A5 marketing how to correctly use the webmaster of the site labels

first, the number of labels should not be too much. Usually set the label in the article will not be too much, is a 1-3 tag can be generally, and the number of words should not be too long, two or three words words on it. This setting is not what to ask, in order that the weights are concentrated to some relevant and specific words, in fact, now is not love Shanghai attaches great importance to the website label, but if the label does not do optimization, it is easy to be brought to the site for cheating, but this author explains.


recently, I have been in use for the study of the website label, the label function is also a new understanding. I have a blog, blog left below the list of tags, labels are on the list I usually write articles to add up, at that time did not care how the label, later took a look at the list of tags found too many related tags and labels is very messy, so I see some well-known blog, such as Lu Songsong, the moon, Tang Shijun’s blog tag list, they found the label on the blog there is a common point, that is clean and regular, the main keywords have long tail words, the other is the label can be classified using, which makes the author studies for a long time, and later found the benefits of doing so are many. The weight can be concentrated to a place. In order to more direct writing this article the author summed up the point, also hope that other owners see the article after the exchange with the author. The following is the author’s point of view.

example: I wrote an article for optimizing external links in the blog, the author can set the relevance labels for website optimization, the label for the construction of the chain, so.

tags and content should be relevant and targeted

, the number of labels should not be too much

said, the website label is a part of the webmaster, especially some blogs and forums, these websites almost always use labels, most webmasters label function is mainly for users to search similar content, also can say to the website brings a better user experience, is the correlation between the user and the content the interaction is greatly enhanced. At present, there are few labels webmaster to pay attention to, timely attention to stationmaster label on the label and is wrong, if the improper use of labels will be loved in Shanghai that the website cheating, thus indirectly punished.

secondly, label and content should be relevant and targeted. As the saying goes, the fish can find fish shrimp turtle looking bastard, the author took to label this passage, fish and shrimp for fish and shrimp, to find the contents of specific label, the tortoise find bastard, correlation label for the relevant content. The author explained should be able to understand it, which is what the article add what kind of tag must not add, not beauty article add food labels, of course, a lot of food can also be beauty, but it can not be compared, so the label and content should be relevant and targeted.

The weight of love Shanghai United Tencent NetEase micro-blog to enhance the real-time content page

I love Shanghai given the timeliness of the micro-blog high weight hand is the same as Google worry, micro-blog is to avoid these social media squeezed too many users for bond love Shanghai, on the other hand may be a business cooperation and Tencent, the NetEase of Shanghai love micro-blog website. But no matter how, given micro-blog high content page weight at the same time in Shanghai, we as practitioners of network marketing or webmaster will need to think seriously about this problem, such as the key to our website authentication information on the micro-blog platform, released the latest news and information, comments, increase our site exposure rate, which should become a topic for future research of the webmaster. In this paper, Fanfan Shanghai Longfeng forum 贵族宝贝bbs.fanfan Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source.

we know that this information is helpful for the user is more convenient for users to understand, and the real-time information is mostly Tencent micro-blog inside, it can not help but think of it that in May this year when the Sohu micro-blog once popular keywords as long as the Sohu made a micro-blog, will be able to get it good rankings. In my opinion, it is an experimental love Shanghai for micro-blog strongtimeliness do, hope to be able to provide users with more valuable information through micro-blog’s information, but we use these Shanghai Longfeng practitioners. Therefore, in the late love Shanghai reduces the weight of micro-blog Sohu.

some time ago, Google said to adjust the algorithm, and give weight to the site page timeliness good and ranking, some analysts said, in order to avoid Google FACEBOOK those affected by aging and strong adhesion to the user information for Google. Did not expect that recently, when every search related information in Shanghai love to find love for Shanghai time high content page also began to give high weight.

the love of Shanghai to re select the filtering information, mainly from the Tencent, NetEase micro-blog micro-blog to provide users with keywords according to the timeliness of valuable information, and these information providers have a foundation is through V the authentication of users, this is also to some extent to ensure the information content is more value.


Let the dream take off pig champion

in many college students’ eyes, entrepreneurs must first find a good office building, like the last delivery by Tsinghua talented netizens hot, in fact, Xiaobian form of entrepreneurship is not important, important is the business content, process and results.

"business does not need to be a clean office, the land in rural areas can still achieve their life values, where can let the dream to take off, where is my dream dreams!" Talking about the history of entrepreneurship and partners, pig champion, after 90 college students deep feelings.

zuara, Cong Yue long is a high school classmate, Liu Zelei. At the beginning of 2015, the 3 90 university graduates were resigned from their work, from different city home Ningcheng County, home to meet a career, realize the dream of entrepreneurial wealth.

quit town work to raise a pig, make it difficult to understand, they just put forward the idea of the pig, parents, relatives and was immediately opposed, full ears are questioning voice. Faced with a variety of discussions, 3 young people are reluctant to explain, do not want to retreat. "We want to use the action to tell others, even if the home to raise pigs, we also want to be a" pig champion "!" , after 3 people adhere to the final of the 3 families have agreed to their entrepreneurial decision. The family agreed, but where can I raise money for raising pigs? A word of money gives them a headache.

Italian ice cream ice cream to join the high cost is not high

hot weather so that the ice cream market is hot, want to do good business, investment in ice cream project is a good choice. Italian ice cream ice cream to join the cost is not high? Many small entrepreneurs are consulting this issue, if you want to know a little more in-depth can look at the small series.


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Mobile Internet plus entrepreneurial contest held in Chengdu

is a fifth horse contest in Sichuan, Chengdu is like a raging fire, at the same time in the process of the whole business competition, but also attracted many entrepreneurs to participate, let’s look at the details.

Four in the finals for the entrepreneurial


Xiamen International Fashion Week held fashion goddess party

material standard of living has improved, in the life of people for their clothes are more attention, wearing fashionable taste is the same choice. On the evening of 11, Xiamen International Fashion Week supporting activities Sheguang Hu & Xi Fu "goddess of night" fashion party held in Xiamen paragon hotel. Xiamen International Men’s week, held fashion goddess party, attracted numerous participants, for the details of the event, we look at the following.

It is reported that

, the star studded visual feast by internationally renowned designer Hu Sheguang to join the international dream master, Jubilee Fu founder Huang Anyan and many other top domestic master together to create, for the Xiamen International Men’s Zhou Zengtian a thick and heavy in colours.

Xiamen international fashion week, held fashion goddess, a lot of beautiful appearance, here you can not only gain more fashion style, but also feel the atmosphere are struck, let you dress in the monasteries on a more level. Party night, Hu Sheguang held a "world" 2017 spring and summer series of fashion show at the party. Huang Anyan said, is committed to providing a platform for the design of the image of the beauty of the people, leading and advocating people to open a new way of life, and this event to the image design on a new height.

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Brand development of ceramic enterprises need to maintain the dealer’s survival rate

is a brand product to long-term based on the market, and get better development, must have enough brand competitiveness is the fundamental production, ceramics market serious homogenization, resulting in another way the lack of comprehensive strength of the enterprise, which requires starting from the product development chain dealers interests, only to maintain the dealer’s "survival", ceramics enterprises and distributors in order to achieve a win-win.

There are many problems in the terminal channel construction of

ceramic enterprises

China’s ceramic industry in the past 20 years, most of the time is to take the path of traditional manufacturing, the factory is responsible for the production of ceramic tiles, but not directly involved in the sale. Although there are some factories and companies are also trying to establish channels through direct way, but the domestic market is so huge, which needs the financial resources, manpower, energy at the time it is difficult to imagine. Because of this, so the agency can become the mainstream of the tile industry.

for the ceramic enterprises, in fact, greatly reducing the cost of the construction of the plant business channels, making these enterprises to expand rapidly. But at the same time, on the one hand the enterprise channel management ability has not been a corresponding increase, the sales personnel in line with the lack of channel management awareness and ability, don’t even know how to stand in the height of the brand to operate. On the other hand, the lack of brand competition consciousness and determination of enterprise, just spend a lot of money, manpower, energy sink to more primitive product competition, thus the time for problems on the terminal channels.

ceramic enterprises to carry out the work of investment dealers need to focus on survival rate of

but in the end most of tile brand is actually brand, rather than consumer brands, these brands have entered thousands of households, in the past mainly rely on personal business ability of dealers. In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, companies are still stuck to join the agency system, the risk of channel expansion will be passed on to the dealer, which will undoubtedly make all the risk of channel terminals are tied to the dealer. Once the dealer crashed to leave, then the enterprise will eventually only taste the consequences.

therefore, in carrying out the investment work in tile enterprises only two roads: either give the dealer support, sharing the risk, and help the dealers to win the channel competition; or gradually abandon joined the agency, to direct or other channels. But no matter which path to choose, the enterprise ultimately can not bypass the requirements of the implementation of the channel terminal management capabilities, and at the end of the channel to accept all of the inspection.

is now a lot of brands in the development to a certain scale to the development of chain operation, for the ceramic enterprises who want to occupy more market share, we can not blindly pursue the form, while ignoring the survival rate for the enterprise to join the dealers, recommended

Join the colorful color key good choice

what is a color key? What about the color keys? Join color key to make money? In our life, as long as it is very characteristic of the brand to join the project choice, is very choice of business opportunities. What about the color keys? High quality entrepreneurial projects, it is worth joining!

one, join the key advantages of color keys: small investment small footprint

according to the characteristics of small and convenient color key, it is as a kind of appearance fashion, highly decorative and other characteristics of the product to win, with different ways to reflect the charm of the product to open up new markets. Can play in a small space to display the function, it will be passed to the audience colorful color, the most attractive place to invest in small investment is small.

two, join way and profit: flexible and easy to maintain

franchisee in the choice of the location of the business has a lot of flexibility, you can choose a shopping mall in a more prominent corner of the business, due to the small size, the latter for the maintenance of the aftermarket is relatively easy. The price of the color key can be layered management, as long as the daily sales of about 20 keys, there will be a considerable profit.

three, development prospects: the development of large space and sustainable

because the color keys do not need too much technical content, do not need complex sales channels, it is very suitable for small investment franchisees. In addition, in the investment and sales, the sales of the 1+1 model is very good, namely the integration of color key based on the original project on join, can expand the influence, attract the attention of consumers, and to further expand the market, more large-scale business.

color key to join the project, open a new brand of their own stores, is a very good choice, very reliable choice. Simple way to join the successful venture, you are still hesitant what?

What the masses think is what the government wants to do

"The old district infrastructure transformation into shantytowns in joint implementation"; "advocate social endowment in Jahwa"; "to strengthen the construction of rural teachers’ attention and support of the community construction"…… The morning of December 24th, the municipal government held the "government work report" to solicit the views of the forum, a warm atmosphere, participants speak freely, each one airs his own views of the municipal government, a year to pay close attention to people’s livelihood, the implementation of the relocation of residents, rock under the air pollution control, protection of vegetable supply, price stability control and so highly recognized.

Travel experience food safety activities will start to participate in the supervision of the public

August 19th, the city of Xining city started the journey of observation and food safety activities, so that people from the production, circulation, consumption and other aspects of food safety supervision.


is jointly organized by the City District People’s government, north of the city industrial and commercial bureau and other units of the activities, will organize the district deputies and CPPCC members, community people, consumer representatives and food safety supervision and management departments, in the north area of food production enterprises, farmers market, food supermarket shopping experience and observation, in-depth to understand the food production and operation process, by the people to monitor their consumption of food safety.