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Barça starts 2020 with the ‘Vidal case’ open

first_imgIt is the first fire of 2020 that will have to extinguish Valverde, a specialist in the field since he signed his contract at the Camp Nou offices in June 2017. Unlike the directive, which does not see a possible exit from the player, Txingurri wants Vidal to follow. Regardless of the player’s complaint, Aleñá’s departure and Arthur’s doubtful physical condition make the Chilean an important element that also has a goal, a value that is highly valued in the center of the field. Busquets, De Jong and the latter Rakitic They don’t have it as one of their best qualities. The holidays are over. It is working time in any sector and also in the Barça. After giving rest to their players to pass the New Year’s Eve hangover, Valverde was reunited this Thursday with his squad and recovered the last three players that remained to join. Messi and Luis Suarez they did it after having followed the work plan indicated by the physical trainers and with the intention of playing in Cornellà on Saturday before the Spanish. The Uruguayan, in fact, did not force the fifth yellow in the last game of the year against the Alaves, which allows us to suspect that it will be in the derby. The Txingurri also already had Arturo Vidal at his command, protagonist at Christmas time for the filtering of the complaint that the Chilean has presented against Barça for defaults and that would have been dismissed according to SER Catalunya. Vidal, which has been seen these days in Chile in some charity match; in the pachangas of his social club, Rodelindo Román; and especially, taking care of horses on their farm, has assured that he would speak upon his arrival in Spain. But he already warned that, if that money is owed, it would be fair for Barça to pay it. The former player of Juventus and Bayern claims 2.4 million euros for bonus prizes. Barça believes the demand is completely unjustified, but the schism has already been created. What Valverde does want is for the situation to be resolved as soon as possible. Extend the Vidal case in a few weeks in which Barça cannot afford a single mistake in LaLiga, and the first title of the year is played in the Spanish Supercup of ArabiaIt would be a bad plan. That is why it is not disposable that Vidal appears before the press after the match against Espanyol to settle the matter. That, if the solution is to stay. Otherwise, the issue could be confined because the player has a year and a half left and Barça would ask for money for the transfer. For Vidal, the following may be his last major contract. That is why he is not too uncomfortable with the rare situation that has been created. Nor to the board, who would be happy to break free from a very high record. But in the middle of everything is Valverde, to whom the fans are asking for the triplet while he loses players or simply has others that were sold as stars and spent the day in the infirmary. 22last_img read more

Avoid jet lag for a good flights sleep BA

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: K.W Avoid jetlag, sleep comfortable on the plane Jet lag and travel fatigue is not a desired way to start a holiday or business trip, so British Airways has surveyed passengers’ in-flight sleeping habits to develop some helpful tips to minimise jet lag.While most travellers understand how jet lag comes about, 67 percent of people don’t know how to manage it, according to the recent airline survey.British Airways’ appointed sleep advisor Dr. Chris Idzikowsk revealed light is one of the main cues the body uses to distinguish a link with the outside world and the internal body clock.  Flights across different time zones introduce the body to new patterns of light and activity and the body can not adjust quick enough, causing jet lag. Different to jet lag but experienced by travellers regularly, travel fatigue is a result of stress while travelling and accrued sleep debt.  It can reduce your attention span by 75 percent and your ability to make judgements and decisions by 50 percent, according to the Dr. Identifying these problems in the study, British Airways research has come up with some top tips for a restful flight.Exercise in the morning of your new time zone and taking it easy before bed time and during the flight with gentle stretches will help reset your body clock and revitalise after a long flight.Manage your caffeine intake, because it disrupts your sleep so instead of drinking a tea or coffee all day, have a cup when you are at your most sleepy and need to stay awake.While alcohol is widely used as a sleep remedy, it can also disrupt sleep and by managing your alcohol intake you can ensure a restful flight’s sleep.Strategic napping is also essential to improve performance and alertness, according to the airline because some sleep is better than no sleep.Last of all, be aware of your slump time and do not book any important meetings or schedule anything too strenuous for this time.  It is when you will be your sleepiest and less likely to make accurate judgements and decisions.Pre-flight preparation to avoid jet lag includes establishing a bedtime routine, start adjusting your sleep schedule with your destination’s time zone in mind, minimise stress during the flight by getting organised for your trip early, pick out a travelling outfit of loose fitting comfortable clothes and check in online so you can start relaxing as soon as you get to the airport.last_img read more