Talk about wind pheromones micro-blog marketing coup

this book early in the editing stage, the editor uncle on his micro-blog "sun" production process, including him to watch the scene printing printing results in the form of live pictures uploaded to micro-blog, let Bobby Chan fans witnessed the birth process of the whole book, but also for the the publication of this book full of gimmicks.


, of course, a complete marketing micro-blog only this is not enough, the commissioning editor uncle that micro-blog marketing has been publishing Tongren pay much attention to the marketing of acquiring, but because replication innovation becomes serious, we must first consider the factors. Innovation is not equal to the product according to the new in order to be different, to consider temperament. In the wind "pheromones" was written by Bobby Chan in 2004, the introduction of time is 2011, it was known as "congenitally deficient", and even some people questioned, why not introduce his latest works. But that’s not the editor to lose confidence, instead, he saw the book "advantage" – the book of Taiwan traditional version has been difficult to buy, and the whole book is a text with pictures (Photo by Bobby Chan personally shot).

as a new force in the Internet media, in just two years, everyone is expected to break through, and occupied the majority of Internet users free time. At present, in micro-blog, the publishing industry is also a variety of marketing micro-blog books. Among them, the grand literature · Chinese world publishing at the beginning of this year, the famous singer Bobby Chan’s works in the wind "pheromones", the micro-blog marketing is a good case.

according to the characteristics of text with pictures, the first invited uncle in micro-blog is attracted Taiwan famous designer for the overall design of Nie nagazane. This is after micro-blog marketing laid the foundation for many readers in Nie Yongzhen micro-blog saw Bobby Chan book cover making news, and this group of concerned netizens, and happened to this book buying groups have a certain degree of coincidence. And so on, the editor of the book also found a music critic Ma No. 223, Shifang, photographer actor Huang Ming and other celebrities in the propaganda period micro-blog recommended, recommended these people do the unity in time, make marketing more effective.

but rely on celebrity endorsements or not enough. In the edit their own micro-blog, how to attract more fans of Bobby Chan has become the first problem. He used the micro-blog search function, search for "Bobby Chan" in the wind "pheromones" and other words, through these words to find effective readers". Then, using the micro-blog @ function, forwarded to all can search the effective readers. This process is not one or two, two or three days will be able to see the effect, after all, friends for a ID this strange book news or skeptical, so we must persevere. Of course, this is a boring process, the need for manual operation of a large number of. The book was published, in order to attract more eyeballs, "the wind" and also the pheromones of the famous cafe diaokeshiguang conducted brand cooperation and interaction in micro-blog, Dangdang.

Google’s official statement will not pass the psychological warfare collection of Shanghai dragon ch

website to find their ranking suddenly disappeared, A thought was caught cheating, quickly clean up the place, and then send a very innocent letter, request to reconsider the noble baby. B site not cheating, also not modified.

later in the micro-blog Lou song song made the news, Google webmaster guidelines on micro-blog reply as follows: responsible to clarify, noble baby did not, not now, I believe the future will never be so. As long as the site owners did not violate the quality guidelines, will not be noble baby treatment. Even if you violate the quality guidelines, as long as the re correction according to the requirements of the website, complaints about, baby will be revoked once noble treatment. Please rest assured the webmaster, we are very reliable.

For example, when the A B

also recommended nobility baby: if you find the website ranking in the noble baby included abnormal, we suggest that the first thing is to confirm whether the site is a noble baby, although he didn’t cheat or hackers or competitors to attack, causing the site to appear spam may.


when you encounter this kind of situation, if you cheat, guilty of cheating are clearly put it, is likely to fall into the trap of the noble baby.

At the same time,

seroundtable reports from the aristocratic baby will adjust the ranking of search results to test various sites in response, unable to determine whether you cheat case, baby first noble right down, it is possible to determine a cheating signal.

The study of the formation mechanism of Shanghai Longfeng keywords price

third, isolated a keyword offer no meaning. If you want to optimize the 3 keywords, price may be 3000. But if you choose to optimize a keyword, offer or 3 million. So, when the need to optimize more keywords, optimization is not a summary of the sum of the price of a single keyword. In the optimization of practice, in fact often encounter this situation, you may optimize a keyword, long tail keywords will also rose, which belongs to the free rider, riding the zero cost optimization has become a keyword.

love Shanghai auction, formed the price of keywords. The formation mechanism of this price is all competing bid, the highest bidder. But those who did not buy love Shanghai bidding keywords, also has a price. If you go to the network optimization company, so that they will be a key word optimization to the first page by Shanghai Longfeng way, they will offer a price. This price is how come?

I think that Shanghai offer the main consideration factor is the two dragon keywords.

second, different keywords for different companies, different cost optimization. This is a very good understanding, some companies may be more experienced, so the optimization cost is low, and some companies may need to spend time time and a lot of human. So, we will find that to optimize the company’s different for the same keywords price difference is quite large.

is not a good answer to this problem. We put aside in the. We assume relevant websites for a keyword quotation is reasonable. Then, we offer for web site keywords, there is such a few understanding.

according to the author’s observation, generally through the relevant website and the appropriate fare to. Then, the relevant website is how to get such a price? The answer is how to get to the price problem, also involves the price formation mechanism.


is a reference price keyword bidding to love Shanghai. Buy love Shanghai auction, a keyword search results.

for several Shanghai Longfeng keyword prices about

fourth, there is no market price and the city are priceless. Some key words is illegal, then how to optimize can not be ranked in the home, which belongs to the city are priceless. Keywords and its home page has been the basic bidding coverage, not ranking to the first page by Shanghai dragon, which belongs to the city are priceless.

first, different prices for different keywords. This is a no nonsense, for sure. Because different keywords heat, difficult to optimize the different lead optimization to the first page of the cost is different, therefore, almost every one of the words have a range of price.

After determining the

mentioned above, we can basically understand Shanghai Longfeng keyword prices is how to form, some web site is based on what to give keywords quotation.

Wonderful show 7 major wealth collection

into the community, we will encounter a variety of problems, how to better deal with their own network is very important for their development. The concept of career, although some gifted people can be arrogant, but still more friends all over the world who can walk through. As the saying goes, people with IQ, EQ and FQ, EQ high to a certain extent, nature can tap potential, gather popularity, infinite network of extraordinary achievements so as to cause people, writing text. Today, we tell the story of the three very good interpersonal relationships, and it successfully developed into an industry, but also very scientific management, so that the wealth of individuals to develop more than the conventional speed.

one might say: often eat and drink that is not really a mercenary friend. But the starting point for the development of the network is the first "run" and then select the focus on the development of the object, and take the first step, generous to people, people feel your atmosphere is a must.

"others have to weigh the." This is Meng Zi. Qi Huanjin the thing "in the famous, it also speaks let friends appreciate your the only proper course to take. John Dewey, a professor of human relations at the Harvard University, said: "the greatest need of human nature is the desire to be sure." This is not wrong. Even if you are a very generous person, every day to invite friends to eat PARTY, but always holding the arrogant attitude, others say what you want to refute, it is estimated that the number of your friends will not be many.

of course, we do not advocate not disorderly perfunctory friends, but to learn to "low profile put soft posture, learn to listen to the words of others, more learning" to "

There is a kind of entrepreneurial spirit called face

if you choose to start a business, then you have to do a good job of failure, because we all know that a lot of entrepreneurial risk, failure is common sense. In fact, failure is not so terrible, the most terrible is that we do not face, so I think the spirit of entrepreneurship is a rare face.

After four years of

these disturbing way he eventually became a stumbling block.

1. builds confidence through education and self training.

2. select fit >

How much does it cost to open an animation store

China’s animation industry is now in a stage of rapid development, for investors, the industry has a lot of nuggets space. So how much does it cost to invest in an anime store? This issue is of great concern, in order to clarify this issue, the following is a brief analysis.

a comics store expenses include: store decoration, rent, staff salaries, expenses and business sources of working capital reserve. But specific to each store is different. How much does it cost to invest in an anime store? For example, the choice of the store address is different from the rent is also different, and the decoration of the store also has its own practice, this expenditure can be a lot of difference. So before the start must be put around the investigation clearly and fully understand the customer and your competitors, not blindly to speak for the supply of goods often row, don’t necessarily need to be very large to investment funds.

a animation shop investment cost includes all aspects need comprehensive consideration, the specific investment cost according to the needs of investors to determine the selection of objects. Some of the best animation brand investment costs are lower, investors may wish to find such a project cooperation, you can do with a small broad.

What do you recommend to start a small rural entrepreneurship project

is now a lot of places are vigorously supporting the rural economy, more and more opportunities in rural areas, rural entrepreneurship is also a good idea. Rural entrepreneurship do what? This may be a lot of friends there are questions, today you recommend several good projects in rural entrepreneurship.

greenhouse cultivation and artificial breeding of the rural market has a lot of land space, suitable for greenhouse cultivation and artificial breeding, and the market demand for vegetables and meat will never stop. At the same time, as more and more rural people stay away from home, leaving a lot of land resources, which provides a better opportunity from one side. Whether it is a greenhouse or artificial farming, farmers must be clear about the friends you are ready to engage in the project has no market, whether you are skilled in this industry, the competitiveness is not strong and a series of factors. To ensure the feasibility of the start.

if you know very much about the people in the community, you can according to their needs, set up a housekeeping service in rural areas, will be very popular. The establishment of domestic service agencies, less investment, small risk, quick effect, but also can be arranged for re employment of laid-off workers, good prospects for development. You can also be integrated single business projects, such as the creation of elderly care homes, kindergartens and primary schools shuttle service department, information service center, the marriage, delivery service, laundry service shops, these should be considered in your.


Singer Yu Quan wants to change

now is no longer the beginning of the singer singer, in addition to singing what they will do business, even acting chair, can be said to be a full range of talent, has the honor to Yu Quan today, listen to how they face the singer gathered in the entertainment circle.

when the music experience of the Internet, when communication becomes free, as a singer, as a participant in the music industry as an operating company, he is the judgment of this industry development route with what logic?

following the 2013, I was the singer after the first quarter of the championship, Yu Quan fire on a step. And this seems to be the beginning of a stage. January 9, 2015, Friday prime time. Evening 7:30, CCTV3 "China good song"; 9:10 in the evening, Zhejiang satellite TV, "running brother"; 10:15 in the evening, CCTV2 "entrepreneurial heroes"…… Strong radio three prime time hits, can see Yu Quan or Hu Haiquan figure, it broke the record. In the entertainment behind the image, in a broader field, Yu Quan in the operation of a larger game.

2014 at the end of the year, in an exclusive interview with successful marketing, Yu Quan did a few things:

, a special "no album album"; a more than 95 thousand people bought tickets for the concert, "not at the scene of the scene"; on line two APP "is Yu Quan" and "dark horse". If the "crossover" is a common label these things, in this label, Yu Quan doing, is the reflection of the music industry for many years, to try to implement the solution, and try to have started from their own.

"when the music experience of the Internet, when communication becomes free, as a singer, as a participant in the music industry as an operating company, he is the judgment of this industry development route with what logic?" Hu Haiquan on the successful marketing, said the reporter.

Internet subversion in many industries, the subversion of the music industry, began many years ago; and the music industry has been in the passive adaptation. There will be a business model, tactical implementers can take advantage of the Internet, combined with strong incoming traditional music, such as millet shock to the Chinese mobile phone industry, like the Chinese music industry?

in more than a year ago, is at the end of 2013, when Hu Haiquan in their own company, master of entertainment culture limited company (abbreviation: Master entertainment) of the same office to accept the "successful marketing" interview with reporters, he said, hoping to "Yu Quan" as an experiment, experimental music and entertainment with the Internet business, all connected. Then, let the change happen".

let’s take a look at him

Prospective owners need to pay attention to what matters must read

many friends want to open a small shop, but no matter what you want to sell, you have to have a reasonable plan. So, in the shop before the prospective owner needs to pay attention to what matters? Experts to prospective shopkeepers who are the following four suggestions, we want to help.

1, interest is the pilot

2, the most important ability

3, information can not be less

4, shop as early as


Can not stop the road to avoid the rich small entrepreneurial projects

want to do poineering work to find the key to the project, so good project in the end is what? Do not use the project, from the small as you resolve to find good projects so you will not worry about, now many good projects you need to search for, opened a snack shop also need you to move their heart to make money, let Xiaobian to tell you a small investment venture how can we make money faster.


more strongly recommend the project to become rich: Lin Ao lighter to join an investment profit continued