…on East Coast bribeShhhh! What a tangled, knotted web of snarled traffic ANSA McAL wove when they once again practised to deceive!!! Did you see shots of that traffic jam, which stretched from the UG Junction on the East Coast all the way to Vlissengen Road?? And the jam wasn’t just on the four-lane highway; desperate commuters and buses trying to get their passengers into “town” were forced into the surrounding village streets, scaring the dickens out of locals, who had never witnessed such scenes before.It was truly an illustration of “SNAFU”– which came out of endemic mass muddles during the last great war: Situation Normal – All F***ed UP!!! And it kinda summarises the quotidian situation in Guyana nowadays, doesn’t it??But yesterday’s traffic mess was special, not least because there was ABSOLUTELY no reason for it — except an opportunity for corporate bribery, which has come to typify almost every activity of this PNC-led APNU/AFC Administration.By now we all know the reason for the traffic jam: ANSA McAL wanted to erect an “Independence Arch” at the western approach to the city. Why? Well, as is the standard practice in this practice — which in the US is called “lobbying”, ANSA was showing “corporate responsibility” on our upcoming “50+1” Independence celebration. But hold it! Isn’t that on the 26th of the month?? Two weeks away??Well, as another aspect of its “corporate responsibility” — this one a bit broader that a payback to the Guyanese State for getting business, like $300M pharma contracts for $605M!! — it was hosting an event of its parent body in Trinidad THIS weekend at the Marriott. The Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence, Arts & Letters, Science & Technology, Public & Civic Contributions and Entrepreneurship. Sabga was the founder of ANSA.Well, so who cares about the commuting public on the busiest thoroughfare in Guyana?? Who cares about the loss in productivity of thousands of companies? Who cares that CSEC students missed their exams?? Or UG students? Or folks missing flights? Hey!! ANSA has to show all those folks who came in for its Awards show how solid it is with the Guyanese Government. After all, its local Chairwoman was made Chair of the Board of the Government-owned Marriott!!Your Eyewitness wonders why the shill of the PM – the person in charge of “Public Information” — claimed it was “a local company” that caused the SNAFU, without naming ANSA?? And since when did ANSA stop being a Trini company?? Afraid the public would connect the dots??Hey!! Trotman, his AFC party leader, has already let the cat out of the bag about “political investments”!!!…on Govt “accomplishments”The PM’s shill — otherwise known as “Water Boy”, from when he was shilling for the WICB — wasn’t only in the news for his ANSA SNAFU coverup. He inserted a centerspread in three dailies — skipping this newspaper of course (snivelling Fascist!!) — bigging up “125 achievements” of the Government! It’s a shad, shad situation!! The fella just doesn’t get the first thing about PR.All he did was to remind folks about how far his Government’s fallen away from their promises!! Imagine beginning with “INCREASED SALARIES FOR PUBLIC SERVANTS”!!! Has he forgotten public servants were promised “SUBSTANTIAL RAISES” and the only “raise” they got was their “raised eyebrows” accompanying their howls of protest at the 50% salary raises the Cabinet awarded themselves!!??Next was “lower electricity rates”!! How lower was that after the 14% VAT the Govt imposed??!! Your Eyewitness is reminded of an old Paul Simon song, “50 ways to leave your lover”.The PM’s shill just gave 125 reasons for Govt supporters to dump its sorry a55 come 2020!!…on scholarshipsThe shill also boasted about “886 scholarships” awarded by the Government. We accidentally learnt that two of those scholarships — @ $3.6M each! – were given to sitting Ministers.Now that “mout’ open”, can we have the other names?? Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMajor traffic jam on East Bank HighwayJune 3, 2019In “latest news”OPINION: EYEWITNESS: Bridge…September 4, 2019In “latest news”Woman reportedly gives birth in ECD traffic jamDecember 1, 2018In “Business”