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  • How to run a children’s clothing store should be better

    In recent years, the development of

    children’s clothing industry is very rapid, the time is also very easy to become a selection object, want to do poineering work become rich but anxious to find their own satisfaction with the franchise industry and project, choose to join the children’s clothing industry! A children’s clothing store is absolutely not wrong, many novice entrepreneurs on children’s clothing store business or talk about children’s clothing store, so today Xiaobian want to open children’s clothing store for the majority of entrepreneurs should be how to operate?

    children’s wear industry investment space is very broad, but a lot of new business models for the operation of children’s clothing shop is still relatively vague and skills, how to create a lucrative children’s clothing store? Effective business guidelines are essential, including the following.

    a, what is the way to shop alone, their own shop? Or invite friends and relatives? Or join the system, provided by the headquarters store resources? Experts believe that if the opening of the store, with the past work experience, and has served as a management position, you can consider independent shop. But if there is no experience, choose the right to join the system, learn from the management skills, can also be a good way to reduce business risk. In addition, the partnership investment shop, after must have face shareholders disagreement and division of courage. The best combination of 2 people to avoid the partnership, and to the best of the 3 people, up to no more than 5 people.

    two, a business model is designed to do, to do fine, children’s shoes, but the shoes grades will be relatively high point; the other is the children’s clothing, children’s shoes, children’s sports activities (such as the now popular children’s skateboard) and toys, put together the two ways to do; good, before an easy to put your shop’s style reflected, relatively easy to retain customers in the long-term, but from 1 to 12 years old male and female children’s shoes are rich. Second ways to do the same, but the focus is designed, not necessarily in shoes, so we must grasp the trend slightly ahead of a children’s products, such as two years ago, children’s products are popular skating, and popular now is skateboarding, if you can predict the trend, often in a categories of children’s products just listed, can be hard to make money.

    three, style more, to all types of goods must be full, children, child, children, must have the most. The purchase should be bold, the more the better the style. The number of each paragraph should not be too much, complete number. When the customer comes in to tell him to hang is only a few, have the number, ask how old the child, to recommend him, who will come to the store to buy, because the goods are more goods. She has picked up, the service is so enthusiastic, do not buy also embarrassed.

    four, the mentality of the operator is better to open children’s shoes store sales must be in a good mood, drinks, tired and irritable, customers can feel that the sale is not good. Began to purchase, do not calculate how much to sell every day, when the investment can be recovered, how much? Sell back

    How to strengthen the management of police auxiliary personnel in Zhengzhou

    in our daily life, the police auxiliary personnel represent the positive energy of society, as the role of maintaining social harmony, but for them to take good management is also very necessary. The police support staff as an important supplementary force, the public security organs for a long time, bear the night guard, on-site disposal, street patrol work, is very hard, how to standardize the management of this huge team, improve their occupation sense of honor and sense of identity and belonging?

    for the further implementation of the "Office of the State Council on regulating the police auxiliary personnel management advice", after a lot of research and demonstration and full communication and coordination based on demand and solicit opinions on the "opinions" the general office of the people’s Government of Henan Province on the province’s standardized public security organs of police support staff management in November 1st the implementation of the province issued. Opinions on the use of personnel, salary, recruitment conditions, hierarchical management and other key issues, have made clear views and standards.

    clear the proportion of auxiliary police

    the "opinions" pointed out that with the amount of principle, according to the actual number of police and police auxiliary personnel number does not exceed 1:1 proportion; for the social security situation is severe and complicated, arduous task of counter-terrorism and generally not more than 1:1.2; the ratio of 1:1 to VanGogh, shall be reported to the provincial public security organs and departments approved approval or record.

    determine the remuneration of all around the standard

    auxiliary staff wages in principle approved according to the local urban non private units average wage of workers in the standard, the specific performance standards by the provincial city and county according to the factors of local social and economic development, financial status, and determine the area of police auxiliary personnel wages, salary structure and subsidy programs, and the establishment of a dynamic adjustment mechanism. At the same time, requires all the salary standard in determining the required provincial human resources and social security department, the provincial public security department to review the record after the execution.

    improve the recruitment of Police Recruitment Qualifications

    in order to ensure the basic quality of the new recruiting auxiliary police officers, auxiliary police officers in Henan province unified recruitment requirements for personnel qualifications for college; with special skills or expertise, cultural degree can be relaxed to senior high school or technical secondary school.

    set up the auxiliary police level management

    to expand the career development space for police officers, to further stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm of the work, enhance the sense of professional identity, the police officers to be classified into seven ranks, and clear the promotion period.

    "opinion" is also clear to the police on a regular basis to assist staff performance recommendations

    Silicon Valley God in Zijin Mountain to listen to 2016KK business ideas that

    The development of the Internet on behalf of

    is the development of an era, with all this in the "Silicon Valley God" Kevin Kelly expected, recently, the "Silicon Valley of God" and "family predictions" to participate in the "2016KK Zijin Mountain venture created to predict tinghui".

    is called the "Silicon Valley of God" and "scientific predictions" Kevin Kelly, more than 20 years ago has accurately predicted the current situation of the development of the Internet today. The concept of the Internet of things, cloud computing, shared economy, etc., has now been verified, and are booming.

    "artificial intelligence (AI) in the future will become a commodity, like electricity, how much you want to use on the Internet to buy much." In the hearing, Kevin Kelly believes that artificial intelligence products will replace human beings engaged in a lot of work, and in human life has become an indispensable necessity.

    turning reality and virtual reality technology, Kevin Kelly believes that this will be the second major trend in the future. This technology is a kind of style into the experience, it will make people in the visual, auditory, tactile and other aspects really feel ", as long as the professional equipment personally on the scene" wear, can let a person feel in knowing another environment ".

    A meeting of


    related recommendations

    Singer Yu Quan wants to change

    now is no longer the beginning of the singer singer, in addition to singing what they will do business, even acting chair, can be said to be a full range of talent, has the honor to Yu Quan today, listen to how they face the singer gathered in the entertainment circle.

    when the music experience of the Internet, when communication becomes free, as a singer, as a participant in the music industry as an operating company, he is the judgment of this industry development route with what logic?

    following the 2013, I was the singer after the first quarter of the championship, Yu Quan fire on a step. And this seems to be the beginning of a stage. January 9, 2015, Friday prime time. Evening 7:30, CCTV3 "China good song"; 9:10 in the evening, Zhejiang satellite TV, "running brother"; 10:15 in the evening, CCTV2 "entrepreneurial heroes"…… Strong radio three prime time hits, can see Yu Quan or Hu Haiquan figure, it broke the record. In the entertainment behind the image, in a broader field, Yu Quan in the operation of a larger game.

    2014 at the end of the year, in an exclusive interview with successful marketing, Yu Quan did a few things:

    , a special "no album album"; a more than 95 thousand people bought tickets for the concert, "not at the scene of the scene"; on line two APP "is Yu Quan" and "dark horse". If the "crossover" is a common label these things, in this label, Yu Quan doing, is the reflection of the music industry for many years, to try to implement the solution, and try to have started from their own.

    "when the music experience of the Internet, when communication becomes free, as a singer, as a participant in the music industry as an operating company, he is the judgment of this industry development route with what logic?" Hu Haiquan on the successful marketing, said the reporter.

    Internet subversion in many industries, the subversion of the music industry, began many years ago; and the music industry has been in the passive adaptation. There will be a business model, tactical implementers can take advantage of the Internet, combined with strong incoming traditional music, such as millet shock to the Chinese mobile phone industry, like the Chinese music industry?

    in more than a year ago, is at the end of 2013, when Hu Haiquan in their own company, master of entertainment culture limited company (abbreviation: Master entertainment) of the same office to accept the "successful marketing" interview with reporters, he said, hoping to "Yu Quan" as an experiment, experimental music and entertainment with the Internet business, all connected. Then, let the change happen".

    let’s take a look at him

    How much money to join the barbecue Xiaobian for you to answer in detail

    barbecue has its unique flavor and the environment, has a huge consumer groups in the country, usually the streets and lanes has always been able to see someone holding a barbecue to eat with relish, or see the people sitting there drinking in knots to eat barbecue in the street stalls, some tall buffet barbecue become the young people welcome the catering mode, diversified barbecue, or spicy, or is delicious, or mixed, to become a delicious barbecue food as necessary.

    barbecue it sounds simple, but the good is not easy, because it is necessary to have baked heat, to grasp the taste of the conditioning, as well as to cater to local tastes, let people control is not fine, but also many businessmen to invest the focus here, with less money, get higher return, the network also stall to earn high profits, steady over ordinary white-collar income, then join the barbecue how much money, how do the reasonable risk control, winning wealth?

    Why do you choose


    The characteristics of location where

    since it will choose to join the barbecue, barbecue where, to choose a suitable location to the corresponding people to do a survey is a must, only understand their business customers, make marketing strategy in order to better.

    How much money is needed to join


    Ya’an disaster mother went to Hangzhou to study home tourism business

    business has now become the social theme, and in many places is also actively training some staff to learn some entrepreneurial skills, in order to promote the whole social entrepreneurship in Hangzhou recently, he received the 16 Ya’an disaster tourism industry a new mother.

    "I didn’t expect to live a lifetime will be" the schoolbag on the back and then start. "." The 17 day, the 50 year old Wang Shuqiong was attending the Hangzhou for half a month, returned to his hometown of tourism training.

    "body burden of a day than a day, I don’t know how to do? In particular, the husband on the way home to work on the unfortunate trip to the toe of the trip, I feel the sky is falling down!" Wang Shuqiong told reporters, in order to subsidize home, she went to a lot of work on the site, farming, mixed soil…… "Sometimes a day to do a few jobs, the children go to college and need a lot of money, for a long time, the burden on my body the heavier pressure."

    as the loss of time, that the Chinese foundation for poverty alleviation in mountain village started to rebuild industry as the core of the beautiful countryside construction work. In the understanding of the project, Wang Shuqiong volunteered to join cooperatives, and mountain villagers to join a hostel construction team.

    In order to study

    How to arrange the ecological environment monitoring network in Xiamen

    in the process of rapid economic development, a series of environmental problems are also very worrying! Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, which not only destroy the atmosphere, but also cause serious damage to our drinking water! So, for such a phenomenon, Xiamen how to layout the ecological environment monitoring network?

    from the sky to the ground, and even water, the need to protect the ecological environment of too many elements, whether it can be considered comprehensive? Recently, the municipal government office issued a "work plan" monitoring network construction of ecological environment in Xiamen City, proposed the establishment of a "ecological environment monitoring network within the city, will include the atmosphere, water, noise, radiation, soil, biological and other factors.

    to 2020, the basic platform for the construction of ecological environment monitoring data

    "program" detailed from 2016 to 2020 each year to achieve the objectives of the task. Before the end of this year, the city’s ecological environment to determine the key regulatory areas and layout of monitoring points, clear classification and division of responsibilities of all kinds of monitoring powers, start the construction of large data platform.

    to 2020, the city’s ecological environment monitoring network of the basic realization of ecological environment quality, the key sources of pollution, ecological monitoring, ecological control line control area monitoring point coverage, ecological environment monitoring data platform basically completed, all kinds of monitoring data sharing system interconnection, forecasting and early warning ability, intelligence information and security levels improved significantly monitoring and supervision coordination, initially built and the construction of ecological civilization to adapt to the requirements of "co-ordination of land and sea, based on the test tube, unified information sharing," the ecological environment monitoring network.

    key ecological protection areas and key pollution sources will strengthen monitoring

    "program" in the two referred to strengthen key monitoring". The first is the "key areas", including the Chinese White Dolphin Nature Reserve and biodiversity conservation area, centralized drinking water sources, wetlands, soil erosion sensitive area, ecological forest, river estuary, special marine reserves, agricultural products (000061, stock it) production base ecological control line control through the area, UAV Remote Sensing and ground monitoring and other means to strengthen the monitoring of ecological.

    second is the "key pollution sources, such as" above the level of monitoring of key enterprises, livestock farming and other agricultural pollution sources, sewage and transportation and other domestic pollution sources, through the installation of online monitoring system of pollutant discharge, build normalization supervision system.

    Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau led the construction of data platform, fraud will be strictly

    according to the program requirements, the city should establish a unified data platform. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for the city’s ecological environment monitoring information platform for the construction of large data, and to achieve recommendations

    How to open a children’s paradise three heart advantage

    city in the construction, the children’s play space in compression, children’s paradise is becoming increasingly popular, many investors aimed at the gold industry. How about a children’s playground? There are three heart advantage, will be in the following for everyone to pay attention to the interpretation. If there are people who intend to invest in children’s paradise, after reading the contents of the decision to strengthen confidence.


    parents at ease


    Internet era flooring companies need to know how to leverage

    Internet era, home building materials industry has not been the same as the development of flooring companies, the competition is constantly upgrading. In the context of the Internet era, the continuous development of the electricity supplier model is affecting the development of enterprises. Flooring companies want to win in the fierce competition in the market, but also with the help of the development trend of the internet.

    flooring enterprises facing challenges in the Internet trend below

    a first-line brand flooring chairman in an interview with reporters said the floor net, agree with the latter, the tide of the Internet through the integration of traditional industries, the Internet has changed the traditional industry practice no ground for blame. But the Internet is just a means, the competitiveness of the product itself or strength. Mass sports enthusiasts, hoping to force the tide of the Internet to subvert the dream may not shine into reality. From quantitative change to qualitative change, the process of accumulation. External factors are important, internal factors is the real competitiveness. Snafu generous and generous, not only is the change Dynasties "frenzy", but also need to adhere to the ten years of grinding sword.

    What is Machida Zushi’s investment fund

    heard a statement before this is why this era has been able to progress forward, nothing more than three words: diversity. What do you mean? Perhaps because of the diversity of the world, so that the world because of the diversity of the collision can be derived more than what we do not know. For example: the food and beverage industry if there is no replacement for the diversity of the brand will not have such a hot food market exists. Because what is left is the best, the best to meet the needs of consumers. Sushi is a kind of food now many people are more love, so many investors want to open a sushi restaurant, CHO, Da Zushi has a lot of sushi in the country, joining Machida Zushi has also been a lot of people’s attention. So how much is Machida Zushi joining fee?.

    what is Machida Zushi’s investment fund?

    "Machida Zushi" brand was founded in Shenyang in 2004, and quickly with good product quality, won the favor of consumers. Through the continuous efforts of the company’s innovation, independent research and development of more than and 30 kinds of unique taste, suitable for Chinese customers taste and well received sushi. "Do Chinese sushi" has become the purpose of the enterprise unchanged. Over the years, "Machida Zushi" brand continues to grow, in 2008 the development of franchise, and to spark Liaoyuanzhishi quickly across the three provinces in Northeast China, as of 2015, "Machida Zushi" stores a total of 390, the same year in May, "Machida Zushi", a comprehensive upgrade to the "sushi".

    Machida Zushi is hot to join, join the fee as follows:

    is a small mini shop (about 20 square meters), joined the fee of $8800, a deposit of 3000 yuan a slightly larger standard store (shop area). In more than and 30 square meters, the franchise fee is $12800, $5000 deposit

    a variety of options, ultra-low cost of joining, so that you worry about the venture, a few million to join the cost is also the majority of franchisees can afford, if you want to join, they quickly action!