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Imported milk powder prices increased under new formula

The price of imported milk powder has been increased under the new price formula announced this week.The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that the price of a 1kg packet of milk powder has been increased by Rs 60 while the price of a 400g packet has been increased by Rs 25 from today. Accordingly, the new price of a 400g imported milk powder packet is Rs 370 and 1kg imported milk powder packet is Rs 920. (Colombo Gazette)

Students promote Right to Play

Abbi Hill, left, and Kyler Nurmsoo promote Right to Play Brock University in the Walker Complex this week.A campus group is raising money and awareness this week for an organization that uses sport and play as a tool for development in impoverished countries.The Brock chapter of Right to Play has displays in Walker Complex and MacKenzie Chown A block, where members are selling T-shirts, collecting change and distributing information about the humanitarian cause.The effort commemorates Right to Play Week, which spreads the word about the movement and the 30-member group at Brock, said Kyler Nurmsoo, president and third-year Sport Management student.Each week, more than 688,000 children take part in regular sport and play activities organized by Right to Play.“It’s a way to let them be kids for a day,” said Nurmsoo, whose own involvement was inspired by Professor Laura Cousens’ Sport for Development course.Right to Play has been present on campus for a while, he said. But it didn’t become an official group until the end of September.Now “we’re spreading awareness on the Brock campus and looking to move into the community,” he said. read more