Tokgo with wind teach you choose the Shanghai dragon service company

(3) to ask in the forum. If you cannot find a way through the normal website optimization services, you can select the message through the forum by the way of screening. Of course not all messages are honest. So you need to comprehensive analysis, but for the choice of who is really a reference direction.

(6) of their own website PR value check if their own site optimization PR are not up to more than 4, so they can choose to give up.

(9) to see whether they are before the use of black hat Shanghai Dragon technology should learn the black hat Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, whether they use the black hat Shanghai Longfeng technical judgment, if this were found in the search engine, is also regarded as cheating processing.

(5) asked they do website optimization examples of customer satisfaction is the best choice to investigate a company’s optimization. Can ask them to optimize the customer company name for investigation. If rejected, then it is possible to protect customers’ privacy, there may be no examples of customers. The need to choose those who make the right judgment.


(8) to see whether they use automatic submission if they use automatic submission, please stay away from them. This way will be automatically submit search engine cheating processing.

for rookie independent to optimize your web site, you will find that no matter how hard always couldn’t see its rankings or is spent all your time and effort to optimize the website to get good rankings. If this is the case, you choose the best website optimization services company has the strength to work for you. Outside many web site optimization services company, you can not blindly choose their. How can we find a suitable for your website optimization services company

(7) to check their site ranking keywords if they choose their website keywords are not a good ranking, you can only say that they are fake.

If you choose

(4) search the company name if the company is public, so you can search from the Internet to a lot of positive information about the company. If it is a Swindlers Company, still can search relevant negative information on the internet. So to make good use of the search engine.

(2) from friends and business partners can be recommended. Word of mouth is very important for a company’s reputation.

(10) chain to see where they get the chain is as everyone knows, of great help for the ranking of a website. If they do.

(1) ranked first in their commitment? If they promise ranked first, then you ought to suspect them. In Google optimization guide said, no one can guarantee that it can continue to rank first. This is a good reminder for the website optimization services company first choice.

Eight exchange Links must pay attention to

why do Links

6, avoid exchange Links frequency bottles a week is recommended an exchange, if the short-term increase too much Links, your weight will suddenly raise a lot, search engines may think that you are cheating, it.

2, Links actually is to find the best sites or weight high website to do, but the weight is higher than your site are generally not chain to you, we can only find some related industry site do link, is to find the best sites that do a kind of keywords and your exchange but this link, the success depends on the ability of the

4, and those websites don’t have dozens of Links do exchange links, because the weight of the home page is so much, get a multi site, you can get the weight will be relatively less;

1, to some Links exchange website or forum, QQ group for Links, another method is through the search related websites, and then contact the webmaster to exchange links, best and some webmaster friends exchange, because this province heart a lot, all online there are a lot of danger. But remember, be sure to keep good records of each web site and contact, after what can contact the changes;

next, find the bottle Links to maintain Links explained in detail, hoping to help you.


Links refers to put each other on your site other websites link. Must be able to find the address and the name of the web site in the web page code, and can be displayed when browsing the web site name, this is Links.

5, a problem to see a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is called JS, is open source code directly to search your home page URL, no words don’t do it, there is a link with nofollow, this made white;

3, many webmaster friends will according to the site’s ranking in the first two pages, the snapshot included number, time in the last 5 days, PR for Links, this point is very important, but not the theme and your site is far from the website links, like the IT industry, or find some of the Internet the link, if you do is home appliance, can not find the change of group purchase. Exchange links before, must spend ten minutes to check the web pages and included the previous K has not been recorded, and has done a Links website also needs a cursory examination;

first need to talk about the weight of the bottle, because the search engine will give each page a certain weight, and most of the web page of a website will link to the home page, so the weight of the home page is very high. Then a high weight Web links over our front page, the home page weight of our nature is high.

To recruit, help website cohesion vitality

website is no money webmaster headache, now what are in need of money, if a website run without money, then the state could not support the too long time, so the first thing is to change the webmaster, how to find the money? I suggest there are two points: one is to sell the long-term benefits in exchange for money, as long as we now have a website traffic, then we can go to sell, I do a local class life site before site traffic every day is more than 200, depends on this more than 200 traffic I sold 20 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan and that makes me temporarily out. The two is to seek support, we have no money does not matter, as long as there are people who support us on the line, every industry has its own website support, and do a good job in this support is particularly important. For example, your site is a kind of local real estate website, there are now some rankings, but lack of funds, this time we can own website implement separation system, sell some of them, I think as long as your site traffic is a lot of local real estate companies will buy, you see the key how to operate.

throughout its development has entered a stalemate, such as previously popular Taobao guest website is now basically stalled, so there are many local websites, industry websites. Why most websites entered a state of stagnation? Look at the development of these sites lack more resources to help the site from the bottom up.

we can see now parts of the site because there is no local connections, without strong financial support, the site is now already in the state can be suspended in midair, appeared in most of the webmaster is a pressing matter of the moment immediately to recruit, help site to re unite what is more flourishing, specifically

no money, then go to invigorate the promotion of

The ?

Most sites now

no contacts, then dig three thousand feet

, a web site is the most important capital and contacts, lack of the two things I think your website.

no contacts that your mining efforts were not enough, as long as we are native to the area, or our website is after a certain stage, if in this case there is no network of the most direct is to use relatives and friends. Why some sites now operating on the relatives and friends to pull resources, I have a friend when doing the tourism website, the website business rarely, he later by a distant cousin cousin as a chief of the Tourism Bureau, this friend of mine on the head of a year profit ten, what explains from: one is no contacts will have to do to find anyone, relatives and friends, the key is to learn and find the rational mining; two is the site of a profit after to share, someone to help you is not free, you have to be willing to part of the profits to maintain this part of the money or open up broader relations.

Adsense VS micro quotient, which one do you choose

recently, the owners circle in the prevalence of a mask wind. I brush space and WeChat friends circle, often see some friends selling mask, not only female children’s shoes in the sale, male cock silk webmaster is also selling. Not only ordinary people are selling, industry circles from the media star heavyweights are also selling. For the time being, we sell mask children’s shoes for micro dealers, and their main platform is WeChat. To analyze from several aspects, the webmaster sell mask in the end not fly,


investment cost PK: webmaster VS micro quotient

I haven’t sold any mask, which is said to be very profitable. The cost is very low. If you pack it, sell it at a high price. It’s very relaxing. If you have any more endorsements, you can sell it for a good price. Monthly income of tens of thousands is not impossible! For the cost of investment, do business selling micro mask does not require a large investment, some operators may also mask give you a free agent! For when the webmaster, upfront investment now is not great, because now the space and domain name are very cheap. So, on investment, the two are pretty much the same.


money cycle: Micro quotient less than webmaster

generally speaking, do personal Adsense profit cycle will be very long, because now personal Adsense promotion not allow before. The chain is not so easy to send, with the hair, some of the chain can’t do the ranking up.

and sell mask micro quotient, the same day on-line, the day can profit. Relatively speaking, do micro business selling mask, than the owners of the profit cycle shorter.

would you like to sell the mask,


in fact, I also asked some private webmaster circle of friends, if you have a chance, can become micro business, income than you when the webmaster to high, you are willing to give up the opportunity to do webmaster


results are also self-evident, many people have chosen to be willing to try to do micro business. A few days ago, mutual transmission webmaster network of the God of wealth in the circle of friends to send news that free training for micro business, instant 50 places will be full. Visible, and now the webmaster is also eager to transition, to change the current awkward situation,


webmaster, the transition needs to be urgently

have to say, the webmaster more and more difficult, while SEO is more and more difficult to do. A few days ago in the industry circles to see a screenshot, that is about the meaning of a word search product, above the top eight are the Baidu bid, the bottom three position is bidding, and on the right is also in the promotion of Baidu! And the top 10 are mixed with Baidu’s own the platform, such as Baidu, Baidu, Baidu library, Baidu Encyclopedia Post Bar! Calculate location also SEO in


even if you do not do micro business, at least not to focus on SEO, should open the way of thinking, learn to integrate resources, if a traffic 200+ IP website, many people will choose.

Or do the user social comment plugin on


social review plugin is simply a software that can be mounted on a web site that provides critical functionality, while all users are able to use it and feel the social atmosphere. In the article "10 WordPress third party social review plugin", I introduced 5 popular domestic third party social review plug-ins, namely, friends, comments, Bemi, multi talk, light heron. So, what are the features of the social review plug-in? What are some of the comments and plug-ins that can be used for reference?

first, the basic function of social review plugin

Nested forms of parent-child relationships between

1, comment, login, reply, and reply;

2, accessible user information;

3, the website owner manages the content of the review;

4, spam defense,

5, WordPress social review plugin and topic compatibility and data synchronization:

One problem with

WordPress is that the theme maker does not default on the topic and is designed to have the theme of a social review plugin, even if it’s willing to do it and do poorly. After the blog encounters user comments, the WordPress system itself does not have information. For this point, each review plugin is handled differently, basically giving a management interface on the service platform. But if you put the data on the plug-in server, the wordpress blog itself won’t have a hint of the new comment. The light Heron plug-in has the ability to synchronize to the local database, which can solve the problem. Even so, the anchor link created by the WordPress () function provided by comments_popup_link will fail.

6, when replying, the notification is answered to the user: mail notification, micro-blog notification, etc.;

7, paging, sorting, in different ways without refresh responses without refresh function page effect;

8, the content of the reply can contain more elements, such as expressions, pictures, video, code, links, etc.;

9 and SEO functions;

The styles for

10, the review list, and the comment box can be varied and customizable.

The social function of

two and social review plugin

socialization is the killer of social comment plug-in, and it is an inevitable choice for various websites in SMO era for different users.

1, social login

multi account login, account binding, create a unified Internet review account, each account will be unified, allowing users to become a person.


Small investment to do what business recommended suction gold project

venture capital, and the small business can make money turnover more flexible, so many people want to do a small business. So, small investment to do business? Are you still thinking about it?. Today Xiaobian recommend to you a few good suction gold project, take a look at.

society under the weight of idle second-hand goods value is more and more people concern. Let second-hand goods flow and produce benefits, is gradually becoming a hot business opportunities. From the form of second-hand goods business may include rental, sale of two, for small entrepreneurs, who are closely related with people’s daily life daily necessities trading second-hand goods business has become the most easily hot start. Its popular items include second-hand clothing store, second-hand goods replacement shop, etc..


How to develop the cultural industry in Zigong

in the process of economic development, there are a lot of real estate industry, for our development provides a lot of thrust. However, in the process of development, the development of cultural industry is also inevitable! The first half of 2016, in deepening the reform of the cultural system and cultural industry revitalization initiatives under the guidance of the momentum of development of cultural industry in Zigong City, has entered a new period of upgrading, showing a new situation full of youthful spirit.

(1) project to promote new achievements. The great project of the city’s cultural system "in 13th Five-Year" were analyzed and combed the 60 major projects, plans a total investment of 33 billion yuan, of which China (Zigong) "Lantern town" in the cultural and Creative Industry Park, Chinese lantern, World Cultural Arts Center in Zigong City, the two phase of the project (Theater) and industrial sites square Salt History Culture Expo park four cultural projects in Zigong city in 2016 100 to focus on projects.

date, lantern township has invested about 6 million yuan, has completed planning and design, transition training base, office and supporting infrastructure, grape planting; lantern world project officially launched, has repeatedly studied matters of command personnel, funds application, investment work, initially identified the relevant for the smooth progress of the construction of supporting facilities; cultural center project, investment about 4000000 yuan, completed the system installation, hydropower, fire lanes and septic tanks and other outdoor construction, now being refined interior decoration engineering concept design.

(2) foreign exchange achieved new success. The depth of mining salt dragon culture resources, accelerate the formation of cultural industry. Organize relevant personnel to the province has Zhejiang, Nanjing, Guanghan Province, Bazhong and other places to visit to learn the development of cultural industry experience, formed the investigation report; actively with the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the Provincial Foreign Friendship Association docking lantern foreign trade project, the formation of the G20 summit, the Sino French cultural Cooperation Forum lantern program.

of Zigong Lantern Festival "100 city" plan, "Zigong city to promote the cultural and creative design services and related industries development action plan (2015 – 2020)" were revised and improved; drafting the "eighth session of Chinese Western Cultural Industry Fair", "the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair" the scheme, the Provincial Department of culture and the Zigong municipal government "on the promotion of cultural industry has become a pillar industry of the strategic cooperation framework agreement", the municipal government and Songpan county government "targeted aid cultural cooperation agreement" etc.. Preparatory meeting held the first colorful cultural summit, Zigong cultural industry backbone enterprises owners forum cum Training, started the construction of the Zigong lantern industry association.

6 months, the successful introduction of Shenzhen City, Xing Xing, Zigong investment and investment in the city of Shenzhen Branch Yu Xing Investment Co., Ltd. inject 55 million, recommend

You should know how to open a restaurant to do


meat taste better than vegetable dish, but vegetable dish are more beneficial to our health, better than meat, vegetarian now, more and more, the huge market demand growth and a new type of industry, a vegetarian restaurant is a good choice to make money. But for the first time entrepreneurs, want their own store business is hot, we must do two things, one is to have the characteristics of dishes, two is to have the right business methods, so as to successfully set up shop, easy to get rich.

for the "new vegan taste shades, hot and cold spell

often requires operators to seize the vegetable dish vegetarian meat than the broader the characteristics of wheat and soybean, vegetables and fruits can do what.

for the new "vegetarian" addicted to prime reason lies in tired of eating meat, to obtain nutrition from vegetarian dishes, so the key lies in the scientific and reasonable collocation. Recipes also have to be invited to the nutritional experts to customize. In this way, a meal can taste different for different collocation, including size, content arrangement, taste shade, hot and cold spells, with nutrition.

facade, decoration key to highlight the prime word

So the

shop without greatly, but must be clean and fresh, "tofu chalota" feeling. After all, here is to sell to eat, cleaning is certainly the primary condition. How to open a restaurant? In addition, store layout is reasonable, the goods classification arrangement, do try to make it look all varieties of panoramic view, the eyes are vegetarian, nature will allow consumers to impress, but also shows the characteristics of vegetarian.

open a restaurant operating points for all kinds of food

can be 100. A vegetarian restaurant is a coincidence, but the attendant is a test, there are generally two or three waiters enough, but they have to store goods well, to introduce customers should also be familiar, and targeted. How to open a restaurant? Usually, there are several types of vegetarian foods, some of which are konjac products, some are letinous edodes wheat protein products, as well as soy protein products are also very common decomposition.

opened a vegetarian restaurant catch season

vegetarian restaurant season is somewhat different, because of its customer base has certain particularity, so each month at the beginning of a lunar fifteen, or some events such as Buddhism, Guanyin Festival, also became a prime time vegetarian restaurant business. But on some lunar holiday, there will be a bustling scene, one day can also have a money income. Don’t miss this season.

people used to eating meat, but recommended

The electricity supplier Kuangxiao micro shop how to promote the season

a variety of festivals have always been a hot time on the market, which is not only applicable to the store, the same business platform. Festival is the electricity supplier carnival. From the local Mid Autumn Festival to the Western Christmas, electricity providers can drive a lot of holiday sales. But some people still feel not enough, but also create more holidays, in order to create a real business Kuangxiao season.

national crazy shopping, which means electricity supplier crazy sales. As a new member of the electronic business platform, micro shop naturally will not miss these opportunities. In addition to significantly enhance the micro store sales, the owners can also take advantage of this opportunity to precipitate a large number of customers, laying the foundation for the development of the store.

specific promotion methods are as follows.

1. use poster sweep code to attract fans attention

poster is a common way to promote the shop, two-dimensional code technology so that the poster has become a gateway to the micro channel.

micro shop owner can use the poster sweep code to attract the attention of fans, it is best to set up some small games, for example, sweep the code to participate in the lottery, or sweep the code to give gifts or coupons, etc..

of course, after getting the attention of fans, micro shop owner to maintain a good relationship with each other, with WeChat or other contact with fans to maintain a continuous contact. When the store held some promotional activities, must be the first time to inform these fans.

with the increasingly close contact, fans of your micro store loyalty and recognition will continue to increase. In this way, the probability of transforming into loyal customers will continue to increase.

2. send SMS messages to add WeChat alert

electric Kuangxiao season, and ultimately join senior "cut the hand", but also there is no lack of new customer experience.

micro shop owner in the delivery of information sent to the customer, you might as well put your own WeChat and micro shop links with the past. This precise point of promotion, it is likely to become a new customer old Yi passengers.

3. invoice printing WeChat with the parameters of the two-dimensional code


provides two-dimensional code with parameters of the interface to the service number, the official described as follows: "in order to meet the needs of analysis of user channel promotion, provide a public platform to generate two-dimensional code with parameters of the interface. The interface can be used to obtain a plurality of two-dimensional codes with different scene values."

if we know the two-dimensional code into a character, then the two-dimensional code with parameters is to let >

China college business plan competition to make cake

each person’s entrepreneurial path is not the same, have such a landscape. In the "Challenge Cup" competition project exhibition site, the reporter saw a familiar figure in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony, and became popular for on camera smile "smile" elder sister Wu Yi and her twin sister Wu yue.

on the choice of food, Huang Huanlin chose a biscuit. Now the pace of life is so fast, many white-collar workers do not have time to do health care, may even have time to eat, the health care ingredients added to the portable biscuits, more convenient." Huang Huanlin said, health porridge, soup is not easy to cook, with easy to sprinkle, and health biscuits are not.