I love the mule how to optimize the project page


we can see that good rankings are often linked with special pages related to the contents of a large number of pages, why? It says, thematic pages are all content around a theme are everything, the only way to meet the needs of users, and links to related page number, the correlation is better. Note that the correlation between the content page, what kind of content is the most correlated with those who love Shanghai? Query keyword tool can check out a basket.

Sina "Gerrard"


The related content of

two, the more the better

this is a very important point, but it has been ignored by many people, on the same page links the content page, content page must link back to the topic page, this has two advantages, one can strengthen the correlation, and can transfer the weight better.



, write a topic about the introduction of

page links

three, pictures, video, can have on

is about a topic, then a brief introduction depending on is essential, the college title page we can see such a profile, or a long or short, can let users do not know about this topic first mentioned things have a certain understanding, we look at the cattle station not do.



in order to meet the needs of users, we must try to expand the thematic pages, so as far as possible to meet most of the needs of users, such as pictures, video and so on, can it all, you can see the portal page, which is not god horse are piling up. In fact, we can put the topic page as a search engine search results page, for example, we search for "Beckham" when in Shanghai, will Beckham introduction, Post Bar, pictures, video, news and so on all about Beckham, and our special page can like this to set the content to look at sina, "Beckham" the topic is not so.

four, all links to the content page back chain


BB cream

Shanghai dragon brother know, love love Shanghai very special, special page is all about a subject. The essence of it, like TAGS, just operate more humane than TAGS, generally speaking, the topic page user experience is good, are all the content on the topic a theme of all of the needs of users, the vast majority of content can be found in the project, so how to optimize the project page? How to make the project page ranking the blossom of sesame

Rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health seven brand health website


I always think how much we want to get the value to be proportional to how much value, or creating value for the user.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For health website Shanghai Longfeng this series, today to do a front end, I introduce six articles in 5 major aspects of the article that I think is very valuable, because Shanghai Longfeng health which is a new concept, perhaps in my article remind you have begun to pay attention to it, perhaps before you look at my article more attention, but after reading it you more, so I will be glad to help you some of my. The Shanghai dragon this simple and basic skills, which includes the scope of more and more widely, the earliest time before we talk about technology, then we will slowly the tactics and strategy on things into it, then we are not satisfied, in addition to some of the marketing network of Shanghai dragon inside, after it is our Shanghai dragon brand marketing is a key direction, this is what we in the future to do an important indicator of the health of Shanghai Longfeng website: website brand health.

1, the construction of Shanghai Longfeng brand health health based on

brand for a website is very important, more important for a company, in the early stage of the Shanghai dragon optimization work we need to do is based, but later on we more need to do is brand health. The maintenance of the brand needs to continue to accumulate, so that the value of the brand in the minds of users continue to improve, so as to make the brand lasting, some brands, completely rely on the money to drop out, they will die. Today Muzi into the boat for everyone a simple talk about the website of Shanghai Longfeng health brand health construction.

! Not only the

for a web site, we must pay attention to the construction of the brand to do the basis of Shanghai Longfeng health, because the foundation is not good, everything else is castles in the air. The Shanghai dragon including website content, program, server, domain name, keywords within the chain, the chain, etc., a lot of what we want to do, the previous article also give you a lot, do these after the site’s ranking will improve step by step, if I have to do first, and long-term the stability is very good, which is helpful for brand promotion. For example in Shanghai dragon, fat man and little evil is always in the first and second, their website has become Beijing Shanghai dragon a regional brand, optimize their website based in Shanghai Longfeng do good, wait until these things well, and then in the home before three stable after 3 months the brand naturally formed. Shanghai Longfeng health, in order to ensure the health of the brand, sometimes we love Shanghai site was down the right, even the website brand word search to a lot of time is because Shanghai Longfeng unhealthy, so as to lay a solid foundation, the brand will naturally improve.

2, the construction of brand health is to provide value for the user

Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme by using 5W2H analysis method

optimization scheme, individual stationmaster does not matter, but to participate in the Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon orders, Shanghai dragon optimization scheme which is not less than, so how do we write Shanghai dragon optimization scheme? I am here to share the 5W2H method to write programs.

WHEN: what time do? What do we do? What time this thing can be completed? What time do you start? To the optimization scheme of bosses or clients that this is also one of the factors must have. For example, improve the site keywords ranking, what time do you start to do? What time ranking can go up? No time, they have to wait for you for a lifetime? So the second is not less than W.

WHO: who? Who is responsible for this? In our Shanghai dragon plan also must have involved. Do you plan to Shanghai dragon company, what you need to, what people do the work, this is must be clearly defined. And the customer to do the Shanghai dragon plan, you need to do what kind of work they need to be responsible for the customer what kind of work and so on, in the Shanghai dragon plan also must be specified in detail, otherwise there is no operation, how could work? So the third W in the Shanghai Dragon plan is not less.

WHAT: what do we do? What is the purpose? Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme should first determine what we want to do. Improve keyword rankings? Solve the website down right? Website promotion keywords ranking? To what extent? And so on, we want to know what we do to do things before, what is the purpose? This is the most basic, which is 1 W in 5W2H.

5W2H, it is a kind of method of the first U.S. Army Ordnance repair department during World War II, is now widely used in enterprise management, the specific meaning is:

What is the

HOW: how do you do? How to implement? What is the method? The Shanghai dragon plan can be said to be the main body, is essential, without him, Shanghai dragon project you is empty, there is no support, is not pleasing. For example, you want to upgrade a keyword ranking, so what do you do to improve the rankings, the station outside the station and what needs to be done, what needs to be done? And so on, only with these can form an optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon? This is a H 2H.

Shanghai dragon

WHY: why? What is the reason? What is the basis? This point in Shanghai Longfeng scheme is not less than. In the company, the optimization of the website is not your website needs to be combined with other optimization What I say goes., the Department and other departments to consider, only to let others understand you do.

WHERE: where do? Where to start? Improve website ranking, we should start from where to do, should be to improve the station? What to do? And so on, so that the fourth W is also indispensable.

Shanghai dragon ER how to improve the site keywords ranking

third, the anchor text. The page appears for the first time and the anchor text in the keyword, the anchor text should be connected directly to the relevant page of the website. The more the anchor text page in a web site in which the page in the ZhengZhan weights are higher, if you want to home page for Shanghai dragon optimization, then please as much as possible the use of hyperlinks to the page, of course, if you want to improve your keywords ranking, then the search engine will be based on the anchor text to determine the theme of the page, which can improve the keywords ranking.

finally, constantly repeat the above steps. As noted above, in the process of.

Er Shanghai dragon at the computer every day morning to see the ranking rose out of a happy day the mood is not good, sometimes really let the head keyword ranking, especially the recent decline in a large range of love Shanghai included, greatly reducing the website outreach really made a lot of friends heart pain, for example, sometimes several times a day and floating what kind of operation method, is conducive to improve the website optimization website keywords? I’m here according to their operating experience for everyone one by one.

second, density. Select the set of a series of keyword density set is very important, the author suggests that not more than 10%, each article must be targeted, such as an article for one or two keywords, a primary key and a secondary key and so on, do the clear and concise and focused grasp this key.

fourth, outreach. Looking for high quality communication is very important, high quality outside the general including related Links, single link or station link etc.. Can’t find high quality outside the general blog, BBS signature, a good place for classified information platform and so on is outside, outside attention gradually and correlation can. The stability of the outreach is important to this site optimization personnel put forward higher requirements for outreach is not only the quality and not flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum stability is very important.

fifth update. The contents mainly do update original high quality content, regularly updated, the main keywords and long tail keywords set in the article, do the anchor text can be connected within a reasonable. Let the content for the website Everfount input fresh blood, the content of the website is a symbol of vitality is to obtain the wide range of key love Shanghai trust some friends of the shrink is certainly the quality of the content factors, love Shanghai in a certain period included but after a period of time to study the inferior quality of the articles or not love Shanghai fayan will be mercilessly deleted.

first, keyword. The key word is like the brain we in the optimization of time selection is key to focus attention on it, including the entire site is to focus on the key word, each page to do the key detail, the auxiliary keyword and the layout of the long tail keywords, this is very important. The long tail keyword best design to the article page, and to optimize the design by using anchor text and so on.

When Li Xueling met Lei Angels and entrepreneurs a heaven-made matchshlf1314 Adsense revenue optimiz

with more entrepreneurial process, from the initial entrepreneurial direction key to enterprise strategic transition, in the process of play to the Tencent under the shadow of difficult growth in Lei played angel, mentor, capitalists, division multiple roles. But if there is no Li Xueling’s down-to-earth and entrepreneurial passion, and trust to Lei Jun, today the play will develop into what, no one will know.

in 1998, Li Xueling in China Youth Daily internship, wrote the first report is about Jinshan negative news, even later and Lei Jun relationship is very good, but still on his curse. Lei Jun said in an interview, he seemed at the time, Li Xueling is an opinionated person, and not be confused by anything. "He also wants to think about it as a technical enthusiast and enthusiast. He criticized our things, or on the point, very deep."

, however, seven years of entrepreneurship, Li Xueling acquired more than just the initial investment Lei Jun $1 million, Lei Jun harvest is not only more than 200 times the return.

Li Xueling is Lei eyes "maxima".


      see the formula we analyze, formula which has two variables, that is to say that the two variables determine your income, so to improve the income, must from the two variables to start, we summarize the following formula:

      recently studied Adsense; finally learned a money making rule; according to this rule, you should optimize Adsense and increase your income. This rule is very simple, that’s the following formula:

is also a teacher and a friend,

"My favorite investment is starting from scratch, looking at future trends, finding the right people and thinking about how to do it,"

when Li Xueling left NetEase in 2005 determined to start business, but and "Bole" Lei Jun different views. Li Xueling, a media source, wants to redo the media in UGC’s way and insists on doing RSS blog subscriptions. But Lei Jun thinks this market is too small, commercial space is more

closer to the NASDAQ is not just the era of togetherness CEO Li Xueling. Seven years ago to invest $1 million more gathered era predecessor angel investor Lei Jun, will usher in "Lei" in the first listed company.

      the first said the price of reason, the price is determined according to the advertising provider for the keyword money Laiding, this looks like we can about a point; also is the user what keyword advertising, we now know the price high and low key problem, then how to display keywords high?
  price optimization measures:    
      the Adsense background advertising shielding. The Adsense advertising screen function is used to give us shield those who do not want to display the competitive website, can Chinese webmaster always very clever, they know some often display key price is particularly low after the site will take them as the competition website to advertisements to shield the blacklist, alas China webmaster sometimes too clever, and especially the greedy, not only do not want to display the advertisement advertising limbo filled the entire page, they do have high income, in fact, this is just the modus operandi of novice to do advertising, but shlf1314 also do not agree that we to do that, how can we really do a high price advertising business?
      the delete redundant advertisement. Generate multiple display location channels, in certain channels click rate is less than 0.01%, the unit price is less than 0.01$advertising kill, do not show! I deleted all the ads. How many ads should I put in? I’ll tell you the answer and the reason. Just put an ad on the page enough. All the advertisers in the world want to show their ads where the user is most likely to see them

Lei Jun in the industry has a well-known metaphor: "standing in the Taiwan air outlet, a pig can fly."". His understanding is that successful entrepreneurs have two important things: a good entrepreneur, maxima is a good opportunity for "typhoon".

said. The company that runs like this looks risky, but it has a solid foundation and is easier to succeed. Such as where the customer, such as play."

and Lei Jun Li Xueling, the play may be a "a heaven-made match". After the evolution of multiple relations, the two people at the moment are "happy and common", "era of togetherness", "major shareholder". This legend, in the fickle Internet arena, can continue to deduce how long?

      1; unit price

togetherness era prospectus shows that the company chairman Lei Jun and CEO Li Xueling held 23.8% shares of the era of togetherness, and is the largest shareholder. It was calculated that if more than $1 billion valuation calculation, the value of the stock held by Lei Jun to play for $238 million, return on investment as high as 238 times.

      revenue = unit × browser /1000

Talk about the latest and most profitable Wangzhuan projectDecrypt 2009-2010 of the Internet’s most

for 09 years Chinese Internet is an eventful year, policy domain name server record strict examination, analysis of a malicious domain is unrelated to fengdiao. Telecom operators in order to avoid this storm, do not consider the feelings of individual owners, without permission to stop the entire computer room… Such a hurricane is one of the worst in China’s history of the Internet, and many small owners have been affected. Income is appalling.. But in such an environment, some other people who enjoy the industry are making a lot of money silently. Are they deep in their background or precise in their eyes?. Next, I’ll give you 818.

? Without web site can be extended? The answer is yes, I will give an example of this is not very popular Affiliate Marketing? If you have a Taobao customer, know what it is? Taobao off just Affiliate Marketing one of the business model CPS, CPL, CPC etc. finally, to promote, or service information and product information.

, the extension of the way I will not say, look at the ads all over the mountains and plains will know. Some people and some people buy some monthly auction portal advertising, some SEO, some people put CPC anyway, as long as there is to measure what have these ads look at YAHOO’s home page promotion column is full of this kind of advertising.

said so many things to see some friends may beat a retreat. Four how can I all have? Only one or two of them can do? These are actually, in combination with individual stationmaster countries increasingly standardized stationmaster industry under the condition of the best way out is the actual situation, combined with the Internet and the real phase is the future main line.

from now, probably about two years more! Look at the title, want to make money, people must hope to disclose the latest and most profitable Wangzhuan project, however, there is no what good Wangzhuan introduce to you, because when it comes to money? Man earns is little below! Just tell you note how novice! from scratch, from less to more than a process of accumulation, after all, the new project has accumulated in the old Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project on the

customer service, customer service staff can be said to depend on the level of your success, the most important part of the shopping process, it should not only have good sales skills but also have profound professional knowledge. Many do this regularly by professional trainers to train their customer service.

The second part is the extension of

Do Wangzhuan

third part logistics, currently doing this kind of products, in order to improve the turnover rate of orders. Most of the goods are on delivery, and this is a contract with the logistics department. Try to find more logistics companies, which places what logistics companies are not distribution, to understand.


website, is to promote the process of. Regardless of the site, or other Wangzhuan, all cannot do without the promotion!! if you do not believe, the novice can see what you are doing, or look around Wangzhuan project, even those who engage in Wangzhuan training are engaged in promotion! Otherwise, where the training of personnel, training fees received from where

After the completion of the

this, in fact, belongs to the scope of e-commerce, we look at their operations, the general operation of this kind of need four most of the source of goods, promotion, customer service, logistics. In each of these four parts, each link is very important, and we are speaking in turn. The first is the supply, many Taobao customers friends actually should expect to do these things but don’t have a good supply and customer service system so they do a Taobao customer to Taobao in the promotion of their sellers do get only a few percent of the share. There are several considerations for the selection of goods, 1. Price 2. Is Taobao available?. The first question is well understood, the lower the price, the greater the operating space profit. The second question is very simple, and some people see your product, feeling good, may go to Taobao to see if there is cheaper. This will lose part of the flow.

The fourth part ?Someone asked

last AD, if you are doing or want to do this industry, or you are watching the personal Adsense e-commerce and I exchange into >

said the money, each Wangzhuan project, if you do a very thorough, I believe it can still make money, and I personally suggest that you work hard, don’t do Wangzhuan part-time! Personally, I first start from the free Wangzhuan at that time a lot of people are to promote offline links from free blog in, my first click Wangzhuan is bux.to other surveys, surfing approximately, the original pay is like $5, I finally went to $4.5, and later to pay $10, more heavy, had to give up! In fact, there was a small number of people the monthly income of tens of thousands of free Wangzhuan I am a novice, no way!, these people are basically independent websites have their own, their job is to develop offline, then generate a new argument, Offline rebate! Then there have been a number of offline rebate software, what VIP offline rebate software, worth hundreds of thousands, but doing this, many new owners have bought such software to open the rebate business! Say money, of course is to enter the sooner the more money it! Reminds me of a classic English, The sooner you begin, the sooner you start earning a lot of money! Use the rebate software, there are a lot of people by selling their guide website, also made a fortune! Said so many words, personal advice is the best novice to do an independent the blog site, also, the operation of the operation! Do this industry is a process of accumulation! as for how to build websites, is beyond the scope of this article.

Sales are the core competitiveness of Internet sites

1, early in the morning to see Sina, Chen Yizhou accepted Sina Technology interview, said happy network such a web site no threshold, it is easy to imitate. But he did not say happy nets therefore not competitive, but will not become the imaginary enemy inside the school. See such a paragraph, and let me imagine again, what is the real core competitiveness of Internet sites,


2, whether it is for the Internet, or open a face booth, investigate its purpose, all in order to make money, in order to make money. The Internet is just a tool to make money. If the same as traditional enterprises, then the fundamental in making money should be the same, that is, only sales is the core competitiveness of the Internet site lies. In addition to sales, all other things should stand in line.

3, a highly monopolistic web site like Baidu, is already very hard to imagine. Making an excellent Internet product is no longer difficult, and the real difficulty is how to sell your website.

4, product design is not important, important, there is no good product is cheating; art is not important, but also important, there is no good-looking interface, people simply do not look up. But in my mind, these ratios will not exceed half. Only sales and sales are the eternal topic and direction of an Internet company.

5, wine is also afraid of deep alley, so call. Happy network propaganda, unlike many SNS sites, not specific detail we can see on the Internet data. How to advertise, how to promote, how to rise, these are the real competitiveness of Internet companies. The DIY Department of our website regularly says, "your first attribute in the company is not the programmer, the artist, the customer service, but the sales.". Sales are our first attribute, and secondly, we are programmers, artists, customer service. Everyone should always remember that sales are tied to everyone. That’s what I think. Maybe not. But I think so.

6, and finally for their personalized gifts to make a small advertising, but also with the webmaster network cooperation, to serve you. Http://diy.admin5.com

China’s 100 bit Internet CEO panorama survey http://www.admin5.com/article/20080921/105173.shtml

What kind of entrepreneur are you

‘s not rash, and there is a different character, rash and too much in haste, the choice in the venture will be above the natural difference. So, if you decide to start a business, the premise of natural or understand what kind of entrepreneur is better. So, what kind of entrepreneur are you? And let’s do a little test.

test: see what kind of entrepreneur you are

entrepreneurship. Not impossible, too, if you want to be successful in the need for themselves and the environment have a basic analysis and clear understanding of everything around, only do so successfully to entrepreneurship, and create the most wealth in the shortest time, you know what you are entrepreneur


test to see what kind of entrepreneur you belong to:

we all like to spy on other people’s privacy, and it seems that everyone has a peeping experience. If one day, when you walk in the street, found that the high wall has a small hole, you want to see what the hole from what


A. a pair of men and women

B. garden or lawn

C. magnificent mansion

D. watchdog or guard


A: you are a standard optimist, when you want to start a business, we must carefully review your goals is not rich and the actual situation of their own accord, whether it is in the range of your ability, not blindly optimistic, which is the root cause for to your failure, prepare for the worst to make you succeed faster.

choose B people: that you are a very realistic person, in the formulation of the objective is always very objective, so it is relatively easy to achieve. But is your style. But the lack of a little aggressive and passion, which is an obstacle of your development, if you can let go a little, a little more daring, it is more perfect.

choose C people: that you are a very worship of money, there are a lot of dreams, but always looking forward to the luxury of life. You have the objective of earning money, and you always have a way to get rich. But you know, you are the one to make money and desperately, which is harmful to health, so money is important, but you should know is that life is very important, do not make money to see than life and health are important to.


What is Machida Zushi’s investment fund

heard a statement before this is why this era has been able to progress forward, nothing more than three words: diversity. What do you mean? Perhaps because of the diversity of the world, so that the world because of the diversity of the collision can be derived more than what we do not know. For example: the food and beverage industry if there is no replacement for the diversity of the brand will not have such a hot food market exists. Because what is left is the best, the best to meet the needs of consumers. Sushi is a kind of food now many people are more love, so many investors want to open a sushi restaurant, CHO, Da Zushi has a lot of sushi in the country, joining Machida Zushi has also been a lot of people’s attention. So how much is Machida Zushi joining fee?.

what is Machida Zushi’s investment fund?

"Machida Zushi" brand was founded in Shenyang in 2004, and quickly with good product quality, won the favor of consumers. Through the continuous efforts of the company’s innovation, independent research and development of more than and 30 kinds of unique taste, suitable for Chinese customers taste and well received sushi. "Do Chinese sushi" has become the purpose of the enterprise unchanged. Over the years, "Machida Zushi" brand continues to grow, in 2008 the development of franchise, and to spark Liaoyuanzhishi quickly across the three provinces in Northeast China, as of 2015, "Machida Zushi" stores a total of 390, the same year in May, "Machida Zushi", a comprehensive upgrade to the "sushi".

Machida Zushi is hot to join, join the fee as follows:

is a small mini shop (about 20 square meters), joined the fee of $8800, a deposit of 3000 yuan a slightly larger standard store (shop area). In more than and 30 square meters, the franchise fee is $12800, $5000 deposit

a variety of options, ultra-low cost of joining, so that you worry about the venture, a few million to join the cost is also the majority of franchisees can afford, if you want to join, they quickly action!

2013 summary of the direction of online education mobile O2O

with the development of the times, each industry has emerged unprecedented new business opportunities and new directions. The new model to subvert the tradition, the impact of new products life, new ideas to drive the nerve, innovation has become the basis for the survival of Internet companies.

2012, China’s education industry IT investment reached 43 billion 910 million yuan, an increase of 20.9%, China’s education information market is growing rapidly. Taobao’s data show that in 2012 Taobao education sales reached 330 million yuan, of which the teaching materials are complementary, and the other is the sale of courses in the other 200 million.

2013, the total number of mobile Internet smart terminal equipment held by Chinese national first United States, as the world has the most mobile internet terminal equipment state. The vast number of smart phones and tablet PCs using customer groups, frequent use of APP, so that China has become a huge hotbed of APP application development market.