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  • Rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health seven brand health website


    I always think how much we want to get the value to be proportional to how much value, or creating value for the user.

    Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For health website Shanghai Longfeng this series, today to do a front end, I introduce six articles in 5 major aspects of the article that I think is very valuable, because Shanghai Longfeng health which is a new concept, perhaps in my article remind you have begun to pay attention to it, perhaps before you look at my article more attention, but after reading it you more, so I will be glad to help you some of my. The Shanghai dragon this simple and basic skills, which includes the scope of more and more widely, the earliest time before we talk about technology, then we will slowly the tactics and strategy on things into it, then we are not satisfied, in addition to some of the marketing network of Shanghai dragon inside, after it is our Shanghai dragon brand marketing is a key direction, this is what we in the future to do an important indicator of the health of Shanghai Longfeng website: website brand health.

    1, the construction of Shanghai Longfeng brand health health based on

    brand for a website is very important, more important for a company, in the early stage of the Shanghai dragon optimization work we need to do is based, but later on we more need to do is brand health. The maintenance of the brand needs to continue to accumulate, so that the value of the brand in the minds of users continue to improve, so as to make the brand lasting, some brands, completely rely on the money to drop out, they will die. Today Muzi into the boat for everyone a simple talk about the website of Shanghai Longfeng health brand health construction.

    ! Not only the

    for a web site, we must pay attention to the construction of the brand to do the basis of Shanghai Longfeng health, because the foundation is not good, everything else is castles in the air. The Shanghai dragon including website content, program, server, domain name, keywords within the chain, the chain, etc., a lot of what we want to do, the previous article also give you a lot, do these after the site’s ranking will improve step by step, if I have to do first, and long-term the stability is very good, which is helpful for brand promotion. For example in Shanghai dragon, fat man and little evil is always in the first and second, their website has become Beijing Shanghai dragon a regional brand, optimize their website based in Shanghai Longfeng do good, wait until these things well, and then in the home before three stable after 3 months the brand naturally formed. Shanghai Longfeng health, in order to ensure the health of the brand, sometimes we love Shanghai site was down the right, even the website brand word search to a lot of time is because Shanghai Longfeng unhealthy, so as to lay a solid foundation, the brand will naturally improve.

    2, the construction of brand health is to provide value for the user

    Discussion on enterprise stand optimization need to pay attention to what the details

    there is a factor which we often say, there are a lot of the usage of 301. For example, some sites because of the change of the domain name, the domain name will be used 301 old jump to the new domain name, so you can make the old domain name can also be accessed, but more factors to weight transfer the old domain to the new domain name to, not only will not affect the user experience, but also can transfer the weight of the role.

    Most of the ?The weight of The role of the ?

    chain is not here to nag, believe that as long as the contact of Shanghai Longfeng people understand. If this is not understood, I have nothing to say. Now love Shanghai for the chain of garbage strike is also more and more serious, so the chain is important for the success or failure of our website, because even a lot of website drop right or be K the reason is because of the chain. What we do in the chain need to pay attention to the details of what? I’ve seen a lot of people outside the chain are released to some forum posts behind a lot of back links, and weight of this little link to website can be pulled down, and a page which is not only your own left links to other people in a large number of links to where to stay, how such a link is useful to you

    301 redirect

    released the chain details determine the success of

    high quality of the chain is based on industry related links, and can provide users with the content of the information, so the relevant industry is very important. Most people have a device to some Adsense industry website forums >

    as an entrant in Shanghai dragon Er most of the people in charge of the enterprise’s official website optimization, and those who have a certain basis is not responsible for some of the big old website optimization is switched to make electricity, marketing or other industries to go, what is the reason for change is not to say. The purpose of this article is mainly to those enterprises do website optimization friends, the veteran can ignore a commonplace talk of an old scholar, too. Enterprise stand optimization needs those details

    for the weight of these dispersion problem we can use nofollow tags to shield does not participate in the ranking page, make weight together. You can also use a 301 redirect to avoid weight dispersion. Use of the nofollow label with friends can go to love Shanghai.

    dispersion leads to weight is difficult to accumulate

    corporate website will have similar to the "Recruitment Information" about us "and" contact us "so few pages, these pages for the enterprise itself is an essential part, and we have done for the friends of Shanghai dragon optimization for these actually we do not optimize what to use, will only make us the web site overall weight scattered past. Many of my friends did not notice these details, so in the optimization of a period of time after the discovery did not accumulate the weight, or that originally there is the weight of the site itself, but by the "useless" page for the past.

    Talk about wind pheromones micro-blog marketing coup

    this book early in the editing stage, the editor uncle on his micro-blog "sun" production process, including him to watch the scene printing printing results in the form of live pictures uploaded to micro-blog, let Bobby Chan fans witnessed the birth process of the whole book, but also for the the publication of this book full of gimmicks.


    , of course, a complete marketing micro-blog only this is not enough, the commissioning editor uncle that micro-blog marketing has been publishing Tongren pay much attention to the marketing of acquiring, but because replication innovation becomes serious, we must first consider the factors. Innovation is not equal to the product according to the new in order to be different, to consider temperament. In the wind "pheromones" was written by Bobby Chan in 2004, the introduction of time is 2011, it was known as "congenitally deficient", and even some people questioned, why not introduce his latest works. But that’s not the editor to lose confidence, instead, he saw the book "advantage" – the book of Taiwan traditional version has been difficult to buy, and the whole book is a text with pictures (Photo by Bobby Chan personally shot).

    as a new force in the Internet media, in just two years, everyone is expected to break through, and occupied the majority of Internet users free time. At present, in micro-blog, the publishing industry is also a variety of marketing micro-blog books. Among them, the grand literature · Chinese world publishing at the beginning of this year, the famous singer Bobby Chan’s works in the wind "pheromones", the micro-blog marketing is a good case.

    according to the characteristics of text with pictures, the first invited uncle in micro-blog is attracted Taiwan famous designer for the overall design of Nie nagazane. This is after micro-blog marketing laid the foundation for many readers in Nie Yongzhen micro-blog saw Bobby Chan book cover making news, and this group of concerned netizens, and happened to this book buying groups have a certain degree of coincidence. And so on, the editor of the book also found a music critic Ma No. 223, Shifang, photographer actor Huang Ming and other celebrities in the propaganda period micro-blog recommended, recommended these people do the unity in time, make marketing more effective.

    but rely on celebrity endorsements or not enough. In the edit their own micro-blog, how to attract more fans of Bobby Chan has become the first problem. He used the micro-blog search function, search for "Bobby Chan" in the wind "pheromones" and other words, through these words to find effective readers". Then, using the micro-blog @ function, forwarded to all can search the effective readers. This process is not one or two, two or three days will be able to see the effect, after all, friends for a ID this strange book news or skeptical, so we must persevere. Of course, this is a boring process, the need for manual operation of a large number of. The book was published, in order to attract more eyeballs, "the wind" and also the pheromones of the famous cafe diaokeshiguang conducted brand cooperation and interaction in micro-blog, Dangdang.

    Eight exchange Links must pay attention to

    why do Links

    6, avoid exchange Links frequency bottles a week is recommended an exchange, if the short-term increase too much Links, your weight will suddenly raise a lot, search engines may think that you are cheating, it.

    2, Links actually is to find the best sites or weight high website to do, but the weight is higher than your site are generally not chain to you, we can only find some related industry site do link, is to find the best sites that do a kind of keywords and your exchange but this link, the success depends on the ability of the

    4, and those websites don’t have dozens of Links do exchange links, because the weight of the home page is so much, get a multi site, you can get the weight will be relatively less;

    1, to some Links exchange website or forum, QQ group for Links, another method is through the search related websites, and then contact the webmaster to exchange links, best and some webmaster friends exchange, because this province heart a lot, all online there are a lot of danger. But remember, be sure to keep good records of each web site and contact, after what can contact the changes;

    next, find the bottle Links to maintain Links explained in detail, hoping to help you.


    Links refers to put each other on your site other websites link. Must be able to find the address and the name of the web site in the web page code, and can be displayed when browsing the web site name, this is Links.

    5, a problem to see a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is called JS, is open source code directly to search your home page URL, no words don’t do it, there is a link with nofollow, this made white;

    3, many webmaster friends will according to the site’s ranking in the first two pages, the snapshot included number, time in the last 5 days, PR for Links, this point is very important, but not the theme and your site is far from the website links, like the IT industry, or find some of the Internet the link, if you do is home appliance, can not find the change of group purchase. Exchange links before, must spend ten minutes to check the web pages and included the previous K has not been recorded, and has done a Links website also needs a cursory examination;

    first need to talk about the weight of the bottle, because the search engine will give each page a certain weight, and most of the web page of a website will link to the home page, so the weight of the home page is very high. Then a high weight Web links over our front page, the home page weight of our nature is high.

    The 5 misunderstanding of Shanghai Longfeng personnel should breakthrough

    What parts of the

    station every day 2, 3 chain (the chain is to contribute, user needs very soft or Links)


    1. (Creative demand mining user demand)

    industry, are in the fight outside the chain, when you are diligent than others you will be the top.

    article add links:

    Small and medium enterprise Update

    Li Xuepeng here want to say is: the chain is a key step in the website to vote, but it is not the only way.

    must control a certain proportion of the chain:

    ‘s regular but not quantitative website what? Such as news sites, new.


    many people are easily in the optimization of the web site in the chain cycle, that all the chain is the site optimization, as long as do the chain will be ranked up, don’t let him do the chain he will not know what to do. Especially the chain Commissioner and some primary Shanghai Longfeng personnel optimization site only know where to send, send, content collection content with links, can not be deleted successfully released. A large number of people are doing. We can look at the various forums, especially A5, Chinaz, tui18 and so on a large number of people into this kind of misunderstanding in the forum collection of other articles to publish.

    1. chain error.

    what site is suitable for regular quantitative update? Such as technology blog, such as school friends blog, if every day to maintain a degree of an update on time every day it will let readers have a habit of reading every day, see bowen.

    2. that all websites need to update.

    People do not have to optimize other aspects of the

    super popular keywords

    update is divided into three categories:

    [2] regular quantitative

    alone can do the chain of the site:

    regular quantitative update

    website content of the incubation period is very long, the harm is very big. Many websites update spam may be included in the short term, normal snapshot. But a substantial update to the search engine, such as update immediately every Thursday will drop right or be K.

    The Need a literal interpretation of the text of the 2. local

    is not every site need to update, not every site need to update every day. Now many people stop doing business or other small and medium-sized website Shanghai Longfeng, updated daily articles that industry news that in doing things, doing optimization. Even a lot of business promotion department supervisor or manager are strict requirements on the website of Shanghai Longfeng daily updated greatly. In fact, this idea of business is a cup, thanks to a thankless task every day, then may be reduced or K right.

    Talk at the bottom of the site keywords layout

    above love Shanghai official answer, can get the so-called time navigation is misleading, if excessive use, even in the optimization of the excessive embarrassing.

    love Shanghai official said: "the link weight judgment is an extremely complex system, we do not recommend attention to technical details. Any strategy in our system, are based on "whether the user has the value" as the principle and standard of judging. This is not just a slogan, in this link on the topic may wish to apply: a page appeared many different words, point to the same link, they are of value to the users "

    first, we look at the two views on this phenomenon:

    In The ?

    2, looking for is a keyword, the purpose is to increase the density of keywords, is a kind of low technology content, optimization and even wrong!

    another question: "if the link text is different, the weight of the search engine will be how the allocation of link

    ?If you have ?"The most powerful explanation

    in Shanghai love club, has the following question:

    station optimal network that Shanghai dragon is not a general theory of disciplines such as philosophy, it is a combination of theory and practice, practice more than theory subject, so, for any problem in Shanghai Longfeng, we should take actions to test with the facts to speak, in this spirit, we use the keywords View >

    1, at the bottom of the site with keywords as anchor text links to the home page, this phenomenon is called secondary navigation, is conducive to search engine rankings, because doing so, every time the spider crawling can give a little weight lifting keywords, in addition, add these keywords will increase keyword density in the invisible, though keywords density of this item in today’s search engine ranking system to occupy the fraction is very low, but it is still a little help.

    "a page has more than one duplicate link, and link to the same text, search engine to pass the weight, the weight is delivered only once, each link to transfer the weight? In addition, the weight of several duplicate link to get the same?"

    The optimization of Shanghai

    , welcome you to open the discussion, if not, I hope you see this point of view.

    above is now optimization Fair for some of the views of the optimization of the bottom, right or wrong, station optimal network is not here, we only talk about our views and opinions, hope to inspire you!


    the official explanation is: "repeat links will not repeat the link weight increase."

    sex Shanghai dragon Er, when you have sex in Shanghai keywords optimization, have found a problem, that is in the enterprise stand this website, are ranked at the bottom of the site, most of them piled a lot on the homepage of the site keywords, this kind of phenomenon, you have a thorough understanding of it

    Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme by using 5W2H analysis method

    optimization scheme, individual stationmaster does not matter, but to participate in the Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon orders, Shanghai dragon optimization scheme which is not less than, so how do we write Shanghai dragon optimization scheme? I am here to share the 5W2H method to write programs.

    WHEN: what time do? What do we do? What time this thing can be completed? What time do you start? To the optimization scheme of bosses or clients that this is also one of the factors must have. For example, improve the site keywords ranking, what time do you start to do? What time ranking can go up? No time, they have to wait for you for a lifetime? So the second is not less than W.

    WHO: who? Who is responsible for this? In our Shanghai dragon plan also must have involved. Do you plan to Shanghai dragon company, what you need to, what people do the work, this is must be clearly defined. And the customer to do the Shanghai dragon plan, you need to do what kind of work they need to be responsible for the customer what kind of work and so on, in the Shanghai dragon plan also must be specified in detail, otherwise there is no operation, how could work? So the third W in the Shanghai Dragon plan is not less.

    WHAT: what do we do? What is the purpose? Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme should first determine what we want to do. Improve keyword rankings? Solve the website down right? Website promotion keywords ranking? To what extent? And so on, we want to know what we do to do things before, what is the purpose? This is the most basic, which is 1 W in 5W2H.

    5W2H, it is a kind of method of the first U.S. Army Ordnance repair department during World War II, is now widely used in enterprise management, the specific meaning is:

    What is the

    HOW: how do you do? How to implement? What is the method? The Shanghai dragon plan can be said to be the main body, is essential, without him, Shanghai dragon project you is empty, there is no support, is not pleasing. For example, you want to upgrade a keyword ranking, so what do you do to improve the rankings, the station outside the station and what needs to be done, what needs to be done? And so on, only with these can form an optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon? This is a H 2H.

    Shanghai dragon

    WHY: why? What is the reason? What is the basis? This point in Shanghai Longfeng scheme is not less than. In the company, the optimization of the website is not your website needs to be combined with other optimization What I say goes., the Department and other departments to consider, only to let others understand you do.

    WHERE: where do? Where to start? Improve website ranking, we should start from where to do, should be to improve the station? What to do? And so on, so that the fourth W is also indispensable.

    Shanghai dragon ER how to improve the site keywords ranking

    third, the anchor text. The page appears for the first time and the anchor text in the keyword, the anchor text should be connected directly to the relevant page of the website. The more the anchor text page in a web site in which the page in the ZhengZhan weights are higher, if you want to home page for Shanghai dragon optimization, then please as much as possible the use of hyperlinks to the page, of course, if you want to improve your keywords ranking, then the search engine will be based on the anchor text to determine the theme of the page, which can improve the keywords ranking.

    finally, constantly repeat the above steps. As noted above, in the process of.

    Er Shanghai dragon at the computer every day morning to see the ranking rose out of a happy day the mood is not good, sometimes really let the head keyword ranking, especially the recent decline in a large range of love Shanghai included, greatly reducing the website outreach really made a lot of friends heart pain, for example, sometimes several times a day and floating what kind of operation method, is conducive to improve the website optimization website keywords? I’m here according to their operating experience for everyone one by one.

    second, density. Select the set of a series of keyword density set is very important, the author suggests that not more than 10%, each article must be targeted, such as an article for one or two keywords, a primary key and a secondary key and so on, do the clear and concise and focused grasp this key.

    fourth, outreach. Looking for high quality communication is very important, high quality outside the general including related Links, single link or station link etc.. Can’t find high quality outside the general blog, BBS signature, a good place for classified information platform and so on is outside, outside attention gradually and correlation can. The stability of the outreach is important to this site optimization personnel put forward higher requirements for outreach is not only the quality and not flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum stability is very important.

    fifth update. The contents mainly do update original high quality content, regularly updated, the main keywords and long tail keywords set in the article, do the anchor text can be connected within a reasonable. Let the content for the website Everfount input fresh blood, the content of the website is a symbol of vitality is to obtain the wide range of key love Shanghai trust some friends of the shrink is certainly the quality of the content factors, love Shanghai in a certain period included but after a period of time to study the inferior quality of the articles or not love Shanghai fayan will be mercilessly deleted.

    first, keyword. The key word is like the brain we in the optimization of time selection is key to focus attention on it, including the entire site is to focus on the key word, each page to do the key detail, the auxiliary keyword and the layout of the long tail keywords, this is very important. The long tail keyword best design to the article page, and to optimize the design by using anchor text and so on.

    Shanghai share love and come home shorn


    and I have reached a conclusion, the opportunistic way to do rankings, the result is a heavy blow you happy after a short.

    ! chicken ribs?

    my feeling comes from a mistake before me, the error is not terrible, wrong but does not know when we summarize the terrible. This error for love Shanghai share, you listen to me slowly come, when watching opera.

    I don’t remember, love Shanghai to share this feature is what was launched, I only remember a time, just out, is one thing, relatively hot and popular

    a Shanghai dragon the mood is changing, there will always be two words in our mind, site and domain, these two words seem to constitute a barometer of our lives, I often ask myself, what time can I jump out of the whirlpool, what time can I break this wall?! say this word, but I smile of contempt, because think itself is wrong. Shanghai dragon, no torrent whirlpool, no containment of the walls you will only make you complacent stagnation.

    remember in high school when, our teacher encourages us to change, especially the "Internationale", "no shortcut desirable, do not rely on plagiarism cheating…". A more than 50 year old man Lang song impressed me very deeply, I want to use this word in.


    fact is true, but I want to say is a come home shorn of the story.

    search engine will now take some social factors into the ranking factors, love is a kind of Shanghai to share social factors, how to properly use love Shanghai to share is that we should grasp, if applied properly, our website is likely to be punished. If you are in love to share with Shanghai, I suggest you webmaster best carefullykey, do not want to use to improve the share number about the user’s judgment, if you haven’t, I think it is not to consider this share is

    because many owners think that love Shanghai sharing is a tool that can be user judgments about

    webmaster in Shanghai love can quickly attracted the spider crawling thoughts Share ", to share the love of Shanghai, is the right idea is wrong in the" brush "love Shanghai share, eat hot tofu, quick kill ah. Of course, the hero or the station leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, I also go to fancy this way, I love Shanghai installed a share button, I hope by sharing the number for users to remember my station, thus greatly increase the flow. I am very excited, but I am an observant man, I found that although I love Shanghai brush share, but why do I flow every day in the fall, there is no doubt that my website punished my ranking and traffic have been hit, so I hastily hand.

    Shanghai dragon is not yet mature, he said to the end!

    can’t convince you? Some of the events that I I experienced to let those people lost confidence.

    "spicy ginger or old" this sentence really classic. 360 a well born "kids" after all it is not on the market mix, without the precipitation and accumulation, more than Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar know love love the two community, now is not 360. Shanghai love is so strong, but on the two communities have been very successful. So the webmaster you also can not rely on the 360 search, maybe you will beat yourself. 360 love has caught some of Shanghai’s vulnerabilities or mistakes, but this is not to let the group away from the love of Shanghai.


    I remember in 2012 August, we ushered in a new search engine search friends: 360. Our team is no stranger to the 360, 360 development we are obvious to people not to mention it, and who said widespread fighting, 360 security guards and 360 browser, not love Shanghai, but absolutely comparable. According to the data of 360 said: 360 search on-line after two months, the market share reached 10%. Many webmaster can’t bear love in Shanghai will be changeable, had lost sight for the Savior -360 search, but, life is always counterproductive.

    2. you forget the 6.22 and 6.28 events

    did you forget? I didn’t forget. Here is not to mention the awful events, site punished, good mentality in the female owners started and get recovery, but, life is always counterproductive. People began to love Shanghai, strange people began to blindly use other means to optimize the whole industry, Shanghai dragon is like a vegetable market, vegetable market or a fly disorderly bump. This is our not mature, our own reasons, we should avoid the situation, but often not willing to admit. If, after this thing, you give up.

    1. is "360"

    recently read many articles from the Internet, including the teacher level of Shanghai Longfeng led figure of speech, has been discussing 2013 or more, or the prospect of Shanghai dragon road. Public opinions are divergent.. Some people say: the front end of Shanghai dragon has done, some people say that Shanghai is a promising dragon. In Shanghai, more than two years, for the understanding of the industry is also more and more deeply, which is the experience of the large and small events countless, also realized that as a Shanghai dragon face instead of your own website, but the Internet is a huge market. See the end of the future Shanghai Dragon said, I don’t know whether to laugh or anger, as I stand up to say: Shanghai dragon is not yet mature, how to end

    360 maybe one day is on the other side of the search market firmly grasp, Shanghai dragon is not mature in 360 out of expectation.