Love Shanghai snapshot not update or update the reason very slowly and its solution

love Shanghai is generally reduced, for the following reasons: such as site poisoning, the server is not stable, friendly, Shanghai dragon website is not cheating, which suggest the webmaster from your website self check, first check your site if there is some illegal information, or Links. Is there some illegal websites, there may even be a malicious attack etc.. Then from the web log or log in the server where the analysis server is down, this should contact the server side; if you love Shanghai right down, included in the site will be reduced, ranking will drop even snapshot.

for the above three points, we also summarize the corresponding solutions:


has a lot of love for a long time Shanghai website was not updated, a week, half a month, a month or even longer is possible, especially in some new! You say they do not update the wrong people, but it is so just passable!

according to me and my friends for many years, some Adsense summary, this issue to analyze the reasons, and discuss the corresponding solutions. What if there is not accurate or lack of place please point out, we can make progress together!

to solve!I have some experience in First, the site was the weight of

second, a long time not updated website content;

, I have a website (sanweishuwu novel) is also like this, not updated snapshot date for nearly a month, so we also study several people after the general discussion, we conclude that this phenomenon is generally caused by the following reasons:

First, the site was the weight of

, second for content updates do not say, the content of a web site must be updated frequently. So how to update? Small business websites, the number of 2 to 5, every day is enough, not too much; content, try to release some news related with your company in the industry, the company is the best news, such as the company’s new products listed, the company has achieved what kind of honor like; of course you can also publish some hot news, false original can, in pseudo original time is best to propagandize the company, such as before a black Chongqing made fast, then you can say XX company to pay tribute to such anti hero, and then the way to introduce a > in the content inside

you know love Shanghai domestic small spider but very diligent, in this respect rather than say they are "bees", diligent tireless. The little spiders crawl on the site every day, but this is not updated snapshot, most of the new Adsense also said some "all at sea", more do not talk to

love Shanghai reduced;


third, website no original content, or similar station content and other sites, but no other high weight website.

The high quality of the chain of love Shanghai collection you still do it

on the number of sex shops in Shanghai collecting a lot of

I found that my web log is simply not the user through the collection of love Shanghai visiting records, and not a station not, all stations do not have to say, really very strange, this time, the author made a bold idea, not love is not love collection in Shanghai it included Shanghai, khan!

love Shanghai collection did not join the nofollow label

maybe we all believe that love is in love with Shanghai wishlists sea son, high weight does not say, the snapshot can also attract spiders, improve site weight, which is different from the love experience of Shanghai, Shanghai love collection did not join the nofollow tag, so, love Shanghai collection is really outside the chain of high quality.

The first 5

Taobao love Shanghai

love Shanghai add collection graphic

in fact, only those columns are allowed to fall in love with the sea national editor, this gave Shanghai dragon Er provided a broad space.


next to a love Shanghai snapshot button, then click on the go when we can see the love of Shanghai "and open the snapshot snapshot of the identical.

products, I believe we all know, are also doing, high weight is recognized, it is beyond doubt; then, sixth collections, do not know if you have not noticed? Anyway, before the small long notice, but also doing, even specially registered dozens of all accounts for your website, have to say, it is too easy to love Shanghai collection to do, after all do not need to review the collection, please see:

is like the photo above, in fact as long as we fill in the title, URL, description, keywords, and then select the open box, a so-called love Shanghai collection will be accomplished, we look at the chain of the.

that there were a lot of sex shops Chinese Shanghai collection the largest B2C on Taobao, but also to have a share.

to test their ideas, the author looked at love Shanghai collection robots>

we all know the weight high love Shanghai products, such as the Shanghai encyclopedia love love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know, love Post Bar, Shanghai library, love Shanghai experience and so on, and these high weight products belong to the love of Shanghai community service sub section below.

collection after collection chain

love Shanghai community service high weight column list

but love Shanghai collection is really high quality of the chain? No, not at all, and even can be said to be of no value, but this is not the careful observation of Weakness lends wings to rumours., web log conclusion.

The tragic experience of love Shanghai new line of hasty lose after having got it

? Figure

has recently witnessed a new hasty painful process on the line, can be described as twists and turns! When, just on the line of surprises, love the day of Shanghai website, Google included second days, and two gods is updated every day, sometimes even is the second love Shanghai. Soon after, no longer love Shanghai, K off the website home page, Google is no longer included. After more than 20 days, fell in love with the sea only intermittently gives the page snapshot, Google is still not improved. (this is the site’s home page snapshot love Shanghai History)


? snapshot of love

: this problem is mainly aimed at new sites in the site level flat do is in place. Some of the new web level is too deep, the search engine needs after several cycles to grab the end page. However, the search engine is generally not as good as the patience of the new station, so it is easy to cause the new content can not be well indexed by search engines.

no matter from a personal point of view, or from the company’s point of view, want to make the website on-line as soon as possible. For individuals, the website can bring a sense of accomplishment on the line as soon as possible. For the company, one day earlier on the line, it means a day earlier profit. Indeed, under normal circumstances, can make the website quickly on-line, meets everybody wishes. However, there is an old saying: eat hot tofu

will be on the line, we are very excited mood. However, for advise webmaster friends must hold your hand to hold the Boss impulse, "coercion". Oh! This one, we should Study hard "occupation spirit of the most beautiful driver Wu Bin". Everything in the future development of web

confirmed that the new line

is!The six important problems of

, the first web site is search engine friendly

new station on the line before, owners must Hold


eat hot tofu! Don’t be hasty new on-line

, of the new Shanghai history

new station on the line before, you need to check whether the site keywords have been completed layout. Usually, the keyword of the website is divided into three layers to set. The placement of the core keywords, channel and column page placed two keywords, long tail keywords placed the content page.


second, keywords layout is

individual website rush on the line, not.

The new

third, whether the site test in common browser on

I believe we saw above, can feel for frustration and pain. After this time a painful experience, for the small sum, and strive to learn, next time no longer suffered the same experience. I borrow A5 this treasure, released, hope to be helpful to the big guy.

Personal website construction and promotion of general steps

is now building a website is actually quite a hard thing, not to say that there will be an idea will be implemented immediately, summed up, and generally have to go through the following steps:

1, the pre planning of the website, what services and functions should be provided, and the division of channels and columns. Focus on only one subject.

2, website content preparation, which need to provide electronic version, which need to provide pictures and images, basically content preparation should closely rely on existing planning scheme to collect and sort out.


program design, this can also according to the actual situation, if the site anxious released on-line, but also for the individual and not too strong requirement, may be the construction site using mature system, half the time it can be issued a very mature website, the website can download data, types are: the information and forum etc..

4, domain name and space provider screening, domain name must be better remember, when necessary, you can go to China domain name club, Taobao and other trading platform Amoy a very good.


space must be stable, do not covet cheap, so as not to cause the website visits a slightly increased, frequent downtime. My suggestion is that the content is not too much, the amount of visit is not too much, then rent space to do, and so on after the big talk, the initial recommendation of using a virtual host.

Optimization of SEO

5, the website, as of 2006 the site has about 700000, how talent shows itself in these sites is a big issue, so we must make the optimization of SEO, from the channel and column, each site elements, and the site map should be taken into account, the only way.

The first step in the promotion of

6, the website is to each big search engine login and submit, if the energy is limited, at least have to submit: Google, Baidu, Yahoo, such as free and the effects are good, but there may be up to a month before the successful login.

7, and secondly, promotion is going to maximize the application and exchange of links, and more to some classification website login, the good news is this is also free, and can save to good PR and exposure opportunities. Do not know the search engine login entrance please use Baidu Search feeds by

How should blogs be found in the developing spring

if the blog industry suffered winter, it meets the development bottleneck, so light blog can be regarded as in this environment, the road of change, compared to the traditional form of a blog, with little net led domestic light blog camp have abandoned the traditional blog of information overload, low efficiency, information update is slow, turn to the more information of social interaction, but it did not, do foreign light blog good premise, domestic light blog camp was wailing everywhere, even to. I think this, in addition to WeChat, micro-blog and other more emphasis on social product shocks, some objective factors and industry environment is also worth thinking about.

has never been able to set up a sustainable marketing attribute,

In this

only takes little network as an example, because I just begin to contact the light blog is from little start, register a user name, and then you can have two domain names, and change the template, little net to me was quite a good impression. But after a period of operation, I found that the net is actually more suitable for a friend like a small talk, that is, this area is more suitable for entertainment, but not suitable for marketing. The little net blog layout, mostly by picture clues series, bloggers can in the picture under the simple write point text, but the text on the importance of Buddha in the little net in the network is not enough, little popular blog ranking, most of them are photography, delicacy, music and other minority groups, for a wide range of people the attraction is not enough. In addition to do more for a long time, the feeling of seemingly gorgeous blog interface is actually quite confusing, especially when the product marketing, is to catch the key, it is for this reason that led me to give up little bit, perhaps really only as an entertainment zone.

pays attention to the value of information, but forgets the existence of business,

dot network has been unable to break through the barriers to development, becoming a representative of the success of the blog transformation, largely because of operational bias. Because the light blogging team although abandoned the traditional blog on the problems in the information overload, increase information simplification, enhance the quality of information, but the high quality information means the information will have very few friends yongcu. That is to say the light blog about photography, painting and even art themes are not enough to attract more grassroots, light blog operation team should understand is any of a product to obtain the market in the early stage of recognition, it is necessary to firmly attract low-end users, to get the attention in the search for high-end, it is the development of smart China market under the. Obviously, little net ignores the existence of business, there is no grassroots support for users, without the user base that certainly won’t win the favor of the marketing staff, and no one to help you up, your products and how the fire? As a power blog said, although about gun fame is not very good, but it brings development opportunities to the unfamiliar street, isn’t it?

, don’t socialize for social


" might have been a bit, but it was

Design thinking not just to meet user needs



[Abstract] the author @ a soil thief, Design Thinking is a design idea, which is focus on is no longer the "use" itself, but by understanding the internal user mental model, user environment, and observed in the mental model and the dual role of environment behavior, to a design can really into their lives, are dependent on their products. In simple words, Design Thinking doesn’t just think about how users use it; it’s more about understanding the user and the environment in which it is located.

– not, only, understand, people, s, activities, also, more, importantly, to, understand, people, and, their, context (internally, and, externally), of, those, to, activities.

why does Design Thinking focus more on people themselves and their environment than on their direct usage?


person and his actions are connected by context, and he chooses to start the act only on the basis of a certain context. And this context is divided into internal and external, intrinsic refers to the person’s own internal drive and natural attributes; external refers to the environment in which it is located.


, for example:

scene: everyone is talking intently, and my cell phone rings at this time.

drives me to answer the phone, in the context of "


intrinsic: my judgment on the importance of this call, my experience of not answering this call, resulting in consequences, etc.,

external: what I do or do not do to the present environment, what influence this influence on me, and so on;

The dual role of

‘s internal and external influences determines whether or not I do such an activity. If I am in the context of the foreign judgment is: This is an open environment, no one will care about you is not to answer the phone; if I judge on the internal context is the last time I didn’t answer the phone I still take for the consequences based on good. Then I might have answered the phone.

another case, we will compare the influence of internal and external context: if the external context influence over internal – even if I do not answer the phone the consequences could not pick up the phone, because the boss is scold you, then I will not answer the phone.


Static goods sales tend to be more effective

now people in the promotion of goods are often a variety of publicity, consumers can only be based on the sales staff to understand the words of the product. In fact, we are now selling goods, might as well take "static goods sold" business strategy, so that the effect is often better. After all, let consumers really understand the goods, so as to attract more people to buy.

not long ago, a shopping mall launched a place called "static goods sell" activities, attracting a large number of customers.

the shopping mall on both sides of the entrance to the store set up two rows of pavilions, built in a number of day and night non-stop washing machine, free laundry for customers for 50 days. Outside the pavilion with a notice: no matter who, as long as the washing machine failure occurs, you can get a free washing machine. The move has aroused great interest, every day there are many onlookers to leave "". Washing machine in the people’s attention to a small noise, wash clean, do not hurt the clothing, the motor is not hot, and many other advantages, so that customers feel the convenience of the washing machine, practical. Customers buy, sales are rising.

today, customers go shopping, some salesperson always blindly to say how good customer goods and how to perfect, so much publicity goods, often make the purchase and use of the customers feel cheated.

I have had such an experience. Last summer, I went to an electric appliance store to buy a wall fan, salesman tried to sell a certain brand of wall fan, and has repeatedly claimed that this wall fan quality, genuine. However, I bought a home with less than ten days on the bad. I found the merchant to discuss the argument, but ignore the business, and later reluctantly sent a maintenance personnel to repair a little, not a few days and bad. Until I finally found the association, the merchant promised to return. With this experience, I will be more careful after the shopping, even if the business is not good to say the goods are not easily tempted, only after many visits will be purchased.

as the saying goes: "the ears, seeing is believing." If you can engage in a number of businesses in the sales process, static goods sell activities, the characteristics of the goods to be displayed in front of consumers, so consumers in the purchase of your goods on the heart of the practical.

now, affected by the financial crisis, many businesses deserted, sad days. Businesses may wish to learn from the static goods to sell this experience, in order to sincere hospitality, the introduction of a number of close to the customer’s sales activities, arouse the customer’s desire to buy, to achieve the purpose of promoting sales.

if only through the sales staff to understand the goods, which will make a lot of consumers feel at ease. After all, the market is now a lot of counterfeit goods, some even if the publicity is good, there will be a variety of >

Food and beverage store decoration skills summary

a good restaurant, not only on the dishes are very distinctive, should also pay more attention to the decoration. Restaurant franchise owners will always worry about the decoration problem. Restaurant design elements should be coordinated, can not appear contradictory phenomenon. So, what are the skills of restaurant franchise? Xiaobian this is introduced to you.

1. wall

At present, many varieties of

2. ground

3. ceiling

4. doors and windows

What are the

5. lighting

should be selected according to the design of the light. The light distribution should be rational and beautiful, the lamp should not be too much, otherwise it is messy and not easy to clean; choose the droplight should pay attention to the installation height of the space, can not be too low, so as not to cause depression, but also pay attention to coordination and favorable area proportion of the lobby, top-heavy feeling will produce, is a small figure.

6. curtain

general use light color gauze shade, and various style of match can produce good results. Hang up to stretch, generous, long, wide size should be appropriate.

7. bar

What are the

Taobao started the reason why so many people shop

talk about "man" this brand, many people may be its loyal customers. Indeed, in many women’s brand stereotyped, Yan man by virtue of its unique product design, coupled with high-quality material, for consumers to create a more comfortable fashion wearing experience, thus more sought after by the market. However, in the above Taobao has a high degree of popularity of the man, and now began to open online store, but also open a lot of. So, why is that?

2014, a fashion show Oriental TV "goddess’s new clothes" broadcast show designer clothes within the specified time, and then get the program live shows, and let the buyer to decide whether to buy through the auction. Sit in the "golden master" on the position of Fang Jianhua with the funny speech style into the audience’s vision, he led the clothing brand "Yin" lavish, occasionally shout out the most expensive.

this file draws on fashion, media and retailers of television programs in the eyes of Fang Jianhua is an important transition in the brand transformation. Prior to this, the main cotton dress "Yin exists only a handful of people in the mouth. Fang Jianhua said his customers are mostly living with some experience in women, advocating unassuming and elegant style, an affordable price.

more importantly, they are a group of Taobao users. Now we discuss the traditional hot in clothing brand "how to compete for business resources or whether the electricity supplier will hurt the brand image" and other issues, Yin man do not have this concern: before 2015, Yan man is a pure Internet brand, only electricity supplier channels.

but this format has to change this year.

2015 began in July, Yin man opened his first direct store. In April this year at the beginning of the 2016 Chinese fashion forum, Fang Jianhua started as a business clothing brand representative, stressed their "1000 city shops" plan in his speech: he will direct and join the thousands of stores in the open way, in 5 years, this figure there may be tens of thousands of.

in many people’s eyes, this plan is dangerous and aggressive. Amoy brand stationed in the line, the risk is not small. Cheng Weixiong, general manager of Shanghai habitat Brand Management Co., Ltd., said in an interview: the problem is to wash the brand line under the channel is the inertia of online thinking, conversion is a problem. Store to support the store rent, labor costs, etc., it is difficult to achieve profitability."

besides, it’s going to be so much.

was born in 2007. 1998 started in Guangdong, Fang Jianhua, after 9 years of foreign trade foundry finally encountered the bottleneck of macroeconomic trends. That year, foreign students

4 days to eat 90 tons of red city of eating red perfect ending

December 15th, Huangzhong County town village Party mouth black DOPA Wencheng greenhouses, Fang and his wife Dong Yun looked at Wencheng closely written sales record book, deeply sighed: "today, our globe finally sold out, hanging in the heart stone is landing."

Since 11,

West metropolitan city of eating red after the event started, Xining people actively participate in urban management, commerce, traffic police and other relevant departments to fully support, then, the provincial capital six big supermarket to help. In December 15th, Fang Wencheng plateau has been sold out "the city to eat red, red" perfect ending.

4 days 90 tons, slow-moving variable selling


"we didn’t think it was selling so fast." Fang Wencheng took the small starting up, "4 retail outlets, two days sold 24 tons; people took 20 tons; 6 supermarkets in two days for 10 tons; the public group purchase 15 tons; plus 20 tons of fruit dealers away. These 4 days sold nearly 90 tons of Red Plateau, really makes people happy."

in the calculation of these days the couple Wencheng sales, there are still a lot of people call the order red, but I am sorry to Wencheng side with each other and say, "I sold out of the red." Fang Wencheng put the phone down, Shuangshouyitan: "red becomes popular unsalable, many people now call the order, but in the remaining red is not ripe, some with good products." In Wencheng plan, the rest of the globe does not intend to sell in large quantities.

has been sold to the supermarket supply red

these two days, the weather is getting cold, Fang Wencheng received a call from several public telephone, said some frozen red, in order to prevent the red was frozen, and quickly removed the 4 Party into temporary point of sale of red globe.

"I came today, you do not sell the red?" "I can’t find your red point of sale?" The same day, the party has received such Wencheng telephone consultation, every time he answered patiently: "because of the fear of grapes frozen, we canceled the temporary point of sale, can buy red in large supermarkets in Xining plateau."

just answer the public telephone over the textile supermarket and Wangfujing supermarket phone call in the supermarket, Red Plateau out of stock, hope Fang Wencheng to send some of the past, we can only say sorry to Wencheng plateau grape has been sold out, unable to supply the supermarket.

left some red to provide people picking

"these two days, there were many people come to pick, left some red house." Fang Wen said, left red, some not ripe, with good products, "let the grape growing for a period of time in the shed, for public picking."

from the West metropolitan city of eating red "activities started, these days there are thousands of people drive to shed a lot of people are picking grapes, is with the elderly and children together," not disappoint them ". Fang Wen said, the two day morning 10;