Discussion on enterprise stand optimization need to pay attention to what the details

there is a factor which we often say, there are a lot of the usage of 301. For example, some sites because of the change of the domain name, the domain name will be used 301 old jump to the new domain name, so you can make the old domain name can also be accessed, but more factors to weight transfer the old domain to the new domain name to, not only will not affect the user experience, but also can transfer the weight of the role.

Most of the ?The weight of The role of the ?

chain is not here to nag, believe that as long as the contact of Shanghai Longfeng people understand. If this is not understood, I have nothing to say. Now love Shanghai for the chain of garbage strike is also more and more serious, so the chain is important for the success or failure of our website, because even a lot of website drop right or be K the reason is because of the chain. What we do in the chain need to pay attention to the details of what? I’ve seen a lot of people outside the chain are released to some forum posts behind a lot of back links, and weight of this little link to website can be pulled down, and a page which is not only your own left links to other people in a large number of links to where to stay, how such a link is useful to you

301 redirect

released the chain details determine the success of

high quality of the chain is based on industry related links, and can provide users with the content of the information, so the relevant industry is very important. Most people have a device to some Adsense industry website forums >

as an entrant in Shanghai dragon Er most of the people in charge of the enterprise’s official website optimization, and those who have a certain basis is not responsible for some of the big old website optimization is switched to make electricity, marketing or other industries to go, what is the reason for change is not to say. The purpose of this article is mainly to those enterprises do website optimization friends, the veteran can ignore a commonplace talk of an old scholar, too. Enterprise stand optimization needs those details

for the weight of these dispersion problem we can use nofollow tags to shield does not participate in the ranking page, make weight together. You can also use a 301 redirect to avoid weight dispersion. Use of the nofollow label with friends can go to love Shanghai.

dispersion leads to weight is difficult to accumulate

corporate website will have similar to the "Recruitment Information" about us "and" contact us "so few pages, these pages for the enterprise itself is an essential part, and we have done for the friends of Shanghai dragon optimization for these actually we do not optimize what to use, will only make us the web site overall weight scattered past. Many of my friends did not notice these details, so in the optimization of a period of time after the discovery did not accumulate the weight, or that originally there is the weight of the site itself, but by the "useless" page for the past.

Shanghai share love and come home shorn


and I have reached a conclusion, the opportunistic way to do rankings, the result is a heavy blow you happy after a short.

! chicken ribs?

my feeling comes from a mistake before me, the error is not terrible, wrong but does not know when we summarize the terrible. This error for love Shanghai share, you listen to me slowly come, when watching opera.

I don’t remember, love Shanghai to share this feature is what was launched, I only remember a time, just out, is one thing, relatively hot and popular

a Shanghai dragon the mood is changing, there will always be two words in our mind, site and domain, these two words seem to constitute a barometer of our lives, I often ask myself, what time can I jump out of the whirlpool, what time can I break this wall?! say this word, but I smile of contempt, because think itself is wrong. Shanghai dragon, no torrent whirlpool, no containment of the walls you will only make you complacent stagnation.

remember in high school when, our teacher encourages us to change, especially the "Internationale", "no shortcut desirable, do not rely on plagiarism cheating…". A more than 50 year old man Lang song impressed me very deeply, I want to use this word in.


fact is true, but I want to say is a come home shorn of the story.

search engine will now take some social factors into the ranking factors, love is a kind of Shanghai to share social factors, how to properly use love Shanghai to share is that we should grasp, if applied properly, our website is likely to be punished. If you are in love to share with Shanghai, I suggest you webmaster best carefullykey, do not want to use to improve the share number about the user’s judgment, if you haven’t, I think it is not to consider this share is

because many owners think that love Shanghai sharing is a tool that can be user judgments about

webmaster in Shanghai love can quickly attracted the spider crawling thoughts Share ", to share the love of Shanghai, is the right idea is wrong in the" brush "love Shanghai share, eat hot tofu, quick kill ah. Of course, the hero or the station leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, I also go to fancy this way, I love Shanghai installed a share button, I hope by sharing the number for users to remember my station, thus greatly increase the flow. I am very excited, but I am an observant man, I found that although I love Shanghai brush share, but why do I flow every day in the fall, there is no doubt that my website punished my ranking and traffic have been hit, so I hastily hand.

The search engine core algorithm natural language and Boolean search

This is the complexity of the

actually, Boolean logic is to break the data into the collection until the collection of data is very small, to meet the initial query request date. For example, in the search, there may be 1000 "on" pools "on the network, there are 1000 web pages related to" saltwater ", if you search for" saltwater pools ", will return all the 2000 page o. This is too much. But with these two terms, only to find both "saltwater" and "pools", contains only a small part of the original back with 2000 o in the page, as shown in Figure 5 – 1 shows.

Jughead and Veronica, you can search the actual information: but then, the search is still very basic. When the search eventually becomes possible, how to find the file is some strict rules. In the early stage of the search engine, is not very common today in natural language search.

I have been engaged in the search engine related work for eleven years, today and everyone together to talk about the search engine core algorithm: natural language and Boolean search. This leads to the following conclusions: search crawlers and search engines use a heuristic method for web page ranking, and returns the result. The observation model to determine a crawler, web content, search engine to search in the search query mode, and compared with the crawler recognition mode, and returns the result.

users must specify them to search for the phrase "," rather than "the phrase" search, or search for a phrase. Accurate input by Seoul logic: finding correct method of file or document required in the index. Based on Boolean logic algebra system proposed by GeorgeBoole in the middle of the nineteenth Century.

started using Boolean search

to make this example further, you can add a qualifier, such as "not chlor>

theory, we use the active, growing and evolving language, which means that the use of language model is also changing. In order to keep up with this change, the search engine must be active, growing and evolving, so in understanding how to search engine positioning a station, a heuristic method is a very important concept. The easiest way to understand it is the past and present search behavior, determine how the evolution of the search.

today, people search and search engine has just come out when the search is completely different. Remember to mention Archie, Gopher, Jughead and verojnuca these early indexing and search program is quite limited, to find the information in the index, the index must be very understanding. In fact, the use of Archie and Gopher, must know the exact location to find the document or file.

The three stage of Internet advertisingBecause of the Internet CEO Bao Jie 818 chat robot behind tho

for example, we went to buy a movie station advertising, 500 yuan monthly, you are going to do Adult supplies sales, may be a month to sell Adult supplies profit is not 500 yuan, may sheben, because few moviegoers to Adult supplies of interest.

in 2012, with the release of Siri, there was a wave of China’s copycat, except for a few big factories, and most of them soon went out. Over the past one or two years, with the depth of learning, knowledge map up again. I think most of them are "speculation" concept, the ability to appear above the technology can be eliminated within two or three years.

manufacturers launched the degree of secret, wheatgrass, Cortana, shlf1314, Now, as well as Sogou, Jingdong, Tencent and so on all kinds of products, technology has its own amazing places. How about the future, and it’s hard for me to evaluate it now. Question answering system of six levels: basic search, word association, ontology knowledge base, short and long term relationship relationship, based on context free quiz, now we can only do the basic short-term relationship, long-term relationship more than.

monthly, now basically has become history, in some small, there are still some statistics such as monthly advertising, station advertising, are monthly, this is how you use these small advertising.

How does

I think this item belongs to typical system integration innovation and is only suitable for the strategic layout of dachang. The big factory doesn’t care about the cold start of the scene. The start-up company, whether it is technical chain length, or business model to start the difficulties, are beyond the general body mass. Now everyone wants to take a look at the question and answer, the personal assistant, and the goal. Large enterprises can play, for small businesses, want to subvert, can not go this way, the technology chain is too long, business model chain longer. Traditional search must be replaced by other ones, but it can not be the strength of a direct jigsaw puzzle.


I estimate China over the past few years, a variety of different names of the dialogue type "robot" company, from software to hardware, there are hundreds, maybe one thousand? Once encountered a company in a meeting, want to do this thing, want to find a "leader" to take the leadership of the more than 10 person. I think the company may significantly underestimate the difficulty of doing this: the "leader" may not be more than 20 in China, perhaps only 10? More than 10 people will be difficult to make a commercially available system. There is a so-called leader, experienced, and want to rebuild the project, nor is it possible to work in the short run. There’s really no shortcut to this.

2, by the toll stage.

maximize the use of monthly ad positions?.

and then write the ad for adult products on , and then the sales will go up.

but for the purchase of advertising people, this is a risky investment, it is possible to buy the value of advertising, it is possible to buy junk advertising, is the principal.

many people love in some of the more attractive station purchase monthly advertising, generally similar station monthly ads are bad, they do not lose money, because it is taken the form of , because take the form of , for those who have lady-killer an impulse, is this woman a color, immediately added, because I believe she is real, so might her consumer products or services.

well, I put one on the ad: "lonely young woman :236145666

in the past, if you want to stand in the portal or some small advertising, webmaster said, an advertising rental how much money a month, absolutely no counter-offer, in Sina, in 163, is to take this form. But basically, after the investment, the cost can not be recovered. There is an old webmaster in 05 years, bought 1 months of 163 search rankings, buy is the keyword is beautiful, is said to be a day is 200 thousand search volume, in fact, every day brings less than 8000IP IP, refund is not refundable.

1, monthly salary

monthly advertising for the webmaster, they are certainly profitable, because this month whether the traffic is much, their monthly advertising is good.

is bidding advertising, pay per click advertising, should be said to be in accordance with the charge of advertising, is produced by the user is the intention of the user, this is a kind of promotion advertising, advertising is the second level, the general business or product promotion or sale of products in the network, are take this form, this is a kind of progress, but also a kind of selling party responsible attitude, everything is in accordance with the need of development, who is the demand, the demand is competing with advertisers, advertising, advertising on the service side

I do two years’ personal assistant in a factory, and later on his own, first denied the direction, or its variants such as QA system, intelligent speakers, customer service robots, robot, robot and so on to accompany chat, have their own hardware and software version, hereinafter referred to as the Chatbot.

climb the tech tree, not overnight,

can buy this monthly ad on Ali’s mother now.

said, "I’m pessimistic about a few hot spots in this round of artificial intelligence — voice personal assistants, question answering systems, and vision based automatic driving.". I think this "quasi Turing test" products are beyond the current frontier of profitability, large-scale applications is unrealistic. The exception is that the government especially the military and some big companies do not take the local layout after ten years of targeting. Other people eat melon, onlookers like.

A 90 operation rookie counter attack no one how to bring operators how barbaric growth


Hello, I’m the hospital. Today, I’d like to introduce a 90 teacher of a steamed bread business school, a young man who is only 25 years old.

he called Chen Weixian, 25 years old this year, from the beginning of the 20 year old birthday, he every year on that day birthday to write your own article, the title is also very consistent with the current popular tone of public number of articles, "in the XX years old this year, what have I done?"

at the age of 24 this year, he did a lot of things: a book business circle the most expensive book "learning" operation with small Yin, in his words, a novice doesn’t know the routine, write 18.1 words themselves out; their own public number 365 days push 214; a columnist, a year high of 30 words; to other operators began to online lectures, and invited to HUAWEI, Tencent, telecommunications, mobile and Youku to operation.


a little since that is "down to earth" Boy, graduated two years he has realized to be famous as, also, to operate their own brand should be as early as possible. No wonder the 80 who will have both envy and admire the emotion of 90, those who know the age leggy a little truth, "little men" at such a young age already know how to say, houshengkewei.

– – –

from losing at the starting line to rookie counter attack

is a very shy little boy, he stood there, with a round face was childish, it is consistent with his work attributes, he can’t stop talking about the Internet in many techniques and ideas to you, but there is a deliberate shyness of talking about her.

he is Fujian Shaxian County people, parents do Shaxian County snack business, he still know to answer users questions, such as how to join Shaxian County snacks, snacks in Shaxian County is so big but why can’t become the chain and so on. Parents, when he was 8 years old, opened shop all over the country, and in a sense, he was the first left behind children. Grew up with grandpa and grandma grew up, and around the playmate, when young look at the crash, Aberdeen, grew up has become a crash prone Aberdeen, he is an out and out alternative.

in this context, he is already lost at the starting line of children, junior high school before he first contact with the computer, no computer at home, school and only 20 units, must grade 10 have the opportunity to contact them. In order to get the welfare – he believes that this is one of the incentives, the first performance is good a little later began to study hard, not only to play computer, and the third graduate directly was sent to the city’s best high school (Sanming 1).

when his family felt that Xiao Yin had no problem with the key university, his college entrance examination was tragic. <

Whether or not a website can retain loyal customers is only in the middle of an idea

more and more websites complaining about now do website, especially for some products website especially, some open selling clothes, selling gifts website development seems to have stalled, a day off by posting, advertising does not seem to attract new customers too much, many sites also face the predicament of development.

for a website, the website is not only a new user can meet the development of the site, if a site can make into 10 sites has 5 clients to become loyal customers, so our website development simply do not worry, the key is many webmaster are not able to retain loyalty in fact, for customers, 90% of the sites, retain customer loyalty just at the moment.

grasp the buyer’s psychological state, do the most sincere seller

if your website is a product class website, customers enter the website after this and that the requirements of the product, but many owners feel that the customer is very tired, so give up to communicate with customers, or is hard to communicate; and webmaster will buy in the buyer after delivery not in accordance with the requirements. The buyer is not satisfied with the result. It is because of these seem less important factors affecting customer loyalty training site, to know the buyer market should be an honest market, as long as our site facing the customer requirements to advance and retreat, promised customers can solve things, so we do not worry about the website to stay loyal customers. But the key is to see the webmaster how to grasp the integrity of the two words.

uses the buyer’s most needed content in return for customer trust

customers came to the site and not travel, they all have their own needs, I will give you a very simple example: if you think you only 90 pounds into a weight loss website? If you don’t think demand will enter a with no relation to their own website? We can see from the 95% customers enter the site because of demand, so we do when the site will stand up to the problem, edit the content in the user demand content, in exchange for the trust of users, for example, say you are a test site, then we will according to the positioning of the website editors that are most suitable for the needs of the candidates of the content. Instead of advertising instead of content, but not unrelated to the content instead of web content.

highlights the real value of the site, allowing customers to choose

different website the value direction is certainly different, but they will do for the customer choice, this choice is not only in the same industry, different industries will face customers, so our website wants to retain customers, so it is necessary to bump the true value of the site, to allow customers to choose according to the problems and needs of their own needs, and finally choice value is the customer need, so long-term customers also stay on the site, and the customer will take the initiative to introduce you to new customers, because customers will show off, will share, and this.

Internet profit model which has ten to share

Internet entrepreneurial trend continues to surge, more and more young people flocked to the Internet fishing for gold. For these young Internet entrepreneurs, they grasp the profit model of the internet. So what are the Internet profit model? Here are ten to share.

profit mode: online advertising

What are the

Two: profit pattern, SMS and other customized ringing tone download MMS Value-added Telecom

What are the

three profit model: product trading site

A. through the site to sell other people’s products (C2C and B2C mode), for example, Taobao (C2C),


B. through the site to sell their products (including B2C)   yixieshi

four profit model: provide unique resources, members provide services and benefits (personal feel will know almost in this direction)

such patterns on behalf of Alibaba (example China B2B)

What are the

six profit model: search competitive row, investment products, web site classification and information integration, pay recommendation and drawn into profit

seven profit model: advertising agency

eight profit model: enterprise information service   some


A. help enterprises to build and promote the website

B. agent sales of major companies network products

Information technology is expected to promote the transformation of traditional furniture brands

furniture industry in recent years is very fire, but the traditional furniture brand development has encountered a bottleneck, furniture brands do not seem easy to change. With the continuous development of science and technology, especially in the information age, the traditional enterprises began to gradually transform, slowly from China to create the transformation, continuous innovation to achieve quality. One of the traditional furniture to do a good job, began to make people proud.

by the upper reaches of the real estate industry, the furniture industry in recent years has been tepid. Especially in the traditional furniture, building materials, more factories continue to spread the news, for the cold market more add a serious color, seems to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar "transformation" has to be imminent. Re positioning, with a new thinking to reform the enterprise, but also take into account the interests of traditional channels. For the high market share, body mass of traditional enterprises, the transition is a very difficult technical activity. However, as long as the enterprise adhere to the final success.


Need to rely on the information transformation of traditional enterprise

Plan all

How to run a children’s clothing store should be better

In recent years, the development of

children’s clothing industry is very rapid, the time is also very easy to become a selection object, want to do poineering work become rich but anxious to find their own satisfaction with the franchise industry and project, choose to join the children’s clothing industry! A children’s clothing store is absolutely not wrong, many novice entrepreneurs on children’s clothing store business or talk about children’s clothing store, so today Xiaobian want to open children’s clothing store for the majority of entrepreneurs should be how to operate?

children’s wear industry investment space is very broad, but a lot of new business models for the operation of children’s clothing shop is still relatively vague and skills, how to create a lucrative children’s clothing store? Effective business guidelines are essential, including the following.

a, what is the way to shop alone, their own shop? Or invite friends and relatives? Or join the system, provided by the headquarters store resources? Experts believe that if the opening of the store, with the past work experience, and has served as a management position, you can consider independent shop. But if there is no experience, choose the right to join the system, learn from the management skills, can also be a good way to reduce business risk. In addition, the partnership investment shop, after must have face shareholders disagreement and division of courage. The best combination of 2 people to avoid the partnership, and to the best of the 3 people, up to no more than 5 people.

two, a business model is designed to do, to do fine, children’s shoes, but the shoes grades will be relatively high point; the other is the children’s clothing, children’s shoes, children’s sports activities (such as the now popular children’s skateboard) and toys, put together the two ways to do; good, before an easy to put your shop’s style reflected, relatively easy to retain customers in the long-term, but from 1 to 12 years old male and female children’s shoes are rich. Second ways to do the same, but the focus is designed, not necessarily in shoes, so we must grasp the trend slightly ahead of a children’s products, such as two years ago, children’s products are popular skating, and popular now is skateboarding, if you can predict the trend, often in a categories of children’s products just listed, can be hard to make money.

three, style more, to all types of goods must be full, children, child, children, must have the most. The purchase should be bold, the more the better the style. The number of each paragraph should not be too much, complete number. When the customer comes in to tell him to hang is only a few, have the number, ask how old the child, to recommend him, who will come to the store to buy, because the goods are more goods. She has picked up, the service is so enthusiastic, do not buy also embarrassed.

four, the mentality of the operator is better to open children’s shoes store sales must be in a good mood, drinks, tired and irritable, customers can feel that the sale is not good. Began to purchase, do not calculate how much to sell every day, when the investment can be recovered, how much? Sell back

Tianjin in 2015 issued 577 million yuan loan guarantee

2015, China has given a lot of financial support in terms of entrepreneurship and employment, for which the amount of tax relief reached 300 billion yuan. Tianjin in 12th Five-Year during the positive response to the central call for five years to lend $1 billion 154 million.

2016, the city will continue to improve policies, give full play to the role of business loans in the venture capital bottleneck crack, efforts to promote the "four changes" to promote more people to succeed in business, which is the main line of work from towns to urban and rural transformation, increase the focus from individual industrial and commercial households do strong enterprises to change the bigger, the total number of issued by the big goal to improve quality of change, all workers to change support from the urban unemployed, the city college students, rural surplus labor to enterprises including laid-off workers, non-native college graduates entrepreneurship. Strive to pay 400 million yuan a year to promote more successful business.

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