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  • Einstein teaches you how to do better in Shanghai Dragon

    Einstein once said: "a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

    4: progress of inspection and assessment work of

    1: the attitude of

    Einstein once said: "to solve the problem, we have to abandon the thinking way of manufacturing."

    proved the famous genius of Einstein had made mistakes in one or two things. But I am sure that his words make me a new idea of Shanghai dragon. I will quote a few words of Einstein here, on how to better do your Shanghai dragon.

    Shanghai dragon


    3: do

    learning by reading the article, this is not exactly true learning Shanghai dragon. This sounds a bit negative those written in Shanghai Longfeng article share people (including me), of course I want to clarify this. Although the blog forum is a good way to get Shanghai dragon theory of knowledge and information, but if you want to learn the real Shanghai dragon, then you must go out and do it.

    we all know. Shanghai dragon is a continuous process, at some point you will find some of the challenges you need to overcome. Maybe you have a natural link, you need to solve problems before they become. Or the content of your site can attract traffic. The key is, every time we all need to find and evaluate the progress of our work. This paper consists of 3D web game list 贵族宝贝yao>

    I have always believed that to do Shanghai dragon should first have a good attitude. Have the right attitude to create a decent content, to obtain the high quality of the chain, make the site more friendly to tourists, write good articles and so on. All of these things will affect your Shanghai dragon. The search engine also need your right attitude, because as a webmaster if you have a good attitude, then you will be able to provide a better experience for visitors.

    Einstein once said: "the only obstacle to my learning is my education."

    in the search engine in the world, the target can not be changed, but a real Shanghai dragon Er will change their form and method. In my opinion, if you want your Shanghai dragon in the competition held in front of you, you must constantly change, try new things. The research and experiment with new methods. This is why you must have important reason to own site. When you don’t want to make your website when there is a risk, you can test your site. Although this way you might lose something, but you have important things you try something new.

    Einstein once said: "the attitude of weakness caused weak character."

    2: try something new

    Eight major factors affecting the ranking

    The above is the younger brother of www.gzjq120贵族宝贝 reproduced Guangzhou liver disease hospital

    7, Shanghai: love spiders can not identify the picture, so be sure to add a title in the ALT attribute of the picture in.


    3, the specific frequency density algorithm is the number of keywords multiplied by the number of words, divided by the number of words, keyword density should be controlled within 3%~8%, density can cause excessive optimization.

    have different views on some of the rankings of the common opinion about the source: Please specify the source



    , 4 links: link into the chain and in the chain, a lot of friends to pay attention to the chain, little attention within the chain, actually in the chain is also very important, usually point to an important link in the chain, the more chain in an article, this article is to tell the love Shanghai more important, also in the chain as a whole your help, it is recommended that you have the best in the chain.

    6, the degree of customer experience: now love Shanghai for the ranking, the customer experience is very important to see that the client can quickly find what they need, so as far as possible the use of the sequence table and unordered list. Title and subtitle.


    1, the original Shanghai spiders love: love the original, fresh article, copy and paste the article to have a good ranking is very difficult, so I have been advocating for the site of the original.

    5, click: click on the number of general is beyond our control, click on the high number of articles, ranked relatively better.

    site traffic in addition to word of mouth word, the most important is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords have a good ranking, often can bring the objective flow, many people want a keyword up, the blind is the hair of the chain, stop the chain, but the effect is not good, the following I have to explain the influence of the ranking of the eight factors.

    2. key words to describe the location of the first 20 words appear as key words, describe the words from one to two times. The best site, the location on the site is fixed, we will not consider.

    8, we must ensure that the content, links and web sites related theme.


    Google’s official statement will not pass the psychological warfare collection of Shanghai dragon ch

    website to find their ranking suddenly disappeared, A thought was caught cheating, quickly clean up the place, and then send a very innocent letter, request to reconsider the noble baby. B site not cheating, also not modified.

    later in the micro-blog Lou song song made the news, Google webmaster guidelines on micro-blog reply as follows: responsible to clarify, noble baby did not, not now, I believe the future will never be so. As long as the site owners did not violate the quality guidelines, will not be noble baby treatment. Even if you violate the quality guidelines, as long as the re correction according to the requirements of the website, complaints about, baby will be revoked once noble treatment. Please rest assured the webmaster, we are very reliable.

    For example, when the A B

    also recommended nobility baby: if you find the website ranking in the noble baby included abnormal, we suggest that the first thing is to confirm whether the site is a noble baby, although he didn’t cheat or hackers or competitors to attack, causing the site to appear spam may.


    when you encounter this kind of situation, if you cheat, guilty of cheating are clearly put it, is likely to fall into the trap of the noble baby.

    At the same time,

    seroundtable reports from the aristocratic baby will adjust the ranking of search results to test various sites in response, unable to determine whether you cheat case, baby first noble right down, it is possible to determine a cheating signal.

    A novice in the eyes of Shanghai Dragon the original value of people easy to overlook the site

    many friends may say, I never mind, as long as the traffic, I do some pop-up ads or advertising, every day can also have a good income, of course I can’t say that this idea is wrong, because when I started learning website, but also think about this money. But after the recent K love Shanghai station storm, let me have to re-examine, re thinking, is to rely on the garbage sites to get temporary benefits, or on the regular site to obtain permanent interests. Everyone has his own ideas, but there is a problem is that the search engine is now increasingly perfect, the requirement of the website is more and more high, enough to see through these events, of course, because of its limited technology, there have been some problems.

    as a just contact site was less than a year of the novice, here to tell Shanghai dragon, can be a little feeling but did display slight skill before an expert, in less than a year’s time, learning from the station, to operate the site, and then to love Shanghai K station storm, to learn a lot. There are a lot of knowledge, ideas and experience, today will give you unique insights about some of their own. I hope you can set people thinking more or less please don’t laugh at me.

    here, I believe a lot of understanding good webmaster friends should understand the original value of the site is the fundamental survival website, Shanghai dragon as a technology, is based on the original value, let you get more potential value, make you more value of. Do not understand the friend, I can say. If you do the site is like a hotel, visitors to the site as a restaurant customer, and Shanghai dragon as you do all kinds of advertising. In the early stage, you rely on the powerful marketing mode, various kinds of ads to promote your hotel. Opened some time ago, many customers come to dinner, the hotel if you taste food are not what you think the customer will come second times? Obviously, no one will go. This is like you in Shanghai dragon in the search engine technology to get a good ranking, when the user points into the site to see, all kinds of garbage content and pseudo original content, not what he wanted, he would not hesitate to turn off the site, continue to search for the value of the site.

    Shanghai dragon Chinese name is search engine optimization, is the site of the keywords so that the search engine position by some technical means and can get potential customers, profit. Literally, Shanghai dragon just for website optimization, we must pay attention to the use of the term. What is the meaning of the word love optimization, Shanghai Encyclopedia of explanation is in order to better in one hand and reject the dross; personally feel that the word used in the main role of local just perfect, directly indicate the Shanghai Dragon – is in you a good, good quality of user experience good site on improvement; make it more excellent, more in line with the user experience, can attract more users to browse.

    Website optimization every day to write original, but not what egg

    correlation is not strong.The

    first, the quality is not high

    see the title don’t get me wrong, is not to say no to write original, search engine of the original article preferences, do Shanghai dragon people are aware that it is quite effective, but why not write original every day what use? Because there are three kinds of situations:

    The correlation of

    second, the


    search engine love is not equal to the original, the original article search engine said what the quality of love, imagine a piled up with various keywords a "original", but even the grammar passed, without any context logic, the search engine will be like? Also, an article is less than 100 words, any point, what mood state, simple and abstract, search engine is not micro-blog, this is a bad mouth.

    is relatively good, as long as the theme of the original article, the correlation is generally not bad, after all, not the copy. But the problem is that keywords above, may the theme is very pertinent, but the keywords appear too much irrelevant and repetitive, the search engine might think that repetition is the key word. This situation is not a few, for example, the "new webmaster should be how to do Shanghai dragon" as the title of the original article, key words should be "how to do a good job, but the content is Shanghai dragon" and "many novice webmaster have such problems, in fact, it is easy to understand, after all, is a novice webmaster over the. There are two main reasons: one is the novice webmaster experience, two is probably not enough "novice webmaster theory almost repeated many themes >

    correlation is also related to keywords, website optimization and write original, then the correlation is particularly important. For example, the medical industry site, the key word is tax planning, although the original, but see this article, people will think of this in the end is a medical website wrong topic, or tax website wrong title? Is it a search engine, and do it more thoroughly, search engine according to a phrase to "read" the key words in the article on behalf of the subject, keywords are not obvious, the correlation is not strong, the search engine will not read.

    the quality is better, the original is more effective. What is the quality? The first thing is to have the practical value of things, such as the "extension of the rapid expansion of the Meida derivative reason", "Joyoung machine instructions", "Soybean Milk domain name: www.aaa贵族宝贝" such a case analysis, can produce something of value to the reader, not thinking of the collision theory, practice, teaching case sharing, or simply to win readers a happy. Then is to sentence anacoluthon, on illogical, typos incessantly, not only the reader with search engine to read hard, you know, the search engine is actually the service for readers.

    Three factors occupy the important position of the website optimization in Shanghai Dragon

    space in many webmaster eyes with excellent website >

    , content is king

    In fact,

    most of the time, even don’t know what Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the most important, what is important. Because everything is important and not important. As the saying goes, if you want to practice martial arts masterpiece will only be careful not to forget the martial arts, martial arts martial arts wins, to reach the highest level. So to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to go beyond the Shanghai dragon optimization, then forget to do Shanghai dragon! Here is not to say that no, but the Shanghai dragon as optimization instinct, so that we can use more and more freely. So what is the most important for the website optimization Shanghai dragon? Today I talk about:

    two, the chain for emperor


    space is a basic

    "content is king, the chain for the importance of the emperor" this sentence should be able to explain the content. I often say that the content is a web site of the soul. It also shows that the content is important for survival of the website. Shanghai dragon in the optimization and the optimization is not content? How to add search engine love content, what content is popular with users, which shows the importance of content. For the webmaster, it is difficult to update the quality of the content, each person’s brain is limited, not every day there are a lot of original writing, then bitter webmaster, many webmaster began with the acquisition, because the acquisition is simple and easy, but also very efficient, little the mouse can get a bunch of than you write a day more than the original. But the search engine for the acquisition type of net production did not catch a cold, it is also contrary to the original intention of the station we do. So, the website content is very important, but high quality original content for website optimization is the priority among priorities.

    is saying that "content is king, the chain for emperor", the two are complementary. Not a single one can be omitted。 Less content cannot talk about what kind of user experience theory, less the chain on the lack of let the spider into the site crawling channel, so that both are important. But the quality of the chain for the website ranking weight is absolutely helpful. Every webmaster promotion optimization not to be able to add more high quality of the chain to the site? Although a lot of the time, a little nonsense, do garbage chain mostly, but it also proved the importance of the chain. If the chain is not important to you, then why still hard every webmaster everywhere leave links? Why is old to do outside the chain of high quality and anguish? And HAO123 of the original owners also said the site to do the ranking is chain, which also shows the importance of the chain. The author gives little hint: it should be more the pursuit of quality rather than quantity chain, because the number of the chain can rely on a large number of spam links to get, but not what the website optimization. The quality chain is different, he can effectively improve the site ranking factors such as the weight of the.

    The seven mainstream method to establish the effective of the chain

    as a webmaster although the main task is the operation and maintenance of your site, but the essential part to establish their own network resources but also in daily work. In the Internet family, if you do not have their own human resources, only alone a cavity blood is difficult to make your website development. The increase in the chain, first you should think of the use of their human resources, the resources available on the web site links or friends. In the Internet industry, most of the time is to look at the relationship, you may run a new station, PR is only 0, but the same can get through the relationship between the PR4 and 5 Links, see your relationship hard, usually is not helpful.

    five, Wikipedia wiki>

    , a use of network resources

    two, Links

    published an article on well-known websites, your own website in the article add links. This is also the ideal link object, not only can improve the visibility of the site, but also is of great benefit to improve the site’s ranking in search engines, after all, is a one-way link. But first make sure your posts can be well-known sites employed, like Admin5, if your article in accordance with the requirements of Admin5 can be hired, as long as the value of the article will be pushed to the home page, it can improve the ranking weight.

    three, text

    Links webmasters often use effective and free methods for strong correlation and high PR, a chain website, this is the ideal link object, but also according to the actual situation to you. If your PR weight is not very high, or go with their considerable Website Web site do friends chain, so the success rate will be higher. Usually by E-mail, QQ or other contact to do Links, maybe you are still unable to cooperate with some webmaster, but be sure to keep in touch, when are you qualified to cooperate with each other, will let you operate more smoothly.

    blog this year as a whole is feeling a bit down, but still have a lot of friends with love, after all is free, and very convenient, you won’t be spending too much energy. But can improve search engine rankings to make contribution, it is our choice of blog object, like a large portal blog set can be opened, can open a don’t fall.

    chain promotion is one of the most basic web site operators to promote the work, but also an important way for early promotion of website. Do the chain extension to the most effective direct help bring you flow, make your site spread better. At the same time to promote the chain but also for your search engine optimization to add a force, effective quality of the chain can help you improve website ranking. Today we talk about the seven mainstream method to establish effective outside of the chain, allows you to easily fix the chain extension.

    Four, the blog The

    With the practice of long tail keywords

    query tool (love Shanghai drop-down list, search, love Shanghai index, love Shanghai background, webmaster tools, other tools)


    : the long tail keywords are divided into two kinds, the 1 is to solve the needs of users, the other one is in the pursuit of flow. For the long tail word to address the needs of users may not love Shanghai index, the word brings flow may not be much, but the user experience is good; the other is a long tail word love Shanghai index, the main users bring traffic to a site. We should integrate the two keywords and keywords: practice, both love Shanghai index useful to the user.

    love Shanghai (www2. Baidu. com) for the background, in the "

    long tail keywords in the title (Only Title of the best teacher, appeared two times, such as: cup what brand is good? _ tell everybody Mug what brand is good?)

    see the long tail word to do good to see the following elements:


    For example:

    1, brainstorming (established in the understanding of the industry, the long tail word imagined)

    drop-down list


    love Shanghai


    3. is the number of fully containing long tail keywords in the title search results, is not good to do

    Use the

    three, the specific practices of long tail keywords station

    . How to collect the long tail keywords

    other tools (I use the term after



    keyword tool".


    2. to see how many top-level domain name before 20, many top-level domain would do well.

    love Shanghai related search:

    love Shanghai index


    1. is included in the amount of more than 1 million basic can give up


    long tail word cup this insulation products, we can think out: what brand of mug? Why thermal insulation Cup? The website to sell


    webmaster tools


    Once at least 1.

    two. The degree of competition long tail keywords

    tool to view: (Webmaster Tools)

    The weight of love Shanghai United Tencent NetEase micro-blog to enhance the real-time content page

    I love Shanghai given the timeliness of the micro-blog high weight hand is the same as Google worry, micro-blog is to avoid these social media squeezed too many users for bond love Shanghai, on the other hand may be a business cooperation and Tencent, the NetEase of Shanghai love micro-blog website. But no matter how, given micro-blog high content page weight at the same time in Shanghai, we as practitioners of network marketing or webmaster will need to think seriously about this problem, such as the key to our website authentication information on the micro-blog platform, released the latest news and information, comments, increase our site exposure rate, which should become a topic for future research of the webmaster. In this paper, Fanfan Shanghai Longfeng forum 贵族宝贝bbs.fanfan Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source.

    we know that this information is helpful for the user is more convenient for users to understand, and the real-time information is mostly Tencent micro-blog inside, it can not help but think of it that in May this year when the Sohu micro-blog once popular keywords as long as the Sohu made a micro-blog, will be able to get it good rankings. In my opinion, it is an experimental love Shanghai for micro-blog strongtimeliness do, hope to be able to provide users with more valuable information through micro-blog’s information, but we use these Shanghai Longfeng practitioners. Therefore, in the late love Shanghai reduces the weight of micro-blog Sohu.

    some time ago, Google said to adjust the algorithm, and give weight to the site page timeliness good and ranking, some analysts said, in order to avoid Google FACEBOOK those affected by aging and strong adhesion to the user information for Google. Did not expect that recently, when every search related information in Shanghai love to find love for Shanghai time high content page also began to give high weight.

    the love of Shanghai to re select the filtering information, mainly from the Tencent, NetEase micro-blog micro-blog to provide users with keywords according to the timeliness of valuable information, and these information providers have a foundation is through V the authentication of users, this is also to some extent to ensure the information content is more value.


    I talk about the optimization of Shanghai dragon journey

    optimization is a very magical art at least, so I understand, to use their own knowledge, let every keyword optimization in Shanghai love their home, that kind of sense of achievement can make people addicted to learning! Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) not only let me get the skills but also, I really realized that entering the society must understand a truth, adhere to is victory, to succeed

    learning knowledge

    when I, twenty-one years old, just graduated from college students. Remember that day morning, a friend of the same dormitory in different classes for the first time I came into contact with the concept of Shanghai dragon. When this is the case, he is in a certain site, using a sub page optimization my name and rank in Shanghai love home first, then let me love Shanghai search my name. When I love Shanghai my name, when he found in making our dormitory all information, the feeling is so surprised that the feeling is so magical! After his explanation, finally know that this is because the role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, that’s when I of Shanghai dragon, and produce my friend had a keen interest in describing the network promotion, that’s when I and the Shanghai dragon optimization indissoluble bound.

    Chushe threshold

    !Shanghai dragon

    in Shanghai Longfeng optimization interest, began to take the initiative to find some online learning materials, and later on to come into contact with several more professional forums, 28 push, push, and of course the most touched me, asked the network. Although the 28 push and push two forum is relatively large, "popularity" is relatively high, but I don’t love the atmosphere inside, no matter what the post will have robbed two floor, what is right, right, learning support, the starting point of view, uniform water paste, and the posts are mostly copy and paste up, what can disrupt the order of things, even if it is fine, very few people can learn knowledge. Of course, all this is not to say that, like Mou Changqing in published articles on the predecessors is worth learning, I have been studying. 28 compared with a push, asked the network forum I stay much longer, because there can be said to be some of the predecessors to really find inside the wise remark of an experienced person! Patience, often can find what they want to learn the knowledge. As before, I don’t know how to structure web site, don’t know how to do not understand how to optimize the site layout, content and keywords and so on, are found inside the predecessors of the society and the. As a senior member of the "Rye" smuggled goods "" anger "written articles are very good taste. Let me ask a little on the forum most nostalgia, here is very humane, you publish a new white problem, there are many seniors will patiently replies to teach you, rather than uniform water paste or despise the novice. Special thanks to the "senior member" and "user name cannot be empty" and "evil Shadow Dragons" several predecessors to teach.

    Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon