), which include the king protea – the national flower – and others of broadly similar shape, the pincushion leucospermum types, and spiky leucadendrons. The colour range is vast.The ericas (Ericaceae), the largest genus of flowering plants in South Africa, are more delicate, repaying close examination of their almost infinite variety of colour and form. One or other of these species will be found in bloom at almost any time of the year.These share their Cape home with such beauties as the red disa orchid, one of South Africa’s 479 wild orchids, which grows in the mountains, as well as numerous irises, pelargoniums and many more.South Africa’s pelargoniums, in particular, have contributed greatly to gardens all over the world, as have the arum lilies – the classic white species is from this area, the yellow and pink from elsewhere in the country.The world’s gardens also have South Africa to thank for the agapanthus, gladiolus, Barberton daisy and Gardenia thunbergia, to name a few.Carpet of flowersThe Cape in the spring is a breathtaking sight, but even more astonishing is Namaqualand. Dry, rocky and desert-like for the rest of the year, it yields its floral wealth for a short few weeks in the spring in dazzling sheets of colour.The golden yellow and orange Namaqualand daisies are predominant, but in between them are a wide variety of flowers, including the iridescent succulent mesembryanthemums.Colours here are particularly intense, although there is also much fascination in less colourful species such as the quiver tree (the San, or Bushmen, used to make quivers from its fibrous stem) and the bizarre-looking tall succulent known as the halfmens (half human).And anyone interested in plants’ abilities to adapt to harsh circumstances in a myriad different ways (not all are succulents) need not wait for spring to visit the area.ForestsAlthough South Africa has more than a thousand indigenous trees, large species are relatively scarce in many parts of the country.But they are very much at home in some areas, such as the Knysna-Tsitsikamma forest with its tall stinkwoods, black ironwoods and yellowwoods, and the northeastern region in Mpumalanga and Limpopo, home to the ancient cycads and Lowveld species such as the “fever tree”, so called because of its association with malaria areas.It is also in the north that one finds the famous thick-stemmed baobab, which according to African myth was accidentally planted upside down, accounting for the odd shape of its branches.Then there are the forests of KwaZulu-Natal, where the beautiful shade-loving orange Clivia miniata, a now much cultivated member of the amaryllis family, is found.Another popular orange (and purple) garden flower, now the emblem of the US city of Los Angeles, originates in the Eastern Cape: the strelitzia. In much the same colour range, South Africa’s winters are marked by the flowering of some of the country’s 125 species of aloes.The Eastern Cape’s Greater Addo National Park, which stretches across 180 000 hectares from the coast to the Karoo, includes samples of five of the eight South African biomes mentioned above.Medicinal plants and thorn treesThere is virtually no area of South Africa without its particular floral treasure or species of special beauty or interest.These include succulents that look almost exactly like stones (lithops), mangroves, tree ferns, traditional food plants and those that would kill you if you took a bite, and – one of the most promising fields of study in South Africa – a large number of plants of medicinal value.Some of these, such as the Aloe ferox, a purgative, were discovered to be medicinally useful by the early European colonists; many more have long been known and used by indigenous African people.Yet for all the spectacular plants to be found, perhaps the landscape that most eloquently conjures up the spirit of South African flora is the typical savannah, with its (often dry) grasses and more-or-less thickly scattered shrubs and thorn trees.Lingering images may vary widely, from fynbos field to subtropical forest, but for many South Africans the thorn tree is the nesting place of their hearts.Reviewed 17 May 2017Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

GTT Sembcorp Marine Ink Membrane Tank Solutions Deal

first_imgzoomThe inside of a GTT cryogenic membrane tank; Image Courtesy: Wartsila French engineering company GTT has signed a Technical Assistance and License Agreement (TALA) with Sembcorp Marine for the design and construction of membrane tank solutions.Under the deal, GTT would undertake the works for Sembcorp Marine’s Gravifloat, FSRU and mid-scale LNG carrier products using GTT membrane solutions.Sembcorp Marine received its approval after completing a qualification process which started in 2017, including the building of a Mark III mock-up and an audit conducted by GTT.This partnership allows both companies to target new markets, especially focusing on solutions for LNG terminals, and to advance the development of LNG in the global fuel supply chain.“We are committed to developing and building together new LNG infrastructures which can be installed worldwide, to provide energy in remote areas,” Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT, said.“By combining our respective solutions, we can ensure safer and more reliable LNG delivery, handling and use, and in turn contribute towards more sustainable power generation and consumption,” Wong Weng Sun, President & CEO of Sembcorp Marine, added.last_img read more

See the NASA Mars InSight seismometer level itself out


Play it on loop

first_img‘Female Dj’s are no dolly birds!’ says DJane July Loop. Before this beauty hits Zerzura on 4 May, she gets candid with Millennium Post. Read on…Tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you start from?I am from Ukraine and working as a DJ from past 4 and a half years and have travelled across the world for work. I have played in countries like Switzerland, Italy, Poland, China, Korea, Turkey, Egypt and many more. I started my career as a DJ from my own city – Ukraine.   Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Where did the interest in music come in and the plans to become a DJ and go behind the console?I love listening to music and doing mixing. I was crazy about rock music since I was in my teens. I used to party a lot with my friends. One of my DJ friends taught me how to play, but at that time it was just a hobby. But now music has become a part of my life and I can’t live without music and crazy people on the dance floor.Tell us about what made it for you. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixMy never-ending love for music and the crazy grooving people on the dance floor. I mark a success for myself when I make the entire crowd in the venue dance like crazy on the beats I play.  I will always remember the big artists I have worked with like Tara Mcdonald, Armin van Buuren, Dj Ralvero, Ottawan etc. They really helped me to reach where I have.     Tell us about making it big – was it a long journey and a tough struggle?In the beginning of my career I used to play in small parties, usually a pre-party.  It wasn’t a long journey for me because I got my first break to work with a well known DJ from London. It was my first assignment abroad in Istanbul. I played warm up for him. After the show we worked together for almost one month and I at that moment understood what is really to be a DJ. Is it harder to be a female DJ as compared to your male counterparts?Female DJ’s were largely regarded as a gimmick, a ‘dolly bird’  to gaze at and to be taken seriously, as someone who might actually know how to present music, was almost an impossibility. People in various countries have different mindsets.  Some people don’t believe that a female DJ can play and take a party on a high. They look at me or my photo and think I am just a model standing near the console. I love facing the challenges and with these people I love breaking of that stereotype thoughts. Usually, after my party, people come to me and say: Wow you really can play!!! What are the essential ingredients needed to become a DJ?You should love music and have an ability of sensing the crowd’s music requirements. Sometimes the taste of the crowd is far different from yours, at that moment you need to change your preferences and need to adapt according to the crowd.Is this your first visit to India? What sort of reaction are you expecting from Delhi?It is my third trip to India. I have heard that the Delhi crowd is the most energetic crowd. I am expecting a lot from the Delhiites. I want to drive my crowd crazy with my beats. Earlier Delhi crowd was only open to Bollywood and commercial music. But now with the increase of music knowledge among Delhiites the preferences has been changed. People are better informed now and they also enjoy all the genres of music. Tell us what tops your playlist right now – the top tracks on it…The top tracks on my playlists are:  Baauer – Harlem Shake; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop; Pitbull and Christina Aguilera – Feel This Moment.last_img read more

Jet Airways expands Europe network with 12 new codeshare destinations

first_imgTags: Jet Airways Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >> MUMBAI — Jet Airways has boosted its codeshare agreements with Air France, KLM and Delta Air Lines.Under these new policies the carriers will expand choice and connectivity options for passengers flying between India and Europe. Air France and Delta are codesharing on Jet Airways’ current service between Mumbai and Paris. Additionally, Air France, together with KLM and Delta, also codeshare on Jet Airways’ newly announced flight between Chennai and Paris, scheduled to begin Oct. 29.KLM and Delta will also codeshare on Jet Airways’ daily flight between Bengaluru and Amsterdam starting Oct. 29.And Delta Air Lines will codeshare on Jet Airways’ third frequency between Mumbai and London.Several European gateways including Athens, Barcelona, Bilbao, Budapest, Dublin, Krakow, Leeds, Lisbon, London Heathrow, Lyon, Nice and Warsaw will now be connected on codeshared flights.Jet Airways also codeshares on Air France services connecting Mumbai and Paris as well as KLM’s newly-announced three times weekly service between Mumbai and Amsterdam, beginning Oct. 29. All these new flights are already open for sale.More news:  Visit Orlando unveils new travel trade tools & agent perksWith the new codeshare additions Jet Airways passengers get access to as many as 43 European destinations via Amsterdam and 27 via Paris as well as 34 in North America. Guests travelling from Europe or North America will gain access to 45 Indian cities on Jet Airways’ extensive domestic network via Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.“The expanded cooperation reaffirms our commitment to offer our guests choice and seamless connectivity,” said Jayaraj Shanmugam, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways. “In fact our guests travelling to Europe and North America can benefit immensely from our multi-gateway connectivity to all destinations on Air France, KLM and Delta’s networks. The partnership significantly expands our reach in key markets and adds even more destinations to our already extensive international network, thereby reinforcing our position as India’s premier international airline.” Wednesday, June 28, 2017 Posted by Jet Airways expands Europe network with 12 new codeshare destinationslast_img read more

Signature adds The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun

center_img TORONTO — Signature Vacations’ Crown Collection of luxury all-inclusive resorts now includes The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun, opened this past May.Value-added client benefits and perks include resort credits valued at $1,500 for golf, spa treatments, room upgrades and the like, unlimited à la carte dining and a welcoming bottle of wine in the room.Families that book by Aug. 31, 2017 also get exclusive perks including kids stay, eat and play free deals for young guests ages two to 17. This time-limited offer is valid on select departures up to and including Oct. 31, 2018. Some blackout dates apply.Signature notes that the new resort offers a solid blend of luxury, relaxation, and entertainment for all types of guests. “Families will enjoy spacious Deluxe Rooms designed to accommodate up to six guests, and younger travellers can take advantage of endless fun in the sun: from the resort’s expansive waterpark equipped with a lazy river, slides and a wave rider, to the bowling alley, to the action-packed kids and teens club.”More news:  AMResorts has a new Sr. Dir. of Cdn. Sales & Consortia Rel’nsOther amenities include the AWE Spa, seven pools and dining options including Lebanese, Peruvian, Italian, Asian, French and steakhouse restaurants.Guests staying at The Grand at Moon Palace also get free exchange privileges to the adjacent Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa. From Dec. 22, 2017 – Jan. 3, 2018 visitors at the resort can be some of the first guests to be dazzled by Broadway’s biggest-selling magic show, The Illusionists 2.0. Guests must purchase tickets to The Illusionists 2.0 separately. Tickets can be purchased online. Tags: Palace Resorts, Signature Vacations Posted bylast_img read more

Rep Hornberger votes on legislation to support veterans