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Thebes started a free TV sale and a groundbreaking 2ªB

first_imgAnother of Thebes’s achievements in that pact was reaching a principle of agreement for reshape Second B sooner. His idea is to make two groups of 20 teams with the descendants of Second and with the best of 2nd B, and that the rest go to a lower category (a species 2nd C) to which you would have to look for a name. The RFEF recognizes that something must be done and he sees it with good eyes, although he prefers to study it calmly. The Thebes plan is that new 2nd B be semi-professionalHe, as in England, and who abide by the parameters they’re working on First and Second: economic control, salary limits, joint sale of TV rights … In exchange the RFEF, that last Tuesday he transferred these messages to the clubs, also got a plus, that the percentages vary in the commercialization of the Cup. Despite the anger of several clubs and the benefit of amateur football: the professionals collected 90% and the RFEF 10%, and now it will be 60% -40%. In the explanation that Thebes gave the clubs there was also room for LaLiga will put out chest. Even recognizing that, like it or not, clubs are going to be the locomotive sport Spanish at the cost of his muscle (200 million per Olympic cycle, contributing more money this year than the CSD itself to the federations), the employer’s president recalled that he could make important deals in return. Some signed and others not. What will reflect the remodeling of the Audiovisual Royal Decree, because all the parties sealed it, is that the centralized sale of television rights in Europe which until 2022 has been made by triennia, it will be possible liberalize. In other words, a foreign operator may sign contracts for more years duration. In Spain also would follow the rule. The problem is that there are operators that, under their own rules, cannot sign those agreements for as long as they want. Limits are self-imposed.last_img read more

The Violence Must Be Punished

first_imgThe recent violence by Nimba County youth against Arcelor Mittal was a reprehensible act that deserves the condemnation of not the President and the Nimba Legislative Caucus, but all  Liberians.The whole matter should be thoroughly investigated, and the perpetrators brought to justice.  The government has to set an example this time and make it unmistakably clear that violence in the settlement of disagreements will not be tolerated and will be punished.Surely, not only Nimba youth, but all Nimbaians and most  Liberians, are not happy with  Arcelor Mittal’s handling of its  concession agreement.The company has been accused of not faithfully executing the full agreement.  Several months ago when Nimba youth occupied the railway in Nimba, preventing the shipment of ore, this newspaper, the Daily Observer, called the attention of the nation to what aroused the youth’s anger.  We mentioned the accusation that not much is happening at the center of Arcelor’s operations, Yekepa, where there is hardly any evidence of development taking place there, but only the rush to get the iron ore out.  Even the first-class   hospital which LAMCO operated is still in disrepair, several years after Arcelor took over the operations.  There were also complaints of joblessness, even though we acknowledge that many of the youth lack the technical skills the company requires. There is also the issue of the Ganta-Yekepa road that the company agreed to pave.  But several Dry Seasons have passed and we see no action there.So there is a lot to complain about against Arcelor Mittal.   In our editorial, we warned the company, as we have done with most concessionaires, including China Union in Bong Mines and Golden Veroleum in Sinoe County, that it is one thing to sign a concession agreement with government,  and another to WORK WITH THE PEOPLE ON THE GROUND.  These LOCAL PEOPLE, not the bureaucrats in Monrovia who signed the agreement, are the first to feel the impact of the agreement.  The company must, therefore, work with the local people for the sake of peace and progress.  One concessionaire which has finally learned this critical lesson is Golden Veroleum.  In the beginning and for some time, there were constant and intense quarrels between the company and the Sinoe people.  But the company finally came to realize that in any work environment,  peaceful coexistence is crucial, otherwise the work will be impeded.  Today Golden Veroleum and Sinonians people are working harmoniously together and things are smoothly progressing on the oil palm plantation.China Union, too, seems to have learned this lesson.  They have considerably eased the tension between themselves and the local people in the Fauma Chiefdom by making serious progress on the Kakata-Bong Mine-Haindii highway, and despite other remaining issues, the people are reasonably pleased.  We cannot, unfortunately, say the same thing about Arcelor Mittal.  Is it Indian stubbornness, mean-spiritedness, or what?  Why is this company so impervious to people’s legitimate complaints?  Why can‘t this multibillion-dollar enterprise take care of the minimal concerns of the people whose resources they have come here to exploit.  Did this company really do no research to find the truth of what happened in Yekepa in the 1960s through the 1980s—how the Nimba and the Liberian people got very little out of LAMCO, which  departed with billions of dollars from our iron ore,  leaving Nimbaians— Liberians—impoverished?Surely, the public saw Arcelor  Mittal’s impressive and colorful  spread in yesterday’s   newspaper; but nothing of the Ganta-Yekepa road, nor did the photo of the hospital repair tell much.Yet the Liberian government is especially good and kind to Arcelor Mittal.  Recently the government, in return for US$75 millilon, gave it mining  rights also to Mount Tokadi in Nimba.Arcelor Mittal must, therefore,   understand that the Liberian   government is serious about  doing business with her.  By the same token, the company must realize that it HAS TO WORK WITH THE LOCAL   PEOPLE, and engender peaceful coexistence in their   area of operations—and with all Liberians.Let us be unmistakably clear, however, that as much as we criticize the Indians in Yekepa,   we also unreservedly and emphatically condemn the violence perpetrated by the Nimba youth and urge the Liberian government to set an example this time.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more