shlf1314 Adsense recommends a 300250 format boostNovice webmaster Wangzhuan hard course full share

at present, we have observed the implementation of the optimization of the publisher accounts, all aspects of its advertising effect has been very obvious ascension.

extremely depressed or calm down, pick up a pen and paper to write the words in the heart, and you have the same experience that people share.

of course it is not necessary to do their own station, can also help others to do some of the technical aspects of the work and get paid, such as helping others do website, website design, website design, LOGO design, design a poster and so on, this is some of the advantages of technology with the people with the.

talked about Wangzhuan, I believe many people will be interested in, is also very willing to participate. To be honest, I will contact Wangzhuan for more than a month, does not earn much, 300 yuan less than, limited experience, personal views may not be able to explain to the taste, please forgive me, also welcome like-minded persons to give suggestions.

, the ruthless storm destroyed many people’s dream home, affect how much people’s heart. The train can not pass, returning migrant workers trapped, the destruction of power facilities, communication network, frequent failures, all this to the people’s life in the New Year approaching inconvenience and loss.


if you are interested and intend to try, please reply to this letter and tell us that we can also track your account better from the system and help you optimize your ad.

The first kind of

second is not technical, but familiar with the network, make use of the network of people.

personally think that people can be divided into two types:

when we look at your account, we find a simple and quick way to improve your advertising effectiveness.

power for 5 days, 50 years of snow also brings me to the 20 years of the first case of the candles new funny things. The cold weather is unacceptable. Didn’t think his will is that at the beginning of year of fate.

formatThe advantages of The following is the author of

300*250 advertising units in click rate and advertising revenue are mainly due to the following three reasons:

shlf1314 AdSense optimization team


this kind of people do not understand the technology, but if the use of the network, can earn more than technical people, and more easily. Of course, do not understand technology, is always a defect. This kind of people can do many things to help others, such as propaganda website, each big forum send promotional stickers, help others site collection >

At the beginning of the new year Do Wangzhuan

first of all, I’d like to say hello to all the members of the shlf1314 AdSense team,

watched carefully in your current advertising display, we recommend that you use the better advertising format 300*250. I hope you can consider this optimization proposal and update your existing ads quickly.

believes that this is the person who fared well, but also can do very tired. A technology, can make a website, through two years of operation and management, make the website do a certain scale, when reached a certain level, you can get some revenue by selling advertising and promotional products to help others. Or, to launch their own goods or services on their website, the life of the business to the Internet, so as to achieve profitability.

specific recommendations ————————————————————–

1. currently has more location-based ads, which tend to be in the format of advertising units, and there are more pictures advertising in this format;

2. is suitable for 300*250 format, the total amount of advertising is relatively more, so in general speaking, the relative price is relatively high;

is skilled, familiar with the network, with the network in the world of people.

shlf1314 ADSENSE today just received the official message, the site in the launch of www.ppmmw 300*250 have a relatively good experience, click rate and the diversification of advertising, such as text, picture and video advertising.

3. in the ad unit of 300*250, the description of each advertisement is more detailed, and the advertising information is more abundant to the user, which makes readers more interested in.

currently has some pages on your website that display square ad units in 200*200 or 250*250 format, and maintain good advertising results. But after a recent analysis of a large number of user data, we found a similar rectangular advertising unit 300*250 has a more outstanding performance, and many advertisers are more willing to in this format of advertising for advertising. So we suggest that you can try the 200*200 or 250*250 unit update for 300*250.

until the understanding of the civilian Wangzhuan forum to let me know, what is the real me. The so-called Wangzhuan, namely the network to make money, make money through the network, use the network to make money. A computer, a network cable, a Lu You device, plus a will use the Internet, I think you can start to get involved in this industry. Of course, not to say what people can do Wangzhuan, at least you have to know a certain computer application knowledge and network knowledge, and make less money, also depends on the individual level and the ability of the.

Einstein teaches you how to do better in Shanghai Dragon

Einstein once said: "a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

4: progress of inspection and assessment work of

1: the attitude of

Einstein once said: "to solve the problem, we have to abandon the thinking way of manufacturing."

proved the famous genius of Einstein had made mistakes in one or two things. But I am sure that his words make me a new idea of Shanghai dragon. I will quote a few words of Einstein here, on how to better do your Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon


3: do

learning by reading the article, this is not exactly true learning Shanghai dragon. This sounds a bit negative those written in Shanghai Longfeng article share people (including me), of course I want to clarify this. Although the blog forum is a good way to get Shanghai dragon theory of knowledge and information, but if you want to learn the real Shanghai dragon, then you must go out and do it.

we all know. Shanghai dragon is a continuous process, at some point you will find some of the challenges you need to overcome. Maybe you have a natural link, you need to solve problems before they become. Or the content of your site can attract traffic. The key is, every time we all need to find and evaluate the progress of our work. This paper consists of 3D web game list 贵族宝贝yao>

I have always believed that to do Shanghai dragon should first have a good attitude. Have the right attitude to create a decent content, to obtain the high quality of the chain, make the site more friendly to tourists, write good articles and so on. All of these things will affect your Shanghai dragon. The search engine also need your right attitude, because as a webmaster if you have a good attitude, then you will be able to provide a better experience for visitors.

Einstein once said: "the only obstacle to my learning is my education."

in the search engine in the world, the target can not be changed, but a real Shanghai dragon Er will change their form and method. In my opinion, if you want your Shanghai dragon in the competition held in front of you, you must constantly change, try new things. The research and experiment with new methods. This is why you must have important reason to own site. When you don’t want to make your website when there is a risk, you can test your site. Although this way you might lose something, but you have important things you try something new.

Einstein once said: "the attitude of weakness caused weak character."

2: try something new

See the search engine of social trends from the love of Shanghai open platform

search engine from the perspective of social love Shanghai open platform brand area change. The overall situation, the search engine is more and more inclined to society, whether domestic or foreign, is currently not too influential move.

The After The development of

currently Shanghai dragon industry form optimization around a center in turn means that all of the rankings, site outside the chain. The blog also wrote some commonly used on the construction of the chain method, in fact, the entire 2011 year only the chain website optimization, search engine is the most important content is more No one shows any interest in gathering station, and the pseudo original was made a lot of course with this love sea search technique, there is a certain relationship.

has unveiled the 20116 month 8 days, also indicates that the search engine with a new focus, that is social, but was not obvious.

in 2012, love Shanghai algorithm is also change frequently, especially in the February, and only once every 4 years the February love Shanghai frequent adjustments, "Shanghai dragon" the keyword page ranking have no small change. And love Shanghai for some keywords in artificial intervention home website is more and more, but the quality is all down. But once the love of Shanghai artificial optimization guide arrangement in Shanghai Longfeng home, it also shows that Shanghai of Shanghai Longfeng love attitude, want a good ranking according to his rules, although due to various reasons finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled but it implies that Chinese, the biggest search engine attitude, excellent quality of the engine to the website, want to good stable rankings will need good quality.

all show this phenomenon, that is the search engine on the factor of socialization "pay more and more attention.

February 28, 2012, the Internet has claimed that the love of Shanghai open platform brand area began testing in the promotion of the brand search results show the promotion of the brand’s official micro-blog, Youku space, happy net home page, watercress station links, comprehensive collection of social network entrance product.

November 11, 2011, singles day is my holiday in ZAC day post big brother tells the Bing engine staff summary of the high concentration of Shanghai dragon technology. The search engine website that the most valuable content, are used to socialization, user experience, link building, Shanghai dragon. The importance of no doubt, but social is vividly in second place.

and advanced share love Shanghai, love Shanghai open platform brand area changes, all >

years, the love of Shanghai launched a new product, love Shanghai share, is behind the small website snapshot form, show the share number behind. This also caused a small brush sharing craze, the fact that this share should be just love the Shanghai test, the website ranking is not much affected.

We all know that

Using the free hold blog to live outside the chain of our website

(two) notes the registered blog.

4, NetEase blog.

(a) the free blog daquan.

3, love Shanghai space.

1, sina blog.


8, watercress blog.

(three) a reasonable set of blog.


we do when the chain blog, the first step must be to find a blog. With the development of the Internet, blogs are more and more types of large Sohu to Sina blog, blog. It is small to some small forum portal blog, so here we are more selective, but some included is not very ideal, so I recommend some free blog today and their collection, hope to help you master.



do Shanghai Longfeng believe that every webmaster all know, we do in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, in addition to the optimization of the site within the chain, there is an essential work, so how to obtain the high quality of the chain will undoubtedly become the most concerned about every webmaster, exactly what kind of chain is on Optimization of the most useful? Of course is above suspicion doubt the chain blog, soft outside the chain, the chain, the chain Q & a forum of the. But today I want to share with you is a blog outside the chain, because the chain blog is simple enough, as long as some registered account can be released, and the search engine to give the weights, included are relatively good, so I think the chain blog is the most hold live outside the chain. Well, not wordy, here to share some experience with you.

2, Sohu blog.

9, Alibaba blog.

6, blog bus.

blog in Settings >

do stand in these years, many webmaster found quite when doing the blog, blogs are often arbitrarily set, including some selective random fill in the following registration is good, but the real will find the blog, do blog webmaster, often is we need to pay attention to details. For example, when we registered blog first to give our blog a more attractive blog name, and fill in all settings in text data, we also need to set up a reasonable site for their own blog of a template for simple and generous. The other is that some blogs can set a custom domain name, we can set up a simple and easy to remember, which makes users better remember our blog. Then after a series of work well after the details of our blog, even the official line.

is the author of more than nine in regular use, but also feel good included and weight.

The website content is king the key words how to win

can be split in important.

is not a form of flexible


is now the website content is king of the times, although every webmaster with the editorial staff are well aware of the importance of the content in the article, but sometimes very helpless, don’t know how to make the difference between their articles on other websites, how to do to let the search engine think your station is better than other content, how to the search engine can give a good impression, the Shanghai dragon group A5 diagnosis and Optimization about how to do to make your article Xianshengduoren in the search engine from the beginning of the text keywords.

I believe that both the webmaster in writing or editing, in the beginning will pay particular attention to the keyword density and frequency of the problem, but for now, there is no necessity, the search engine more and more attention to this aspect, we can often see the row in front of the contents of some keyword density is less than 1 or 2%. But some of it can be as high as 20%, what explains this phenomenon, I believe A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team does not say, the webmaster know the search engine ranking algorithm has changed, how to like with this relationship has been very small, therefore, we in the web site as long as the keywords appear naturally good, no necessary to deliberate the layout of key words.

appear in the top 50 to 100 words in both the user experience and search engine is good. From the user’s point of view, we hope that in the beginning of the natural content will be able to see the purpose of this article is not the last to know this article is what to say, so users can not only save the unnecessary time, also can let users know immediately this article is not the information you want. From the perspective of the general search engine, the first 50 to 100 words for the weight will be relatively high, this is more conducive to keywords ranking, therefore, A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) hope webmaster and editors in the creation of content, the best to put forth his theory of light in the beginning, it will naturally contain the keywords.

in the creation of content not too rigid, flexible Chinese play our traditional culture, to change the form of keywords, such as synonyms, synonyms and so on are possible, in the editorial content, you can appropriate some of its synonyms, synonyms, and need not old the same words. As a webmaster often said, so he and the host, have similar servers, web space, in fact, it is said the same thing, therefore, A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization suggestions can cross group appear in the editorial content, content is flexible, not to give a person a kind of rigid feeling.


the first 50 to 100 words in

How to choose the tourism industry

entrepreneurship to choose what project is good? What about the tourism industry? According to the reality of internationally renowned institutions data, the current level of development of China’s tourism industry as a whole the market growth rate is quite fast, and bring the growing demand for derivatives.

future trends: data show that over the past 3 years, China’s online travel industry compound growth rate of more than 3, making the traditional travel agencies more and more attention to the power of online travel market. According to the international well-known research institutions consulting data show that from 2011 to 2013, the online travel market transactions reached 131 billion 390 million yuan, 170 billion 860 million yuan and 220 billion 460 million yuan, an increase of respectively 38.5%, 30% and 29%, the overall level of the increase is higher than the domestic tourism market.

from the future development trend, China’s online travel industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, so it is clear that the market for the experience of the needs of the Tourism Division will be growing. According to internationally renowned institutions predict that by 2017, China’s online travel market transaction size will reach 465 billion yuan, a compound growth rate of over 20%. In this case, the future will pay more attention to the reputation of the network platform marketing model, tourism experience Division will get more room for development.

look at the current market development, in the current domestic tourism industry continues to grow rapidly, the entrepreneurial choice of the tourism industry market potential is huge, the development of space, profit will be abundant.

related recommendations

Cold drink shop location should pay attention to what

cold drinks shop is now everyone likes to invest in the project, such a store opened, of course, need to choose a good address. Cold drink shop location for the store’s profit is a direct impact, we must consider the cold drink shop location, must have the most detailed investigation. Cold drink shop location, roughly the following rules to follow, we have a look at it!

cold drink shop location: downtown and Commercial Street

where population density is the biggest, the consumption level, is the most ideal place! But the location of the rent is often very expensive, high upfront investment, financial pressure, which is the main reason to make many friends away. However, the high rent shop usually can bring huge benefits. You can look at the KFC and McDonald’s, it always appears in the region’s most prosperous place, this is an important reason for the success of its open house (their failure rate is 2%)! If you want to shop, strongly recommend you to shop before Ming Hua learning, we have a knowledge class, business shop class management knowledge will allow you to quickly improve the ability to shop at the helm in the short term, effectively avoid some risks blindly shop. Low rent, relatively remote store is not necessarily bad, as long as necessary to do the necessary publicity and often organized new promotional activities, but also have a good return on benefits.

cold drink shop location: campus

population is concentrated, and the consumption habits of students in a close, although not much, but they love themselves, fashion, generous, generous, they especially love cold drinks and sweets, their money earned


cold drink shop location: Industrial Zone

pavement rent is not high, in order to low – grade product sales – oriented, stable passenger flow, mainly factory workers and other low – wage workers. In this shop selling price to low, to create a casual atmosphere.

cold drink shop location: Community (residential area)

is almost fixed consumer groups, consumption is relatively stable, the market potential is very large, the risk is small, can repeat business.

cold drink shop location: Township blocks

Compared to

, the level of consumption is low, but the aggregation of commercial outlets is relatively small, it is easy to enter.

in general, the store location is a very critical step, cold drink shop location to do a good job, to do a comprehensive market research. Cold store location refer to the above several can choose the right location.

above is about how to open a cold drink shop site selection, I hope we can provide some suggestions. >

Several points of attention in the decoration of women’s shops

garment industry benefits everyone is always so obvious to people, entrepreneurs are most concerned about the investment project, it opened a clothing store need to pay attention to what place, Xiaobian to share with you a note on women shop decoration:

!Some of the details of

A is the taste, this is very important, if the long-term taste, find the decoration master asked, in some corner and details of the deal, such as ground paint or glue to deal with it, since the perfect decoration, try to get a little more or if for the ground there’s a spot or a wall not dealt with, especially conspicuous position, and destroy the whole effect is not ideal! After all, each store is different, and each region is different, too specific things no way for everyone to talk about.

below I will knock a note on the need to pay attention to the decoration of some hardware configuration and other aspects.

Whether the font and size of

and combined with the door window

appearance appearance basically determine your style, and the font selection basically determines your grades, head word color and appearance of color appearance must be good collocation. My advice, shop inside and outside the main color collocation is best not to store the main color, but not more than three! Otherwise it is not expected to be too beautiful! The most important, must be management type style and you have


checkout settings and the specific location of


How to join and cold noodle snack shop

new era, delicious also can not be ignored, the consumer is not a good fool, what kind of delicious to win consumers love, of course, only the trend of fashion in the food and beverage market will be more popular. Adhere to provide a green and healthy diet, and now in the market for hot investment to join, to provide more entrepreneurs to provide a good platform for entrepreneurship. Helen and cold noodle symbiotic, win-win cooperation.

smiled and delving into the ancestors spread cold noodle founder cheats, will combine the ancestral and modern diet delicacy perfection, made popular, delicious Shuangjue to food, won the favor of the consumers. So smile cold noodle join, will lead the trendy restaurant.

how to join the cold noodle snack


have entrepreneurial ideas and put into action when in the beginning, to a detailed understanding of Helen cold noodle can understand, the information from the various sources of information, the next step is the specific procedure:

and cold noodle

1, access China headquarters and the office and smiled cold noodle production workshop, also can by telephone, mobile phone SMS, Email or online consult way intention to consult, be sure to carefully browse the website and smiled smile cold noodle manual cold noodle.

2, joined the business to determine the intention to invest in entrepreneurship, entered the intention to negotiate stage.

3, after detailed negotiations, to join headquarters signed the "cold noodle and intention to join the book", with assistance from the headquarters of the cold noodle smiled into the store location, stage, including environmental assessment, evaluation, assessment of three District stores.

4, location after then signed the "purchase contract", and cold noodle franchisees need to pay a certain amount of deposit, and to apply for a business license, and provide the headquarters cold noodle store scale equipment planning.

5, enter the store decoration stage, in accordance with the unified style of the decoration to join Helen cold noodle shop, renovation construction on the overall visual image.

6, in the training phase, through the theory and practice to combine, allow the franchisee to master basic skills, washing shop management, daily management skills (the training contents include brand culture, the etiquette, knowledge, processing, fine washing stains washing technology and ironing technology, equipment maintenance, operation, management the marketing method, the whole) the training time was 7 to 15 days.

7, the end of the training after the signing of the "franchise contract" and "card sale agreement", and thus obtained the right to use the brand in the cold noodle, joined the shop decoration after the phone call smile will be issued based cold noodle equipment, technical personnel in a timely manner to the store in.

Entrepreneurship promotion is very important

if you do not have a reputation of the brand, even if pushed into the market, it will fall to the point where no one cares, so how to carry out the cause of it? Therefore, the appropriate promotion for the development of a brand is very important, that is, have a vital role in entrepreneurship.

At the time