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  • The solution of network marketing puzzle in Shanghai Shanghai marketing conference to Shanghai drago

    three web site traffic come from? How to ensure the flow of income

    brought me?

    1. there is no way to Shanghai dragon, the number of inputs, the most important is the safety of


    4. work to ensure that before and after took over, avoid working in no one left over

    in addition, some sites now too much traffic, this is not a good phenomenon. First of all, the flow and the PR value of independent flow transformation will bring benefits to your website, if a user clicks on your site in a short period of time after leaving, even if he brought traffic to your website, but did not bring you any interest. So, traffic can only let users come to your website, and you want to make these users leave and create benefit for you. Besides, there are some black hat techniques will cause some traffic illusion now. Therefore, not blindly believe flow.


    today, participated in the Shanghai Shanghai dragon bridge team organized by the Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Technology conference. At this meeting, Shanghai Shanghai dragon bridge team Qiao Zong answered some questions about Shanghai Longfeng technology; at the same time, also explained some problems on the construction site. We will summarize some problems as follows:

    to tell the truth, Shanghai dragon ranking effect cannot be guaranteed. Because Shanghai is a dynamic Dragon technology, will be ranked according to the ranking algorithm rules love Shanghai change floating. But some of the work can reduce the effect of floating ranking, of which the most important is the focus on user experience, as long as the users love your website, no matter how they change the ranking rules, love Shanghai will not ignore the user’s thoughts.

    site traffic is generally divided into three sources:

    five.SNS website contains less what the original.

    Shanghai dragon

    as a training institution, you share resource is your knowledge. So you can have some knowledge of marketing, to your knowledge as the key point, will show you the advantage to your customers. At the same time, considering the problems or difficulties encountered by some users, as do some long tail keywords Shanghai dragon. So when you search for potential users of such a problem, you can put your show in front of the users.


    3. layout can best be accumulated, it can guarantee the long-term operation of

    of Shanghai Longfeng:


    two. How to ensure the effect of

    four. How the number of training institutions to do network marketing

    1. comes from the search engine;

    2. regardless of size, to ensure easy result evaluation, can receive tangible results from


    2. links from relevant websites and

    3. users to directly enter the url.

    . Some companies do Shanghai, from where to start?

    YAHOO search engine YAHOO is about to be closed

    YAHOO search


    all the way!

    dating back to 20 years ago, the YAHOO Yahoo Directory, provides a quick way to search for Internet users. In "not many times, through the website directory retrieval way users can quickly find the content they want to search for. However, this has the epoch-making product will be shut down by YAHOO.

    Yahoo Corp announced today: Yahoo Directory and Yahoo Education, the video sharing services such as Qwiki are close together. YAHOO issued a document called: "20 years ago, YAHOO launched Yahoo Directory as a web directory, to help users search on the internet. Although we are still committed to connect users with the information they are interested in, but our business has evolved, by December 31, 2014, we will close the Yahoo Directory. Advertisers will be upgraded to the new service, more details can communicate directly."

    shlf1314 Adsense recommends a 300250 format boostNovice webmaster Wangzhuan hard course full share

    at present, we have observed the implementation of the optimization of the publisher accounts, all aspects of its advertising effect has been very obvious ascension.

    extremely depressed or calm down, pick up a pen and paper to write the words in the heart, and you have the same experience that people share.

    of course it is not necessary to do their own station, can also help others to do some of the technical aspects of the work and get paid, such as helping others do website, website design, website design, LOGO design, design a poster and so on, this is some of the advantages of technology with the people with the.

    talked about Wangzhuan, I believe many people will be interested in, is also very willing to participate. To be honest, I will contact Wangzhuan for more than a month, does not earn much, 300 yuan less than, limited experience, personal views may not be able to explain to the taste, please forgive me, also welcome like-minded persons to give suggestions.

    , the ruthless storm destroyed many people’s dream home, affect how much people’s heart. The train can not pass, returning migrant workers trapped, the destruction of power facilities, communication network, frequent failures, all this to the people’s life in the New Year approaching inconvenience and loss.


    if you are interested and intend to try, please reply to this letter and tell us that we can also track your account better from the system and help you optimize your ad.

    The first kind of

    second is not technical, but familiar with the network, make use of the network of people.

    personally think that people can be divided into two types:

    when we look at your account, we find a simple and quick way to improve your advertising effectiveness.

    power for 5 days, 50 years of snow also brings me to the 20 years of the first case of the candles new funny things. The cold weather is unacceptable. Didn’t think his will is that at the beginning of year of fate.

    formatThe advantages of The following is the author of

    300*250 advertising units in click rate and advertising revenue are mainly due to the following three reasons:

    shlf1314 AdSense optimization team


    this kind of people do not understand the technology, but if the use of the network, can earn more than technical people, and more easily. Of course, do not understand technology, is always a defect. This kind of people can do many things to help others, such as propaganda website, each big forum send promotional stickers, help others site collection >

    At the beginning of the new year Do Wangzhuan

    first of all, I’d like to say hello to all the members of the shlf1314 AdSense team,

    watched carefully in your current advertising display, we recommend that you use the better advertising format 300*250. I hope you can consider this optimization proposal and update your existing ads quickly.

    believes that this is the person who fared well, but also can do very tired. A technology, can make a website, through two years of operation and management, make the website do a certain scale, when reached a certain level, you can get some revenue by selling advertising and promotional products to help others. Or, to launch their own goods or services on their website, the life of the business to the Internet, so as to achieve profitability.

    specific recommendations ————————————————————–

    1. currently has more location-based ads, which tend to be in the format of advertising units, and there are more pictures advertising in this format;

    2. is suitable for 300*250 format, the total amount of advertising is relatively more, so in general speaking, the relative price is relatively high;

    is skilled, familiar with the network, with the network in the world of people.

    shlf1314 ADSENSE today just received the official message, the site in the launch of www.ppmmw 300*250 have a relatively good experience, click rate and the diversification of advertising, such as text, picture and video advertising.

    3. in the ad unit of 300*250, the description of each advertisement is more detailed, and the advertising information is more abundant to the user, which makes readers more interested in.

    currently has some pages on your website that display square ad units in 200*200 or 250*250 format, and maintain good advertising results. But after a recent analysis of a large number of user data, we found a similar rectangular advertising unit 300*250 has a more outstanding performance, and many advertisers are more willing to in this format of advertising for advertising. So we suggest that you can try the 200*200 or 250*250 unit update for 300*250.

    until the understanding of the civilian Wangzhuan forum to let me know, what is the real me. The so-called Wangzhuan, namely the network to make money, make money through the network, use the network to make money. A computer, a network cable, a Lu You device, plus a will use the Internet, I think you can start to get involved in this industry. Of course, not to say what people can do Wangzhuan, at least you have to know a certain computer application knowledge and network knowledge, and make less money, also depends on the individual level and the ability of the.

    Love Shanghai alliance advertising and search keywords matching

    source: 贵族宝贝wanggu.in Valley Network blog please cherish the fruits of labor of others, please keep the information here.

    if you look may have been found to show some website love Shanghai advertising alliance even you often focus on industry. You may feel strange, why are you interested in some industries have appeared in different types of Web sites love Shanghai alliance advertising


    today, in a purely entertainment website often can see all kinds of advertising industry, and quite a few are interested in the industry. For example, the stock market, I search for half an hour ago, now, in a stock market with no relation to the site, to see the stock trader, like Shanghai alliance in advertisements. I then search for "gold" to "lose weight", opened later put love Shanghai advertising alliance ", found that there have been advertising alliance gold investment, gold investment software, slimming tea, L-carnitine and other related.

    had many love advertising Shanghai alliance are selling drugs, especially some of the male kidney, next to a hot beauty map. Although such ads could bring good profits, for love and love Shanghai Shanghai customers but to bring more visitors is resentment.

    so it seems that the starting point of the initiative to love Shanghai to website owners and advertisers are very favorable. If you really can have the effect as expected, is likely to improve the popularity of Shanghai love alliance.

    search, determine what are you interested in, and display ads that match. This will undoubtedly bring increased greatly to love Shanghai alliance advertising hit, let love put Shanghai alliance advertising owners have the chance to get more income through the love of Shanghai alliance. Because most advertisements will be with the user’s interests, presumably advertising conversion rate, customer turnover possibility will be higher.

    According to the previous record of your

    New three board listing business new regulations come, these 5 cases will be suspended listing!A cou

    said the share transfer system, in order to meet the needs of the stock listed electronic business operation process, to better guide the application of listed company and hosting brokerage stocks listed on the procedures, improve work efficiency, the operating guidelines for revision, revision on the date of promulgation of implementation.

    5 exists other reporting and unreported conditions relating to listing requirements.

    share transfer system website, after the instructions were in May 6, 2014, December 31, 2014 and October 20, 2015 time were revised, the revision is one and a half years again after revision.

    new reissue notice and revocation notice

    forum Jun found that the important amendments are as follows:

    this revised version of the new regulations for the termination of listing, apply for listed company to obtain the consent of the listing letter, but has not yet completed the listing of shares, may apply for termination of listing. The application for termination of the listing shall be issued by the listed company or the sponsor broker.

    for listed company listed on the consent letter, during the process of listing procedures, some cases, can suspend the listing of shares of the company for processing; listed company in the listing before the termination of the listing application program can.

    soon after I graduated from junior high school, I would like to enter the high school exam, but what I want to do after graduation and delay the exam, the results are very substandard. The moment I got home with my transcript, I was impressed

    suspend the listing process is divided into the host broker applications for suspension and the national stock transfer company initiated suspension. Pending suspension of listing matters, the sponsor can apply for the resumption of listing procedures, or by the national stock transfer company initiated recovery.

    has these 5 cases will be suspended listing

    previously, the new three board listed business does not exist suspended listing said. Some in the regional equity market listing, but also to the three new board listed companies, often in listing success after the announcement from the regional equity market delisting. In the future, this situation will be suspended or listed.

    4 has letters and calls concerning the application for listed company;

    corrections and announcements of new information disclosure documents in addition to listing

    3 for the listed company in the regional equity trading venues listed unfinished delisted or did not disclose the relevant information;

    on the evening of June 19th, the stock transfer system issued a notice on the revision of the guidelines for the operation of the stock listing business of the National SME share transfer system Trial Implementation.

    I am 10 years on the third day, during this time of junior middle school, with the students every day is idle, fight but never offend others, others make us first, ha ha!, class toilet smoking, nothing to fight against the teacher, teachers and leaders, also played the principal. In the school is a big brother level, ha ha, did not expect such a flash, three years passed, the third day soon graduated, everyone began talking about what to do after graduation, where to go?. And I do not know why, the family background is not good, so relatively confused. In fact, we used is relatively rich, remember when I was seven or eight years old, three Taitung windmill home, there is a small company in Dongguan, the village is our home is two and a half story building, the other is a layer or is the least good, millions of assets, at the time there then hundreds of thousands is wealthy, such a life is richer, because dad is kind of trust good times don’t last long, his cousin, betrayed him, the company collapsed, wages did not send it, to sell the car, everywhere to borrow money wages, remember that one morning, there are three employees in order to pay take a knife rushed to my home to me for money, my dad had to go around to lend them money wages. My family four brothers, Dad heavy burden, let us a few brothers back home to study, the only grandpa and grandma to take care of us, then do not pay tuition, as long as 6 yuan to pay medical examination fees. The near 04 years of time because of a cement factory to open a branch in our village, area of thousands of square, will be imposed on our land, the corrupt political Fu swallowed a lot of thought, Grandpa did not culture, bully my grandpa, my grandpa still teach in Japan I do not know what is because in the past that is what the old landlord to shoot, spent several years in the prison. The results with Zheng Fu played two case law is for people to decide, we win, the mayor was removed from office for 06 years, Dad went back home, holding the money for compensation to open a small toy factory, because rural farm, a year not what time is to at leisure, people move to the factory, business is not good.

    1 loss of actual controller or controlling shareholder;

    revised version of the new suspension of listing and termination of listing matters.

    I always believe they often listen to the words of the elders said: "don’t be afraid to write their own is not good, as long as you dare to write someone dare to watch" I’m not afraid of what other people think of me, so I write well you don’t blame me! I was just an ordinary rural children. Just a 18 year old adult children. Talk about those things in the SEO network with friends, every time someone says that I admire me, so small it will think so much, when he Shijiduo age do not know why. It will soon be 2013, I want to take my graduation from junior high school to some of the current experience, a brief written out, share the bitter process.

    editor’s note: the new stock listing before the major items of verification link.

    appears in one of the following 5 scenarios, will be suspended listing:

    2 apply for listed company executives did not participate in the national stock transfer company organization training or training, not through the assessment;

    How to see whether a site is exchange chain

    general in the choice of a chain, will look at whether your site included, at the same time, to see whether the site has a stable increase.

    4, website

    Most of the domestic A Xuzhou company

    snapshot update is best of course. The snapshot can reflect the search engines crawl the site frequency, audio frequency reflects the degree of importance for the love of Shanghai website. High weight website basically are able to do the next update snapshot. But not to say that the snapshot update website is high weight website, some web site was love Shanghai right down, but it is still a good snapshot update.


    network optimization is the site I now is the case, because of a chain to page down the right, but it can still be updated daily snapshot.

    for a web site, if the release is a lot of garbage outside the chain, may not appear down the right punishment in the short term, but when we exchange chain, to avoid the exchange to this website, on our website weight ascension is very little, even will cause a negative impact.

    1, Shanghai love weight

    webmaster tools to develop the habit, when the query website first look at what is the weight of love Shanghai. Love Shanghai weight reflects the traffic from search engines, chain in exchange, viewed as the other site is love Shanghai recognized or helpful.



    5, the chain quantity and quality of

    exchange Links is very important for a website. The search engine, whether it is love or give Google Shanghai weight Links are very large. But a chain exchange success rate is very low. Today, Xuzhou billion net website promotion for everyone to talk about how to see whether the site is exchange chain.

    sites are the main customers of Shanghai ranked PR as Google website evaluation standard, some people think that is not important. I personally think that although PR is not love Shanghai website evaluation standard, but Google algorithm and love Shanghai although there are some different algorithms, but Google has always been a very important user experience, which is also in love with the sea by the value of the. So PR in Shanghai should be in love or worthy of optimization.

    recently added a few special exchange chain QQ group, specialized exchange Links in the group, and I believe that many people in doing the same thing. Originally thought that after the chain would not have to worry about, but the reality is always so cruel.

    3, PR

    some people will love Shanghai weight is not given the official standard, I in a few days ago in an article from A5 (love Shanghai weight is not an official so unreliable?), has a detailed explanation, love Shanghai weight although not official, but also can reflect the site in weight of love Shanghai in.

    How to make the new website faster is love Shanghai included

    content?The so-called

    first: how to make love in Shanghai included in a short time

    estimates that there are now many of the new website is very difficult to be loved, love Shanghai included, since Shanghai 6.28 update algorithm for included new mechanism is more and more strict, although from the web log to find love Shanghai spiders in sight, but not always love Shanghai website snapshot, released in the face of such situation how to do? I share my love is how to make Shanghai included in a short period of time.

    of the chain in many ways, but I think the most effective or soft submission, after all successful submission of an article will be forwarded, many websites to achieve a rapid promotion effect, also is the forum signature, for I have a forum signature to say it is the signature must exist "text this is my personal links", the long-term accumulated experience, have to do is "Links publishing platform" link, the link platform advantage is long and stable, so as far as possible when the release link notes "add some and site theme related words, add links to related degree.

    a new website online, the first is the need to have a good site structure, to reduce the love Shanghai spiders crawl crawl, followed by work, should have high quality content, because of love since the Shanghai incident in 6.28, love Shanghai for low quality content sensitivity is greatly improved, for some root pressure acquisition station not included, even if included, soon to be K off, many owners complain love Shanghai not included new sites in the quality of the content above, when the station optimization feel no problem, we should build a new site outside the chain, as long as the purpose to attract the spider is enough.

    fourth: the author to submit to the views of Shanghai


    second: how to let Shanghai feel love is high quality


    many webmaster, including love officials in Shanghai are built.




    love map

    high quality content is newer, smaller, repeat content related to a higher degree, remember when the new site has not been included to collect or reprint other articles, the content of this site can use the front and back-end, middle pseudo original combination technique, the so-called pseudo original software now is absolutely out of the content is no, at the same time we must release the number of good advice, control of the site daily post in the first months of 5, the daily monthly increase in 10, 15, remember that in order to facilitate the release of a large number of one-off content.

    third: Shanghai spiders attract love visit how effective


    Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain optimization method.

    chain mainly has two forms, one is the URL link, the other is the anchor text link. The main role is to accelerate the link of the website, the main role is to enhance the link anchor text keywords ranking. The anchor text link function is superior to the URL, because anchor text links not only contains all functional links, but also played a role in promoting the keyword ranking. In general, only to be able to click on a hyperlink is a valid chain, one can not click on the text in the form of Web site is not effective outside chain.

    in the actual work of Yue Hao is mainly to determine the quality of Links through the following aspects: 1, Links Page * * * value. Correlation between the 2, Links website with their own website. This is a very important search engine, if your website is a cosmetics website, while the other site is a site of heavy machinery, so the effect is not very good. Number 3, Links page links. If you do too much Links, the effect will inevitably decline. Update 4, Links page. If the Links page content often update, search engines often to grab this page, then the effect is better. If it is a separate Links page, not what content updates, the effect will be relatively poor. 5, web page snapshot date. The snapshot date reflects other website weight and update rate, the better the more the new snapshot date. 6, Links site Alexa ranking, included, the chain number etc..

    Shanghai Longfeng, for general website, accounts for the entire process of Shanghai dragon about 50% of the proportion of the optimization of the chain. Therefore, the chain is we the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng extension workers how to do the most concern.

    The >

    Links is undoubtedly the best effect of the chain, in some cases a Links effect might be equivalent to hundreds or even thousands of Forum on the role of the chain, so to significantly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking, the most effective way is to get the weight of the Links.

    , Links

    There are many kinds of methods

    site outside the chain optimization purposes there are two, one is to enhance the site’s weight, the other one is to improve the site keywords ranking. Yue Hao believes that the website weight is a more general concept, is often expressed as a number of technical indicators, such as the value of the website, website * * * included the number, website snapshot date. If the weight of the website effectively improved, will have more chance to be recommended so as to enhance the search engine, web site traffic and increase the corresponding income. The website keywords ranking for enterprise website is the most direct, if you can get some products or services to optimize keyword search results page, can bring a lot of potential customers for the enterprise accurate.

    The following

    and share with you can leave the chain where, to assist Shanghai Longfeng website optimization.

    The construction of the chain of forum Raiders (1)


    this is a key forum for the construction of the chain, but also the highest weight of a form, when add the chain in this aspect we should pay particular attention to, only through the [url=www.xxxx贵族宝贝]xxxx[/url] to join the site keywords you want, if you can also www.xxxx贵族宝贝 this form, the effect is still stable, in short, the use of these two methods when the article was collected, the website links can also be timely included, in fact, I understand.



    forum signature is a chain construction method we use most often, this method is simple, stable effect, as long as we join the site in the corresponding set of keywords, although this method is obvious but not by cheating, the main bundle (since it’s signature), easy to pass. But as the saying goes, "when the world was in apple, Apple has to die, now more and more webmaster BBS signature do, followed by its effect decreases gradually. The weight is decreased, but while also do need forum signature, outside the chain as soon as possible to build their own, after all," a starved camel is bigger than a "forum of the construction of the chain method of document, skill than how video like

    2. forum

    1. forum signature

    content is king, the chain for the emperor. This sentence is a successful web site should have not only high quality original content, should also have a reasonable construction of the chain. The construction of the chain reasonably are of great help to improve the weight of the website and the amount collected, the present situation, the construction of the chain site generally stays on the chain blog, forum chain, love Shanghai know a few outside the chain, which is one of the forum outside the chain is obviously a most obvious effect is the most stable, and how to make good use of the forum for the construction of the chain, has become a new generation of webmaster essential skill. But for how to use the forum, I believe there is not a novice webmaster for the location, so little for webmasters to comb.

    first I want to say a little, just reply post, be sure to grab the top five floors, it is easy to own the chain (so you should understand why so many webmaster to grab the sofa bar), in reply to it as much as we can use URL tags to write their own target keywords links, such as [url=www.xxxx贵族宝贝]xxxx[/url], but for some sites do not support this function, and reply to it, we can not be applied mechanically, as much as possible with the content, in addition, we’d better reply in time, a few more, about 3 or so, and not every links, this will show that we see based on the careful thinking, but also can improve the link included speed, but in 3, with a link back to the first.

    A5 marketing how to correctly use the webmaster of the site labels

    first, the number of labels should not be too much. Usually set the label in the article will not be too much, is a 1-3 tag can be generally, and the number of words should not be too long, two or three words words on it. This setting is not what to ask, in order that the weights are concentrated to some relevant and specific words, in fact, now is not love Shanghai attaches great importance to the website label, but if the label does not do optimization, it is easy to be brought to the site for cheating, but this author explains.


    recently, I have been in use for the study of the website label, the label function is also a new understanding. I have a blog, blog left below the list of tags, labels are on the list I usually write articles to add up, at that time did not care how the label, later took a look at the list of tags found too many related tags and labels is very messy, so I see some well-known blog, such as Lu Songsong, the moon, Tang Shijun’s blog tag list, they found the label on the blog there is a common point, that is clean and regular, the main keywords have long tail words, the other is the label can be classified using, which makes the author studies for a long time, and later found the benefits of doing so are many. The weight can be concentrated to a place. In order to more direct writing this article the author summed up the point, also hope that other owners see the article after the exchange with the author. The following is the author’s point of view.

    example: I wrote an article for optimizing external links in the blog, the author can set the relevance labels for website optimization, the label for the construction of the chain, so.

    tags and content should be relevant and targeted

    , the number of labels should not be too much

    said, the website label is a part of the webmaster, especially some blogs and forums, these websites almost always use labels, most webmasters label function is mainly for users to search similar content, also can say to the website brings a better user experience, is the correlation between the user and the content the interaction is greatly enhanced. At present, there are few labels webmaster to pay attention to, timely attention to stationmaster label on the label and is wrong, if the improper use of labels will be loved in Shanghai that the website cheating, thus indirectly punished.

    secondly, label and content should be relevant and targeted. As the saying goes, the fish can find fish shrimp turtle looking bastard, the author took to label this passage, fish and shrimp for fish and shrimp, to find the contents of specific label, the tortoise find bastard, correlation label for the relevant content. The author explained should be able to understand it, which is what the article add what kind of tag must not add, not beauty article add food labels, of course, a lot of food can also be beauty, but it can not be compared, so the label and content should be relevant and targeted.