Month: August 2017

The relationship between the site types and Strategies of Shanghai Dragon

forum type website profit point is the user registration number and the number of users online at the same time, according to the registration number, allows registered users to help you promote, and allow more people to register your forum. So how to operate? When a user registered in your forum, he will get a link address, he for example through this link address how many people are invited to the forum registration, his account can only be activated. Of course, this premise is that you >

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Website content description let the red creative to improve marketing effectiveness

in the META meta tags in all sites, title and site keywords set due to the question of the website ranking, are more likely to pay attention to. While similar website copyright, author and website content description is neglected. The reason is very simple, when the user login the website content description is not directly see, but the search engine has repeatedly said that the website content description is just a summary of the site as a whole, not as a basis for determining the site quality and weight. But the fact is really the case? I’m afraid not, I think, website content description is the central idea of a website, not only affects the site weight, also affect the effect of the user experience and network marketing. read more

Analysis on how to effectively use the love Shanghai update out of the sandbox whirlpool

              two: the chain is too hot

server: a factor

              the increase is the chain website development must, but also to search engine recognition site means. So many times to increase when new sites in the site outside the chain too anxious, anxious to take dozens of friends all make up the chain to increase the weight of the site. But the search engine that will, in such a short period of time to increase the chain so much is certainly not normal, the final result only pulled into the sandbox to observe the situation, this is also the most likely to fall into the new main factors like Shanghai sandbox. read more

Discussion on Shanghai dragon art review


is very important, but not enough to decide the search engine to determine the content of a web page. When it comes to "Shanghai Dragon Art" in a Book: "navigation on a page is generally not unique, so it can’t help the search engine to determine the unique content." In the words of Wang Shifan, it is because the navigation links are common in many web pages, so the search engine and then decide the content of the page is not taken into account.

love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon, Wang Shifan that is too general. Should from two aspects: one is the definition of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon from the professional point of view, the Shanghai dragon professional personnel; the other is from the customer’s perspective for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon customer groups. read more

Need a website optimization of enterprise website should be how to design the website structure

the above two parts required to write in the meta webpage as well.

; the name of the enterprise; ?

in addition, some sites also need some special effects to meet the customer’s eye, usually with JS or more advanced jQuery with CSS style implementation, which requires that the JS code section to separate JS file storage, to call the JS file in the form of expression in the web page.

from the perspective of optimization, not only the webpage in the title bar can be users visually see the title, also includes information on the optimization function of meta, which is the main key words and describe the work, also called for a different set of. Keywords and description is better understood, each page what keywords, with what, but also require specific settings. read more

Multiple site home page is not the first reason

home is not a reason in the first is often, especially long time station webmaster is a look at the home page snapshot, ranking as wind sways grass can from all aspects to find the reasons, so I according to some reasons they are familiar with, start one by one to see if we can find the reason.

as everyone knows when we were in the weight analysis, a web site, especially in the first home page is important is, in the past the SITE home page is not the first site we often do not exchange with Links, my website Chinese pesticide talent network (www.nzrcw贵族宝贝) has been in operation for many years because the ranking is also good, love. Shanghai has a certain weight, in exchange Links process also attaches great importance to the exchange of a chain, the weight is high, ranking good, excellent operating for a long time the formal site. If under normal circumstances, there could be a large area of drop right phenomenon. read more

The Shanghai dragon whether has entered the alley

three: whether the website promotion has certain effectiveness. The chain of information content, also need to have a certain degree of quality. So, in order to get the search engine included, to help the site. The role of the chain in decline, but its importance, or can not be neglected. Strong chain, the weight of the website promotion association of

from the following aspects, that after the Shanghai dragon road, will be more difficult to walk. The increase will gradually matched the requirements specification to the effective site. read more

Write to reading surge 15th Title skills

1: sign rule 2: digital rule


is used to reveal the answer, unexpected results, the long-awaited event

modified: God skills, the people of India and the hanging

9: exposed thigh Rule 10: key contradiction rule

! . The symbol

the following 15 major title law is reading article summary from more than 1000

exclamation case:

13: rule 14: rule

through the use of questions to attract attention to the readers’ interest to ask, thus, try to put narrative sentence into a rhetorical question, that is expected to significantly strengthen the core content, more prominent questions, but also easy to resonate read more

The real website optimization is by focusing on the user experience first

second, set the tag tag for the website article page. We optimize the website especially for site code optimization, must hold for customer service purposes and ideas, how to allow users to quickly find the information needed for the website optimization is our key considerations. Users come to your website also want to quickly find the information he needs, so the station tag classification label is very important, popular classification labels can tell what information the user is a popular search site. That gives the user a navigation information, can greatly reduce the user’s information search time. read more

To recruit help website cohesion vitality

website is no money webmaster headache, now what are in need of money, if a website run without money, then the state could not support the too long time, so the first thing is to change the webmaster, how to find the money? I suggest there are two points: one is to sell the long-term benefits in exchange for money, as long as we now have a website traffic, then we can go to sell, I do a local class life site before site traffic every day is more than 200, depends on this more than 200 traffic I sold 20 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan and that makes me temporarily out. The two is to seek support, we have no money does not matter, as long as there are people who support us on the line, every industry has its own website support, and do a good job in this support is particularly important. For example, your site is a kind of local real estate website, there are now some rankings, but lack of funds, this time we can own website implement separation system, sell some of them, I think as long as your site traffic is a lot of local real estate companies will buy, you see the key how to operate. read more

Using the free hold blog to live outside the chain of our website

(two) notes the registered blog.

4, NetEase blog.

(a) the free blog daquan.

3, love Shanghai space.

1, sina blog.


8, watercress blog.

(three) a reasonable set of blog.


we do when the chain blog, the first step must be to find a blog. With the development of the Internet, blogs are more and more types of large Sohu to Sina blog, blog. It is small to some small forum portal blog, so here we are more selective, but some included is not very ideal, so I recommend some free blog today and their collection, hope to help you master. read more

The study of the formation mechanism of Shanghai Longfeng keywords price

third, isolated a keyword offer no meaning. If you want to optimize the 3 keywords, price may be 3000. But if you choose to optimize a keyword, offer or 3 million. So, when the need to optimize more keywords, optimization is not a summary of the sum of the price of a single keyword. In the optimization of practice, in fact often encounter this situation, you may optimize a keyword, long tail keywords will also rose, which belongs to the free rider, riding the zero cost optimization has become a keyword. read more

The tragic experience of love Shanghai new line of hasty lose after having got it

? Figure

has recently witnessed a new hasty painful process on the line, can be described as twists and turns! When, just on the line of surprises, love the day of Shanghai website, Google included second days, and two gods is updated every day, sometimes even is the second love Shanghai. Soon after, no longer love Shanghai, K off the website home page, Google is no longer included. After more than 20 days, fell in love with the sea only intermittently gives the page snapshot, Google is still not improved. (this is the site’s home page snapshot love Shanghai History) read more

To punish the nobility baby before buying to BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝

also complained that their website is always rather baffling nobility baby blocked or demotion? They are not intentionally with you, because they are talking to yourself. Yesterday I spent 37 million 700 thousand pounds to buy British price comparison site BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 at the end of the acquisition within 24 hours after the baby was aristocratic downgraded, because they violated the standard baby aristocracy administrator.

Book said Shanghai dragon BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 too many radical Shanghai dragon, they buy links through paid web pages and other place entrance unruly way to improve their search rankings. After being noble baby downgrade, BeatThatQuote the keyword search you will find the first names is not their own website. read more

The PR value update the value of the PR value

with Google exit China market, domestic Google users are less and less, forming a search engine like Shanghai a dominant situation, so that Shanghai Longfeng workers will focus on the love of Shanghai. But Google’s PR value or the value of the PR value update, although not before, but the overall level of website evaluation to pr. As a site of the PR value is more than 4, so that the construction of the site has a certain level.

The reference index

is based on the evaluation of the PR value is outside the chain of quality and quantity of site decision, the quality of the chain is the chain of correlation depends on the survival time and the website and the content of our website, so the higher the PR value, that the higher the quality of our chain website amount is more, the higher the value of our website. The high quality of the chain construction is the biggest difficulty, if a website PR value reached more than 5, so that the site is very good, because only do good website, your site will appear on the site as much as possible. If the author of the website PR2, the chain is 1440. read more

The website content is king the key words how to win

can be split in important.

is not a form of flexible


is now the website content is king of the times, although every webmaster with the editorial staff are well aware of the importance of the content in the article, but sometimes very helpless, don’t know how to make the difference between their articles on other websites, how to do to let the search engine think your station is better than other content, how to the search engine can give a good impression, the Shanghai dragon group A5 diagnosis and Optimization about how to do to make your article Xianshengduoren in the search engine from the beginning of the text keywords. read more

The three stage of nternet advertisingBecause of the nternet CEO Bao Jie 818 chat robot behind tho

for example, we went to buy a movie station advertising, 500 yuan monthly, you are going to do Adult supplies sales, may be a month to sell Adult supplies profit is not 500 yuan, may sheben, because few moviegoers to Adult supplies of interest.

in 2012, with the release of Siri, there was a wave of China’s copycat, except for a few big factories, and most of them soon went out. Over the past one or two years, with the depth of learning, knowledge map up again. I think most of them are "speculation" concept, the ability to appear above the technology can be eliminated within two or three years. read more

When Li Xueling met Lei Angels and entrepreneurs a heaven made matchshlf1314 Adsense revenue optimiz

with more entrepreneurial process, from the initial entrepreneurial direction key to enterprise strategic transition, in the process of play to the Tencent under the shadow of difficult growth in Lei played angel, mentor, capitalists, division multiple roles. But if there is no Li Xueling’s down-to-earth and entrepreneurial passion, and trust to Lei Jun, today the play will develop into what, no one will know.

in 1998, Li Xueling in China Youth Daily internship, wrote the first report is about Jinshan negative news, even later and Lei Jun relationship is very good, but still on his curse. Lei Jun said in an interview, he seemed at the time, Li Xueling is an opinionated person, and not be confused by anything. "He also wants to think about it as a technical enthusiast and enthusiast. He criticized our things, or on the point, very deep." read more

Joe absolute counterattack from Wanli only 7 dollars to millionsYou can make money without your webs

"flash" is an anomaly in recent two years Chinese game arena, from him, reminiscent of Shi Yuzhu and Chen Tianqiao……

here, I just give you a way of thinking, in fact, very simple, as long as you can insist, making money is also possible.


second step: with the blog, and next, go to "pig eight quit" and other Witkey website registered account number.

, if China’s Internet open platform for a small number of successful list, should bear the brunt of the "Hu Lai game."". A more direct point is "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms". As the Tencent into the open platform of seventh games, but also the first strategic social games, "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms" once occupied the Tencent platform half of the country, monthly income reached tens of millions of yuan. You know, the so-called Internet open platform, Tencent alone, over more than half of the market share of penguins. "The rapid success of Hu Lai three", almost equal to hit agriculture practitioners surrounded the scene. read more

How to make money through the SEO websiteHow do sh419 Optimization Website Optimization

    editors: recommended learning website promotion website took www.xuanxue, the content is very good, learning network marketing, website promotion students must not miss.

1, with SEO as a garbage station. What is a garbage station? My definition is "not designed for users, websites designed specifically for search engines."". These sites don’t last long and may get a lot of IP from Se in the short term, but the K station is a sure course for this type of web site. But we can’t totally ignore this direction, and a lot of IP can still be operated in the short run, although I don’t agree with this kind of website. read more