Xining City Board of education conscientiously carry out the three letter the theme of educational

to implement the municipal Party committee about the conduct of "firm belief, faith, faith" as the theme of the clean government education activities in the city’s cadres in the implementation of the views of the city’s education system, further improve the work of honest government, recently, Xining city education bureau Party committee held the whole education system to carry out the "Sanxin" theme of education mobilization cum clean the construction work conference, the arrangements for the deployment of "Sanxin" Theme Educational activities. Bureau Party committee, deputy level cadres above board units, the offices responsible comrades attended the meeting. read more

Xining 227 million building drainage artery

Xining is now speeding up the construction of a drainage artery, a drainage box culvert length of 16.2 km of the new project (i.e. drainage main pipe), the drainage culvert is 2.5 meters high, 2 meters wide, not only people can go, even small machinery can also enter. At the same time, the drainage culvert culvert ahead of the design, after its completion, the city of Xining municipal sewage pipe is expected to 50 years without mention of standard capacity.

2.27 million building drainage artery read more

Public Security Bureau held a golden autumn student grants ceremony

9 7, the Public Security Bureau of trade unions, autumn student grants ceremony was held in the City Public Security Bureau, room fourteen, conference room. Municipal Public Security Bureau Party committee, political department director, trade union chairman yuan yuan for the recipients of grants and speech. Municipal Public Security Bureau, vice chairman Li Weijun presided over the ceremony and read the list of recipients, the Municipal Public Security Bureau 13 grassroots trade unions, as well as the families of the 10 recipients of the police attended the ceremony. read more

What the masses think is what the government wants to do

"The old district infrastructure transformation into shantytowns in joint implementation"; "advocate social endowment in Jahwa"; "to strengthen the construction of rural teachers’ attention and support of the community construction"…… The morning of December 24th, the municipal government held the "government work report" to solicit the views of the forum, a warm atmosphere, participants speak freely, each one airs his own views of the municipal government, a year to pay close attention to people’s livelihood, the implementation of the relocation of residents, rock under the air pollution control, protection of vegetable supply, price stability control and so highly recognized. read more

Qinghai local martial arts film and audience

On the morning of December 27th, the Qinghai local film "Qinghai Ranger’s plan" new film promotion will meet with the audience in Xining. It is reported that the film crew were Qinghai, filmed in the area of Datong County, several stars also have profound martial arts skills, the Qinghai has become the first martial arts films. The movie "Qinghai Rangers" outside the plan about a policeman and a group of cultural relics in Hongkong forces, for hidden in the Datong mountain classic cultural relics in the final justice defeat evil, the story will return the relics. Reporters learned that the shooting of the film’s staff, from the director, screenwriter, actor to other staff are Qinghai people, they are a group of young people with a film dream. At the same time, a few actors have served in the military school, Shaolin Temple and other places. The years of studying martial arts, has profound martial arts skills. So all the fights in the film are the real performance of the actors. The film, which took a year to shoot, is based on the local natural landscape. The film is not only to train local talent, to build Qinghai’s film and television culture, but also will be a group of young people keen on the film dream together to lay a solid foundation for the local film culture.   read more

Xining the first Chinese and primary school aviation model contest held

June 2nd, the first in Xining, primary school aviation model contest held in Xining city stadium.

early in the morning, the venue of the Xining stadium, came to the students. They are in the area of paper planes and model planes in the air. More than 260 students from nearly 40 schools in Xining participated in the competition. After fierce competition, a total of 8 first prize, the first prize of the top two, the top three prizes, such as the other 40, and so on. Xining Hui secondary school, Chaoyang School, chase six secondary school won the first prize. read more

Xining forest coverage reached 32% per capita public green space of 12 square meters

recently, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau, as of now, Xining City, the forest coverage rate of 32%, built-up area green coverage rate reached 40%, the per capita public green area of 12 square meters, a total of 840 hectares of new green space, has completed one year ahead of index creation of national forest city 25 core. Since the
  read more

Qingming small holiday Fire Village Tour

Qingming outing, rural travel is a good choice. The countryside is not only good air, but also can experience farm work and folk custom." Qingming small holiday, although the provincial capital to cool, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of the public outing tour. April 5th, the Xining public Mr. Hao with the whole family to travel by car, after a rich content, physical and mental Qingming small holiday.

Hao is a self driving enthusiasts, the same day, he and his family drove to Huangzhong. Early spring season, you can see a touch of green. A family walking in the village, you can also enjoy the local folk, picking some wild vegetables, eat a meal of rice." Mr. Hao said. read more

Province to encourage the protection of the purchase of affordable housing

March 14th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, in 2014, the province will be the new town of affordable housing and shantytowns 110 thousand and 500 sets of housing. Implementation of affordable housing projects this year, the province will be innovative mode of operation, to encourage the purchase of affordable housing security object.

– to allow low-income people with low-income housing property of low-income families have a housing property, not only to meet their basic living needs, can make their life more secure. To this end, this year our province will establish a system of property rights, promote the innovation of the mode of operation, low-income housing property transfer, will strictly control the construction of low-income housing costs and selling prices, encourage the security object funded the purchase of low-income housing, to achieve their homeownership desire at the same time, also reduce the financial pressure.

– low-income housing is not less than ordinary commercial housing standards of low-income housing construction is not only built a building, more important is the formation of a livable pattern. This year, all localities and departments will increase funding for the protection of the housing area has been built facilities investment, accelerate the construction of the convenience of the masses in time. In the future, the protection of housing construction projects will be ahead of schedule and other municipal infrastructure construction, priority to improve public transport and other public service facilities. At the same time, according to the standard of not less than ordinary commercial housing area, the optimization of affordable housing design, greening, landscaping community environment, improve quality.  
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The province’s ten gold tourism line

The one and only

Qinghai Sanjiang source of tourism resources has become a global tourist tour of the holy land, from January to August this year, our province domestic and foreign tourists reached 22 million 639 thousand and 800 passengers, and these tourists, self driving tourists accounted for 70%. This figure tells us that Qinghai tourism promising! The next five years, our province will be fully docking Great Jiuzhai tourist routes, tourist routes in the Hexi Corridor, the initiative into the Chinese the West link, opened 10 specialty tours with self driving and ecological exploration, special tourism products, to build a new tourism brand of Qinghai characteristics. read more

Xining garrison Party committee held the nine plenary session of the two

3 19 July, the Xining garrison Party committee held its two session of the nine plenary (enlarged) meeting, the provincial Party committee, party secretary, first Secretary of the Party committee Wang Xiao garrison, garrison commander Wang Shumin attended the meeting, municipal committee, garrison political commissar Wang Kailin work report, municipal committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai attended the meeting.

Wang Xiao pointed out that over the past year, Garrison has made new achievements: one is the prominent political army, continue to firmly cast the soul; the two is to highlight the preparedness training, improve the ability; three is the standard management, and promote security and stability; four is the mutual support, and forge ahead in unity. read more

Xining City Health Department reported a flow of influenza epidemic trend this year there is still

Xining Municipal Health Bureau, in the city’s health conference predicted flu epidemic trend of influenza a H1N1 in Xining city were informed that in January 2010 is expected to May, October to December, there is still the possibility of an outbreak of influenza a H1N1 local area of Xining, especially the Spring Festival population mobility, people living and diet easy to change, a wide range of influenza a H1N1 influenza epidemic and outbreak or the local community.


report also pointed out that since September 5, 2009 the city’s first case of influenza H1N1, as of December 31st 24, the city’s total of 1293 confirmed cases, 1286 cases were cured (including total hospital total 424 cases were cured; 862 cases were cured, the cumulative home) accumulated 62 severe cases and 6 death cases reported a total of 7 counties. January 1, 2010 to 15, the city a total of confirmed cases of influenza A (H1N1) cases of severe cases (1 cases), no deaths, the overall epidemic showed a downward trend. read more

Xining city to carry out a strong faith faith confidence as the theme of the party spirit educatio

to further enhance the city’s Party cadres ideals and beliefs and sense of purpose, stimulate the political enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation of Party members and cadres of entrepreneurship, with new performance to the Communist Party Chinese the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding gift. Xining city decided from April to the end of this year, the party members and cadres in the city to carry out a strong faith, faith, confidence as the theme of clean government education activities.
A, clear meaning and purpose. Municipal leaders attach great importance to the deployment of special research, put forward specific requirements. Asked the city party organizations at all levels should the educational activities and excel activities, grasping style construction, promote the implementation of the work "theme of practical activities and commemoration of the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding activities closely together, around the socialist core value system, strengthen learning, adhere to the transformation of the world, adhere to the pragmatic, effectively solve the lack of belief and belief fuzzy, lack of confidence in the current problems in the part of the Party cadres, with Chinese socialism common ideal to unify thinking, inspiring, cohesion, education for the majority of Party members to the Party of infinite loyalty, great love for the people, the cause of selfless dedication, become loyal Scientific Outlook on Development executives, consciously practice the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, harmonious society actively promote.
three, arrange eight main activities. First, the organization of patriotism education base. By reviewing the history of the party, to relive the party oath, education of Party members and cadres party patriotic love, dedication, the firm ideals and beliefs into action, pioneering meritorious. Two is to hold the situation education report. Invite experts and scholars combined with national provincial and city review, "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year", in Xining, the construction of Party members and cadres to stimulate the love family circle enthusiasm, enhance the "four development" the confidence and motivation. The three is held to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding, with a firm faith, belief, faith "as the theme of the speech activities and chuangxianzhengyou deeds. Four is held to "create a civilized city, sing the Red Classics" theme and singing meeting red classics reading activities, glorious history and eulogize the party’s valiant record, ideals and faith. Five is the organization of the "historical monument Xining" endeavor in the large-scale photographic works of calligraphy and painting exhibition, so that party members and cadres to further understand the great achievements made in the practice of all fronts, actively participate in the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness. Six is to carry out anti-corruption warning education activities. Organize visits to Qinghai; read more

Xining will build the Nanchuan River Sports Fitness Zone

Xining city will invest 5 million yuan this year, in Nanchuan river construction "Nanchuan River Sports Fitness Zone, the Fitness Zone north of Xining stadium, South to the south of the toll station, a total length of 15 kilometers, the construction area, the elderly, children skating ball rebounds, small outdoor table tennis table, and children’s fitness equipment 8 sports theme park. After the completion of the project, free of charge to the general public. (author: Su Jianping, Zhang Yongzhi) read more

Travel experience food safety activities will start to participate in the supervision of the public

August 19th, the city of Xining city started the journey of observation and food safety activities, so that people from the production, circulation, consumption and other aspects of food safety supervision.


is jointly organized by the City District People’s government, north of the city industrial and commercial bureau and other units of the activities, will organize the district deputies and CPPCC members, community people, consumer representatives and food safety supervision and management departments, in the north area of food production enterprises, farmers market, food supermarket shopping experience and observation, in-depth to understand the food production and operation process, by the people to monitor their consumption of food safety. read more

Xining 29 outstanding research results were commended

May 30th, in the municipal Party committee and municipal government held the 2012 annual outstanding research award ceremony, the investigation report on the status of the comprehensive treatment of chromium residue in Xining history and other outstanding achievements in the investigation of the 29.

2012, the city party and government organs at all levels around the key issues, the city center and the economic and social development in the hotspot, and carry out investigation and research, the formation of a number of high quality and great achievement of the investigation and study of influence. After the city’s outstanding research and evaluation committee review, the city has been selected for the investigation report on the status of the comprehensive treatment of chromium residue in Xining, 29 outstanding research results. It is understood that in recent years, in order to further strengthen the research work, the municipal government formulated the "measures" Xining City Award investigation and research findings, policy research office established in the County District, and last year held the first investigation work. The district and municipal departments attach great importance to the investigation and research, set up the system, clarify the functions of positioning, and actively cultivate research staff, to further rationalize the working relationship, actively and consciously carry out investigation and research continues to improve, and improve the level of research, the research results enrich the research results, many entered the municipal government and Party committees and governments at all levels and departments of the policy to promote the work of the effectiveness of research results is more obvious. (author: Xu Shunkai)
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Wang Xiao presided over the Central Committee of the party will learn iron discipline strict rules

This is once again on the city’s three strict three education activities to deepen;

which is on the "walking in the forefront of stem to further promote the" requirements in practice;


"the city’s leading cadres to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, according to the provincial Party Secretary Luo Ning" important instructions spirit and three real ‘lectures on the work of Xining, the "three real" requirements continue to work, to reflect the action." Wang Xiao makes a point.

only can be implemented strictly to self;

is strict to slim the person;

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Xining serious arrangements for the deployment of statistical legal publicity and education of the s

In order to do a good job of sixth five year statistics legal publicity and education work, recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics according to the municipal government and the Provincial Bureau of statistics to carry out legal publicity and education sixth five year plan requirements for statistical laws and regulations to further promote the Xining City publicity and education work, strengthen the community statistics legal concept and statistics according to law consciousness, combined with the statistical work in Xining City, formulated and issued the Xining Municipal Statistics legal publicity and education sixth five year plan (hereinafter referred to as the "65 law"), and set up a leading group and its office, planning and statistics issued marked "this 65 Xining city law" officially launched read more

Provincial key construction projects Xining Central Plaza North expansion project started

provinces and cities focus on key construction projects – Xining Central Plaza North expansion project started on 26.

Central Plaza North expansion project was listed as the provincial key construction projects in early 2012, the year began in March, after nearly two years of painstaking research, the successful completion of the first phase of the project all the demolition tasks. Xining city as one of the "core engineering Shu" plan, through comprehensive measures of road green space construction, river water, urban governance, through business development, ease the old city population and building density, building the west gate of gold business circle, which has become the province of finance, commerce, tourism and leisure center. By planning the exhibition hall, youth activity center and other public cultural facilities, enhance the social function of the square. read more

Third Plenary Session of the Third Plenary Session of the spirit of learning

For further study and implementation of party spirit in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, recently, Datong county organized the county leadership at the county level, the township party secretary, township, county Party committee is mainly responsible for the various departments and county units, people’s organizations, part of the county people’s Congress, members of the county committee, County retired cadres, the provincial, municipal civilized unit and responsible person the village Party branch secretary and director of the community, a total of more than 500 people attended the party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will be the spirit of learning.It is reported that read more