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  • Hebei second youth entrepreneurship contest awards ceremony held

    from the youth entrepreneurship contest, we can see that the current college students’ innovative thinking active, good at discovering opportunities from daily affairs, and with the introduction of a new Internet industry restructuring program. Although there may be practical and marketing aspects or problems, but it will have an important role in the future economic development.

    In addition to the award-winning

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    Internet cafes how location

    Internet industry is now getting better and better, many people need to use the internet. It is natural to attract a lot of entrepreneurs, now open a cafe is a good choice of business, but before this, entrepreneurs have to choose carefully good location for himself, he can make a good shop.

    3 premises: choose the specific location, it is necessary to consider the place of business to business area, regulations and compliance with laws and regulations and how to do the decoration characteristics. According to the size of your Internet cafes to determine the size of. 200 Internet cafes business area, it is recommended to be more than 500 square meters, as far as possible to set the Internet cafes spacious environment, easy. Make the customer feel comfortable. No depression, so even if the Internet for a long time, it will not feel tired, but there is a relaxed feeling.

    Tianjin in 2015 issued 577 million yuan loan guarantee

    2015, China has given a lot of financial support in terms of entrepreneurship and employment, for which the amount of tax relief reached 300 billion yuan. Tianjin in 12th Five-Year during the positive response to the central call for five years to lend $1 billion 154 million.

    2016, the city will continue to improve policies, give full play to the role of business loans in the venture capital bottleneck crack, efforts to promote the "four changes" to promote more people to succeed in business, which is the main line of work from towns to urban and rural transformation, increase the focus from individual industrial and commercial households do strong enterprises to change the bigger, the total number of issued by the big goal to improve quality of change, all workers to change support from the urban unemployed, the city college students, rural surplus labor to enterprises including laid-off workers, non-native college graduates entrepreneurship. Strive to pay 400 million yuan a year to promote more successful business.

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    China college business plan competition to make cake

    each person’s entrepreneurial path is not the same, have such a landscape. In the "Challenge Cup" competition project exhibition site, the reporter saw a familiar figure in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony, and became popular for on camera smile "smile" elder sister Wu Yi and her twin sister Wu yue.

    on the choice of food, Huang Huanlin chose a biscuit. Now the pace of life is so fast, many white-collar workers do not have time to do health care, may even have time to eat, the health care ingredients added to the portable biscuits, more convenient." Huang Huanlin said, health porridge, soup is not easy to cook, with easy to sprinkle, and health biscuits are not.

    How to run a fruit shop

    with the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to health care, eat more fruit is good for health, is an indisputable fact, then open a fruit shop, is a good choice to the entrepreneurial wealth, so how to manage the fruit shop? Let’s take a look!

    The operation method of

    is more flexible, but must pay attention, the fruit is seasonal merchandise, and a purchase of consumables, not too much, but also can be stored properly, add refrigerator for cold storage of fruit, in general, suitable for fruit preservation temperature between ~13 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius, some fruits need lower temperature for example, apple, grape, peach, plum, persimmon etc.. But not every kind of fruit is suitable for the refrigerator. Some fruits are "cold", as some native to tropical banana, mango, papaya, the refrigerator will be "chilling", cause the skin play spots or become dark brown, destruction of fruit quality and flavor.

    Fruit size


    How old businessman fancy aiyaya ornaments

    jewelry industry is a durable industry, huge market space. Look at the cross line professional old businessman how to transform, and in the jewelry industry to play fast, perhaps read the following you will also rise the idea of change.

    4 stores from the beginning have tasted the "sweetness" after the lacquer forest with the fastest speed in succession 12 shop, two new stores will be opened. In the words of Lin Lin, the reason why the shop with such a fast speed, because there are latecomers competing for the market. "Not good, shop rents also rose quickly, now the Chengdu market is not saturated, Xianpao horse enclosure, seize the." Lin Qi explained, "in order to find the shop, my car is broken open car, I almost every day in the shop, on the road to find the target store, I am afraid of change speed up their market rate". Now, the prospects for the development of the retail industry has been very clear, he said, there is a store only resources, so we must speed up and then accelerate!

    most let Lin Qi is proud to find a good shop. He said, in the third open is his most satisfying one, when he was going to the store as well in the Chengdu market image store. The store is located in Chengdu, Shuangliu County’s best location, the location of the store, it radiates a lot of Chengdu shopping district. Lacquer Lin said that the store is also the largest in all of his shops in the store, the average monthly sales of more than 100 thousand yuan. Let Lin Qi remember is the day of the opening of the store, do a 12% off promotional activities opening day, unexpectedly caused a berserk situation, but discounted advertising removed, with "no discount, giving full membership card" strategy, but the situation is still recommended panic buying

    What are the problems needing attention in the early stage of children’s playground

    a store can get long-term development, and the initial operation will have a very big influence. Therefore, if the shop wants booming development, the initial operation also need to pay more attention to nature. So, the children’s playground management early need to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian for you to do a simple analysis.

    children’s playground management should pay attention to the early three points:

    1, location is very important

    children’s playground is decided by the quality of its location. Lot is not good, can only pay more than earn less. On the other hand, if you encounter shopping mall, in the field, you can take a lease or persuade the mall shares the way. If there is a restaurant in the mall is better, it will facilitate some parents to rest. As for the site area, about 200 square is enough, the decoration can try to find manufacturers can be.

    2, with a small cost to create a bright spot

    in the children’s playground to set up a separate independent operation for children of small modules can also become a bright spot. For example, a sand like (enough conditions can even hire professional personnel responsible for this module), the advantages of independent modules: one is to attract eyeballs, two can make kids sit down to play, three to arrange special events to attract popularity to. If the effect is obvious, in the surrounding layout of a number of toy counters, speed up the return of funds.

    3, several practical children’s playground and equipment cleaning method

    (1), plastic toys can be diluted with soap, water, washing powder, bleaching powder, soaked with water, clean or dry with a clean cloth.

    (2), children’s playground cloth toys can be washed with soapy water, or placed in the sun exposure.

    (3), moisture resistant, heat resistant, non fading wooden toys, can be used to wash the skin after the soap bubble.

    (4), children’s playground iron toys in the sun exposure for more than 6 hours, there is bactericidal effect.

    (5), children’s activity room, ground, walls, etc., daily ultraviolet radiation disinfection, indoor ventilation.

    (6) and children’s playground need to be sprayed with peracetic acid every week.

    (7), toilet, toilet and so on to Suhl regularly spraying 3%.

    (8), children’s playground in the indoor and outdoor large naughty fort to use soapy water, disinfectant detergent, bleach >

    How to make money to make money to come in to see

    money in hand, want to make money the best way to make money? Investment, of course! Speaking of investment, it is necessary to find a good investment and entrepreneurship projects. Today to introduce you to several promising more money King good project there, to see which one is the best method for your money and money!

    A, 20 thousand yuan   open beverage shop

    according to the classification of the National Bureau of statistics of the third industrial census and the corresponding adjustment, the soft drinks industry is the food industry and beverage manufacturing industry categories in a class. The market of beverage products in our country is bigger than that of any country. At present, China’s per capita consumption of beverages is only 8000 grams, the world average of 1 / 5, is developed in Western Europe, the country’s 1 / 24, therefore, China’s beverage industry has great potential for development. Million investment, open a beverage shop, is a good way to make money in the summer money.

    recommended items: Pomelo see lemon fruit drinks      

    for city drinking

    two, 30 thousand yuan investment in electric vehicle


    as an energy-saving and relatively cheap travel tools, electric bicycle is more suitable for the future development of the green transportation conditions, China. Thinking carefully, the electric car industry in the folk so popular for a reason: 1. Low carbon environmental protection, in line with national environmental requirements; two. Light and flexible, people travel convenience; three. High cost, (average one kilometer only takes about seven cents) make love not release homes. With the construction and improvement of rural roads, the majority of rural areas will further increase the demand for electric bicycles. Conservative estimates in the next 5 years, China’s electric bicycle ownership will be more than 300 million.

    recommended items: fresh morning electric     Ouxiang electric

    three, 50 thousand yuan   management of water sports park

    Recommended items:

    small for you to recommend the items above, do not have high investment, without high risk, is a good method for money, is a good opportunity for investment! If you still have doubt, can give small to small business advice, I will be in the first time.

    Sanya girls were crying super run yacht, star hotels have

    women like to be spoiled, are a romantic fantasy do not consider the money of the trip to Sanya. And this women’s day, Baidu Nuomi has helped 37 lucky women to achieve such a dream. Sanya girls were crying, free experience super run yacht, you envy it?

    also lucky and Beijing University of Finance and senior dennis. She has been planning a trip through the Baidu Nuomi 3·, 7 girls’ day dream come true. "I never thought my graduation trip could be so tall, but fortunately I saw the news in the hours before the registration, my classmates are particularly envious, too memorable." Although before the registration, Dan’s mom has always opposed, fear may be a hoax, a few degrees calling to confirm to the hotel.

    "my mom said there are a lot of deception to sell human organs, did not think Baidu Nuomi gave me an unforgettable experience." Dan smiled. And in Beijing for many years, the people of Sichuan Xia said, "or my husband found the news, for my name. Usually like Baidu Nuomi’s activities, I did not expect this year when a hero."

    How to open a fast food franchise shop site you know

    now people fast pace of life, many lifestyle has undergone great changes, so in the diet is dining, with the accelerated pace of life, people’s life has now become very busy, for many people, they have little time to cook their own food, is to eat some snack. This also brings a huge market for fast food restaurants, venture to open a fast food restaurant, presumably still very profitable. Today to introduce you, how to open a fast food store location.

    some of the business is not good looking at the fast-food operator always love their way of doing business on the problem, in fact, in the early stage of site work, they may have made a mistake, because the location of fast-food restaurants on its business activities have a huge impact. The restaurant’s address can not be the same as human, financial, material and other operating factors can be adjusted accordingly, it has a long-term, fixed and other characteristics. For the future development of the fast food restaurant, the operator must be cautious in choosing address.

    "local" by joining information store location and market choice means in fast food is based on market demand to determine the location. It determines how much traffic, restaurant customers buy force, customer consumption structure, to attract potential customers restaurant and the degree of competitiveness in some extent. Only occupy the geographical advantage, in order to attract a large number of customers, business will thrive.

    The main factors that influence the establishment of business strategy and objectives of fast food restaurants are the restaurant address environment, including the geographical environment, population, transportation and regional planning and other factors of

    . Facts show that the direction of operation, food structure and service level of the same fast food shops will be different because of the location, and the economic benefits of significant differences. This requires a fast-food restaurant location should pay attention to the market environment and competition situation, and based on these factors clear target market, determine the business strategy, including advertising, service measures, the promotion strategy etc..

    choose a position that is conducive to the long-term development of their own store is really very helpful to everyone’s business oh! Good project, good product, good brand, good service…… We are all the dream of a wealthy partner! However, to find suitable for their own business projects, most of them have to spend a little thought, ah, fast food shop selected address soon fortune.

    development of the fast food industry is very fast, if you want to engage in this industry, we need to pay more attention in many ways, since the decision to open a fast food restaurant, want to bring good business, not only delicious and healthy food, also need a good store location. Venture to open a fast food franchise, the market competitiveness is quite large, we have to choose a place where people shop, bring more customers.

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