New three board listing business new regulations come, these 5 cases will be suspended listing!A cou

said the share transfer system, in order to meet the needs of the stock listed electronic business operation process, to better guide the application of listed company and hosting brokerage stocks listed on the procedures, improve work efficiency, the operating guidelines for revision, revision on the date of promulgation of implementation.

5 exists other reporting and unreported conditions relating to listing requirements.

share transfer system website, after the instructions were in May 6, 2014, December 31, 2014 and October 20, 2015 time were revised, the revision is one and a half years again after revision.

new reissue notice and revocation notice

forum Jun found that the important amendments are as follows:

this revised version of the new regulations for the termination of listing, apply for listed company to obtain the consent of the listing letter, but has not yet completed the listing of shares, may apply for termination of listing. The application for termination of the listing shall be issued by the listed company or the sponsor broker.

for listed company listed on the consent letter, during the process of listing procedures, some cases, can suspend the listing of shares of the company for processing; listed company in the listing before the termination of the listing application program can.

soon after I graduated from junior high school, I would like to enter the high school exam, but what I want to do after graduation and delay the exam, the results are very substandard. The moment I got home with my transcript, I was impressed

suspend the listing process is divided into the host broker applications for suspension and the national stock transfer company initiated suspension. Pending suspension of listing matters, the sponsor can apply for the resumption of listing procedures, or by the national stock transfer company initiated recovery.

has these 5 cases will be suspended listing

previously, the new three board listed business does not exist suspended listing said. Some in the regional equity market listing, but also to the three new board listed companies, often in listing success after the announcement from the regional equity market delisting. In the future, this situation will be suspended or listed.

4 has letters and calls concerning the application for listed company;

corrections and announcements of new information disclosure documents in addition to listing

3 for the listed company in the regional equity trading venues listed unfinished delisted or did not disclose the relevant information;

on the evening of June 19th, the stock transfer system issued a notice on the revision of the guidelines for the operation of the stock listing business of the National SME share transfer system Trial Implementation.

I am 10 years on the third day, during this time of junior middle school, with the students every day is idle, fight but never offend others, others make us first, ha ha!, class toilet smoking, nothing to fight against the teacher, teachers and leaders, also played the principal. In the school is a big brother level, ha ha, did not expect such a flash, three years passed, the third day soon graduated, everyone began talking about what to do after graduation, where to go?. And I do not know why, the family background is not good, so relatively confused. In fact, we used is relatively rich, remember when I was seven or eight years old, three Taitung windmill home, there is a small company in Dongguan, the village is our home is two and a half story building, the other is a layer or is the least good, millions of assets, at the time there then hundreds of thousands is wealthy, such a life is richer, because dad is kind of trust good times don’t last long, his cousin, betrayed him, the company collapsed, wages did not send it, to sell the car, everywhere to borrow money wages, remember that one morning, there are three employees in order to pay take a knife rushed to my home to me for money, my dad had to go around to lend them money wages. My family four brothers, Dad heavy burden, let us a few brothers back home to study, the only grandpa and grandma to take care of us, then do not pay tuition, as long as 6 yuan to pay medical examination fees. The near 04 years of time because of a cement factory to open a branch in our village, area of thousands of square, will be imposed on our land, the corrupt political Fu swallowed a lot of thought, Grandpa did not culture, bully my grandpa, my grandpa still teach in Japan I do not know what is because in the past that is what the old landlord to shoot, spent several years in the prison. The results with Zheng Fu played two case law is for people to decide, we win, the mayor was removed from office for 06 years, Dad went back home, holding the money for compensation to open a small toy factory, because rural farm, a year not what time is to at leisure, people move to the factory, business is not good.

1 loss of actual controller or controlling shareholder;

revised version of the new suspension of listing and termination of listing matters.

I always believe they often listen to the words of the elders said: "don’t be afraid to write their own is not good, as long as you dare to write someone dare to watch" I’m not afraid of what other people think of me, so I write well you don’t blame me! I was just an ordinary rural children. Just a 18 year old adult children. Talk about those things in the SEO network with friends, every time someone says that I admire me, so small it will think so much, when he Shijiduo age do not know why. It will soon be 2013, I want to take my graduation from junior high school to some of the current experience, a brief written out, share the bitter process.

editor’s note: the new stock listing before the major items of verification link.

appears in one of the following 5 scenarios, will be suspended listing:

2 apply for listed company executives did not participate in the national stock transfer company organization training or training, not through the assessment;

I talk about the optimization of Shanghai dragon journey

optimization is a very magical art at least, so I understand, to use their own knowledge, let every keyword optimization in Shanghai love their home, that kind of sense of achievement can make people addicted to learning! Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) not only let me get the skills but also, I really realized that entering the society must understand a truth, adhere to is victory, to succeed

learning knowledge

when I, twenty-one years old, just graduated from college students. Remember that day morning, a friend of the same dormitory in different classes for the first time I came into contact with the concept of Shanghai dragon. When this is the case, he is in a certain site, using a sub page optimization my name and rank in Shanghai love home first, then let me love Shanghai search my name. When I love Shanghai my name, when he found in making our dormitory all information, the feeling is so surprised that the feeling is so magical! After his explanation, finally know that this is because the role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, that’s when I of Shanghai dragon, and produce my friend had a keen interest in describing the network promotion, that’s when I and the Shanghai dragon optimization indissoluble bound.

Chushe threshold

!Shanghai dragon

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization interest, began to take the initiative to find some online learning materials, and later on to come into contact with several more professional forums, 28 push, push, and of course the most touched me, asked the network. Although the 28 push and push two forum is relatively large, "popularity" is relatively high, but I don’t love the atmosphere inside, no matter what the post will have robbed two floor, what is right, right, learning support, the starting point of view, uniform water paste, and the posts are mostly copy and paste up, what can disrupt the order of things, even if it is fine, very few people can learn knowledge. Of course, all this is not to say that, like Mou Changqing in published articles on the predecessors is worth learning, I have been studying. 28 compared with a push, asked the network forum I stay much longer, because there can be said to be some of the predecessors to really find inside the wise remark of an experienced person! Patience, often can find what they want to learn the knowledge. As before, I don’t know how to structure web site, don’t know how to do not understand how to optimize the site layout, content and keywords and so on, are found inside the predecessors of the society and the. As a senior member of the "Rye" smuggled goods "" anger "written articles are very good taste. Let me ask a little on the forum most nostalgia, here is very humane, you publish a new white problem, there are many seniors will patiently replies to teach you, rather than uniform water paste or despise the novice. Special thanks to the "senior member" and "user name cannot be empty" and "evil Shadow Dragons" several predecessors to teach.

Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon

The real website optimization is by focusing on the user experience first

second, set the tag tag for the website article page. We optimize the website especially for site code optimization, must hold for customer service purposes and ideas, how to allow users to quickly find the information needed for the website optimization is our key considerations. Users come to your website also want to quickly find the information he needs, so the station tag classification label is very important, popular classification labels can tell what information the user is a popular search site. That gives the user a navigation information, can greatly reduce the user’s information search time.

website optimization is a process of constantly step by step, to the structure of the site, because the site structure may cause confusion of spider crawling efficiency station layout, there is one detail is the web page code optimization, website code is the most basic and most basic elements ", many owners simply asked to site meet the use function, but to search engine spiders, far more than this, the code is the basis points of access to the site spider, so as much as possible to simplify the web site code, providing smooth channels for crawling and crawling, such as the use of CSS page layout, can greatly enhance the utilization rate of the site code.

third, to simplify the structure and web site code.

We know that certain

fourth, observe the background statistics analysis to understand website user intention.

first, web server is based on website optimization is also the site of the camp. The basic premise is site optimization, many sites are stored in the virtual space, especially for the enterprise web site we can not be treated like that just for personal site site selecting a virtual space, the user is not willing to stay too much at one time has not open the site, so the site space speed is the most basic site bounce rate threshold. According to the information site we don’t too fancy appearance for the settings of the site, such as a large number of flash animation, dynamic advertising etc. These are the key details of the impact speed. As a webmaster we must understand. The speed of the site for the first. The speed of the site can use love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query, it will be with some optimization suggestions, can be used as a reference station.

we know, website optimization process user experience for the importance and significance of optimization of the staff, the current site optimization we cannot operate in relying on the original ideas, must be clear for the user to consider the idea that we required to pay attention to the website user experience optimization, user experience optimization is reflected in the details well, let’s talk? Short continued, into today’s topic, the real website optimization is the focus on the user experience first.

most of the time the user experience we can not direct express, or to rely on data analysis to provide a strong guide for us, general webmaster analysis software have functional analysis of related experience, common to the details of the impact of.

Do not fear the technical threshold for personal website creationWhy shared treasure treasure so sud

little knowledge,

April 1st, Anker IDG and A street electric sunwoda round nearly billion yuan investment.

two days ago in the "Kun Peng on sharing bicycle is still charging treasure has gorgeous debut melee sharing more money!" the general introduction of the sharing of charging treasure now in investment circles than sharing cycling is still attractive. A time attracted many onlookers and comments today, Kun Peng theory to specific talk about sharing charging treasure.

of course, access to financing also many, including magic treasure power in April 5th won the angel wheel unknown amount, Hi electric in April 10th won tens of millions of angel round investment.

April 10th, small and fast to melt the Pre-A round, the amount of up to 100 million yuan, investment institutions including the Tencent please note that Tencent!, Yuan Jing Road, capital investment, angel investor Wang Gang, Jinsha River venture, DT Capital, active capital.


!It is a "I find this round of investment calls technology more positive," says Yuan Bingsong, founder of


first, the new darling of the investment circle, did not catch up with shared bikes are surrounded by

personal website business don’t fear the technical threshold in Web 2 wave drive, the Internet seems to be back to 99 years when in 2000, the Internet was the most fiery. Many people are eager to start, feel that the Internet so good entrepreneurial environment, if you can not make a pot of gold will lose".



I had planned to write a group of "entrepreneurial brothers, go" article, give more friends still hesitate to entrepreneurial courage. Technology is one of the important factors in making these friends hesitate. Many people believe that the Internet is a high-tech industry, the realization of the creative website, the perfect function, as well as routine security maintenance, no need for strong technical force as a guarantee. It does not have too many skills, and is regarded as an insurmountable gap.

website is more and more low threshold of entrepreneurship

Internet rapid development in recent years. On the one hand, the emergence of a number of technology dependent Internet Co, has achieved success; on the other hand, the Internet technology is gradually becoming universal, so that the industry access threshold is decreasing. According to CNNIC data, the total number of Chinese websites has been close to 790 thousand.

China webmaster webmaster A Fei think station

, according to investors, there are dozens of shared charging treasure project is looking for investment. For example, electric bird, cloud punch, magic treasure, power, Hi, electricity and other players continue admission.

Benali’s English is Benelli, Italy, and also the longest in the world

April 5th, call technology announces $20 million A round of financing, by SIG and China red collar vote, nine venture capital and Scud chairman of the individual with the cast, "so far the largest amount of industry".

electric single journey for kupeng on fairly understanding, very good

Kun Peng of parenthesis, recently shared bicycle wind began to blow to the sharing of motorcycles, for example: last week, the main campus shared bicycle and Meng Xiaoming won the point of 10 million yuan investment in venture capital Guangrun; West Shanghai electric single received tens of millions of RMB Chinese manage capital financing.

car electric bicycle, is very popular in Japan, Kun Peng also have a theory, is the west electric single manufacturer Benali, not only superior workmanship, and riding up really Bel cool.

Kun Peng on checked, sharing project who suddenly concentrated charging treasure at the end of March at the beginning of April to get a lot of investment:

technology. "It’s all about having a chance to share a bike, but missed it."."

March 31st, the small electricity Yi Yuan Garden Network won the Jinsha River venture capital, Germany and the capital, the international institutions, such as foreign investors, tens of millions of angel investment.

Baidu K station from the truth do not let the webmaster war stuck their chicken ribs

June 28th

Baidu K stand events can be included in the 2012 Internet popular annual event, for almost a month in the past, the event does not subside, but let the contradiction between Baidu and the webmaster seems more acute. As a global YiDianTong network operation, I also added many webmaster exchange group, nearly a week in laiqun revolves around the topic of the K station to discuss the incident, especially in the past two or three days, about one hundred thousand owners of one hundred thousand soldiers, war will never yield to evil Baidu webmaster "stickers, screenshots is emerge in an endless stream from one station to another group of a group of webmaster.

for the K station event many webmaster to Baidu as a judge, the move to abandon single abandoning plans for the company long-term profitability and nirvana. But officials have not responded to the press. Coming from Baidu webmaster forum news, an official tone speech, Baidu should also not stupid to customers in order to elite and kill all future potential customer resources and tendency, sources from the K station shows that the observable embodied with certain provisions of current national restrictions on the frequency of cloth. In the final analysis, this should be a good thing. Only partially unwarranted charges and was K stand off with some wrong Mo white. Although Baidu Adsense Forum opened the first appeal channel, but looks like the probability of losing more than wins. This also led to the truth of the declaration of war began to appear a variety of claims.

I think that the fact of the outcome, their noses can be, there will be no need to participate, because the event is actually a chicken ribs, throw and unfortunately, holding on who is not good. As the rumor said, one hundred thousand Adsense one hundred thousand soldiers, the victim of the webmaster group won’t get any trace of benefits. It will lose, and a little bit of damage for Baidu is not worth talking about. Google will eventually quit, only Baidu alone.

so, for Baidu K station this event, the global point of the net also made a foolproof preparation. Although in the know K station after the incident, the site has been no small impact, the most obvious is that included in a straight line down, Baidu weight reduction. But with the progress of the event, but let me find a few big K station reasons, to be exact, found the site must adhere to the three principles. Because from the business point of view and the long-term operation of the Internet development perspective, Baidu should not be so abrupt, and unprovoked search for trouble, lest the world is not chaos.

first, the most basic site of the original. The content of the site is always an old topic. According to the results of my further observation of events is the K station to appear the situation is the most copied website, imitate the website, because the screen update rate is too high, too fast, which leads to the contents of the same tragedy by K. From Baidu included, the content of the original content of the original content of the robot is still relatively large. This original proportion not only refers to the original content of the site itself update quantity, as well as the quality of the original content update, this quality does not mean with the content of the original content of the site does not match the original content. Because only then, >

Beauty shop to win the magic weapon to make money

beauty shop in our life in fact has become very common, but now many people have the idea of the open beauty shop, beauty market also bears a relatively large market opportunities, open beauty shop now need to pay attention to some of the principles.


For the

In fact,


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How to open a children’s paradise three heart advantage

city in the construction, the children’s play space in compression, children’s paradise is becoming increasingly popular, many investors aimed at the gold industry. How about a children’s playground? There are three heart advantage, will be in the following for everyone to pay attention to the interpretation. If there are people who intend to invest in children’s paradise, after reading the contents of the decision to strengthen confidence.


parents at ease


What are the problems needing attention in the early stage of children’s playground

a store can get long-term development, and the initial operation will have a very big influence. Therefore, if the shop wants booming development, the initial operation also need to pay more attention to nature. So, the children’s playground management early need to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian for you to do a simple analysis.

children’s playground management should pay attention to the early three points:

1, location is very important

children’s playground is decided by the quality of its location. Lot is not good, can only pay more than earn less. On the other hand, if you encounter shopping mall, in the field, you can take a lease or persuade the mall shares the way. If there is a restaurant in the mall is better, it will facilitate some parents to rest. As for the site area, about 200 square is enough, the decoration can try to find manufacturers can be.

2, with a small cost to create a bright spot

in the children’s playground to set up a separate independent operation for children of small modules can also become a bright spot. For example, a sand like (enough conditions can even hire professional personnel responsible for this module), the advantages of independent modules: one is to attract eyeballs, two can make kids sit down to play, three to arrange special events to attract popularity to. If the effect is obvious, in the surrounding layout of a number of toy counters, speed up the return of funds.

3, several practical children’s playground and equipment cleaning method

(1), plastic toys can be diluted with soap, water, washing powder, bleaching powder, soaked with water, clean or dry with a clean cloth.

(2), children’s playground cloth toys can be washed with soapy water, or placed in the sun exposure.

(3), moisture resistant, heat resistant, non fading wooden toys, can be used to wash the skin after the soap bubble.

(4), children’s playground iron toys in the sun exposure for more than 6 hours, there is bactericidal effect.

(5), children’s activity room, ground, walls, etc., daily ultraviolet radiation disinfection, indoor ventilation.

(6) and children’s playground need to be sprayed with peracetic acid every week.

(7), toilet, toilet and so on to Suhl regularly spraying 3%.

(8), children’s playground in the indoor and outdoor large naughty fort to use soapy water, disinfectant detergent, bleach >

Sanya girls were crying super run yacht, star hotels have

women like to be spoiled, are a romantic fantasy do not consider the money of the trip to Sanya. And this women’s day, Baidu Nuomi has helped 37 lucky women to achieve such a dream. Sanya girls were crying, free experience super run yacht, you envy it?

also lucky and Beijing University of Finance and senior dennis. She has been planning a trip through the Baidu Nuomi 3·, 7 girls’ day dream come true. "I never thought my graduation trip could be so tall, but fortunately I saw the news in the hours before the registration, my classmates are particularly envious, too memorable." Although before the registration, Dan’s mom has always opposed, fear may be a hoax, a few degrees calling to confirm to the hotel.

"my mom said there are a lot of deception to sell human organs, did not think Baidu Nuomi gave me an unforgettable experience." Dan smiled. And in Beijing for many years, the people of Sichuan Xia said, "or my husband found the news, for my name. Usually like Baidu Nuomi’s activities, I did not expect this year when a hero."

5 small rural entrepreneurship project recommended

now many of the rural areas has become a place to have a brilliant future, at the same time, there are many entrepreneurs who have the entrepreneurial vision to the vast rural areas, so, what are the good entrepreneurial projects in rural areas now?

mobile repair

duck’s eggThere are many rural backyard ducks /

greenhouses and artificial breeding

in the rural areas most suitable for greenhouse cultivation and artificial breeding, and the market demand for vegetables and meat will never stop. At the same time, as more and more rural people stay away from home, leaving a lot of land resources, which provides a better opportunity from one side. Whether it is a greenhouse or artificial farming, farmers must be clear about the friends you are ready to engage in the project has no market, whether you are skilled in this industry, the competitiveness is not strong and a series of factors. To ensure the feasibility of the start.

swap shop

Township opened Chinese medicine store

In fact,


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