Month: November 2017

Discussion on the direction of Mo Xiang Mega novice learning Shanghai Dragon

second: the actual combat experience is a novice to learn a shortcut to

as a webmaster or some technical webmaster can build their own blogs, the author is marketing, in this respect also the construction of corresponding blog, experience and learning summary to share, so it is recommended to the novice webmaster blog learning experience, this is more worth the novice to learn some of the more than an empty theory, now pay attention to the real thing, theoretical knowledge driven some things in front of the public, we can refer to the implementation of the actual combat experience, learn from the experience of others, so as to enrich their horizons, learn more things, and then step by step to do this well, we blindly in the webmaster nets or other forums around the four, access to a variety of information is much better, at least in this relatively simple and practical Experience in the article, we can find a direction, one said, Chinese has one billion and three hundred million, while only a few search engines. read more

How can the misunderstanding of Shanghai dragon out of paranoia paranoid

why many of today’s Shanghai Longfeng personnel have a look down on people’s thinking, in addition to some technical personnel itself, there is a part of the whole industry are the pride with the wrong direction, strictly speaking: Shanghai dragon is a paid service, is working, why look down on others? So in site optimization in the future of a Shanghai Longfeng personnel must keep a low profile, himself as a grassroots or a basic level of service personnel, to this point I believe Shanghai. read more