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News story: Innovate UK: first Council announced

first_imgInnovate UK’s funding is awarded to businesses of different sizes across a wide range of industries, and the Council’s membership reflects that.They have a range of expertise and experience in research and innovation across business, entrepreneurship, investment, technology development, economics and business impact evaluation, with different characteristics and professional backgrounds.Champions of business-led innovationChief Executive of Innovate UK, Dr Ruth McKernan said: As UK Research and Innovation begins its work, the Council of Innovate UK will have a vital role to play. They will champion the vital role that business-led innovation and the commercialisation of research play in driving economic growth and increasing productivity. The important duties of the Council means that we need people who are up to the task. It’s fantastic that the role has attracted people of such high calibre from a diverse range of backgrounds. We look forward to them taking on the task with enthusiasm and passion. Sir Harpal Kumar, who will serve as Senior Independent Member through his role as UK Research and Innovation’s Innovation Champion and work closely with the board Dr Arnab Basu MBE, Chief Executive, Kromek Group plc Baroness Brown of Cambridge DBE FREng FRS (Julia King) Professor Juliet Davenport OBE, Chief Executive, Good Energy Dr John Fingleton, Chief Executive, Fingleton Associates Priya Guha, Ecosystem General Manager, RocketSpace UK Dr Elaine Jones, Vice President, Pfizer Ventures Professor John Latham, Vice-Chancellor of Coventry University Sir William Sargent, Chief Executive, Framestore Stephen Welton, Chief Executive, Business Growth Fund provide leadership in their field of activity, including prioritising budgets within their delegated remits and and developing delivery plans ensure a pipeline of skilled specialists and other roles that are essential to the sustainability of the UK’s research and innovation capacity engage with the innovation and business community to develop ideas, raise awareness and share strategic outputs encourage and facilitate collaborative work across the 9 Councils to build strategic relationships Range of expertise and experienceThe members are:center_img Innovate UK has announced the members of its first Council, who will advise and make decisions on Innovate UK’s operations as it becomes part of UK Research and Innovation.With a specific focus on innovation, they will: The Council replaces Innovate UK’s governing board. Members will serve between one and 3 years. Find out more about Innovate UK’s governance.last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: DSO’s Rob Barraco Talks Phil Lesh, New Projects, & Keeping The Dead Alive

first_img[Video: VideosMarkG]L4LM: For the longtime fans, does it feels like going to see a theatrical performance of the Grateful Dead?Rob Barraco: We joke about it all the time. [In announcer’s tone] “Tonight, the part of Jerry Garcia will be played by Jeff Mattson.”L4LM: What is the biggest difference in working with Phil Lesh as compared to working with Dark Star for so long?RB: The first day I started with Phil, his big thing was “You are the first among equals around here.” He just wants you to play and be yourself. He didn’t want designated solos—he wanted the band to create the sounds. At first, it was disconcerting for some people. Warren [Haynes], for instance, was in the Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule at the time: Sing verse + sing chorus = it’s solo time! That has been ingrained in our music society forever. All of the sudden, we were given this modern jazz approach where everyone plays. I would think of them as DNA strands. Double helixes that go everywhere, and everyone supporting each other, but everyone had their say in the conversation, and it just went on and on. It really turned into a beautiful thing. We had to embrace that—to shake the shackles of our past. We created our own language.Relive Phil Lesh’s Goosebump-Inducing Halloween Show At The Cap [Photos/Video/Full Audio]Now playing with Phil, I think he has returned to the designated solo thing. With the Terrapin Family Band, his son, Grahame Lesh, now is kind of running the band in a way. Phil is playing brilliantly as he always has, but he is allowing his son to lead, and he is doing a great job. They have a lot of shows under their belt now. I just played two shows with them at Brooklyn Bowl and the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York—it was really fun. Robert Randolph was on the gig too, and that guy is an animal. Plus, Nikki Bluhm was singing on the shows, and she is a stylist. She can adapt really easily on the fly and is easy to get along with. I had done ten shows in a row. I’ve never done that in my entire life.Warren Haynes & Rob Barraco, “I Shall Be Released”[Video: Ryan Hill]L4LM: Wow! What was the run of shows?Rob Barraco: It started in in California with California Kind. Then, the second day, I drove to the Hangtown Festival in Sacramento. It was a one-off with DSO, and they all flew in. I did two more shows with California Kind, and then took a crack-of-dawn flight to New York and played the Brooklyn Bowl and then The Capitol. The next night, I was back in Oregon to play the rest of the time with California Kind.  I didn’t even realize I did it until I was looking at my calendar. I’ve never done ten shows in a row before. I think I’ve done seven when I was with the Zen Tricksters, and I took a day off and did another six one time.L4LM: Did you recover yet?RB: This is what I asked for in my life.  I want to play. I’ve gotten the opportunity my whole adult life—now more than ever. How can I complain? Someone needs to smack me if I complain.L4LM: Why do people attend a DSO show in Peekskill when the core original members are playing with Dead and Company at Madison Square Garden tonight [11/12/17]? RB: I think Dark Star delivers this music in a way that some Deadheads really want to hear. I’m not taking anything away from anybody because I think it is great that Bob [Weir], Mickey [Hart], and Billy [Kreutzmann] are playing. I think their thing is really cool for what it is. It’s their own voice as the originators of the music, and they’re bringing in a whole new audience. Then, there is Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. Those guys are bringing in a young crowd and they have their way of playing the music—I think it is wonderful and it keeps the scene vibrating. I’ve always thought the longevity of Dead music will outlast any of the other bands.L4LM: Why is that?RB: Well, Robert Hunter’s lyrics alone can speak to anyone at any age. You can’t say that this doesn’t apply now to the year 2017. That is what genius is. It’s like Shakespeare. The language itself might be archaic, but the messages apply to everyday living now. Hunter’s lyrics are going to live forever as far as I’m concerned. Other bands? Maybe not so much.L4LM: You think the kid that just heard the Dead last week on Spotify will understand it like the Deadhead who has gone to three-hundred shows?RB: When I first got into the Dead, I was fourteen. It wasn’t even the Dead—I heard a friend play “Casey Jones” on the acoustic guitar, and I was like, “What is that?” He said it was the Grateful Dead, and just the name got me! When you’re not aware of something, you just are not aware of it. Once you become aware of it, it’s everywhere. All of the sudden, I’m walking in the mall by my house, and there is this record store, and the whole place is festooned with Grateful Dead. They had just released the Skull & Roses album. There it was again—the Grateful Dead!I must have just turned fifteen, and I had this little room in my basement. It was my blacklight room with blacklight posters and blacklight paint. My mother hated me. I had an FM radio down there when FM was a brand new thing. It was album-oriented rock as opposed to Top 40 AM radio. And I think I’m so cool, and then this song comes on, and I’m like, “What is this?  This is so cool.” And the DJ gets on and says, “That was the Grateful Dead.” It was “Uncle John’s Band”, and I was hooked after that.I still didn’t understand what the band was about until I went to my first Dead show, and I got it like the silver bullet in the forehead. It was at the Academy of Music in NYC. March of ’72, and it was the last show they did before they went and did the ’72 Europe tour. The opened with “Truckin’”, and we all knew “Truckin’”.  Then they jammed and that was where I got it. Phil was the one who blew my mind the most because I was really into bass players back then—Jack Bruce from Cream, the bass player from Led Zeppelin. Phil played like no one else. It tore me apart, and it changed me forever. The fact that I got to play with this man for like a thousand shows—I couldn’t have scripted it.[Photo: Rob Barraco Facebook page] No keyboardist in the world has performed more Grateful Dead music than Dark Star Orchestra’s Rob Barraco. Ron “Pigpen” McKernan turned on the love light as the heroic original leader of the band when the Acid Tests were frequent and free. His unfortunate passing at the milestone rock star age of 27 spawned a keyboardist curse that followed the Grateful Dead throughout the rest of their history. After the Grateful Dead officially blew out the candles on their 30th anniversary in 1995, numerous acts took on the role of keepers of the flame, attempting to recreate and reenact those magic years before the death of Jerry Garcia. Robert Hunter kept writing lyrics, while the remaining core members of the group developed The Other Ones and The Dead, which branched off into projects like Phil Lesh and Friends and Ratdog—Rob Barraco was a main player throughout.Dark Star Orchestra Enters Its 21st Year During Celebratory Show At The Paramount TheaterHe may not have been an actual member of the Grateful Dead or an original member of Dark Star Orchestra, but Rob Barraco certainly had enough experience on his resume to get the full-time job offer from the band when they lost their keyboardist in 2005. We sat down with Barraco less than 24 hours after DSO’s sold-out 20th Anniversary show on November 12th, 2017, to discuss his future, his past, and the long strange trip in between.Live For Live Music: Dark Star Orchestra—twenty years! How was last night’s anniversary show? Rob Barraco: Last night was a blast. What a show! I have been running ragged—I haven’t had a night off in ten days, but I shouldn’t complain because I recently spent a full week in France drinking wine. Ever since then, I’ve been out in California touring with a new band, California Kind, which I have with friends from Phil Lesh and Friends and The Q [The Quintet]—John Molo on drums and the rest of the members of the David Nelson Band [Pete Sears, Barry Sless], and then we have this 24-year-old singer-songwriter, Katie Skene, and this insane guitar player from Los Angeles. The project’s way steeped in the blues and R&B… Way more than I’ll ever know.L4LM: Where did you pick Skene up from?Rob Barraco: John Molo met her producing a young band, and she played for him and he lost it. He got a hold of Barry Sless, and Barry called me and said we got this idea for a band. I said, “I don’t know, man. You guys are in California, and I’m in New York. I mean, I have no free time as it is.” I went out and did it, and now I’m hooked.L4LM: Has California Kind given you a chance to do new stuff?Rob Barraco: Oh yeah, we’ve been writing. Katie has a million originals, and Barry and I have stuff.  We are also doing covers of things we’ve always wanted to play but never have. We picked a bunch of Blind Faith and Traffic tunes—obscure stuff that’s really cool to play, and nobody else is doing it. We’re trying to make it our own and make it sound like us.L4LM: With twenty years of an ever-evolving Dark Star Orchestra lineup, what does the future hold for the band? Rob Barraco: We’re going to continue doing what we do. It seems like we keep raising the bar for ourselves. Each show that we put under our belt, we are that much more in tune with each other. Some of the jamming gets to these spaces that I never dreamed we could go. A couple years ago, we started recording some original music, and we are going to get back to that now. Who knows? Maybe we can release an album of original music within the next twenty years…Dark Star Orchestra, “The Thrill Is Gone”last_img read more

Upper Valley Haven Earns 5 Stars in Energy Efficiency

first_imgHanover, NH, November 3, 2004 Efficiency Vermont has certified The Upper Valley Haven as having met all of the requirements for an Energystar labeled building. The facility, located on Route 5 in White River Junction, VT, received 86.7 points out of a possible 100 points, earning the 5 Star designation. The attention to detail, the high performance insulation system, and good mechanical and lighting choices led to this high achievement, said Cathy Reynolds of Efficiency Vermont. UK Architects of Hanover, NH, designed the building. Hunter Ulf, Principal of UK Architects, responded to the certification by saying, it was very important that this facility was designed to provide cost-effective operations throughout its life, and energy efficiency is a big factor in achieving this.Efficiency Vermont is the nations first statewide energy efficiency utility. It provides technical advice, financial assistance, and design guidance to help make Vermont homes and businesses more energy efficient.# # #last_img read more

United in the Fight Against Drugs

first_imgBy Geraldine Cook/Diálogo January 03, 2018 Army Major General José Eugenio Matos de la Cruz, deputy minister of Defense for Military Affairs of the Dominican Republic, had a very clear message for security officers and service members who participated in the Caribbean Nations Security Conference (CANSEC): The Dominican Republic will continue to strengthen its activity against transnational crime to reduce drug trafficking and its related crimes. CANSEC took place December 5th-7th, 2017, in Georgetown, Guyana.At the event, Maj. Gen. Matos gave a presentation on the role of the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic to manage security threats and regional stability. Sharing information in real time and strengthening joint strategies, he said, will lead to efficiently countering narcotraffickers in the region. Maj. Gen. Matos spoke with Diálogo on this and other issues, including binational agreements and actions to combat drug trafficking in his country.Diálogo: What is the importance of the Dominican Republic’s participation in CANSEC?Army Major General José Eugenio Matos de La Cruz, deputy minister of Defense for Military Affairs of the Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic’s participation in this conference allows us to be more efficient in actions we take as armed forces in the region for regional security challenges.Diálogo: During your presentation on your country’s security challenges, you discussed narcotrafficking and related crimes. Can you elaborate?Maj. Gen. Matos: In our country, everything that has to do with murder-for-hire, arms trafficking, human trafficking, illegal migration, and common crime is connected to drug trafficking one way or another. Our southern maritime zone is very vulnerable to this situation—that’s where the majority of drugs entering the Dominican Republic come from, through the so-called go-fast boats, container ships and passenger ships. We’re also vulnerable in the almost 400-kilometer open border with Haiti. However, we took back Dominican airspace, which is now under control thanks to the acquisition of Super Tucano airplanes—which gave very positive results to eliminate almost 99.9 percent of illicit flights to our country.Diálogo: In addition to the acquisition of airplanes, what other initiative does the Dominican Republic take to counter narcotrafficking?Maj. Gen. Matos: We increasingly participate in the fight against drugs. We work with the Attorney General’s Office to be able to prosecute these cases, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Anti-Drug Office, the Colombian Armed Forces, and the authorities of Central America through the Central American Armed Forces Conference.Diálogo: What kinds of laws are there in your country to combat narcotrafficking?Maj. Gen. Matos: Up until 1988, we didn’t have any laws related to narcotrafficking, so Law 50-88, which targets drugs, was created. Narcotrafficking operations are the responsibility of the National Directorate for the Control of Drugs with the support of the Armed Forces, the National Police, and state security and intelligence agencies. However, it wasn’t until 2013, through the implementation of the 2007 Criminal Code, that the penalty for narcotrafficking increased to up to 30 years.Diálogo: What actions do the Dominican Republic and the United States develop jointly to eliminate narcotrafficking?Maj. Gen. Matos: In the fight against drugs, we have agreements or memorandums of understanding on the use of U.S. aircraft, the use of their vessels on our territory, and the use of communications equipment to support our operations. We have agreements with U.S. Southern Command, the Joint Interagency Task Force South, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Coast Guard, and the Office of Customs and Border Protection.Diálogo: One of the most discussed topics in CANSEC was real-time information sharing. How important is that in the fight against narcotrafficking?Maj. Gen. Matos: We know that in our countries, we have legal aspects that limit the dissemination of certain information, so to share certain information, the best is to have bilateral agreements and/or memorandums of understanding. It’s of vital importance to continue signing such important agreements like the one that Dominican President Danilo Medina just signed in the Caribbean Community meeting to share information related to the fight against drugs, arms trafficking, human trafficking, etc.Diálogo: Does terrorism represent a threat to regional and national security?Maj. Gen. Matos: Yes, it constitutes both a regional and a global threat. With respect to the Dominican Republic, the Armed Forces Joint Staff Directorate of Intelligence—under which lies the office of the National Counterterrorism Directorate, which includes representatives from all the military and police institutions—worked within the framework of a new counter-terrorism law. In 2016, an individual received a penalty of 35 years in prison for a terrorist act, which had to do with self-immolation in the Santo Domingo Metro in 2014. This situation helped us realize that we are vulnerable, with millions of tourists entering the country annually. That’s why we develop memorandums of understanding with the counternarcotics authorities of some countries to exchange information. Likewise, we create closer ties with other European countries to have memorandums of understanding, like the ones we have with the Belgians, French, British, Spanish, Dutch, and Germans to find out if there are high-risk individuals we should be aware of among the people who visit us from those countries.Diálogo: Regional stability threats due to natural disasters were discussed at CANSEC. What is the role of your country’s Armed Forces to respond to disasters?Maj. Gen. Matos: We are in the path of hurricanes, so historically, we’ve been prepared for them. The Armed Forces developed specialized bodies. The Air Force has an air rescue unit; the Navy counts on the Dolphin (Delfín) rescue unit, which uses chalanas, small flat-bottomed boats to get to flooded areas. The Army has the Humanitarian Rescue Unit that became a battalion. All of them form the Disaster Mitigation Operative Brigade, which has aerial mobility, special forces for security, transport, first aid, etc., all at the same time. Our Armed Forces work hand-in-hand with Civil Defense and the Emergency Operations Center.Diálogo: What are those specialized bodies?Maj. Gen. Matos: We have three Defense Corps for National Security and four specialized corps comprising members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. In the Defense Corps, we have one for land border, port and airport security; and the specialized corps is responsible for tourist security, subway, environment, and fuel control.Diálogo: What types of programs are you developing to professionalize noncommissioned officers?Maj. Gen. Matos: We receive advice from the U.S. Army and we shared information on the issue in meetings and seminars. The 2013 Organic Law of the Armed Forces includes provisions on the career of noncommissioned officers, and we already have an Army School for Noncommissioned Officers. But our intention is for each branch to have its own school for noncommissioned officers. Lieutenant General Rubén Darío Paulino Sem, minister of Defense of the Dominican Republic, laid out general guidelines such as: uniform design, ranks, and the stipulation for the first 15 noncommissioned officer graduates to specialize in the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.Diálogo: What was the Armed Forces’ biggest achievement in 2017?Maj. Gen. Matos: The most important achievement was curbing dangers to citizens with the Joint Task Force Peaceful City (Ciudad Tranquila – CIUTRAN, in Spanish). The police doesn’t have the necessary manpower and equipment to be everywhere, and as a way to help fulfill the presidential mandate, we involved more than 2,700 men in civilian security at the national level.Diálogo: And the military patrols the streets like the police?Maj. Gen. Matos: They patrol, and what we plan is to professionalize our soldiers on issues of civilian security.last_img read more

Nassau Dems Call for Hearing Into Dale Firing

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Nassau County Police Department headquarters in Mineola.Lawmakers are calling for outside investigations and the Nassau County Legislature to hold hearings into the police commissioner’s firing for ordering the arrest of a witness in a political case.Democrats in the legislative minority urged the Republican majority to schedule hearings to discern if District Attorney Kathleen Rice, a Democrat, was correct in finding that Republican County Executive Ed Mangano’s administration had no prior knowledge of the campaign-season arrest.“The facts will only come out if you have a legislative hearing,” Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport) told reporters Monday at a news conference in Mineola. “We need to make sure that we get fresh eyes on this.”Abrahams said the caucus is drafting letters to the New York State Attorney General and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York requesting outside prosecutors open investigations into what they termed an “abuse of power.”Abrahams said Randy White of Roosevelt has his civil rights violated when a Nassau police sergeant served him with a subpoena—while in police custody—to re-testify in an elections case after a campaign donor to the plaintiff called ex-Nassau Police Commissioner Tom Dale to request White’s arrest in October.Rice launched an investigation after White’s attorney filed a complaint. She released her findings Thursday to Mangano, who fired Dale the same day. Neither Dale nor the donor, Oheka castle owner Gary Melius, is facing criminal charges.Melius had asked Dale to arrest White on behalf of a third-party candidate for county executive Melius was backing, ex-Freeport Mayor Andrew Hardwick, whose staff White testified in an election-related lawsuit had violated state law.When asked by the Press is she will hold a hearing on the issue, Presiding Officer Norma Gonsalves (R-East Meadow) issued a statement that didn’t answer the question and said “District Attorney Rice’s investigation is complete.”But, Rice said last week that the investigation is in fact continuing into Nassau police Sgt. Sal Mistretta, who served White with a civil subpoena drafted by Hardwick’s attorney ordering White to appear in court.“The next order of business for this Legislature is to confirm a new Police Commissioner to aggressively oversee the operations of this Police Department,” Gonsalves said.Legis. Carrie Solages (D-Elmont) likened to a dictatorship the politically motivated arrest at the behest of a wealthy donor backing a campaign that Democrats argued was designed to siphon votes away from Mangano’s opponent, Tom Suozzi.The politically motivated arrest comes less than a year after a jury convicted ex-Second Deputy Nassau Police Commissioner William Flanagan of misconduct for quashing the arrest of his friend, a wealthy donor to police causes. Flanagan is appealing.last_img read more

Obama gears up for tax reform

first_imgby: Nicholas BallasyPresident Obama said Friday he would like to work with the incoming Republican-led Congress on tax reform next year.Obama was asked if the new Congress presents a better opportunity for tax reform next year.“I think an all Democratic Congress would have been provided an even better opportunity for tax reform but I think talking to Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell that they are serious about wanting to get some things done. The tax area is one area where we can get things done,” Obama said at an end of the year press conference. continue reading » 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Unai Emery explains Arsenal team selection v Tottenham after benching Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

first_imgUnai Emery explains Arsenal team selection v Tottenham after benching Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Unai Emery arrives at Wembley ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Tottenham (Picture: Getty)Unai Emery has explained his Arsenal team selection for the north London derby against Tottenham after benching Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.Ozil played a starring role in the 5-1 victory over Southampton on Wednesday but drops to the bench for Arsenal’s trip to Wembley today.Arsenal top goalscorer Aubameyang joins Ozil on the bench, with Emery opting to start Alexandre Lacazette up front.Asked about his team selection before the game, Emery said: ‘[We want to] play with fresh players, energy, high energy.ADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘After our quality can start or be on the bench because in 90 minutes you play small matches.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘We need all the players with big motivation to play. We are in a good way and today is a big challenge.’Tottenham are without Harry Winks but Mauricio Pochettino says the midfielder’s injury is not a ‘big issue’.‘We trust our squad and it’s a massive opportunity for Victor Wanyama,’ the Spurs boss said. Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 2 Mar 2019 12:05 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link370Shares Advertisement Comment Mesut Ozil will start from the bench (Picture: Getty)‘We are disappointed for Winks but hope for the next few games he will be available. It isn’t a big issue.’Tottenham were mooted as Premier League title contenders last month but lost successive games to fall nine points adrift of leaders Liverpool.If Arsenal win today, they will move to within one point of their north London rivals.Goalkeeper Bernd Leno, speaking at Wembley, said: ‘I’m not sure if there’s a good or bad time to play against Spurs because this game is always special.’More: FootballBruno Fernandes responds to Man Utd bust-up rumours with Ole Gunnar SolskjaerNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira moves Advertisementlast_img read more

‘Give him the armband’ – Rob Holding refuses to sign Tottenham shirt and Arsenal fans love it

first_imgCaptain material 😂— Usismama (@Usismamayo) July 23, 2019More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal 1/1 Read More SPONSORED 1 min. story Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Top articles Rob Holding refused to sign a Tottenham shirt while on Arsenal’s pre-season tour of America (Picture: Arsenal Twitter)Arsenal fans believe Rob Holding has announced himself as an ideal candidate to succeed Laurent Koscielny as club captain after he refused to sign a Tottenham shirt during the pre-season tour of America.The 23-year-old impressed during the first half of last season, cementing a place in Unai Emery’s starting XI before he suffered a cruciate knee ligament injury following a clash with Marcus Rashford last November.Arsenal are hopeful the former Bolton defender will have recovered in time to make his first team return by the end of September which would represent a welcome boost given the uncertainty surrounding Koscielny’s future and Emery’s failure thus far to sign a new centre-half this summer.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘When he decided not to come here with us on tour, the solution is now only for the club and him,’ Emery said following last night’s penalty shootout defeat against Real Madrid. ‘He decided to be out.ADVERTISEMENT Skip Coming Next Read More My captain— gunners guru 19 (@GuruGunners) July 23, 2019 by Metro Read More Comment Read More CAPTAIN HIM RIGHT NOW— Jack Simmons (@JackSimmons101) July 23, 2019 PLAY Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Advertisement / About Connatix V67539 Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 24 Jul 2019 2:43 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.4kShares Video Settings Full Screen More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘I respect him but I have a responsibility, he has a responsibility, and the club have their responsibility. Now it’s an issue only for the club and him.‘My idea is to continue with the players we are working with, and the players that want to be here.’Koscielny’s likely departure will leave something of a leadership vacuum at Arsenal, but many Gooners believe Holding it capable of stepping into the breach after turning down a request to put his moniker to a Spurs shirt…Just give him the armband.— ❄ (@AmaechiSZN) July 23, 2019 Read More struggling Manchester United captain Harry… ‘Give him the armband’ – Rob Holding refuses to sign Tottenham shirt and Arsenal fans love it Advertisement Skip Adlast_img read more

USPS Worker Shot, Killed in Louisiana; Suspect Arrested

first_imgAccording to authorities in Louisiana, a United States postal service worker was shot and killed while working his route during the weekend.The victim, identified as 52-year-old Antonio Williams, was attacked at around 11:20 a.m. Saturday morning in Shreveport, said Caddo County spokesman John Prime.Williams was declared dead at the hospital.Police say that 32-year-old Michael Gentry shot Williams multiple times in the upper body.Gentry was booked into the Shreveport City Jail. His bond has been set at $250,000.00.Shreveport Police and federal authorities continue investigating the shootinglast_img read more

Record-breaking Babar secures Pakistan whitewash

first_imgA RECORD-breaking knock from Babar Azam lifted Pakistan to a 136-run victory in Abu Dhabi and a whitewash in their three-match one-day international series against West Indies.Babar notched 120 and 123 in the first and second ODIs respectively, and he racked up another 117 off 106 deliveries yesterday to take his total to 360 – more than any other batsman has managed in a series of three or fewer 50-over matches.His 147-run partnership for the second wicket with captain Azhar Ali (101), who bounced back from scoring just nine runs in the first two matches, set a formidable target of 309.And the Windies were unable to save face with Denesh Ramdin top-scoring with 37 as they fell to a second clean sweep of the tour after being skittled out for 172.The tourists will hope to step up their performances ahead of a gruelling Test series which starts in Dubai next week Thursday.Azhar and Sharjeel Khan (38) started strongly, and any relief the Windies had from seeing the latter caught off Sulieman Benn (1-51) at long-on was short-lived, with Babar entering the fray and quickly settling into a steady routine with his captain.Every gap in the field appeared simple for Babar to spot as he surged through the gears, but his skipper was eventually undone by a slow ball from Jason Holder (1-63).Pakistan lost Shoaib Malik for five but Babar was unperturbed, celebrating becoming the third batsman from his country to score hundreds in three successive ODI innings, by dropping to his knees.Kieron Pollard (1-19) finally brought the curtain down on the youngster’s phenomenal knock for his 50th ODI wicket before Alzarri Joseph (2-62) removed Mohammad Rizwan (4) and Imad Wasim (4) in the latter stages.Sohail Khan (1-34) replaced Mohammed Amir in the Pakistan XI and the move quickly paid off as the paceman made the breakthrough with the removal of Evin Lewis (22) in the 10th over.Kraigg Brathwaite (32) reached the boundary three times before being trapped leg-before by Shoaib (1-23), and when Darren Bravo (17) and Marlon Samuels (13) soon followed the Windies were 93-4 in the 23rd over.Mohammad Nawaz accounted for Pollard (11) before claiming the scalps of Sunil Narine and Benn in the same over, while Wahab Riaz removed Joseph (2) for his 100th ODI wicket.Pakistan rounded off a brilliant display when Rizwan capitalised on a miscommunication between Ramdin and Shannon Gabriel to run the keeper out as the Windies’ meek reply concluded in fitting fashion. ( inningsAz. Ali b Holder 101Sh. Khan c Joseph b Benn 38B. Azam b Pollard 117S. Malik c Ramdin b Narine 5S. Ahmed not out 24M. Rizwan lbw b Joseph 4I. Wasim c Da. Bravo b Joseph 4M. Nawaz not out 4Extras: (lb-7, nb-1, w-3) 11Total: (for 6 wickets, 50 overs) 308Fall of wickets: 1-85, 2-232, 3-239, 4-280, 5-285, 6-303.Bowling: A. Joseph 8-0-62-2 (w-1), S. Gabriel 5-0-37-0 (nb-1), K. Brathwaite 4-0-22-0, J. Holder 10-0-63-1 (w-2), S. Narine 10-0-47-1, S. Benn 10-0-51-1, K. Pollard 3-0-19-1.WEST INDIES inningsK. Brathwaite lbw b Malik 32E. Lewis b So. Khan 22Da. Bravo c S. Ahmed b Riaz 17M. Samuels run-out 13D. Ramdin run-out 37K. Pollard c Malik b Nawaz 11J. Holder b Wasim 26S. Narine stp. S. Ahmed b Nawaz 0S. Benn c So. Khan b Nawaz 0A. Joseph c Malik b Riaz 2S. Gabriel not out 1Extras: (b-1, lb-4, w-6) 11Total: (all out, 44 overs) 172Fall of wickets: 1-45, 2-75, 3-87, 4-93, 5-117, 6-159, 7-161, 8-161, 9-170.Bowling: I. Wasim 8-0-29-1, So. Khan 7-0-34-1 (w-3), H. Ali 6-1-13-0, S. Malik 6-0-23-1 (w-1), M. Nawaz 9-0-40-3 (w-1), W. Riaz 8-0-28-2 (w-1).last_img read more