Or do the user social comment plugin on


social review plugin is simply a software that can be mounted on a web site that provides critical functionality, while all users are able to use it and feel the social atmosphere. In the article "10 WordPress third party social review plugin", I introduced 5 popular domestic third party social review plug-ins, namely, friends, comments, Bemi, multi talk, light heron. So, what are the features of the social review plug-in? What are some of the comments and plug-ins that can be used for reference? read more

Small defeat 51 stage a financial network business end

Wang Yu said, "assembly number" is the most touching movie, and the "dead command", "executive power" is its enterprise sentiment. But obviously, the mere discussion of executive power does not work in the practice of many enterprises. For example, Wang Yu had founded the "51 stage", although from the CEO to the employees are full of strong execution of the blood, but ultimately did not go through this, Wang Yu summed up his life in another perception — don’t let the world with his ningba. read more

The development trend of enterprise network marketing

the next few years, the intense market competition, more and more enterprises will be on the existing or potential market segments, and use a variety of marketing tools, such as the traditional media marketing, event marketing, event marketing, network marketing and other marketing together, and in many marketing tools, network marketing will A NEW force suddenly rises.. With the strategic position.

here, the author makes an overview of the development trend of enterprise network marketing, which may be related to its characteristics, nature, role, characteristics and other series of issues. Compared to the past two years and the next few years, network marketing will have the following major changes: read more

Talking about the development of web page design to cater for users and dare to innovate

The emergence of

web design is to cater to the needs of users, and the current web design is no longer a "design and development integration" a few years ago. Simply put, can have a magnificent picture ", you can now? The answer is no, now" in addition to the pursuit of gorgeous but also the pursuit of practical utility, has become a part of web design.

Font layout for

web design. In simple terms, that is, to increase the font design in web design, font design, before we use Photoshop and other tools to make pictures and then export, referenced to the web page. This will cause some disadvantages, such as increasing the burden on the server, slow opening of web pages, and inconvenient to modify such problems. The font server, such a display of the form is compared with text, pictures or JS scripts are more "light", so that the font design must later become "beauty and the technical level of the wind vane. read more

Personal stationmaster’s future is located

discussed the problem of standing with friends yesterday. When it comes to what kind of station to do, I suddenly feel that personal website doesn’t have a future.

(referred to here as "personal web site" is simply a person’s ability to do the site)

the current situation of the domestic personal website is nothing more than a word "copy", as can be seen from several big station network, in addition to Admin5 webmaster network articles are mostly original, the other station is nothing more than you copied. Looking at the site on alimama, it’s almost original copy. read more

Do not rely on Baidu do garbage station still live moist

affirms that BS is the garbage collector, please skip

below is I do garbage station experience, although there are many predecessors have tried, but still quite rich way, so write down, hope to be outdated,

due to the end of last year, I do regular station, somehow by Baidu to K, so I with very depressed mood began to do garbage station (PS:, of course, the movie station),

first go to the source station to get Marx’s band of data source code, get a piece of CN domain name, find a day IP, to 5000 of space, began to work, read more

Wonderful show 7 major wealth collection

into the community, we will encounter a variety of problems, how to better deal with their own network is very important for their development. The concept of career, although some gifted people can be arrogant, but still more friends all over the world who can walk through. As the saying goes, people with IQ, EQ and FQ, EQ high to a certain extent, nature can tap potential, gather popularity, infinite network of extraordinary achievements so as to cause people, writing text. Today, we tell the story of the three very good interpersonal relationships, and it successfully developed into an industry, but also very scientific management, so that the wealth of individuals to develop more than the conventional speed. read more

Wang Yujun talk about Baidu updated every day included in the successful experience

, as a webmaster, wants to make its website grow, but how to grow and develop? Universal navigation network SEO tracking data show: "most websites, more than 80% of the traffic comes from search engines."". Therefore, the key to the development of the site is how to make their website content is updated by Baidu and other search engines included, and has a good search rankings. Here, Wang Yujun combines his years of management, life, service, peak network and Chinese wine culture network and other websites experience, talk about the realization of Baidu update every day, included some practices. read more

PHPWind elite webmaster Conference Southern China guests comments

famous stationmaster, KDD website stationmaster GJJ

            a cool webmaster called GJJ (KDD) to talk about their own personal and personal experience in the elite owners meeting, the following is the entire contents of the conversation.

anchor: why don’t we just please tell us about how cool webmaster webmaster

become the wind?

GJJ: I found the host a little Jerry, he wanted to say a slovenly, crazy stationmaster, is referred to as the wind.


the image of what everyone is saying? I’ve been told that I looks like a beggar, almost look like fleeing, the website is asked. I came from the disaster area, Sichuan, just when we were in the earthquake, I also stay here in Guangzhou, so it should be said that this is the fourth time to Guangzhou, so I am particularly impressed with Guangzhou. read more

Talking about the five main points of grass roots station

do stand easy, do stand difficult, with 90 also began to step into this industry, competition is more intense, today I will tell you, I do station five main experience. OK, no more ado, start.

the first point is to have an attitude of persistence.

as the saying goes, "persistence is victory in the end". In fact, I am also deeply aware of the true meaning of this sentence when I am in the station. As many as a successful person, whether it is wise, is the head relatively awkward, just stick to it, and finally succeeded? So that every webmaster should maintain a belief to encourage himself. Of course, the insistence here is not only to talk about, but also to work hard and faith. read more

Personal website construction and promotion of general steps

is now building a website is actually quite a hard thing, not to say that there will be an idea will be implemented immediately, summed up, and generally have to go through the following steps:

1, the pre planning of the website, what services and functions should be provided, and the division of channels and columns. Focus on only one subject.

2, website content preparation, which need to provide electronic version, which need to provide pictures and images, basically content preparation should closely rely on existing planning scheme to collect and sort out. read more

Stationmaster makes money road am very laborious

see a lot of people are talking about how to do to make money, have depressed, surprise, there are complaints, also preaching tuition I look after is very calm, do the purpose is to make money, the starting point and I think more important, no ground for blame, is that the website make money did not move, interest first! Because the interest will be more investment, more professional, more excellent website! Here is my interest, do


I was engaged in scientific research, is not a full-time webmaster, the website is also a super rookie, not afraid of you laugh at me, I do not understand is interested in, do not understand programming, database, do not understand the optimization. Well, what do I know? I only know how to make a static page. I can only use fronpage. Now you believe I’m a newbie. read more

Teach you to simply evaluate the value of your web site

website business, the Internet as a fast and efficient method of investment, more and more people have accepted and respected, for a stable income site, directly over the acquisition than on bank interest rates much higher, of course, the risk is big, this requires our investors must be on the site the value of an accurate assessment. As a senior webmaster of A5 website trading area, I contact and evaluate many websites every day. Here is how to evaluate the value of websites simply (depending on search engine websites). read more

Talk about personal website optimization experience

in the first half of May has been busy with the company’s website SEO optimization, there is no time to thank the article, mainly busy.

today, we talk about the recent optimization company website in you, our company website when I took over, from any aspect does not accord with search engine optimization, the site theme is not clear, the structure is not clear, each page of the title are the same, is the name of the company, the home of the keyword description with keyword writing the construction of the network company website or company name, I am depressed. After my revision now looks good, all aspects are adjusted to the search engine love website, each page independent titles and descriptions, and quickly generate static. The choice of 6 main key words are placed in the home, this is what I do is regret the decision, because the site is now CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, CCC certification in Baidu and Google has a good ranking. But there are 2 key UL certification, ETL certification, is at the back of the title keyword, keyword density and in front of a few keywords almost, but the ranking is different, in the search engine completely according to the. read more

Prepare food to attract Baidu spider talk about how to attract Baidu spider

today should be said to be a celebration of the day, the station just built a month, has begun to let Baidu like it. Since building station, I often go to stationmaster net to study, the summary that studies my stage now is summed up.

recently, Baidu began to organize, many stations have been K, some people say that Baidu K is not afraid, there are Google, which is true, but in China, Baidu still accounts for a large proportion. After all, Baidu dominates China’s search market in china. Through my own personal experience, I’ll discuss with you how to make Baidu like your station better. read more

How to write a tech blog

With the

technology blog in the United States first emerged, such as TechCrunch and Mashable have achieved great success, the domestic technology blog also gradually popular, from the beginning to now have been developed, such as Lei Feng, tiger sniffing, and titanium media, Jian Soubo guest, 36kr etc. are in constant progress. How to write a tech blog is a big concern for every blogger or blogger team". According to my personal experience, I would like to talk about a few points for your reference. read more

How to make enterprise website independent P100

for an enterprise web site on an independent IP can reach 50 on the good, some people may laugh, but for a corporate website has been doing optimization of the workers, I feel the general corporate website IP are not too high, because the theme of the site and content has been decided not IP traffic enterprise website too high, even if will reach more than 100 or more, but this situation will not continue for a long time, a corporate website theme is probably around a product, a kind of variety, a region, a corporate website at most only 1000 pages (this is basically the biggest estimate), so a corporate website is doomed to less traffic situation, it cannot be compared with the type of portal website. This analysis we can easily find the enterprise site traffic is a very common phenomenon! How to make your site by more than 100 in IP can even stabilize such a good situation? I will according to your own experience to say read more

God dialogue case raises three earthquakes online education

with these two days of social media on a 100 education scores candidates "God dialogue" comics appear, online education can train high score candidates become a new round of discussion hot spot.

, a 17 year old student who took part in the 100 free education intensive program, has scored 109 points on the July TOEFL test, which confirms the effectiveness of the online education platform, Xu Xuejing. As 100 Education says: "100% brother does not produce content, 100 brother is a porter only.". No quality Porter is not qualified, but also can not get the wages drop, and 109 points, the examinee is the first case of online education, but also shattered online education without effect theory evidence. Xiao Xu’s successful experience is worth learning, and it also leads to low cost and high efficiency online education. read more

Challenge WeChat want to believe myself didn’t think how to do it

recently in a number of television commercials saw easecredit advertising, there seems to be some feeling, and this one started easecredit advertising compared to some chills, easy letter from the beginning to now, we can say buried in torrents, and not to say that it has not been used for the crowd, even if it has some innovations, such as call low price pure communication advantages, but still in today’s market has not had the slightest change.

But when

easecredit just appeared and indeed to the market hit a shot in the arm, and then with easecredit bundled sales of hot models for a lot of momentum, at the same time we have to mention is the beginning of the easy to use letter to send traffic activities that I was impressed in the teeth of the storm and mobile Unicom is a high tariff issues, and easy to believe this also caused a certain impact, but easy to believe now why become a time tide loser? read more

How do you make a profitable website

a chance to register the www.yuyaoyou.com domain name, the definition is: Yuyao, Yuyao tour, going to do life information network, tourism network, farm land specialty network, what do have been thinking, a few days ago in the Dede forum to see a travel station template, do not feel wrong, do take a the site, just on the line, many places have not added good advice welcome.

I’m a newbie, so I’m standing in the beginner’s point of view:

1: personal webmaster for the portal, not the energy and capital, also not suitable for group purchase, cars, real estate and other more specialized, and profits of large vertical sites, because the profit also represents the competition in front of you, certainly a lot of people have been involved in the smart people, certainly much. Therefore, we choose the grassroots competitiveness is relatively small, or no one involved. read more