Month: September 2017

Tokgo with wind teach you choose the Shanghai dragon service company

(3) to ask in the forum. If you cannot find a way through the normal website optimization services, you can select the message through the forum by the way of screening. Of course not all messages are honest. So you need to comprehensive analysis, but for the choice of who is really a reference direction.

(6) of their own website PR value check if their own site optimization PR are not up to more than 4, so they can choose to give up.

(9) to see whether they are before the use of black hat Shanghai Dragon technology should learn the black hat Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, whether they use the black hat Shanghai Longfeng technical judgment, if this were found in the search engine, is also regarded as cheating processing. read more

How to increase the site outside the chain

set up a blog

increase the soft outside chain methods known, this method by many webmaster emphasized repeatedly, can say soft Wen is a method to add the chain the fastest and most effective, the advantages of soft Wen is not easy to be deleted, but it can be joined to promote their products. Like A5, Chinaz such a web site, is a very good soft release platform. And the other soft weakness is: because the chain by reprint, the similarity is almost 100%. So when we love Shanghai domain: website domain name, the results seem a lot, but most are not display, it will affect the love of Shanghai site weight judgment to a certain extent. read more

Optimize website landing page need to pay attention to what

2, the game website landing page: One Piece

5, using the call of language.

2, concise and simple, involves more steps the conversion rate will be lower, such as some key five seconds to complete the registration, registration and so on.

Some of the issues for

6, according to the analysis of the user login landing page, the nobility had a baby 400 thousand hits in the test a few years ago, found that users open a page is the focus of a type F, so this should be the important information inside and be able to quickly grasp the user to turn. read more

Now consider what we want to do website optimization and cost optimization

With the rapid development of the Internet website

many webmaster think so as long as the site to enter the home page can Everfount get a lot of free love Shanghai precise flow, before 2010 it is very objective optimization because the competition is very small, as long as the line on the website after the release of some content slightly do some outside the chain may rank will go up soon, but if it has shrunk now, you don’t know the love of Shanghai is upgrading its own algorithm we know the algorithm, Scindapsus has be too numerous to enumerate, Mars, pomegranate algorithm, love Shanghai white paper on the quality of various algorithms let love the sea to the webmaster tortured half alive, under the high pressure policy, Shanghai Er competition becomes more and more fierce dragon. Although after the site do the home page, we can get a lot of free traffic to get accurate, but we pay in the optimization process of manpower cost, time cost and other related resources integration cost, you now have the nerve to say your traffic is free? Your site optimization is very easily up to do it. read more

How to do URL optimization

search engine is a program on the Internet website and grab the identification standard is: the only path. We want to put the site the weight of it on the way to let us each a little weight together. Path optimization is the site path through the centralization of power, weight is concentrated in a main path to obtain a better search engine points.


How to set the weight concentration of In fact, for the

dynamic path, our common expression is often contain "path address?", or "=" also contains the question mark and sign. This path actually contains a parameter of content delivery means. read more

To talk about the role of Shanghai dragon chain optimization

not long ago, Shanghai love algorithm adjustment again, in addition to crack down on waste station, abandon excessive optimization ", more users to increase the effect of residence time on the degree of weight. For some small and medium-sized webmaster, improve the content of quality degree, fit the user experience, the formation of good drainage has become the future development of Shanghai love optimization.

news chain relying on news column plate, leaving a chain in such a place, can be said to be in the area of gold buried under a kedge. The amount of reading news, spread, page weight is generally small site difficult to match, so the news chain has become an important method for many owners to publish the quality of the chain. Especially after the recent Shanghai love algorithm adjustment, for some video spider chain to control more stringent, and the news chain remaining contribution is larger, can be. read more

Love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm which sites will suffer how to deal with

criterion is the most important: containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page page is spam. What types of Web sites have been the new algorithm against? There is no doubt that the novel type is the first, why? This is me as a user point of view, because I’m a novel fan, at present most of the novel website, basically be to kill, because it is too focused on user experience the. You said, when you enter this website a lot of advertising, it is also able to accept, but the most evil is when you click on a novel to see, it is actually the first pop up a new window, but the window is advertising, you said you will not be offensive, but the pit is some sites I want three clicks to really enter into sections and chapters about the page, also hanging advertising, seriously affect the reading, even if a person’s tolerance to maniang co.. Unless of course, the Internet only this novel station has the resources, may also be a little audience! Otherwise, this type of website is to kill read more

The virtual host site migration method

use FTP to migrate to the new virtual host on the manual to confirm whether the site can normal visit, the general virtual host will provide a free three level domain name, to test migration from the site in the three domain. If the test no problem began from the new domain name resolution.

moved to play the amount in advance, the original web content stored for at least 7 days or more, without updating the station, ensure that search engines use the original IP address can still access to content, because many search engines will cache DNS, if you go to the original site to delete all data at the time, may be a lot of 404 the error page, after the search engine cache DNS update, you can delete all the original virtual space. " read more

love the mule how to optimize the project page

On the chain effect of the ten best blogs

compared to the NetEase, the international first-class mail is good. Why blog visibility poor, if sina is not a dry fertilizer, Sohu is difficult to survive with food, then the NetEase is not food and keep not to live, according to Xiao Bian nearly a year to combat, NetEase is raising a dead one type of change during a variety of methods, unless you do not expect it to do outside the chain to bring traffic, joking, it also raises what it. Finally had to give up on this battlefield,

Two former

is famous Tianya forum, one of the best domestic, but the blog is relatively. read more

Rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health seven brand health website


I always think how much we want to get the value to be proportional to how much value, or creating value for the user.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For health website Shanghai Longfeng this series, today to do a front end, I introduce six articles in 5 major aspects of the article that I think is very valuable, because Shanghai Longfeng health which is a new concept, perhaps in my article remind you have begun to pay attention to it, perhaps before you look at my article more attention, but after reading it you more, so I will be glad to help you some of my. The Shanghai dragon this simple and basic skills, which includes the scope of more and more widely, the earliest time before we talk about technology, then we will slowly the tactics and strategy on things into it, then we are not satisfied, in addition to some of the marketing network of Shanghai dragon inside, after it is our Shanghai dragon brand marketing is a key direction, this is what we in the future to do an important indicator of the health of Shanghai Longfeng website: website brand health. read more

Discussion on enterprise stand optimization need to pay attention to what the details

there is a factor which we often say, there are a lot of the usage of 301. For example, some sites because of the change of the domain name, the domain name will be used 301 old jump to the new domain name, so you can make the old domain name can also be accessed, but more factors to weight transfer the old domain to the new domain name to, not only will not affect the user experience, but also can transfer the weight of the role.

Most of the ?The weight of The role of the ?

chain is not here to nag, believe that as long as the contact of Shanghai Longfeng people understand. If this is not understood, I have nothing to say. Now love Shanghai for the chain of garbage strike is also more and more serious, so the chain is important for the success or failure of our website, because even a lot of website drop right or be K the reason is because of the chain. What we do in the chain need to pay attention to the details of what? I’ve seen a lot of people outside the chain are released to some forum posts behind a lot of back links, and weight of this little link to website can be pulled down, and a page which is not only your own left links to other people in a large number of links to where to stay, how such a link is useful to you read more

Talk about wind pheromones micro blog marketing coup

this book early in the editing stage, the editor uncle on his micro-blog "sun" production process, including him to watch the scene printing printing results in the form of live pictures uploaded to micro-blog, let Bobby Chan fans witnessed the birth process of the whole book, but also for the the publication of this book full of gimmicks.


, of course, a complete marketing micro-blog only this is not enough, the commissioning editor uncle that micro-blog marketing has been publishing Tongren pay much attention to the marketing of acquiring, but because replication innovation becomes serious, we must first consider the factors. Innovation is not equal to the product according to the new in order to be different, to consider temperament. In the wind "pheromones" was written by Bobby Chan in 2004, the introduction of time is 2011, it was known as "congenitally deficient", and even some people questioned, why not introduce his latest works. But that’s not the editor to lose confidence, instead, he saw the book "advantage" – the book of Taiwan traditional version has been difficult to buy, and the whole book is a text with pictures (Photo by Bobby Chan personally shot). read more

Eight exchange Links must pay attention to

why do Links

6, avoid exchange Links frequency bottles a week is recommended an exchange, if the short-term increase too much Links, your weight will suddenly raise a lot, search engines may think that you are cheating, it.

2, Links actually is to find the best sites or weight high website to do, but the weight is higher than your site are generally not chain to you, we can only find some related industry site do link, is to find the best sites that do a kind of keywords and your exchange but this link, the success depends on the ability of the read more

The 5 misunderstanding of Shanghai Longfeng personnel should breakthrough

What parts of the

station every day 2, 3 chain (the chain is to contribute, user needs very soft or Links)


1. (Creative demand mining user demand)

industry, are in the fight outside the chain, when you are diligent than others you will be the top.

article add links:

Small and medium enterprise Update

Li Xuepeng here want to say is: the chain is a key step in the website to vote, but it is not the only way.

must control a certain proportion of the chain:

‘s regular but not quantitative website what? Such as news sites, new. read more

Talk at the bottom of the site keywords layout

above love Shanghai official answer, can get the so-called time navigation is misleading, if excessive use, even in the optimization of the excessive embarrassing.

love Shanghai official said: "the link weight judgment is an extremely complex system, we do not recommend attention to technical details. Any strategy in our system, are based on "whether the user has the value" as the principle and standard of judging. This is not just a slogan, in this link on the topic may wish to apply: a page appeared many different words, point to the same link, they are of value to the users " read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme by using 5W2H analysis method

optimization scheme, individual stationmaster does not matter, but to participate in the Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon orders, Shanghai dragon optimization scheme which is not less than, so how do we write Shanghai dragon optimization scheme? I am here to share the 5W2H method to write programs.

WHEN: what time do? What do we do? What time this thing can be completed? What time do you start? To the optimization scheme of bosses or clients that this is also one of the factors must have. For example, improve the site keywords ranking, what time do you start to do? What time ranking can go up? No time, they have to wait for you for a lifetime? So the second is not less than W. read more

Shanghai dragon ER how to improve the site keywords ranking

third, the anchor text. The page appears for the first time and the anchor text in the keyword, the anchor text should be connected directly to the relevant page of the website. The more the anchor text page in a web site in which the page in the ZhengZhan weights are higher, if you want to home page for Shanghai dragon optimization, then please as much as possible the use of hyperlinks to the page, of course, if you want to improve your keywords ranking, then the search engine will be based on the anchor text to determine the theme of the page, which can improve the keywords ranking. read more

Shanghai share love and come home shorn


and I have reached a conclusion, the opportunistic way to do rankings, the result is a heavy blow you happy after a short.

! chicken ribs?

my feeling comes from a mistake before me, the error is not terrible, wrong but does not know when we summarize the terrible. This error for love Shanghai share, you listen to me slowly come, when watching opera.

I don’t remember, love Shanghai to share this feature is what was launched, I only remember a time, just out, is one thing, relatively hot and popular read more

Shanghai dragon is not yet mature he said to the end

can’t convince you? Some of the events that I I experienced to let those people lost confidence.

"spicy ginger or old" this sentence really classic. 360 a well born "kids" after all it is not on the market mix, without the precipitation and accumulation, more than Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar know love love the two community, now is not 360. Shanghai love is so strong, but on the two communities have been very successful. So the webmaster you also can not rely on the 360 search, maybe you will beat yourself. 360 love has caught some of Shanghai’s vulnerabilities or mistakes, but this is not to let the group away from the love of Shanghai. read more