The seven mainstream method to establish the effective of the chain

as a webmaster although the main task is the operation and maintenance of your site, but the essential part to establish their own network resources but also in daily work. In the Internet family, if you do not have their own human resources, only alone a cavity blood is difficult to make your website development. The increase in the chain, first you should think of the use of their human resources, the resources available on the web site links or friends. In the Internet industry, most of the time is to look at the relationship, you may run a new station, PR is only 0, but the same can get through the relationship between the PR4 and 5 Links, see your relationship hard, usually is not helpful.

five, Wikipedia wiki>

, a use of network resources

two, Links

published an article on well-known websites, your own website in the article add links. This is also the ideal link object, not only can improve the visibility of the site, but also is of great benefit to improve the site’s ranking in search engines, after all, is a one-way link. But first make sure your posts can be well-known sites employed, like Admin5, if your article in accordance with the requirements of Admin5 can be hired, as long as the value of the article will be pushed to the home page, it can improve the ranking weight.

three, text

Links webmasters often use effective and free methods for strong correlation and high PR, a chain website, this is the ideal link object, but also according to the actual situation to you. If your PR weight is not very high, or go with their considerable Website Web site do friends chain, so the success rate will be higher. Usually by E-mail, QQ or other contact to do Links, maybe you are still unable to cooperate with some webmaster, but be sure to keep in touch, when are you qualified to cooperate with each other, will let you operate more smoothly.

blog this year as a whole is feeling a bit down, but still have a lot of friends with love, after all is free, and very convenient, you won’t be spending too much energy. But can improve search engine rankings to make contribution, it is our choice of blog object, like a large portal blog set can be opened, can open a don’t fall.

chain promotion is one of the most basic web site operators to promote the work, but also an important way for early promotion of website. Do the chain extension to the most effective direct help bring you flow, make your site spread better. At the same time to promote the chain but also for your search engine optimization to add a force, effective quality of the chain can help you improve website ranking. Today we talk about the seven mainstream method to establish effective outside of the chain, allows you to easily fix the chain extension.

Four, the blog The

How do you make a profitable website

a chance to register the domain name, the definition is: Yuyao, Yuyao tour, going to do life information network, tourism network, farm land specialty network, what do have been thinking, a few days ago in the Dede forum to see a travel station template, do not feel wrong, do take a the site, just on the line, many places have not added good advice welcome.

I’m a newbie, so I’m standing in the beginner’s point of view:

1: personal webmaster for the portal, not the energy and capital, also not suitable for group purchase, cars, real estate and other more specialized, and profits of large vertical sites, because the profit also represents the competition in front of you, certainly a lot of people have been involved in the smart people, certainly much. Therefore, we choose the grassroots competitiveness is relatively small, or no one involved.

2: do stand, it is necessary to do congenital performance profitability station, previously done personal forums, do very hard, but it is difficult to profit. Flow and income is not proportional to, but now do local stations are different, each plate is to profit and set up. Tourism sector is currently talking with a travel company, intends to take channel naming way to give them exclusive information release. And local products and farmers happy channel will use the mode of charging information release,

makes every message available to me money.

3: look for resources because you are doing it yourself. This in the local still somewhat famous Yuyao BBS, I can through the flow and member import form to my new web site to bring the initial popularity. At the same time, I have a friend who is a village official. I am quite familiar with local specialties and farm music.

4: do a good job of optimization, such as I have this station, itself has a close, very few pages, so it is good to do rankings, a month to Baidu first page, and then you can talk to customers and charges, release information.

above is a little personal idea, I hope useful to everyone, thank you.

Grassroots mood website promotion and long long road

finally made its new website early this year. Because of his childhood love reading books, usually there are always a bookworm self-evident, thought why the bookworm named? I take this name also has another meaning, that is to be able to put their unused books free gift to those in need. Because I usually love reading books, so the literature very congenial, also purchased and collected some literature books, computer technology. Most of them are bought and learned by themselves. As we all know, books have little use for themselves since they have studied and used them. But for others and those who need it, they still have the same knowledge utility. So his whim, since they have to go to contact with the network, why don’t you put these books free of charge to the needs and learning one? And we can also use the network platform to continue to develop, let everyone to contribute his idle without free books, and to love for those who need to learn and use, this is not a very good idea? So, "bookworm Zhai" was born……… .

in fact, as early as a few years ago, and even before they have access and awareness of the network, they have already had this idea and plan. Because I am very fond of literature since childhood, and also like to write poetry, song Fu, mood essay what; always want to have a space platform to show themselves. I think, maybe that’s why I’ve always loved and insisted on it.

later went out to work, a chance, let me have the honor to know and contact the network. First, follow a QQ friend at the meeting and learn QQ. Then I saw all kinds of beautiful personal homepages on the Internet, so the idea of having a home space was even stronger. So, in this way, never learning and contact with my computer, not a computer based me, so slowly while working, and bought some books and computer based web design books to learn. See how you can make a home space that really belongs to you. The original also made a space, but that is made with frontpage, and is the application of a free space, but also apply to other people’s template page. Later, because I have always wanted to make a new one. Because this time, I already have new ideas and plans, because at this time, Dreamweaver 8 has come out. So, I work on the side, bought and closed web design books from learning,. I hope I can make a real personal independent space out of me. And now, it has finally taken the first step, but also an important step, and finally made a truly independent personal website out. It is now the "bookworm Zhai" although it does not very exciting, also not very comprehensive,?? especially dynamic interaction is not perfect, because of my knowledge on this aspect is still not understand. But, after all, this is >

Google PR update think of those things

recently (around June 26, 2011), large area PR Google update, thought this is a gratifying thing, but I found some problems, let me "analysis". The most extraordinary update, new station (station in the 2 years of the website, lower PR website PR value) have made great breakthrough, have seen the most crazy website is PR soared to 6. in general is from 0 to 1 from 0 at a draught, more is from 0 to 3, 4, 5. There are also some websites whose PR has dropped, and the declining websites have high popularity websites.

last Google PR large-scale update occurred in 2011 January, when I have observed, but the time of movement is not very large, it is normal updates. In April of this year, Google PR renewed small scale. The impact of this time is relatively large, because some of the site has dropped PR, but relatively small scale, so it did not cause a sensation. This update at the end of June, can be said to be a sensation throughout the network, because most of the new sites are updated PR, and all of the hurricane. The PR of some old website can update (think old station’s PR is 5 above), that already is rare and rare. More veteran stations have been lowered PR, this is also I never expected.

According to the investigation of

star, many web site is not a long time, usually in about half a year, the longest no more than 2 years. The website mentioned above (called website A) stands for a very short time, and only about half a year, PR straight line from 0 to 6. PR A site promotion, this is inevitable, because the popularity of the site A has been very active. Just such a surge, a bit incredible. Next, let me give you another example of the 2 PR exception, because I’m not the site owner, so I’ll take the website B, the website C instead.

B, an industry inside the highest market share of website program, posting of the day is to million units, included in the site, the site of the chain, domain name age, these are generally the website can not match, it can be seen that the website traffic is considerable, the only drawback is the number of sites in the near future: program updates more (about 3 times)

website PR status: the PR value is still 0

website C, a technical forum, daily posting quantity is also "thousand class", the website included 400 thousand or so, the website’s chain is about 430 thousand, the domain name of the website is 07 years. The site has been running the same pattern, and there has been no error in the middle.

website PR status: the PR value of 4., the PR value of the site, 2 years ago is already PR=5, and maintained for 2 years. It is easy to see that the PR update has some elusive places. Star personally, can be explained from 2 aspects: 1) Google change >

How to invest in a small set of car accessories shop

now, the automotive market has shown amazing business opportunities, its growing demand. This is because the amount of private car ownership has led to a surge in car accessories. Many motorists (especially female owners) are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to decorate their car.

and then survey the car owners consumption capacity, analysis of car owners and wage levels; there is the characteristics of consumers, if these people have a lot of people consume more conservative, or don’t care spending it, investors should consider repeatedly, will only invest in the most of the circumstances.

How to arrange the ecological environment monitoring network in Xiamen

in the process of rapid economic development, a series of environmental problems are also very worrying! Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, which not only destroy the atmosphere, but also cause serious damage to our drinking water! So, for such a phenomenon, Xiamen how to layout the ecological environment monitoring network?

from the sky to the ground, and even water, the need to protect the ecological environment of too many elements, whether it can be considered comprehensive? Recently, the municipal government office issued a "work plan" monitoring network construction of ecological environment in Xiamen City, proposed the establishment of a "ecological environment monitoring network within the city, will include the atmosphere, water, noise, radiation, soil, biological and other factors.

to 2020, the basic platform for the construction of ecological environment monitoring data

"program" detailed from 2016 to 2020 each year to achieve the objectives of the task. Before the end of this year, the city’s ecological environment to determine the key regulatory areas and layout of monitoring points, clear classification and division of responsibilities of all kinds of monitoring powers, start the construction of large data platform.

to 2020, the city’s ecological environment monitoring network of the basic realization of ecological environment quality, the key sources of pollution, ecological monitoring, ecological control line control area monitoring point coverage, ecological environment monitoring data platform basically completed, all kinds of monitoring data sharing system interconnection, forecasting and early warning ability, intelligence information and security levels improved significantly monitoring and supervision coordination, initially built and the construction of ecological civilization to adapt to the requirements of "co-ordination of land and sea, based on the test tube, unified information sharing," the ecological environment monitoring network.

key ecological protection areas and key pollution sources will strengthen monitoring

"program" in the two referred to strengthen key monitoring". The first is the "key areas", including the Chinese White Dolphin Nature Reserve and biodiversity conservation area, centralized drinking water sources, wetlands, soil erosion sensitive area, ecological forest, river estuary, special marine reserves, agricultural products (000061, stock it) production base ecological control line control through the area, UAV Remote Sensing and ground monitoring and other means to strengthen the monitoring of ecological.

second is the "key pollution sources, such as" above the level of monitoring of key enterprises, livestock farming and other agricultural pollution sources, sewage and transportation and other domestic pollution sources, through the installation of online monitoring system of pollutant discharge, build normalization supervision system.

Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau led the construction of data platform, fraud will be strictly

according to the program requirements, the city should establish a unified data platform. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for the city’s ecological environment monitoring information platform for the construction of large data, and to achieve recommendations

How to run a fruit shop

with the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to health care, eat more fruit is good for health, is an indisputable fact, then open a fruit shop, is a good choice to the entrepreneurial wealth, so how to manage the fruit shop? Let’s take a look!

The operation method of

is more flexible, but must pay attention, the fruit is seasonal merchandise, and a purchase of consumables, not too much, but also can be stored properly, add refrigerator for cold storage of fruit, in general, suitable for fruit preservation temperature between ~13 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius, some fruits need lower temperature for example, apple, grape, peach, plum, persimmon etc.. But not every kind of fruit is suitable for the refrigerator. Some fruits are "cold", as some native to tropical banana, mango, papaya, the refrigerator will be "chilling", cause the skin play spots or become dark brown, destruction of fruit quality and flavor.

Fruit size


How to join – Sha Yin House fashion street snacks

snack industry, has always been a sunrise project. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the snack items, is very business opportunities, with a unique choice. How about a street snack? A good project to start a business, the success of entrepreneurial trust. How to choose a small business to join the village street?

fancy this project’s friends want to know, how to join the House Street fashion? The franchise is very simple, as long as you believe Shakespeare Inn House fashion street snack brand strength, and recognition of its business model, according to the following steps can become its franchisees: online message submission, customer acceptance, fill in the application form, review, approval, signing agent agreement, to confirm the identity of agents. If you want to join in, according to the process to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fashion street snacks look forward to the arrival of everyone!

how about a street snack?

Sha Yin House fashion street snacks not only joined the simple business area need not too big, just a few meters can operate, Sha Yin Wu fashion street snacks to keep pace with the times, know how to show their charm, the headquarters of the powerful, allowing you to remain invincible in the fierce competition in the catering industry, the company has the teacher occupation consumer groups, guide franchisees choose a good shopping district, Sha Yin Wu fashion street snacks’s unique products, popular consumer favorite, the market prospect is very good, is your ideal choice for the rich.

quality of the house to join the project to join the project, the shop is making money! How to choose a small business to join the village street? Good business opportunities in the market, entrepreneurship no longer trouble! Easy to learn quickly, small business, you are still hesitant what?

A variety of business to make more profit – a of shops

a shop if you want to create a higher income, no doubt need to sell more goods. The transaction volume is high, and the type of goods in the store is actually a great relationship. So, if you want a higher store revenue, but also need a variety of operations, so that the store will be higher profits.

my shop is located in the business district, there is no large residential areas, is a high consumer groups category. So, in the shop at the beginning, we are in the form of positioning tobacco stores, supplemented by sales of milk beverage, what daily necessaries are shut shop.

does not take over the business daily necessaries, and will have a free, not like the department store that busy. However, more and more customers will ask: "why not bring snacks such as food? That way, when we go to work, we can buy something to eat."

suspicious is where the Digital City store staff, they basically belong to the station shop salesman, do not like to sit in the office staff so strict, so can make such a request.

at first, in order to maintain the image of the store, I have not added any snacks, so they are always happy and disappointed. For a long time, I found that some customers are often more direct than the door, it is because they can not meet their requirements and choose another home?

thoughtful, if blindly pursue pure will cause the loss of customers, we need to reconsider the market demand. Then, discuss with husband in the store after the placement of two display, purchased some melon seeds, plum, biscuits, potato chips and other snacks.

although I shop where the area is not large residential group, but there are still some shopkeepers in the shop, so he should be required to purchase detergent, disinfectant liquid, mosquito repellent, toothbrush toothpaste towel, toilet paper, daily necessities, so everyone, when it is not convenient for the convenience, but I also live in itself the store, and to create a convenient.

gradually, the popularity of the store up. Because the number of each kind of goods is not very much, I can flexibly add or no purchase according to the needs of customers, to meet the needs of customers. Now, a large part of this part of the revenue income has occupied the storefront.

these small things, although it is not much profit, but also very cumbersome to operate, but it can keep customers. Back to think about, if they insist on their own stubborn concept, ignoring the requirements of consumer groups, is bound to cause the loss of customers, it is difficult to earn a return to the head. Diversified business, a number of benefits, is the fundamental interests.

Bedding investment in line with market development in order to better Revenue

no matter what kind of project, operators in the business, the need to understand the market, only the correct understanding of the market, in order to be more conducive to entrepreneurship. Therefore, for any entrepreneur on the market, from this point of view, then this project is possible in the severe market development.

bedding chain changed to Home Furnishing style garden. In recent years, in the home soft decoration, especially on the home fabric style, pastoral style is particularly popular. In bed products, the general pastoral style fresh and bright colors, giving people a fresh feeling.

colors on the bed materials consisting mainly of natural floral patterns, colors including red, yellow, green, purple, and a variety of small floral embellishment. Pastoral style advocate "return to nature", in color and style to strive for the performance of leisurely, comfortable, natural pastoral life. It is understood that this year’s trend, there has been a large number of beds with pastoral style. These rustic style bed products to jacquard based, bright colors. Accompanied by the footsteps of spring, this style is very suitable for this vibrant season, the room looks stylish, warm, comfortable.

bedding chain simple and elegant style, brought a modern minimalist lifestyle buy bedding mainly dominated by women, natural bedding in terms of color, style, decoration, have shown women’s gentle and charming appearance and personality. But with the European minimalist thinking, now in the bedding is also a gradual rise in neutral and trend.

in operation time, as long as it is right in line with the development of the market, so this project is a development in the severe market hill, is a good start. In fact, for the bedding chain of entrepreneurs, the full analysis of the status quo, digging out their own advantages, optimize the allocation of a variety of useful resources, strengths and weaknesses, will be able to get twice the result with half the effort.