The foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of small details to enhance your web site keywor


again, for the foreign trade station, the product page comparison functions comment function and products, can get some praise, to improve the conversion rate will be helpful here, mention the domain name of the website, do not use the domain name suffix.CN, choose the best comg or net top level domain name, which is of great help for the site of the brand building, the best selection of American space space, free for the record and preferential prices. The United States like Lunarpages virtual host using coupon code China30 in the Chinese station to buy the host, get 30% permanent concessions also receive free domain name and independent IP, very cost-effective.

first, pay attention to cultural differences in user experience to westernization, for the overseas customer browsing habits and do not understand the aesthetic is flawed, the domestic website web design most of the love behind the animation show, do not pay attention to practical, do not love these foreigners station garish things, they need to be practical and the atmosphere, so pay attention to the utility of the web page to set the establishment of the time, to complete the shopping process to guide customers fast, but everything looks simple.

is the last English title symbols, including commas, periods, quotes, bar, vertical, brackets are often appear in the wrong place, under normal circumstances, a complete sentence should be capitalized, especially in the title. The capital English initials at least allow users to feel more professional website search results. The station after the success, owners also help foreign trade station system English Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Many foreign trade station are built as long as foreign trade station, visitors will Everfount. In fact, when doing foreign trade station, Shanghai dragon is not the lack of this link.

the moment of economic globalization, the world financial integration gradually, forming a whole, domestic and foreign trade exchanges have become more frequent, and the new trend of foreign trade website trend is undeniable. However, trading profit cannot trade the site because of a few small points of the establishment of the greatly wasted, so webmaster in the establishment of foreign trade website, must pay attention to the following points: small

is the second web design style is different, the webmaster need after the completion of the design test. According to the direct design pattern of domestic websites do English station, found the website done, let people read it very uncomfortable. Website design, can be used to test multiple browsers, foreign Internet users use the browser, including Firefox, IE6, IE7, the latest IE8, chrome and noble baby. If the website design is completed, do not immediately use after verification, there will be loss of customers and sales. Not that pay attention to Chinese English founder, and so must be concise in the design of English station.

foreign trade station turnover is often through continuous optimization, enhance the site’s ranking and visibility to obtain the views of height, resulting in a possible transaction. >

Analysis on how to effectively use the love Shanghai update out of the sandbox whirlpool

              two: the chain is too hot

server: a factor

              the increase is the chain website development must, but also to search engine recognition site means. So many times to increase when new sites in the site outside the chain too anxious, anxious to take dozens of friends all make up the chain to increase the weight of the site. But the search engine that will, in such a short period of time to increase the chain so much is certainly not normal, the final result only pulled into the sandbox to observe the situation, this is also the most likely to fall into the new main factors like Shanghai sandbox.

              on the Google sandbox Shanghai dragon Er all know, but love may not understand Shanghai sandbox. In fact, that is the sandbox is not very accurate, love is also the Shanghai sandbox to the railway station, an assessment period, the current situation of the assessment period of 20 days. In general, a new station after being collected, in good circumstances two days didn’t snapshot, or ranking is greatly reduced, so in general it means love Shanghai fell into the sandbox. How to escape from the Shanghai railway station, love the sandbox, probably because of lack of experience of novice webmaster and do not know about the analysis of binary solution here. First we start from the reason why, new sites will be involved in the sandbox then gets the corresponding solution.

                  the server is not stable in the construction site in the process is very common in Chinese factors, 90% of the owners are using virtual host to run the site, a server less there are dozens of virtual machines, more than one hundred or two hundred existing. This resulted in generating such problems, a website all suffered attack web server. Or a large collection of resources lead to bandwidth, CPU not use, are caused by the server and some common problems. So to find a stable server, to ensure the stable operation of the website can avoid falling into the sandbox in the new server factors. By the way we mention, for independent IP website search engine to give the attention will be higher, after all, few people take it at the garbage station independent of the IP.

              three: website frequently

Joe absolute counterattack from Wanli only 7 dollars to millionsYou can make money without your webs

"flash" is an anomaly in recent two years Chinese game arena, from him, reminiscent of Shi Yuzhu and Chen Tianqiao……

here, I just give you a way of thinking, in fact, very simple, as long as you can insist, making money is also possible.


second step: with the blog, and next, go to "pig eight quit" and other Witkey website registered account number.

, if China’s Internet open platform for a small number of successful list, should bear the brunt of the "Hu Lai game."". A more direct point is "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms". As the Tencent into the open platform of seventh games, but also the first strategic social games, "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms" once occupied the Tencent platform half of the country, monthly income reached tens of millions of yuan. You know, the so-called Internet open platform, Tencent alone, over more than half of the market share of penguins. "The rapid success of Hu Lai three", almost equal to hit agriculture practitioners surrounded the scene.

| Zhai Wenting photography | Huang rehabilitation

many friends say Wangzhuan, build your own website, blog, Taobao, is not easy to say, but also need to input costs for students or not to put the cost of the people, although many Wangzhuan method, but some are not so easy to implement.

has its own blog group although less, but also a lot of blog ah, a small blog group., the next step is to own a blog group, a blog and a station similar to search engines, and slowly increase the weight, and raise new truth.

this is a total in the state of entrepreneurs "over the wall". Graduated from the University in 2001, Joe Wanli will enter the CAS system, third years of part-time business together with others. In 2008, Joe and his partner Huang Jian together for about one million yuan, was a little brother two times out. Inadvertently, Americans are playing social games, considering that the game is profitable, he hit into a completely unknown industry. The first game, Hu Lai Hotel, became a success in everyone’s network, followed by "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms". But when making "Hu Lai three", Joe miles are actually not playing entry-level happy farm.

doesn’t have a website of its own or an independent blogger can’t make money. After listening to this article, you’ll see,

in fact, you can also follow the forum posting tasks, according to the requirements of the relevant forum post it, pay attention to the post should pay attention to >

search task in Witkey website. Such as "blog", "blog outside the chain" and so on,

early last year on the line "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms" flagship light social and partial online games design ideas bright. This is the closest to traditional heavy players of a social game, natural for open platform. For a time, almost all people are talking about "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms", but do not know where it came out, a man made such a money making game. So far, "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms" has created hundreds of millions of yuan of income. In 2011, apple Appstore Rewind China sales list, "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms" iPhone edition ranked the best selling game of the year.

Joe Wanli is indeed the "risk" out of the. Before the creation of Hu Lai game, he is neither the Internet insiders, not gamers, do not understand the product, there is no technical background. In the outside world, the founder of Hu Lai’s game is almost a puzzle. A few insiders knew he had a nickname called Joe, but he did not know what it would look like. For his muffled voice of great wealth, people can only look for clues from the early online gold rush, Chen Tianqiao, Shi Yuzhu and others.

looking for the task of outside chain, pay attention to other people’s mission requirements, oh, in your blog released outside the chain or add links task


, the first step: you should have your own portal blog portal blog Oh, do not say independent blog, do not tell me that you did not Oh, very simple, to register on it.

third step: I do not need to say, we know how to do, according to the requirements of the task to do it, do it on your blog, just like in their own web site to do the same.

does not have its own website can also make money, it sounds a bit incredible, you know, many people have their own website did not make money.

can make money without his website. In fact, you can, too,


upstart, so many people commented on him. Not to say yes or no Joe. "But do you know? I’ve been suffering for 8 years.". I have succeeded in resisting japan. Today, I have seen all the entrepreneurs, the hardships they have suffered, and I have all experienced them." Joe. "

Sina, Sohu, blog bus, and here, I will not elaborate on the A5, there are many articles on the blog portal, you can look at, the portal blog effect is better on the registration of those.

pays attention to blogging, publishing articles and websites. To adhere to a certain number of articles updated every day, the best is original or false original, do not copy the kind of Oh, about some problems in the I will not say, you look at the A5, many new sites, if the promotion of raising new articles, like a blog is the reason.

said some nonsense, but I want to say is very simple, is Witkey, someone will say, Witkey I already know, I have no technology, no team, how to compete with others? Don’t worry, you don’t have advanced technology, but also can work unremittingly.

Earn commissions of $15K for less than $100Cai Wensheng was defeated in the micro-blog civic investm

Here I put

"actually, it’s not like 4399. It’s more like an investment fund.". So far, 4399 of the total exposure is disclosure obligations."

used to be obsessed with the micro-blog tuba, which is now compromised by the tuba,

but in this period, Cai Wensheng was obsessed with Sina and micro-blog and other large, high-level company, including Luo Haijian, Cao Zheng et al produce a rift, also foreshadowed the incident yesterday.

Canada, all by the broker to complete, all brokers need to test the card, I could never get the brokerage license, but this does not affect me to do real estate business, because some of these brokers with technical department in some sectors, it is indeed important, but for a point of view, they are actually the most passive, but produce the highest returns at least money.

it is worth noting that the big brother in the Internet field of the periphery, but also invested in the selection of cold knowledge, including the parent company, Fei Bo created together, as well as constellations and other non entertainment content company.

when a customer calls in, the back is very good to solve, understand the situation, with the broker on how to split, called broker with showings, the latter does not need me to manage.

Cai Wensheng replied in the first time that he quit the management of the 4399 game in 2013 and posted 128 million of his tax certificate.


below, I’ll tell you about a recent earned money:

on yesterday’s 4399 incident, the game daily CEO Song Pengzhan said in an interview, the list of informants listed basically have nothing to do with 4399.

if you don’t know what shlf1314 ADWORDS is, please search it first, or you can’t understand what the following article is saying.

Abstract: IT 2016 Hurun rich list, Cai Wensheng to 10 billion 500 million finalists this year, worth; Meitu Xiu Xiu listed in Hongkong, the stock price soaring, the market value was more than 90 billion, while Cai Wensheng was first nominated in 2017 Hurun global rich list, and became the richest man in Xiamen.

since 2011, 4399 profit of billions of dollars, in the company’s outstanding performance, Luo Haijian and Cai Wensheng in the company’s authority in the balance. At the same time, Cai Wensheng is addicted to micro-blog marketing, on the management of the company is less and less, two people have a lot of bad blood.

, a game industry analyst, Cai Wensheng apparently lies. "Do not say, like him on the Hurun list of the rich, even if it is an ordinary listed company, the president also knows that the tax can not escape tax."

this Monday, a Shanghai equity investment fund held a press conference in Beijing, real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing 4399 game company before the big shareholders Cai Wensheng existing national tax evasion 360 million.

recently often ADMIN5, found a lot of Chinese webmaster does not know how to combine with the reality network to make money, love always rely on the so-called advertising, risk investment that rely on advertising itself in the China situation now is not very good, the risk of investment is not your money, I earn money is their own the money.

then, only the Cao Zheng home, a series of events Haijian Luo and Cai Wensheng exchange, also buried the 4399 game in the IPO before all kinds of contradictions.

on advertising is more accurate: put the following: Toronto city is mainly DOWN TOWN, North Yorkshire, and the Scarborough area, because these three places I am most familiar with, the actual price is to grasp the most clearly. And a rate of only Chinese in language, because if you choose English, foreigners call in I understand, but for foreigners from the language you can determine whether there is the intention of this I still underdeveloped, in order to avoid invalid >


so, what was the root of yesterday’s report,

I am more familiar with the

recently because of my roommate to become a Canadian real estate brokerage, often asked me to give him a business, so I registered a shlf1314 ADWORDS account to see if there is a small investment income.

, who used to control thousands of domains, is said to have been at his peak

Cai Wensheng is a famous Internet angel investor with Xue Zi, who has made a number of listed companies such as 58 city, storm video and so on. Mito listed, the value is skyrocketing.

All housing transactions


4399, the game company, was one of Cai Wensheng’s early success projects. In the company’s several take-off and transition process, Cai Wensheng’s contribution.

about the situation in Toronto area of Canada, several popular residential areas I have because of my roommate to do real estate piece, I am familiar with, so I in this part of the main street, a landmark as keywords, also called LENDING PAGES has done very simple, is to leave my phone well, some good housing price, here is a little skill, is LP on several model building, the price can be written in a little better than in other parts of the cheap, but the actual selling price is definitely not the price, because there are a lot of reasons: for example, with parking house, than not with the least expensive $30000 at the same time, the high level of each floor, more than 8 square feet per block, we offer all is not with parking, the lowest floor price, so there will be more The customer called to inquire.

Talk about personal website optimization experience

in the first half of May has been busy with the company’s website SEO optimization, there is no time to thank the article, mainly busy.

today, we talk about the recent optimization company website in you, our company website when I took over, from any aspect does not accord with search engine optimization, the site theme is not clear, the structure is not clear, each page of the title are the same, is the name of the company, the home of the keyword description with keyword writing the construction of the network company website or company name, I am depressed. After my revision now looks good, all aspects are adjusted to the search engine love website, each page independent titles and descriptions, and quickly generate static. The choice of 6 main key words are placed in the home, this is what I do is regret the decision, because the site is now CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, CCC certification in Baidu and Google has a good ranking. But there are 2 key UL certification, ETL certification, is at the back of the title keyword, keyword density and in front of a few keywords almost, but the ranking is different, in the search engine completely according to the.

so I suggest you choose the best 1-3 home page keywords, do not be too greedy, which indicates that the site in the building before the keyword selection is very important, I do not understand our industry, so how do I choose the

keyword?First, according to the main

service company, to determine the key problem.

second, check the same industry, other companies website is how to choose key words?.

third, talk to people in the industry and ask them what keyword they want to use in search engines (in other words, analyzing user search habits).

mentioned above the weight selection and keyword search engine on the title is more on the more weight, a page too many keywords to optimize is adverse, it is difficult to optimize, the reason I chose 6 key words some also can have good ranking is the key competition is not very intense, other industry site optimization means is not high, if it is relatively intense industry competition, too greedy words may not have very good rankings, to have a clear goal, the optimization of up to center. Want to many industry keywords too much? How can you classify these keywords, divided into 1 categories, 2 categories, 3 categories, respectively, arranged in the home page, column page, inside pages.

This is my

optimization to our company website ( this time to gain experience, hope to help you in the website optimization, website SEO industry friends, want to learn more knowledge of SEO, you can go to Shenzhen SEO station:

The latest launch of 2016 small business projects

we all thought of entrepreneurship, but was beaten by many realistic factors, the biggest problem is the money problem, many people worry that venture capital is not enough, will not dare to try, in fact there are many promising small business projects do not need a lot of money will be successful in business, here we provide the latest 2016 small business project.

My Adsense optimization experience

I am

from the beginning of 2006 registered Adsense, the beginning is a video site, data collection involving copyrighted content, for many times without it. Through the Adsense promotion in Chinese make good.

so a friend to help me to register his line. Since then I started my Adsense life. The first time to see the background of income 0.01$, at that time very happy. I call even many of my friends say, so I made $0.01.

initially launched only a few Adsense ads on several web pages. At the end of the first day, I already had thousands of


Adsense show brought in a total of $..3 in revenue. Maybe it’s because I have a video capture station, so the unit price is lower,.

every day when I and others for advice on how to submit a Adsense price, constantly learning website, forum, blog and other articles about Adsense are basically finished. Now in retrospect, feel that was very passionate,

when a friend told me: " I can let you immediately into the 1000 knife, ", was heard; excited, ha ha, originally he said is " JS modified GGAD digital display: taught you a monthly income of million dollars, " I believe this article we are often see “““

at that time, I guess I can’t do it any more – something must be changed,


finally discovered what had been neglected in 2007. I felt as if I had suddenly made a hole. So I immediately began experimenting with my Google ad, experimenting with various advertising positions and colors to see if my ideas worked. And soon it turned out – and it was great,


I’ve only used a few simple methods (which will be introduced later), which increased the click rate by almost three times, while revenue increased to $30 / day. For me, it can solve the problem of my living expenses. The process is full of joy, watching the data of Adsense backstage every day. This is a wonderful journey full of learning and experience.

here to share their own recommendations to optimize Adsense:

1. uses 336*280, big rectangle, or skyscraper advertising (160*60), and I think these two types are best. Try not to use 468*60

2. lets you advertise looks like the article content, the color combination must combine own website’s style, as far as possible hides the URl color, uses the blue character color to highlight the advertisement content.

3. please try not to use the chart >

How poor cabinet stores profitable

cabinets stores in large quantities, industry competition is intense, if you want to do business may have to learn a lot of stores operating experience, profitability is not very optimistic, they didn’t know how to use what way to remedy. If you want to make a good profit, you can look at the experience of others.

cabinet industry has been developed so far, many enterprises have entered the bottleneck of development – the old production equipment, the design of new ideas, serious loss of personnel, etc., seriously restricting the development of enterprises. In addition, with a substantial increase in the cost of building materials, change the upstream of the real estate regulation policy and artificial cost increase, the cabinet enterprise faces the transformation in the transition period, "how to win the market, I think the final cabinet industry fight or quality and service." A cabinet brand dealers said.

several cabinet dealers have said that the improvement of people’s living standard directly affects the high demand for consumer products, personalized kitchen cabinet design update speed, in this important transition stage, the cabinet enterprise itself needs to upgrade equipment. The need to improve the update speed, the more important is to restore the cabinet use intention: quality, fit the national fundamental policy, comply with the requirements of consumers, in the service to achieve excellence, the only way to achieve victory in the ever-changing cabinet on the market.

an interview said: "consumers are the elderly and children at home, hope to be able to ensure safety in the use of cabinets in the home, there is in the process of purchasing services, who all want to worry and effort to buy cabinets, not to spend money to buy not trouble." And his wife came to buy a cabinet mr..

cabinet store operators need to understand the market demand, if you do not grasp the product and market demand is likely to affect the operation. The above analysis of the business hope to help you, if you store profitability has not been improved, you need to think about other ways.

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Hebei second youth entrepreneurship contest awards ceremony held

from the youth entrepreneurship contest, we can see that the current college students’ innovative thinking active, good at discovering opportunities from daily affairs, and with the introduction of a new Internet industry restructuring program. Although there may be practical and marketing aspects or problems, but it will have an important role in the future economic development.

In addition to the award-winning

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2015 work or entrepreneurship to give yourself a clear goal

the first question: the success of the road, you are their own chaos, or a teacher guidance better?


is on the road to success, to find a successful teacher, to be successful.

second Q: working or doing business?

you work these years, how much you pay up? A year, how much income in your pocket? If your wages will never keep up with prices, prices, oil prices, health care costs, education costs, rising costs of traffic, what do you think is the result? The rising cost of living, so that the pockets of workers income is less and less! Robert, the father of wealth, said: "the only way to get financial freedom is to do business." said Kiyosaki!

third Q: first work, or the first business?