Golden week 24 companies fully transparent price

During the holiday, to grasp the market supply of daily necessities and changes, since September 27th, 24 enterprises in Xining city in a day before 10, fully informed the Municipal Commerce Department to the necessities of the market sales and prices.

it is understood that the 24 companies focus on strengthening the grain, oil, meat, vegetables and other recent price rises fast commodity market monitoring, the operation of the market tendency, signs of problems as soon as possible to make judgments, strengthen market regulation perspective and foresight. That sharp fluctuations in prices of daily necessities, commodity supply shortage, out of stock and other abnormal situations timely reporting. read more

How to please god

as the saying goes, "the customer is God", if we want to make the store business is good, want to earn more money, naturally need to please god. After all, we often compare customers to "God."". In daily operation, how to serve God, please God, moved God, satisfied with God? This is a topic that we should all think, explore and learn.

as the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul, eyes are the silent language. The majority of the cigarette retailers, sellers is also a kind of social activity. To learn how to grasp the mentality of customers, and customer communication, customer relationship closer to me. This is conducive to improving the customer "turn back rate", promote cigarette retail, maximize profits. If you don’t believe me, listen to me explain — read more

Migrant workers receive ADS prevention knowledge

In November 29th twenty-sixth "World AIDS Day" approaching, the provincial Red Cross, the Red Cross, the City District CDC, Chengdong District Red Cross staff came to Yun Jia Kou Zhen Xiao Zhai Cun, AIDS prevention knowledge and emergency nursing training for migrant workers. Through lectures and training, so that migrant workers to understand the relevant knowledge, eliminating the panic psychology, improve the sense of self-protection.

in recent years, with the continuous development of the city, a large number of migrant workers came to the city, to join the ranks of urban construction, the city’s clean, beautiful sweat, for the development of the city to inject vitality. In order not to let migrant workers AIDS sexual behavior into the swamp, keep them away from danger, stay away from drugs of abuse, the Red Cross organization AIDS prevention and emergency rescue personnel to the professional lecturer for migrant workers, they popularize AIDS prevention related knowledge, let them know that AIDS is not terrible, as long as preventive measures, can avoid being infectious. At the same time, in view of the characteristics of migrant workers, emergency rescue training for their knowledge and skills to explain hemostasis, bandaging, fixing, handling, and carry out questions and answers and common trauma interactive sessions at the scene. read more

n the first half of the province’s financial situation will be held Zhang Guangrong speech

7 14, the first half of the province’s financial situation analysis will be held, summed up the first half of the province’s financial situation, arrangements for the second half of the financial work. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that this year, the province’s various financial institutions, firmly establish the overall awareness, earnestly implement the macro-control and the supply side structural reform measures, active service innovation and supervision, increasing the supply of credit to the real economy. The province’s smooth operation of the financial sector, the organizational system continues to expand, bank deposits and loans continued to grow, financial ecological environment continued to optimize for the province’s economic and social development has made outstanding contributions. But it must be soberly aware that the financial services in the first half of the real economy and the actual needs of the development gap, there are still some problems worthy of attention in the development of the financial sector. read more

4 days to eat 90 tons of red city of eating red perfect ending

December 15th, Huangzhong County town village Party mouth black DOPA Wencheng greenhouses, Fang and his wife Dong Yun looked at Wencheng closely written sales record book, deeply sighed: "today, our globe finally sold out, hanging in the heart stone is landing."

Since 11,

West metropolitan city of eating red after the event started, Xining people actively participate in urban management, commerce, traffic police and other relevant departments to fully support, then, the provincial capital six big supermarket to help. In December 15th, Fang Wencheng plateau has been sold out "the city to eat red, red" perfect ending. read more

Municipal CPPCC Standing Committee held the thirteen session of the sixteen

July 18th, the thirteenth session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Xining Municipal Committee held the sixteenth. Municipal CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, such as Mr Feng Lijun was invited to attend the meeting. read more

Before the end of June Xining outer ring expressway toll free

In December 7th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a traffic police detachment of the eleventh news conference, Xining city and surrounding areas of highway toll system adjustment before the end of December, the outer ring of free and open access.

to implement the provincial government on the "Xining City, surrounding areas of freeway toll system adjustment plan", July 2015, the Xining Municipal People’s Government slow blocking Paul Chang work command monthly regular meetings of the "outer ring network will promote the work and site coordination meeting, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao, mayor Zhang Xiaorong, deputy mayor Wang Ping repeatedly deeply the outer ring and the city road interoperability field research, the outer ring network integration work as an important task of slow blocking Paul Chang to catch the requirements of Xining city comprehensive management of traffic command to make relevant plan as soon as possible, the drafting of the corresponding measures, fully carry out the demonstration, coordination, push forward the work carried out, make sure that the outer ring network the integration scheme is implemented, to ensure that the inner and outer ring and network interoperability, reasonable adjustment of urban traffic flow, reduce urban traffic pressure.

it is reported that the outer ring free passage, north line 7 and line 3 interchange highway no longer charges, 13 types of pedestrians and vehicles shall not enter the outer ring.   read more

Huangyuan County Xining trade and ndustry Bureau to carry out the Mid Autumn Festival national da

Xining County of Huangyuan Industrial and Commercial Bureau to truly grasp the "Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday food safety work, to further standardize business practices of food operators, to ensure consumer safety Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, with the ongoing" chuangxianzhengyou "and" building a civilized city "activities, the deployment of a month the food safety special law enforcement action.
the special enforcement action to grain, oil, meat, milk, cakes, beverages, candy, cakes, children food, health food, wine and other food festivals as the key species in food operators to establish and improve the purchase inspection, certificate and invoice, purchase ledger, three expired, spoiled fake food the main content, determine the supermarkets, bazaars, shopping malls, grocery stores, food wholesale business households, urban and residential areas, around the school, tourist attractions and other key area. A total of 992 households to check the food business, and the county’s main business of the moon cake of the 18 households conducted a key inspection, check the moon cake of the 31 varieties, did not find quality problems. At the same time in the dairy market inventory, the circulation of dairy products and dairy food business operators have signed more than 550 copies of the book, with the signing of the responsibility of the industry and commerce book of 3 copies.
through special inspection of law enforcement focus: one is to further standardize the management behavior and management order of food business operators; two is to further enhance the sense of responsibility and quality consciousness of operators; three is to supervise the operator to perform the purchase inspection certificate and invoice, purchase accounting obligations; four is to further purify the holiday market food quality the five is the issue of food; do early detection, early investigation, specification, to ensure consumer safety during the festival. read more

Twenty thousand yuan to do what business recommend small projects

is a big problem in the capital, only twenty thousand yuan on hand, can do business? Do you have any questions? Twenty thousand yuan can do business? Small series this is recommended for each of the small investment in a good project, to see if there is no suitable for your project.

twenty thousand yuan can do what business? Landscape design studio

"city, better life", this is not only the 2010 Shanghai World Expo theme is the development trend of the city: pay attention to the living environment, emphasizing the harmony between man and nature. The process of urbanization in China is becoming faster and faster, and landscape design has become an important part of urban construction. Especially in recent years, real estate continues to heat up, so that the demand for landscape designers. read more

New rural construction to benefit thousands of households

in March this year, along with the beautiful spring, seven of us went to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County town of Gan Jing Yang Shu Wan Cun. With the dawn of Sichuan infiltration in a grand view of exuberant vitality, gurgling water is along the road on both sides of the meandering channel merrily toward pingchou jiangmen.

into the village of Gan Shu Wan, we were in front of this neat beautiful, fresh and beautiful village to attract. I saw a row of two storey courtyard well-proportioned stands in a straight section of the road on both sides of the cement, a fan with color tile mosaic door style appearance. Eager to get up early Gan Bay villagers are gathered in the village on the central square of leisure, is being carried out in the morning. The villagers in a piece of new fitness equipment, or turn the wheel, or bent down on his back, or his arms hanging lead pull. Bao Jidong, Secretary of the village Party branch, told us that 270 people in Gan Wan Village, a total of about 1040 people, were covered with new houses. And by convenient traffic conditions, the majority of people in the village engaged in transportation and agricultural products processing industry has gradually become a rich life, has been established as a well-off model village. read more

Health care institutions in the city held a part time staff training courses

to do a good job of health education work of medical institutions in our city, enhance the health education of medical institutions and part-time staff professional quality and work skills, in order to achieve the three level prevention to protect the city of physical and mental health of doctors and patients, combined with the county 2011 health work target management responsibility for health education and Health Education North District in May 18, 2011 jointly organized by the health education of medical institutions and part-time staff training, Chengbei district hospitals and community health service station (Center) 23 in charge of health education in health education work and part-time staff participated in the training, by the Municipal Health Education Institute of Comrade Yang Li speaker.
  read more

Open fair and impartial

In September 16th, the Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun in the research of the city village (community) party organization and the village (neighborhood) committee election preparations, Minister of the Organization Department of municipal Party committee, Municipal Standing Committee, Bi Xiaoning, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai to travel together. Wang Jianjun stressed, should be open, fair and impartial to the village (community) "two committees" election work, let the organization trust, member satisfaction, accepted by the masses. Wang Jianjun and his entourage arrived in the north area of the Bao Zi Zhen Tao Bei Cun, Chengzhong District, Muscat Street Culture Street community, view data, listening to the reports and discussions, listen carefully to the opinions of the masses of cadres at the grassroots level, to understand the general election work, and fully affirmed the preliminary preparations. Wang Jianjun pointed out that the village (community) "two committees" of the general election, the province’s urban and rural residents is a major event in the political life, is related to the vital interests of the masses, related to reform, development and stability. Compared with the previous year, the change reflects three opportunities and conditions, one is being carried out by the party’s mass line of educational practice, the masses in politics, ideology, and environment provides a good preparation for the city and the province’s grass-roots organization general; two provincial and municipal total will make strengthening the base construction the decision to provide a strong guarantee for the work of the election; three is the party’s the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will be the rule of law to make comprehensive arrangements, but also provides a strong guarantee for the good general work. General election, for what? Wang Jianjun stressed that, for the time, the village (community) "two committees" general election is held every three years; for the candidates, to adhere to the high stability, small adjustment, left into backbone, new principle; change the structure, to optimize the knowledge structure, age structure, personnel structure; for unity, to promote unity in the new three years to do practical things for the people; for trust, elected cadres have to live up to the trust of the masses, change the appearance, enrich people’s life; for the development, construction of new rural areas rely on development, development to bring about change, let the people live a good life; for harmony, to comply with local rules, and the heart. Hehemumu. General election, how to change? Wang Jianjun stressed that one should according to the constitution, in accordance with the regulations, the guidance of grass-roots organizations general election; two members rely on, rely on the masses, to fully mobilize the participation and enthusiasm of the masses of Party members; three to leadership, heavy responsibility, at all levels should set up a leading mechanism and working mechanism, a level of tamping work; four more training guide, firmly grasp the initiative, the work of the election of the extensive training guide. General election, how to grasp? Wang Jianjun stressed the need to conscientiously implement the spirit of "green office word 2014 Document No. 60, plan, rules, key, security, propaganda and discipline, supervised, accountability, and optimize the process, establish a typical city of village (community) the successful general reference, to ensure open and fair election just let the organization trust, Party member satisfaction, accepted by the masses.   read more

Eastern will accelerate the digital urban construction

reporter from the East District thirteen session of the six plenary meeting was informed that this year, the area in the city to enhance the management level of the fine, will further improve the relevant policies and regulations, to change from passive to active fine fine, improve the management level of the eastern city.

to this end, the district will be in the new situation of urban management, new problems, and comprehensively promote the big urban management work model, and strive to eliminate loopholes and gaps in service management. According to reports, in 2014, the East will vigorously implement the "open project" construction, make the greatest efforts to improve travel conditions; will accelerate the digital city management platform construction and grid management level, promote the integration of the two platform of digital city management command system and social management system, make the disposal process more quickly and efficiently, realize the management city operation and service security and intelligence information; to further innovate the "Long Street" and "building of" system, realize the city main road "all-weather" cleaning and "seamless" management to the development of deep; atmospheric and water pollution control on the mobilization of all sectors of society to participate in. read more

Central strict word high standards of Education

In the first part of the party’s mass line of educational practice, look back, the work, the city in strict compliance with high standards of education, to ensure that activities do not go through the process, to achieve solid results.

strict standards to look back. To carry out good learning education, listen to part of the "look back", the strict standards, mainly to see the ideological mobilization, the original text, learning organization to watch, listen to the views of the film nominated, outstanding leading cadres, leading cadres of the key in the 8 aspects of learning guidance is in place. Combined with the actual list of Party organization team, team members, ordinary Party members and cadres to "look back" list of items, earnestly carry out the gaps. Effectively solve the problem of learning education is not in place. Requirements of the units to be confirmed by the Central Committee of the program by item one by one inspection, one by one comb, an implementation. More in improving the learning effect of education on the ideas, think of ways and measures to achieve the required hundred-percent contents, communication and discussion, to preach, a typical case of education, people loved folk art forms to carry out learning, enhance the learning effect. read more

China Xining 2013 FRST Youth Film Festival press conference held in Beijing

China ·, Xining 2013 FIRST Youth Film Festival press conference, held in Beijing, China Sculpture Research Center in March 21st.

FIRST Youth Film Festival to create high-end mainstream brands of culture and art, through careful planning, high level and professional team support, become the cultural exchange feast, the pursuit of artistic platform and window wit. The film exhibition has been successfully held six sessions, this is also the Xining Municipal People’s Government hosted the third youth film exhibition. read more

To play the role of baton in performance evaluation

Annual target responsibility assessment is a comprehensive examination of the work of various departments throughout the past year". Recently, the Provincial Standing Committee to study the 2015 annual target responsibility (performance) evaluation result and the 2016 annual assessment scheme, fully affirmed the 2015 annual assessment work, and make arrangements for the 2016 annual assessment requirements, to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches especially for important instructions Qinghai work instructions as a guide, tightly on the "13th Five-Year" program and the "131" General requirements, to further improve and perfect the evaluation mechanism, give full play to the role of examination "baton". read more

Shen Xin drainage network transformation completed

"Encountered heavy rain days, where the deepest water can diffuse over the waist, sewer effluent generated into the house……" On rainy days, residents of the new lane often complain. In order to solve the problem of city road drainage, Huangshui Cci Capital Ltd staff arrange for the transformation of Shen Xiang new underground drainage network in November 2nd, the reporter saw at the construction site, network transformation has been completed, the road backfill.

West 15 minutes to form a cultural circle

2014 West District continue to intensify the construction of public cultural services, the New District Cultural Arts Center, Xinghai city culture center, Jia small community public culture center, Zhangjiawan village cultural activity room has been built, and free and open to the public masses.

read more

The province’s public medical institutions to implement the first hospital after the settlement of t

since September 1st, the province’s public medical institutions to implement the first hospitalization settlement service model. Qinghai public medical institutions to implement the first hospitalization settlement service model implementation plan provides that in order to effectively avoid the risk of arrears, the province will implement the integrity of patients with medical management. Medical insurance agencies and medical institutions to establish a patient’s medical integrity management system and early warning system, timely understanding of the patient’s arrears of information. read more

The first experience power supply business hall in the Lake District debut

My home is in the vicinity of the business before the 54 West Road business hall to go, you need to queue up, but also in a hurry. Now the Lake District opened the business hall, can provide a variety of interactive experience including WeChat and 24 hours of service, to the power company praise! "In October 23rd, Xue Xiaoping first came to public" in our province has just opened experience "power supply business hall, while experiencing the side of praise.State Grid Xining power supply company Lake B power supply business hall read more