Eight major factors affecting the ranking

The above is the younger brother of www.gzjq120贵族宝贝 reproduced Guangzhou liver disease hospital

7, Shanghai: love spiders can not identify the picture, so be sure to add a title in the ALT attribute of the picture in.


3, the specific frequency density algorithm is the number of keywords multiplied by the number of words, divided by the number of words, keyword density should be controlled within 3%~8%, density can cause excessive optimization.

have different views on some of the rankings of the common opinion about the source: Please specify the source



, 4 links: link into the chain and in the chain, a lot of friends to pay attention to the chain, little attention within the chain, actually in the chain is also very important, usually point to an important link in the chain, the more chain in an article, this article is to tell the love Shanghai more important, also in the chain as a whole your help, it is recommended that you have the best in the chain.

6, the degree of customer experience: now love Shanghai for the ranking, the customer experience is very important to see that the client can quickly find what they need, so as far as possible the use of the sequence table and unordered list. Title and subtitle.


1, the original Shanghai spiders love: love the original, fresh article, copy and paste the article to have a good ranking is very difficult, so I have been advocating for the site of the original.

5, click: click on the number of general is beyond our control, click on the high number of articles, ranked relatively better.

site traffic in addition to word of mouth word, the most important is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords have a good ranking, often can bring the objective flow, many people want a keyword up, the blind is the hair of the chain, stop the chain, but the effect is not good, the following I have to explain the influence of the ranking of the eight factors.

2. key words to describe the location of the first 20 words appear as key words, describe the words from one to two times. The best site, the location on the site is fixed, we will not consider.

8, we must ensure that the content, links and web sites related theme.


With the practice of long tail keywords

query tool (love Shanghai drop-down list, search, love Shanghai index, love Shanghai background, webmaster tools, other tools)


: the long tail keywords are divided into two kinds, the 1 is to solve the needs of users, the other one is in the pursuit of flow. For the long tail word to address the needs of users may not love Shanghai index, the word brings flow may not be much, but the user experience is good; the other is a long tail word love Shanghai index, the main users bring traffic to a site. We should integrate the two keywords and keywords: practice, both love Shanghai index useful to the user.

love Shanghai (www2. Baidu. com) for the background, in the "

long tail keywords in the title (Only Title of the best teacher, appeared two times, such as: cup what brand is good? _ tell everybody Mug what brand is good?)

see the long tail word to do good to see the following elements:


For example:

1, brainstorming (established in the understanding of the industry, the long tail word imagined)

drop-down list


love Shanghai


3. is the number of fully containing long tail keywords in the title search results, is not good to do

Use the

three, the specific practices of long tail keywords station

. How to collect the long tail keywords

other tools (I use the term after



keyword tool".


2. to see how many top-level domain name before 20, many top-level domain would do well.

love Shanghai related search:

love Shanghai index


1. is included in the amount of more than 1 million basic can give up


long tail word cup this insulation products, we can think out: what brand of mug? Why thermal insulation Cup? The website to sell


webmaster tools


Once at least 1.

two. The degree of competition long tail keywords

tool to view: (Webmaster Tools)

The site of those years we met right down

optimization example, it is not difficult to solve, usually such mistakes everyone knows what time, as long as you are naturally smoothly done or easily solved.

, which in the past is very common, it is not uncommon, the site needs to be optimized, but often a lot of people in order to optimize the optimization, leading to excessive website optimization. The more common are: (1) stack keywords in the content, deliberately increase keyword density, also do not pay attention to the overall quality of the content; (2) the use of H1, some sites in a page using a lot of, or even dozens of times, the use of H1 flooding, light weight is not good lift, weight may lead to fall right; (3) the site within the chain appear too frequent or too concentrated, some websites dozens of a page within the chain, and all point to the home page, this is the search engine dangshazi; (4) Title in the title tag stack multiple key words, because a lot of people the weight is the highest, the various types of keywords are piled up to the home page, so that these words can get good rankings, in fact, key words too much will lead to weight scattered even right down.

2, active cheating

said this before, first of all to say that not all rankings are floating down the right, ranking is floating are common in any search engine, since the site changes, changes in the user, search engine changes, so must also change in ranking. The general ranking floating in the home before 10 appear to rise and fall, this is very normal, there are many reasons for ranking floating, competitors’sites increased promotional efforts, ranking up, you will naturally come down; the site itself may also ranked just on unstable foundations; new website is not a long time will appear in a word ranking fluctuations and so on, small fluctuation is normal, we must first understand why "love Shanghai ranking drop down right inquiry and diagnosis and recovery", not yuemiaoyuehei.


some common website drop right phenomenon:

I will according to some experience and knowledge about their own website right down some of the main causes and views.

1, website optimization over

is eager to win over optimization or ignorance, and active cheating is more aware of.

worked as a web site optimization or site operation on the site right down friend must not unfamiliar, more or less contact with mild or serious drop right, so there is such a word: "Shanghai dragon did not meet right down is not a good Shanghai dragon". The web site is down right has been a headache webmaster and optimize the staff of things, right down can be small, light included slow, while direct K station closed domain. For the website right down, in addition to regret, we should go to learn from and avoid the accumulation, because of the same problem lead to fall right, and then solve the process right down can also accumulate more experience.

Of course, there are a lot of excessive

The PR value update the value of the PR value

with Google exit China market, domestic Google users are less and less, forming a search engine like Shanghai a dominant situation, so that Shanghai Longfeng workers will focus on the love of Shanghai. But Google’s PR value or the value of the PR value update, although not before, but the overall level of website evaluation to pr. As a site of the PR value is more than 4, so that the construction of the site has a certain level.

The reference index

is based on the evaluation of the PR value is outside the chain of quality and quantity of site decision, the quality of the chain is the chain of correlation depends on the survival time and the website and the content of our website, so the higher the PR value, that the higher the quality of our chain website amount is more, the higher the value of our website. The high quality of the chain construction is the biggest difficulty, if a website PR value reached more than 5, so that the site is very good, because only do good website, your site will appear on the site as much as possible. If the author of the website PR2, the chain is 1440.

In the past


weight Shanghai official, is the evaluation of the third party website gives. But for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization, the core is also the chain and the original, the two aspects of the work of our website will lead to the ascension of the PR value, the PR value from a certain extent is an important index for evaluating the effectiveness of our Shanghai dragon, can I have the evaluation period of work. As the author of the station cool 90 community has changed from PR0 to PR2, that I work in this stage there is a certain effect.


Love is not love Shanghai

swap chain

evaluation of the overall level of



the PR value update, if our PR value rise, so that the stage within our work is fruitful. Shanghai dragon core work is the original + the chain, no matter what kind of search engine, only adhere to the original and high quality of the chain can make our website to get good rankings in search engines, and adhere to the original and high quality of the chain can let our website PR value promotion. Improve the PR value at the same time, our website ranking in other search engines will also have the corresponding improvement.

in the stage

webmaster for PR and crazy, but as Google withdrew from the market Chinese, PR value are ignored by people, and even some owners believe that the PR value has no what role. But in my opinion, that the PR value or a certain value. Today, Google PR has been updated, the cool 90 community station from PR0 up to PR2, how much the heart can give some comfort. Overall, the PR value still has a certain value.

evaluation of the effectiveness of

How to make enterprise website independent IP100

for an enterprise web site on an independent IP can reach 50 on the good, some people may laugh, but for a corporate website has been doing optimization of the workers, I feel the general corporate website IP are not too high, because the theme of the site and content has been decided not IP traffic enterprise website too high, even if will reach more than 100 or more, but this situation will not continue for a long time, a corporate website theme is probably around a product, a kind of variety, a region, a corporate website at most only 1000 pages (this is basically the biggest estimate), so a corporate website is doomed to less traffic situation, it cannot be compared with the type of portal website. This analysis we can easily find the enterprise site traffic is a very common phenomenon! How to make your site by more than 100 in IP can even stabilize such a good situation? I will according to your own experience to say


because contact optimization enterprise website is more, also relatively long, so I will focus on how to optimize the enterprise website to get traffic. When we receive a list of enterprise website optimization, we do not rush to change the title, change keywords, do links and so on. It should be from a visitor’s perspective to observe how the interface design of the website a? Whether the content of performance appropriately? Website structure is smooth (see page and page, between the different level structure is able to smooth each other if we find browsing)? The interface design is not harmonious, the content shows the page structure is not appropriate, smooth then we need to modify the site (the practical requirements of the SEOER can have a certain understanding of web application we may feel we do optimization is not necessary to change the page or even large area changes, but if a SEOER is really going to do so!). Said so much, I want to say is the site first is to focus on the user experience, only allows users to enter the site in the vision to make them feel comfortable, so they will have the possibility of second times to come, the website traffic really need to have repeat customers to maintain a considerable flow value. I have had such a site before the optimization of the layout of the web site http://www.shooba.com.cn I dare to compliment (at least better now, you can go to see), optimize work before I had a talk with business owners to optimize price, which talked about the website needs revision, need to adjust the layout, this may be a little higher than do not modify the site keywords ranking do price alone, for a long time to negotiate with the boss but he eventually did not agree (see the boss is not the kind of people also can not afford the money), but a in the keyword rankings do it, finally we signed several Baidu keyword do a give the effect of the cost. This site I optimized for about two months or so to reach his effect, the boss very readily gave me the money, but a month later he found me, not because of keywords ranking drop, but that the site does not flow, I was.

How to open a million yuan to earn a jewelry store

jewelry industry compared with other industries of position selection is particularly demanding, especially in the great pressure of competition today, good location is successful, the following network take you only 10000 yuan how to open a jewelry store to make money.

1, the

2, high population density areas />

3, crowded streets


5, people gathered or gathering places such as


Examples of successful college students 2 years to earn $200 thousand

The following is an example of a

network to collect all university students entrepreneurial success, I hope you can learn some effective entrepreneurial experience, can help you in your future business.

Zheng Xuebing because the mood is not very good, then people go to Aunt home, want to stay for a few days, let yourself relax. Just a new aunt just renovated, when Zheng Xuebing walked into the new house, was soon hung in the living room wall drawing a cartoon attracted. I saw the cartoon characters exaggerated, humorous, colorful screen, three-dimensional sense of strong. Zheng Xuebing quickly to aunt asked about the picture. Aunt told him that this cartoon is made of a new type of PVC material, is still rare. After thinking for a moment, Zheng Xuebing suddenly came inspiration: now the children all day and cartoons and cartoons as partners, and even some adults also talked about in the cartoon, many lovable cartoon character is on the market with the cartoon as everyone knows, promotional products are also bibi. Therefore, the cartoon is not only a good way, but also can express their elegant leisure, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

Golden week 24 companies fully transparent price

During the holiday, to grasp the market supply of daily necessities and changes, since September 27th, 24 enterprises in Xining city in a day before 10, fully informed the Municipal Commerce Department to the necessities of the market sales and prices.

it is understood that the 24 companies focus on strengthening the grain, oil, meat, vegetables and other recent price rises fast commodity market monitoring, the operation of the market tendency, signs of problems as soon as possible to make judgments, strengthen market regulation perspective and foresight. That sharp fluctuations in prices of daily necessities, commodity supply shortage, out of stock and other abnormal situations timely reporting.

for the protection of market supply during the holiday season, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to guide enterprises to increase production and marketing efforts to increase food, edible oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other necessities market supply. We should give full play to the advantages of large circulation enterprises, such as a wide range of purchase channels, many operating outlets, low logistics costs, and organize a number of inexpensive goods on the market to maintain market price stability. According to changes in the market, the timely and appropriate amount of reserve goods to put in place to meet the needs of the masses. Strengthen supervision and inspection on the necessities of the market price, the price to crack down on all kinds of illegal and disguised price behavior, promote circulation enterprises to fulfill the social responsibility, strengthen self-discipline, follow the trend of prices and curb unreasonable price. Resolutely stop all kinds of luxury goods packaging, reduce costs, eliminate waste, reduce the burden on consumers.


Xining 227 million building drainage artery

Xining is now speeding up the construction of a drainage artery, a drainage box culvert length of 16.2 km of the new project (i.e. drainage main pipe), the drainage culvert is 2.5 meters high, 2 meters wide, not only people can go, even small machinery can also enter. At the same time, the drainage culvert culvert ahead of the design, after its completion, the city of Xining municipal sewage pipe is expected to 50 years without mention of standard capacity.

2.27 million building drainage artery

is currently in Xining area along the Huangshui River sewage interception dry pipe diameter is too small existing problems, resulting in sewage can not be completely transported to the collection of sewage treatment plant. In recent years, the pace of construction of Xining continues to accelerate, the county population increased in Xining purchase, the park is booming, urban drainage pipe network pressure increases. To this end, Xining started the implementation of the Xining sewage treatment plant into the plant in charge of the expansion (drainage culvert) project, the project estimates a total investment of 227 million yuan.

three or four people in the main pipe and ranked

is the new drainage main pipe (drainage culvert) by the concrete pouring, very firm, into the interior, three or four people can walk side by side, very spacious. At present, to further accelerate the pace of construction, as of now, the first phase of the project (sea lake bridge to Huangzhong bridge 8.2 km) basically completed the task; the two phase of the project (Huangzhong bridge unity plot) box culvert project is being implemented, the plan completed in November; the bidding work is completed through the train station 1020 meters long box culvert project. The whole project is completed by the end of the year.

to meet the city’s sewage collection

The head of

expansion project construction sites in the Huangshui River (from the South Sea Lake Bridge unity bridge), West to the factory, Huang waterway fifth sewage treatment in the construction of the north to collect (fourth sewage treatment plant), South to the south of the sewage waste water treatment plant, East unity bridge area, and transportation to the first, second, third and sixth of the treatment planning of sewage treatment plant sewage treatment plant. The project is fully completed, the theory of water volume of nearly 700 thousand tons, can meet the needs of the city’s urban sewage interception, collection, transportation, City East Sewage main pipe is expected to 50 years without standard capacity, in the network reconstruction project in the future, only partial innovation of the branch.


Xining will focus on health and safety of food and beverage establishments and other places

Qinghai news network from now until May 31st, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau will focus on the regulation of farmhouse, pastoral circle, tea and other places of health and safety of food and beverage.

it is understood that the content and focus of this special rectification are: business permit and health permit shows, severely punished, and extended beyond the scope of unlicensed operation and other illegal acts; operators and employees health laws and knowledge training, and severely punish employees without a valid health certificates and other illegal activities of food and raw materials; the establishment and implementation of purchasing permit system, and severely punish the procurement and use of low-grade edible oil, spices, substandard industrial salt or non food raw materials and the use of toxic and harmful substances in food processing and mortality or unknown causes of livestock and poultry products and products processing of food and other illegal activities; the health facilities, food processing room, operating room the layout, process flow, production process meets the health requirements, and severely punish unauthorized production layout or layout does not change Reasonable processing and health does not comply with the hygiene requirements and other illegal activities; tableware cleaning, disinfection, accommodation, health bedding, public facilities and health condition, severely punished public tableware, utensils disinfection and cleaning does not meet the requirements of health and other illegal behavior. (author: young Li)