Third Plenary Session of the Third Plenary Session of the spirit of learning

For further study and implementation of party spirit in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, recently, Datong county organized the county leadership at the county level, the township party secretary, township, county Party committee is mainly responsible for the various departments and county units, people’s organizations, part of the county people’s Congress, members of the county committee, County retired cadres, the provincial, municipal civilized unit and responsible person the village Party branch secretary and director of the community, a total of more than 500 people attended the party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will be the spirit of learning.It is reported that read more

The completion of the 19 air pollution control projects in Gan River

Since the implementation of the comprehensive management of air pollution has been attached great importance to the Gan River Industrial Park, careful deploy, sound system, implement the responsibility to promote the park air pollution remediation work. Up to now, the park has completed 19 air pollution control projects.

The college entrance examination in our province rural students dream plan benefits

The reporter learned from the provincial admissions, to speed up the narrow the gap between rural and urban, to further improve the proportion of rural students in key universities to recruit, let more studious rural children into the key universities, excellence University Alliance member of Beijing Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, Dalian University of Technology, Southeast University, South China University of Technology, Tianjin University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and other decision for remote and poverty-stricken in minority areas especially county 832 national poverty alleviation and development work and a special focus on contiguous counties and below middle school students to implement joint examinations, candidates for the convenience of our province in accordance with the conditions of the rural students, the provincial admissions announced the "situation of excellence University Alliance members of the school entrance examination in a timely manner.

Object: in line with the 2014 national college admissions examination, high school has a remote and poverty-stricken ethnic minority areas especially county 832 national poverty alleviation and development work and a special focus on contiguous and below the county secondary school for three consecutive years and actually attended school, with rural household registration and family in the rural areas, diligent good schools, students with good scores can apply.

examination arrangement:

the examination time in 2014 04 – 26 August 9:00-12:00 read more

Xining City the recent delivery of 4000 tons of vegetables to protect the winter and spring market

Recently, Xining rural commercial agricultural and sideline products Co. Ltd. will be from outside the transporting 4000 tons of vegetables in winter and spring, guarantee market supply, stabilize market prices.

The evening check for passengers traveling to a coup

December 25th, Xining Railway Station officially put into operation. The first day of operation of reporters at the scene found the Capitol, although in the train station, subway everywhere in the volunteers and service personnel, but there are still many passengers "not clear".

remind one:

pit must be two

for the new station elevated waiting, progress under the layout, the public also need to adapt. To get into the train, must go through the two floor waiting hall. However, the first day of the Xining Railway Station, some passengers because they are not familiar with the path, carrying luggage ready to go out from the station (underground) break, was stopped by staff and indicate the correct path. read more

Xining Center for Disease Control and prevention held eighteen Daqing’s knowledge contest of the 71

June 15th CDC held the party’s knowledge contest to greet the eighteen anniversary, 71 "as the theme of the center, two branches of four teams to participate in the contest, all Party members and staff center cheering for the team members in the field.
race in tension, active atmosphere, competition with some choice questions to determine the problem, short answer questions and other forms, the players compete with you, encouraging each other, for each question carefully, carefully determine the answer, the judges are not comprehensive to answer a detailed answer. After intense competition, the center of a branch of a team, the two team won the one or two prize of the two branch.
  read more

Xining will focus on health and safety of food and beverage establishments and other places

Qinghai news network from now until May 31st, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau will focus on the regulation of farmhouse, pastoral circle, tea and other places of health and safety of food and beverage.

it is understood that the content and focus of this special rectification are: business permit and health permit shows, severely punished, and extended beyond the scope of unlicensed operation and other illegal acts; operators and employees health laws and knowledge training, and severely punish employees without a valid health certificates and other illegal activities of food and raw materials; the establishment and implementation of purchasing permit system, and severely punish the procurement and use of low-grade edible oil, spices, substandard industrial salt or non food raw materials and the use of toxic and harmful substances in food processing and mortality or unknown causes of livestock and poultry products and products processing of food and other illegal activities; the health facilities, food processing room, operating room the layout, process flow, production process meets the health requirements, and severely punish unauthorized production layout or layout does not change Reasonable processing and health does not comply with the hygiene requirements and other illegal activities; tableware cleaning, disinfection, accommodation, health bedding, public facilities and health condition, severely punished public tableware, utensils disinfection and cleaning does not meet the requirements of health and other illegal behavior. (author: young Li) read more

This year the lantern play low carbon environmental protection brand

Lantern Festival night, the city of Xining was decorated with a variety of lanterns colorful gorgeous, attracted public praise. And more worthy of praise is the Lantern Festival this year, in line with the spirit of thrift, thrift, focusing on the "snake" culture at the same time, playing "low carbon environmental protection" brand.

It is reported that

, in the Lantern Festival, in the District of Xining city to create beautiful lanterns, the lantern art tradition combined with modern technology, and in the production process as much as possible the use of waste materials, energy-saving materials etc.. The reporter learned from the North District of Xining City, to achieve the purpose of saving money and long lighting, in addition to the north area of the transformation of traditional lantern lantern for environmental protection, combined with street lighting scheme, the street lighting poles, trees, green belt to replace the disposable lighting and lighting lanterns will be permanent, together with to economize and beautify the environment effect. (author: Peng Na)
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West 13 road sweeping uninterrupted

Every morning, when you greet Asaka, ready for the start of the busy day, clean streets, all kinds of cleaning machinery, part of the work of cleaners, is being carried out in full swing in. Reporters from the City Center District Urban Management Bureau of sanitation machinery cleaning team learned from morning from 8 to 7 in the morning, the area of 13 main roads, a road viaduct, what other sections of the clean never stopped. Since 2009, Xining, the major streets of the traffic isolation fence, the clean-up work has been a problem. Beginning in September this year, the West District Urban Management Bureau of Sanitation Center mechanical cleaning brigade took the initiative to undertake the work of the street area traffic isolation fence cleaning. At the beginning of September, a special cleaning traffic isolation fence sweeper appeared in the area of the street, the area began to take 11 road, 9 street all traffic isolation fence cleaning work. In addition, since the City District Urban Management Bureau of Sanitation Center mechanical cleaning brigade since its establishment, has introduced 23 sets of cleaning machinery, including dry sweeping 4 cars, 13 street cleaning work area take 8 hours, greatly reduce the working risk of cleaning workers. Spray dust suppression car 1, winter dust all day work. Sprinkler 8 units, all day on the streets of the size of the dust removal. Wash sweep 3 units, mainly responsible for the area of the main pollution streets and facilities incomplete road clean-up work. 1 separate cleaning vehicles and sidewalks cleaning car of 1 units, respectively, the area of the work area for cleaning. According to the City District Urban Management Bureau of Sanitation Center mechanical cleaning brigade, mechanical cleaning brigade bear sprinkler area 13 Road, 1 road, 3 north-south viaduct, crossing the bridge of the dust, sanitation cleaning work. Summer water spray, winter spray, mechanical cleaning in the morning, manual cleaning during the day…… Uninterrupted cleaning work has created a clean and tidy environment for the city.   read more

Xining trade and ndustry Bureau a short while two stations is a caring person

from the working meeting of the construction industry and commerce administration and Party Xining city learned that in 2009 the city of Xining established 1088 "while two station" to accept and resolve consumer complaints, consumer complaints were received 1017 visitors, consulting 12 thousand and 800 passengers for consumers to avoid the economic loss of 1 million 78 thousand and 400 yuan. This year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce will continue to regulate the establishment of a two station, and strive to build a rate of up to 80%. read more