It may have been one of the liveliest Ontario election debates in decades. It also led to the release of a hashtag-worthy phrase trending today.“Sorry, not sorry …. sorry but I’m not sorry.”It’s a new slogan Kathleen Wynne is pumping out following her debate introduction. Leaving us wondering if she’s been listening to a whole lot of Demi Lovato on her morning runs.However, Wynne says, “I’m really really proud of the work we’ve been doing.”The morning after debate night Andrea Horwath spent some time in a coffee shop reflecting on her performance.“The debate for me, anyways, was to show people the importance choice they have ahead.”Some people in Hamilton and Burlington think she nailed it but some voters leaning PC weren’t overly impressed with Doug Ford. Saying that Ford was rambling a bit and caught in his words, or caught off guard by the format of the debate.At a round table discussion today there was no fumbling but still no costed platform from the PC leader.The leaders laid it on the line, but were the voters listening or have they already made up their minds?For those who watched, some felt left without a clear choice just 10 days before voters head to the polls.CHCH asked viewers on social media who you thought won the debate Sunday night: 54% of voters say Andrea Horwath, 30% in favour of Doug Ford and 16% for Kathleen Wynne.