The author thinks that the optimization algorithm Scindapsus to do three light and fine

with on-line love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, with a lot of suspected cheating site were ruthless love Shanghai K out, the author has been engaged in the operation and optimization of enterprise website, the website of their observation of several operation, makes an analysis and comparison, that the sea fell in love with constant unrest in Shanghai dragon optimization to do the following three points, light and fine. Well we continued the theme of short gossip, today will enter from the analysis and comparison of several own website to focus on how to effectively use these three points in the normal daily work.

first light. I always think that Shanghai dragon and search engine optimization is a symbiotic, interdependent, the basic thinking for Shanghai dragon understanding is the key, but we use the thinking and strategy in the process, must not overdo sth., be plain, natural. Give an example, such as a web site after the establishment of density generally maintained at between 2%-8%, the people are very clear, but the site just on the line, the number of words is less under the condition of relatively low density may temporarily, this time a lot of green in order to increase the density, in the process of constructing columns or title wantonly increased keywords, this operation can only say that I think the opposite, The loss outweighs the gain. In fact, we optimize the process, grasp the principles and direction is very important, but in the actual operation of the process, should be natural, most of the time when the site began operation, the design of your page, the quality can meet the user a very good experience, to meet the needs of users, the next web site the weight and ranking ascension also will rise, this time the pale words reflected in two aspects: one is the heart indifferent, patience peace with their own website, to do this thing, every second, will optimize the trace optimization in a step-by-step manner slowly in the website design and layout update aspects that so many people in the process of Shanghai dragon, most of my friends are always not from the heart of Shanghai Longfeng, starting point to do anything Is the Shanghai dragon as the standard, in order to search engine of Shanghai dragon, but the results are often counterproductive, right down, be a lot of help K in the forum, in fact, these problems of our own in the beginning of the operation can be effectively avoid, only the teacher’s name does not mean. They do not compete, doing nothing, I think a lot of master during the operation of your site, such as the optimization of many famous personage blog will be the way we have embodied most incisive, carefully observe that you can understand.

second, fine. Let’s look at the second points, mainly in the work should focus on this aspects. First of all, the quality of this suggestion, not to please the search engine spiders attract some so-called increased low quality, false original article. The article is to increase a lot, you are very hard, but this operation often makes the opposite, with the continuous improvement of love Shanghai algorithm, Scindapsus will vigorously support the specified algorithm to remind the good intentions.

CRE capital Wu Haiyan Mining class entrepreneurs how did she do itWhat do you want to do

ten years down to work in the venture capital industry, Wu Haiyan threw a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs and the star company, she also summed up the experience of screening and mining entrepreneurs as first-class, whether she is how to do

first, entrepreneurs have a vision and industrial ideal. Entrepreneurs need to change their vision of the industry, hoping to do something for the industry, rather than just doing something.


second, entrepreneurs need strategic thinking ability. Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurship, what is the core competitiveness of the company, the strategy and speed of promotion, business model analysis, trends, have their own thinking, and can constantly adjust the thinking according to changes.

CRE capital managing partner Wu Haiyan

in Chinese, drops fast mode selection from the taxi, which is the first real traditional forces of cake, first to the taxi driver and passenger subsidies, changing user habits of the car, the popularity of APP drops fast down. Through the one billion level of subsidies, the initial purpose of achieving.

one, buy a ticket first

eligible car owners only pay a small amount of protection money, you can receive a car to become drops owners.

has dropped from taxis to special cars, and now offers partner programs to provide free vehicles. What the hell do you want,

invested in Han Han, not a writer,

left: MAGMODE’s founder Cai Chongda, ONE founder Han Han and Wu Haiyan at the annual meeting of

Wu Haiyan has summed up the 7 qualities she sees as a top class Entrepreneur:


, whether Han Han or Cai Chongda, let Wu Haiyan decide the first condition of investment, she found that: first, they are in line with her requirements of entrepreneurs.

drops at this stage, with car manufacturers, Citroen, BYD and Sega Qin Nissan sunny three models to join the program driver.

invested Han Han, Wu Haiyan said, "I’m not a writer."." Her friend, Zhang Xiangdong is the founder of CRE investment company 700Bike first to recommend Wu Haiyan "dada", is also the founder of Cai Chongda MAGMODE tricks, Zhang Xiangdong was said to Wu Haiyan: "I have a friend who is very famous, you need to meet." Before he met, Wu Haiyan began to collect information about Cai Chongda and study "why dada is a famous man."".

drops partners without buying a car, without loans, as long as the maximum payment of twenty thousand yuan deposit low only 15 thousand, you can get the car free road pick. Compared to the loan, buying a car for the first time, the highest investment savings of 38 thousand yuan.


and three years after the expiration of the contract, the vehicle may be owned by the owner, enjoy the residual value of the vehicle, while the owner can also choose to refund the margin, the car returned.

CRE capital

drops partner start-up program will be in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Wuhan five cities first introduced. Participate in business partners only need to pay the highest pay 20 thousand yuan deposit, can be through cooperation with drops of automobile manufacturers receive a new car, sign labor contract and labor service company officially became a partner on the road drops orders.

Every day before

Han Han talked about his first meeting with Wu Haiyan. "There were several investors who took the ONE, but it took a long time to make an appointment with investors.". When we met, we talked a lot, but there was very little substance involved. Other investment institutions have to do some complicated steps. I don’t like these forms. Communication costs are too high."

After the popularity of app,

drops will provide partners with a reasonable commission incentive program to help partners achieve stable and high growth benefits.

she is professional, sharp and restrained. "It’s not necessarily about women, and some women are aggressive, too."." Two dimensional fire founder Zhao Guangjun said.

the Internet about car was originally an American up exotic, its essence is to challenge the current system of the right to operate a taxi. Make use of private car resources, and use the non taxi industry drivers to meet people’s demand for cars and create value.

drops at the same time, welcome veterans and laid-off workers joined the partnership business plan, and give them an additional 2000 yuan per car venture fund relief support for collective joining, the drops also support form the group, to provide additional subsidies.

founder Sui Guodong evaluation CRE another investment company, what is worth buying "Wu Haiyan," she touched by professional people."

Wu Haiyan is not a social investor, but from her investment case, she often manages a chain of friends. For example: "Zhang Xiangdong introduced dada Cai Chongda, dada introduced Han Han, and Han Han introduced many people."……" Finally, the CRE capital have become the "Star" entrepreneurial investment.

began to challenge the system quickly. This is the introduction of special car service and brought private cars in. Because the car there is no taxi operating right burden, no operating vehicle scrapping accelerated depreciation period, plus drops fast high subsidies, engaged in car practitioners profitable, the monthly income of several million yuan news hit the newspapers from time to time.

? After several years of development,

, officially launched the "business partners", using the Internet to promote employment, the first batch of Beijing, Guangzhou, for Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chengdu five to recruit 100 thousand owners.

Personal stationmaster’s future is located

discussed the problem of standing with friends yesterday. When it comes to what kind of station to do, I suddenly feel that personal website doesn’t have a future.

(referred to here as "personal web site" is simply a person’s ability to do the site)

the current situation of the domestic personal website is nothing more than a word "copy", as can be seen from several big station network, in addition to Admin5 webmaster network articles are mostly original, the other station is nothing more than you copied. Looking at the site on alimama, it’s almost original copy.

in the Internet is becoming more and more homogeneous today, the personal webmaster’s future, where exactly?

personal webmaster from the past simple interest to the current development of profit, no profit, individual stationmaster is worthless, it might be a bit too much, but the reality is not so, the profit of individual owners, was not the real owners.

is now not alone in the era of competition in the increasingly fierce today, only Baotuan station, is the future of personal adsense.

now, the personal stationmaster’s inferiority has been more and more obvious, concrete performance is as follows:

1, time: personal Adsense 1 days in front of the computer 10 hours may be normal, but there is no guarantee of health. Moreover, even if you work 24 hours a day, the efficiency is very low.

do station from the preliminary research planning to design art, and later to the content editor maintenance, during the promotion, this workload is very big. In particular, content updates and maintenance, I believe that many individuals are very headache webmaster. Collection was K, do not collect it, content updates can not keep up with, even if the original pseudo original is also very time-consuming.

2, funds: personal site is also very high cost, especially labor costs, consider the opportunity cost, then, a month profit of not more than 2000 yuan, to make a site is a failure.

3, intelligence: a person’s thought is always limited, especially when the individual stationmaster is lonely fight a lone battle, though, many netizens online may chat together, but every day to chat to talk to nothing more than those things, not thinking things can develop.

Jackpot probability as

personal webmaster re replication of hao123 in the same way as a miracle, almost no such possible.

but the Internet is young, just Chinese in development for 10 years, the Internet is still a lot of opportunities, of course, the opportunity for those who are prepared, this person is no longer a single person, but a team. A team doesn’t have to be a company. It can be a small organization on the internet.

to be continued……

Do not rely on Baidu, do garbage station, still live moist

affirms that BS is the garbage collector, please skip

below is I do garbage station experience, although there are many predecessors have tried, but still quite rich way, so write down, hope to be outdated,

due to the end of last year, I do regular station, somehow by Baidu to K, so I with very depressed mood began to do garbage station (PS:, of course, the movie station),

first go to the source station to get Marx’s band of data source code, get a piece of CN domain name, find a day IP, to 5000 of space, began to work,

PS: (I think that it is rubbish station, of course PV high never mind, the best is to let the ads to the content together, when users visit the station you don’t know which is the content, which is advertising, perhaps he ordered three or four ads to find really want content

)Because the

does not rely on Baidu, so only to buy traffic, but now the flow of the League IP value is not high, so I went to some traffic high site or web station advertising, January 500, can bring 2000-3000IP every day, this is enough, of course, if so you start running advertising is the need to earn money not to return, some union circulation flow, for example, now more and more movies and movie navigation station search alliance, our purpose is to buy you every day 2000-3000 IP cycle to 4000IP, or even higher, because the opportunity to show more, your ads are clicked on the chance the greater

The next step is to optimize the

home page, not let you SEO, but that you adjust the home page advertising, we all know: the garbage station home page click rate is very high, so we should as much as possible advertising and Film Union code, the specific reference to and which is three or four days after I debug will the conversion rate of the template

was relatively high

is the next choice of advertising, because China advertising deduction amount are very serious, and the price is low, so it is best to find flow union code not only attractive, deduction amount is not so serious (personally think that the price is good, there are a few good price in 18-21/ between 1000IP, if you really want to do advertising alliance also, we find that can display real-time data, to facilitate their adjustment of advertising, because the same ad code, a left and a right click rate, but more or less Oh, so far, your work has been completed, the next is not what happened, look at the statistics, see the income of


this model, I put two ads, 1150 yuan per month, IP> per day; 8000, every day to earn 120

from the Union

focus: the same template style should be no more than one or two months. You should think about changing the style, because of the time >

Lu Songsong let you judge the quality of a website at one glance

In addition,

PR Alexa, included evaluation criteria, the reverse link and three party tools, can also use the visual method to evaluate a website, a variety of data after all one of the site is very troublesome, although to a browser installed on the PR and Alexa tools, but for most websites we see or the content, rather than a variety of data, and many promising PR and ALEXA stations are very low, so we have to learn how to determine the site with the naked eye.

this is considered as an entry-level, good or bad ability to judge websites. According to the external structure of the website, the external URL can analyze the structure of the website and know the advantages and disadvantages of its design. Through the website structure, we can know the future of the station.


(the picture: evaluation of the quality of a website standard)

judges the website LOGO through the website

because the majority of small and medium-sized site by others through web design templates, to determine the quality of a website is basically impossible, but only LOGO is one of the most visible throughout the site, and only the owners will work to design something, all of a LOGO is directly determined by the confidence of the user on your site. In this paper, such as Figure 1 shows, you think to contrast the two LOGO, the

is more professional?

therefore, the design of LOGO has a direct impact on the overall construction of the site, LOGO design should face various conditions to make the corresponding specifications, the design of the LOGO color may be applied to the web color matching system. Moreover, the design of LOGO should be applied to the requirements of promotion, that is, LOGO can be placed anywhere, not just the upper left corner of the page.


by composing articlesIn this paper, such as

with figure 2 shows, the same is the list of web page the most visible part of the latest 11 articles Jiangsu station all have 6 bold, and even a red. The main title and the uneven, long and short, and the time. The overall look, not only feel dizzy, but also gives people a feeling out of order. Similarly, the Chianz page list on the right side is much more tidy, and the title and number of words can be controlled just fine.

note: there are 2 to 3 titles in all CMS article systems. They are divided into headings, complete titles, and subtitles". In fact, these titles are a meaning, but will be applied to different places, such as when only write "title", the default list page, content page is the reality, but if the "title", "complete title" written on the list page will display different. That is, everyone in the portal station often see, you have a very attractive title, after entering, but there has been another title, that is the principle.


by web site

, that’s the details

Share my website development process

a friend asked me how to do this station, now the site of PR5 Alexa, top 8W, China flow also ranked in the top 1W, sometimes one day also ranked in the top 1 thousand! But asked how to do it, I really can not say! Here I simply say something, in fact I also in disorderly fashion, do not know how to do it. His contact with SEO and network promotion so for 2 years, but has not had to seriously study, up to now, but also know very little, this one server does not understand, nor programming, nor div+css, only know how to optimize, and then have a team with me to develop every time! Modify things with technical consultation, technical department to make out! (I am not lazy, no, to learn a little interest in the program really four years, see VB, C, Java, SQL, but not a success, may own too much bother, no patience!)

took over the discount web site in 07 June, when the site was still a new site, with around 100 IP per day. At the beginning is to do some network promotion, do very much, that is, to blog, BBS post, of course, pure advertising paste, so that does not bring what flow. Remember, often go to the three forum and three blog (Q, Phoenix Forum, blog, forum + Xinhua NetEase, NetEase, Sohu blog blog) remember sometimes their own articles to the top, to add the essence, and even some still in the blog or forum home page, every day can bring at least 2000 IP one day, tried to bring about 1W IP. Of course, the site is also very updated, and that three months to do tired. Although the flow looks good, but it is not very practical, because I know that if I do not go to the continuous promotion, then the site will be back to its original shape!


then, looking for some information about SEO himself, he didn’t know what SEO was at that time. Read some of Wang Tong’s books, do it yourself optimization, but also some of the stations to optimize the anchor text, do not know is fearless or other reasons, just modify the title (for the entire station do not understand, if it is now asked me to revise the whole station of title, I also dare not.), two months after the amendment within their target keywords, such as "Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou discount, discount, coupons and so on all of these rows up! Later, contact SEO more, their site requirements, to some of the more popular keywords, the competition is strong


in the home, we do discount nets, of course we do is in Guangzhou City, so it is positioned above the key words, slowly, we want to develop a national, if we have to modify some keywords, positioning "discount, discount network" of the two popular keywords, but also a new forum in the two level domain name, keyword set in the "Life Forum, white-collar consumer forum, forum, Guangzhou forum, also adopted the"

Wang Shi’s success depends on his eyes

Wang Shi

said, it can be really frustrating, but in fact his starting point is not high, did not read what the book, but by virtue of the spirit and the eyes look far ahead from a high plane, tenacious struggle, he succeeded, and almost became a model of China merchants!

17 years after graduating from junior high school, he did not go to the countryside, but in accordance with the wishes of the parents to join the army, Xuzhou and Xinjiang during the first half of the Turpan basin, the army for 5 years, transport soldiers (at that time not to jump the queue and successfully enlisted, no background home is impossible).

five years as car soldiers in Xinjiang after the restoration to the hydropower section of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau do boiler overhaul workshop workers. When the Railway Bureau got 2 recommended university places, according to Wang Shi autobiography is "masters because people love Wang Shi hardy and consistent recommended him to Lanzhou Railway Institute (now LanZhou JiaoTong University)". But one thing to note is that, at that time, Wang Shi father is deputy director of the Liuzhou railway bureau.

74 years, at least 23 years old, into the water supply and drainage of LanZhou JiaoTong University graduate, university undergraduate for 3 years (the last 4 years), adhere to read the "political economy". 77 years of graduation, assigned to the Guangzhou Railway Bureau works. Worked for 3 years, is a project technician, responsible for civil engineering projects along the railway. Married during this period and had children. The father-in-law’s family background is not convenient to say here, but it is the father of Wang Shi and his comrades, or it can be said.


The establishment of

1983 to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Development Company, in 1984 the formation of modern science and Technology Equipment Exhibition Center, as general manager.

1988, the company changed its name to

How to make money to make money to come in to see

money in hand, want to make money the best way to make money? Investment, of course! Speaking of investment, it is necessary to find a good investment and entrepreneurship projects. Today to introduce you to several promising more money King good project there, to see which one is the best method for your money and money!

A, 20 thousand yuan   open beverage shop

according to the classification of the National Bureau of statistics of the third industrial census and the corresponding adjustment, the soft drinks industry is the food industry and beverage manufacturing industry categories in a class. The market of beverage products in our country is bigger than that of any country. At present, China’s per capita consumption of beverages is only 8000 grams, the world average of 1 / 5, is developed in Western Europe, the country’s 1 / 24, therefore, China’s beverage industry has great potential for development. Million investment, open a beverage shop, is a good way to make money in the summer money.

recommended items: Pomelo see lemon fruit drinks      

for city drinking

two, 30 thousand yuan investment in electric vehicle


as an energy-saving and relatively cheap travel tools, electric bicycle is more suitable for the future development of the green transportation conditions, China. Thinking carefully, the electric car industry in the folk so popular for a reason: 1. Low carbon environmental protection, in line with national environmental requirements; two. Light and flexible, people travel convenience; three. High cost, (average one kilometer only takes about seven cents) make love not release homes. With the construction and improvement of rural roads, the majority of rural areas will further increase the demand for electric bicycles. Conservative estimates in the next 5 years, China’s electric bicycle ownership will be more than 300 million.

recommended items: fresh morning electric     Ouxiang electric

three, 50 thousand yuan   management of water sports park

Recommended items:

small for you to recommend the items above, do not have high investment, without high risk, is a good method for money, is a good opportunity for investment! If you still have doubt, can give small to small business advice, I will be in the first time.

Laid off women’s entrepreneurial story

market intensifies, so more and more people involved in the market, in the sea, with more and more people unemployed, laid-off entrepreneurship has become a new trend, has become a new trend! Below, let us walk into the laid-off women entrepreneurs story!


entrepreneurship is the dream of all people, can be put into action and the dream come true, there are many people! Among many more people because of an accidental idea "involuntarily" step forward, creating tens of millions or even billions! Today, we tell you about the story of a laid-off workers

now the barbecue market business is hot, around the barbecue, gathered in a popular majority of consumers and favor, but also attracted a lot of entrepreneurs and investment horizon, various brands of barbecue have entered the market, including Guaiwei barbecue shop, attracted customers love.


she thought, also bought a lot of food on the books to seriously study, constantly studying seasoning technology, improved seasoning formula, bold in practice, repeated tests, finally successfully summed up a set of special technology — besmell smell of barbecue, using Chinese herbal medicine licorice powder, spices, star anise, back row grass 30 a variety of seasoning formula, at a certain temperature of pickled mutton string, then put on baking.



More than

, Xiaobian for you to take off the laid-off workers Li Dongmei entrepreneurial story, I hope to find a project for your business, looking for opportunities to bring a little help, take a little support, take more good opportunity!

12 business philosophy to remember the chain trap found early

if you as a franchisee, in the investment encountered above, no careless. Must be in accordance with the norms of the procedure of learning, investigation, analysis, evaluation and consultation. "Watch out for a million years".

1.  there is a very profitable franchise business, but the leader is a natural person rather than a legal entity.

2.  has a very lucrative franchise business, but its trademark is not a registered trademark, not protected by law  .

3.  there is a very profitable franchise business, but their business leader never before, only to sell you a concept known as the "knowledge economy era,     knowledge is money".

4.  there is a very profitable franchise business leader, although he had business history, but never make money, you don’t expect your luck than him.

5.  there is a very profitable franchise business leader, promise you as long as you can make money to invest 100%.

6.  there is a very profitable franchise business, no matter who you are, as long as you have enough to buy hundreds of thousands of products can join in to help, I wish you success, as long as you have the ability, determined not to let you return.

7.  there is a very profitable franchise business, when you want to understand the operation of the franchisee, the chief zhizhiwuwu told you not to bother you, to "sweep the snow in front of their own, energy-saving"

8.  there is a very profitable franchise business. When you examine the situation when the leader is hurried to tell you, there are countless people to join, "time is money", do you cough up quickly, otherwise after the village is not the store.

9.  there is a very lucrative franchise business, no matter what you do. As long as you are willing to "cooked", the relatives and friends to join, "big money, nothing great Bill Gates".

10.  there is a very lucrative franchise business, I am your good friend, I introduced to you, it is difficult for others to have such a chance".

11.  there is a very profitable franchise business, when you are in the headquarters management capacity in the evaluation, found that the staff is not stable, like a revolving door substitutions. You ask this reason. Get the answer What one says is plausible.: "this is the franchise, director on system does not rely on people, our policy is like a revolving door."

12.  there is a very profitable franchise business, you have to carefully study the "franchise contract" provisions, but to tell you Chinese doing business with me, don’t learn the western law ruthless, we drink is good, everything is good.