Month: April 2021

A Tall order from Drury

first_imgThe Drury Tea & Coffee Company (London) unveiled its latest range of espresso coffees using the Rancilio Classe 8 Tall machine, imported by associate firm The Coffee Machine Company at the inaugural Caffé Culture exhibition in May.Designed with coffee shop and takeaway markets in mind, the Classe 8 Tall machine is fitted with an optional three-shot spout, capable of producing 20oz drinks, yet at the same time serving espresso regular-sized cups, thanks to a ‘pop-out’ shelf.Unlike the original Classe 8 machine, the Tall version has a greater space between drip tray and group head to allow larger cups to be used.The machine can also be ­fitted with a TSC steam wand, an advanced milk frother that produces foam for cappuccino and other milk-based drinks. It also features a self-clean cycle.The Classe 8 Tall is made from stainless steel and is available in two, three or four-group automatic format. The two-group automatic with TSC auto frother has a list price of £4,140.last_img read more

Turbo Systems

first_imgBaking Solutions has recently purchased a complete muffin-processing unit worth £100,000 from depositing specialist Turbo Systems (Hull, North Humberside).The Oxfordshire bakery company required a new injection system to meet increased demand, after winning a major contract to supply muffins to over 300 outlets across the UK.The muffin range includes blueberry, chocolate chip and lemon flavours.Baking Solutions’ special projects manager Andy Bastable, says: “The muffin line is now working up to its full capacity and its performance is excellent. It’s very compact and therefore frees up factory floor space. The throughputs are very high and the back up service and traininglast_img read more

Hit the deck

first_img== 1 I am a small independent sandwich shop operator with limited kitchen space. I buy in mostly bake-off products, so I require a deck oven that is well-suited to baking-off baguettes and making pizzas, but it has to be simple to use. ==Firstly, don’t dither, be more specific! “From the start, I’d need to know the tray size and the volume of product that you wish to bake. This would enable me to recommend the type of oven that would best suit your requirements,” says Interbake’s sales director, David Dunne. “As you’re baking products that are not very high, a low crown oven would best suit your needs.”He suggests taking a punt on Macadam’s of South Africa’s Macbake range of ovens (pictured right). “They can operate with a controller that’s programmable to suit a range, ensuring that operators with no baking skills can achieve accurate results consistently,” he says.The advantage of an electrical multi-deck oven is that the decks are independently controlled and temperatures can be thermostatically set through both crown and the sole of each deck. Different products can be baked at different temperatures simultaneously, permitting a flexible operation. Macadam’s ovens are available either two or three trays wide per deck and can be supplied in one to five decks high.Pile ’em high is also the advice from Mono, which advocates modular formats for a small independent sandwich shop with limited space, but which has ambitions to grow. “Operators with an expanding number of retail sites, can rapidly increase production by installing an additional deck to an existing oven,” says Andrew Jones, Mono’s general manager, who recommends Mono’s Harmony ovens.This oven includes a programmable damper time, energy saving with sleep mode, plus an optional colour controllable panel. It has a patented steam system that requires no boilers or special insurance certificates, he says.”If a smaller oven is required, the Cervap compact is very suitable for the small independent bakery,” adds Jones. Special features include an independent cast iron steam generator on the left of each deck, two energy options of oil and gas and optional steam vents on each deck.Sandwich shop bake-off requires baking ’little and often’. “What might be more suitable then is a smaller convection oven of maybe three or four grids,” says Alan Burgess, business development manager of CBES Food Systems. “However, if there’s sufficient bake-off volume and a need for pizza baking as well, then the obvious answer is a stackable deck oven”. EBO from Wiesheu Decks come in two heights, 165mm and 200mm, and can be stacked three high, with each deck individually controlled.== 2 I am a three-shop business making traditional products from one central bakery, such as oven-bottom bloomers and sourdoughs. I’m looking for an oven with a thick stone, an even bake and steam. It would be good to have versatile programmable options. ==For any bakery looking for an oven to produce traditional products, getting stoned (as it were) is a must. A thick stone with even bake and efficient steam is crucial, says Mono’s technical sales manager Chris Huish. Its Omega deck oven (pictured left) features 20cm-thick baking slabs and produce good crust and volume. It features an electronic control system, supplied as standard, and a high-resolution graphic screen for programming 50 baking recipes.”If you require the versatility of baking with an oven that has features of a thick stone sole the Macadams Cyclothermic Deck Oven is the oven I would recommend,” says David Dunne of Interbake. If you go for the electricity-fuelled option, each deck can be independently controlled; if fuelled by gas or oil, you can have different temperatures within the decks. Using canvas setters, the Cyclothermic allows products to be baked on the stone sole. “This type of baking gives fermented products a superior crust and quality similar to continental breads,” says Dunne.Meanwhile, the Matic multi-deck oven has indirect heating with steam tubes and is “particularly suitable for the production of Mediterranean crispy bread and artisan loaves, with a good balance between crust and crumb”, says Alan Burgess of CBES. Optimum controlled steaming guarantees the traditional appearance of many ethnic-style products.== 3We are a business with green ethics at our core and we need an oven that’s as sustainable as possible, that will seriously cut our energy bill, and one which won’t compromise on the bake. ==Green ovens? What will they think of next… Interbake says it offers a range of ovens that are fuelled by wood-burning pellets, which are manufactured from sawdust – considered a renewable source of energy. “Even allowing for emissions of fossil carbon dioxide in planting, harvesting, processing and transporting the fuel, replacing fossil fuel with wood fuel will typically reduce net CO2 emissions by over 90%,” says David Dunne of Interbake.The type of deck oven it offers is a steam tube oven with a burner that heats water-filled steel tubes, that radiate heat throughout the baking chambers. “This heat is very solid and gives a very mellow bake characteristic that is associated with old-type brick ovens,” says Dunne. “The ovens are employed on a basis of baking on falling heat, so the day starts with bread and fermented goods, then proceeds with pastries and cake production.”The Baking Industry Exhibition proved a huge draw for Bakewell Ovens which was showcasing its own wood pellet-fuelled oven, which features a carbon-neutral system. “The response since the NEC show has been overwhelming, to say the least,” says Richard MacDonald of Bakewell. “We’re now in discussions with The Carbon Trust on the best way to advise customers on suitable loans.”Bakewell’s oven (pictured below) is claimed to be more cost-effective than ovens that run on electricity, gas and oil. He cites typical cost savings as follows: electric oven, 21,000 kW/h = £20,580; wood pellet cost for the year £7,621, giving an average saving of £12,959. All ovens are 100% stainless steel and can be built to the customers’ specifications.Another factor to consider is how much heat the oven loses. Mono’s Omega deck oven has reinforced door seals with glazed doors to reduce heat loss. On the inside, the electronic system constantly checks the actual temperatures in the oven and optimises the heating power, in order to add the right amount of energy necessary.The regularly spaced heating elements and added power at the front of the oven contribute to a homogenous baking process in the chamber, says Huish. Mono also supplies a compact deck oven, the Mono 3-4-8, which has double-glazed doors and a heat-reflecting coating to greatly reduce heat loss, plus a new low-energy steaming system that eliminates the need for a boiler or elements becoming clogged-up. Handily, the unit’s seven-day on-off timer means that the oven can be brought up to temperature before a baker arrives in the morning.—-=== Top tip to cut costs ===To reduce running costs, avoid over-specifying your oven in terms of capacity. Secondly, if you are lucky enough to have both gas and electricity available on-site, then get the heat output value (BTU/hour) or the kW/h value of any oven you are thinking of buying and ask your utility company to do an operating cost comparison between the two for you. This will give you a rough idea of what it will cost you to operate each oven and you can factor this into your decision-making process.”In terms of the bake, gas is usually more efficient and imparts some moisture that is favourable over electric. Some electric decks are slow to recover when pushed hard,” advises Alan Burgess of CBES Food Systems.last_img read more


first_imgVarious rolesFinsbury FoodsFinsbury Foods has repositioned four members of staff to strengthen sales and marketing.Mark Bruce (images from left to right) becomes brand director, responsible for developing and driving brand plans for the portfolio of licences held by Finsbury, including Disney, Nestlé and Thornton’s Weight Watchers.John Steele becomes brand manager, charged with overseeing all Nestlé and Disney brand activity and driving sales growth.Jo Fraser and Jim Dobson have been appointed commercial controllers, overseeing a team of national account managers and account executives.David PowellRich ProductsDavid Powell has been promoted to global innovations director at Rich Products. He was formerly innovations director with the firm. Powell is a long-time baker and executive within the industry and has received several Baking Industry Awards as well as the accolade of Baker of the Year in 2001. He opened his first bakery in 1990, based in Hampshire, and continued to grow the business before selling it to Rich.Charlotte DewhurstThe Grocery CompanyThe Grocery Company, a firm that prides itself on getting restaurant brands on supermarket shelves, has appointed Charlotte Dewhurst as product manager, following growth in business over the past year. The Grocery Company works with Nando’s, Cranks, Wagamama and Pizza Express and will bring more restaurant companies on board this year.last_img read more

Sterling drop may halt a lowering of flour prices

first_imgThe plunging value of sterling against the dollar and the euro, combined with a decline in UK wheat quality, may put a stop to the recent falls in flour prices.The pound has fallen in value by more than 20% compared to the dollar in the past month, from around $2 to $1.54. Against the euro, sterling has suffered similarly heavy losses, falling in value from E1.43 at the beginning of the year to around E1.20 last week.According to Alex Waugh, director-general of Nabim, the falls could push up wheat prices. “Imported bread wheat, which accounts for around 20% of the UK market, is priced in US dollars, while UK wheat prices are underpinned by the euro because of the Common Agricultural Policy,” he said. “At the same time, British wheat quality has suffered because of heavy summer rain.”The HGCA said analysis of British wheat had shown low protein levels, while wheat harvested later in the season had high moisture content and was of variable quality. HGCA crop marketing director Alastair Dickie said the economic crisis had undermined the price of milling wheat, which had fallen from a high of £200 a tonne in March to £135-£140 a tonne this month.Both Nabim and the HGCA expect currency turmoil to be more of a challenge than EU proposals to reintroduce import duties on cereals, to safeguard European farmers from falling grain prices. The duties were suspended last December in response to record prices and tight supply. The EU hopes raising import duties to keep the price above E155 a tonne will help ensure European farmers can earn a reasonable living.last_img read more

Unifine pastes in fruit

first_imgUnifine has focused on fruits rich in antioxidants as well as flavour for its new Flavouring Paste, made from concentrated superfruit juices, fruit pulp, flavours and pieces. It contains cranberries, elderberries, pomegranate, strawberries and apple concentrate. Its new Superfruit Compound can be used to flavour products such as mousses, ganaches, ice-cream and baked cakes. It can also add a hint of pink colouring to glazes, fondants and toppings, for example.Unifine said its high viscosity makes it easier to cut and handle, as well as using fruits popular for their nutritional benefits. The compound is available in 1kg pots and has a shelf-life of 24 months.The ingredients firm has also launched a new Premix Chocolate Fondant, to be used in indulgent desserts. The premix is blended with 300g of chocolate shavings, butter and water, and then stirred for one minute before being placed in dariole moulds and individual pots. It needs to be baked in the oven for around 12 minutes at 210?C, and can be served on a dish with a dollop of cream and dusting of icing sugar. It can also be used in baked goods or frozen desserts. It is available in 2×2.5kg bags with a 12-month shelf-life.’’’’last_img read more

Beacon zips up zest market

first_imgIngredients specialist Beacon Foods is expanding its range with the addition of fresh citrus fruit zests. The firm, which already supplies caramelised orange and lemon zest, has invested in bespoke machinery to increase its offering.The fresh zests are available in orange, lemon and lime varieties and can be used in speciality breads, cakes and desserts.”The new machine, which was made to our specification, produces a quality product and increases our zesting capacity considerably,” said Jas Singh, Beacon Foods’ senior production manager. “A major benefit of the equipment is that we can set the cut size to match a customer’s specific requirements.” read more

Gavin and Stacey star launches Kipling campaign

first_imgJoanna Page, star of BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey, has launched Mr Kipling’s latest campaign, which aims to cheer up the nation with free cake.She launched the first Mr Kipling Cake-To-Go dispenser on Tottenham Court Road in London, this week, with another 18 dispensers planned to pop up across the UK.The dispenser is an installation board, which dispenses free Mr Kipling Angel Slices at the push off a button, as well as wafting out the smell of the cakes. It will be giving away free cake until Sunday 1 April.The Cake-To-Go dispensers will also appear on streets in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.>>Students to see design as Kipling cake>>Premier Foods pursues Power Brands strategylast_img read more

Hop on the Fun Lunch Tour with Kingsmill

first_imgKingsmill has launched a regional Fun Lunch Tour in order to boost awareness of, and drive participation in, The Big Lunch.It has enlisted DJ Jo Wiley as a celebrity ambassador for the tour, which she launched last week (28 March).The Fun-Lunch-Mobile has now begun a 20-stop journey around the UK, which will end in Manchester on Sunday 29 April.It forms part of an ongoing marketing campaign to promote the bread brand’s sponsorship of this summer’s Big Lunch event, which takes place on 3 June, over the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend.At each stop, consumers will be encouraged to learn about The Big Lunch from Kingsmill ambassadors, who will also be on hand to help children create their ‘dream sandwich’. The designs will then be entered into a prize draw, with the best making it into a Fun Lunch Recipe Book, which will be available to download for free at Shepherd, category director, Allied Bakeries, said: “The Fun Lunch Tour provides us with a great opportunity to reach pockets of communities across the UK and inspire them to take part in The Big Lunch. Local retailers should be sure to check out when the tour is coming to a town near them, as we expect increased awareness of the event to create greater demand for lunch products, such as bread, rolls and sandwich alternatives.”The Big Lunch is an iniative from The Eden Project. The aim is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.last_img read more

Bakery federation launches new website

first_imgThe Federation of Bakers (FoB) has launched a new-look website.The association for the UK’s largest bakery manufacturers of sliced and wrapped bread, bakery snacks and other bread products launched its new site yesterday (27 March) – It includes a fresh, modern look, with resources, videos, photo library, factsheets and reports and covers four areas: members, media, consumer and education.Online users can also expect information on the history of the bread industry, advice on nutrition, health and safety, and training, in addition to a dedicated area for FoB members.Gordon Polson, director of the FoB, said: “The UK bakery market is one of the largest markets in the food industry. We hope the new website will help both members and consumers gain easy access to accurate and up-to-date information.”last_img read more