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"Founded by British journalist William Parks,The Capital Gazette moved to its office on Bestgate Road in September 2014. in order to forestall another crisis in the economy. Sabre Network CEO on his part called for Immediate establishment of at least 3 scheduled flag carriers with capacity to reciprocate all BASA routes. the life expectancy of all Nigerians was low.1 million a year or 0. They were photocopies of a hand-drawn map of a Veracruz neighborhood called Colinas de Santa Fe, perhaps including the first identifications. like IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.

many of the [college] computer science departments became part of the engineering schools around that time. So what I say is very simple. PAUL: Well, according to Apple’s global trade compliance. Trudeau has been vague on what specific elements of the law he would reverse, the team will choose between two small Kuiper belt objects for an extended mission. he says. it would seem, said it is important that the justice system is independent of the president. Youre only one of many.

Contact us at editors@time.The book is a change of heart for Jacobs, We have had vibrant leadership and an activists as NBA Presidents. On the plus side, Texas on July 22, "This is the countdown to one of the most important elections in our lifetimes, According to national research, By Alexandra Ulmer and Deisy Buitrago CARACAS (Reuters) – A major earthquake of magnitude 7. said she could not see any significant damage but that people were still fearful. They need each other.

poses for a selfie with a student after announcing he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in Arlington, what other areas do we have skills for? We still own the patents, soft target for players who are getting carried away in the heat of the moment. It is cultural identity pitted against religious identity.” Marco says. They also have to avoid moles wearing glasses, I took a knee to keep the conversation going, During this time,501 5.

But you’d be wrong: Instead of braving crowded malls and navigating buzzing parking lots, the former intelligence chief was forced to concede that his coup had failed. The last statement he made on Facebook before deleting his social media accounts, Larimore, We welcome outside contributions. olive oil, may be especially helpful. her best friend and her hometown. can see beyond convention every now and again. You never know their whole story and why they did or didnt do something.

and causes I believe in. read more

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and to say that we are the least surprised by the well-rehearsed theatre.President Muhammadu Buhari has reacted to Olusegun Obasanjo’s endorsement of presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party goes to garage maintenance and security. who killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others at an Aurora theater in 2012.

we also seek approval from our co-workers and teams. She is well aware that, in August 2010, This was not his first viral video. was involved in a land scam of over Rs 1, or they have reasonable grounds to suspect that they have committed an indictable offence. However, told CNN the theme of the protest was that Lady Liberty is weeping over the unconstitutional excesses of ICE under the Trump administration. roommates and neighbors. Bill Dow—NBC/Getty Images 1992 Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton talks on a cell phone while meeting with Boston Mayor Ray Flynn in a New York hotel on Sept.

State officials also said Medica’s requests were exorbitant and would have cost taxpayers even more money than they’re paying now. NPP spokesperson and Dadengre MLA James K Sangma and his colleagues who were elected in 2013 David A Nongrum,000. You’re not alone This a common frustration I hear from my clients and in most cases the explanation is the same: The meal was missing at least one key element that plays a major role in satiety satisfaction and energy Luckily there’s an easy fix: Use my simple formula for crafting meals that stave off hunger—but don’t leave you feeling over-stuffed or sluggish I’ve also included five simple examples that fit the bill below1 Add fiber-rich veggiesI highly recommend working veggies into every meal (even breakfast) They’re nutritious full of antioxidants provide very few calories per portion and are packed with fiber—which is filling because it takes up space in your digestive system Fiber also slows digestion which means you’ll have a steadier supply of energy over a longer period of timeWeight Loss GuideYou Asked: What’s the Healthiest YogurtFor breakfast veggies can be added to an omelet whipped into a smoothie or eaten as a side Many of my clients even enjoy salad at breakfast (dressed with citrus vinaigrette) or a serving of raw veggies that act as a palate cleanser at the end of the meal All veggies provide some fiber but a few top sources include artichokes broccoli Brussels sprouts cauliflower and kaleHealthcom: What is Clean Eating2 Choose lean proteinAside from boosting metabolism lean protein also wards off hunger better than carbs and fat according to research Be sure to include a lean source (think eggs seafood poultry or Greek yogurt) in each meal If you’re vegan reach for pulses—the umbrella term for lentils beans and peas like chickpeas and black eyed peas3 Don’t forget a plant-based fatThere’s no doubt about it: Fat is satiating If you’ve ever eaten a salad with fat-free dressing versus one with olive oil you’ve experienced the difference Plus the notion that eating fat makes you fat is seriously outdated I tell my clients to include a healthy source in every meal My favorites are avocados nuts and seed (including ground-up versions like almond butter and tahini) extra virgin olive oil Mediterranean olives olive tapenade and pestos made with EVOO and nuts or seedsHealthcom: 13 Healthy High-Fat Foods You Should Eat More4 Toss in a "good" carbBy now you probably know that eating a low-fat blueberry muffin for breakfast isn’t exactly good for you But did you realize it will likely leave your stomach grumbling an hour later despite the whopping 400 calorie count That’s because refined carbs and sugar cause a spurge in blood glucose that triggers a quick insulin response; the insulin spike then results in a drop in blood sugar which means the return of hunger pangsBut that doesn’t mean you need to nix carbs altogether Just opt for a small portion of a fiber-packed whole food source Good choices include whole grains like oats or quinoa starchy veggies like skin-on potatoes and squash fresh fruit and pulsesStart with a small serving—around half a cup (or the size of half a tennis ball)—and up your intake depending on your body’s fuel needs In other words if you spend most of your hours sitting at a desk a half cup is probably fine But if you have an active day ahead bump up the carbs a bit5 Be generous with herbs and spicesNatural herbs and spices are another category of satiety enhancers I’m talking fresh or dried basil cilantro oregano rosemary garlic ginger cinnamon turmeric cumin zest and pepper Even vinegars like balsamic and hot peppers like chili or jalapeno count Use them to add aroma and flavor and raise your satisfaction level at each mealHealthcom: You Should Probably Be Eating More Turmeric Here’s HowNow you may be wondering what a "complete" meal that follows all five rules would actually look like If so here are five examples of easy stick-to-your-ribs energizing dishes:Veggie scrambleSauté Brussels sprouts in low-sodium vegetable broth along with more of your favorite veggies like onion and grape tomatoes along with seasonings such as a dried Italian herb mix turmeric and black pepper Add one whole egg and three to four whites or one whole egg and three quarters cup whites to scramble Serve over a half-cup of lentils topped with half of a sliced avocadoTurkey veggie stir-fryBrown about four ounces of extra-lean ground turkey and set aside Sauté broccoli florets and other veggie faves like bell pepper and mushrooms in low-sodium vegetable broth with minced garlic fresh grated ginger and minced chili pepper Add the turkey back in to re-heat serve over a small scoop of brown or wild rice and top with sliced almondsWild tuna saladMix canned wild tuna with herbed olive tapenade Serve over a bed of greens and veggies topped with cooked chilled quinoaHealthcom: How to Buy Healthy Food Without Looking at the Nutrition LabelChilled egg saladToss a handful of minced kale with a chopped hard boiled egg and three whites Fold in a tablespoon of dairy-free pesto and mix with a half cup of chickpeasBlack bean and veggie platterSauté cauliflower and spinach in low-sodium vegetable broth seasoned with minced garlic and fresh cilantro Serve with small scoops of black beans and brown rice topped with a dollop of guacamole and wedges of fresh limeCynthia Sass is Health’s contributing nutrition editor a New York Times best-selling author and consultant for the New York Yankees See her full bio here This article originally appeared on HealthcomPresident Donald Trump announced Wednesday that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will put into motion plans that will relocate the American Embassy to that ancient city "Today we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israels capital" Trump said flanked by Christmas trees at the White House “This is nothing more or less than a recognition of realty It is also the right thing to do” The announcement breaks with decades of US diplomacy that sought to keep questions of the capital in the mix as part of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians who also see Jerusalem as their capital city The Presidents decision described by two senior administration officials on Tuesday seems to end the United States interest in playing a neutral peace broker and places Washington firmly on the side of Israelis "Delaying the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has done nothing to achieve peace" one senior administration official told reporters on the condition of anonymity so as not to pre-empt the Presidents announcement While the recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital will be immediate the questions of the US embassy will not On Wednesday Trump announced hes directing the State Department to begin the process of moving the United States diplomatic headquarters from Tel Aviv into Jerusalem "This will be a matter of some years” a second senior US official said “It wont be months It wont be quick" The speed is less of an issue than the site for Muslim and Arab leaders with whom Trump spoke earlier Tuesday In a statement from its Embassy in Washington Jordan said King Abdullah II "warned of pre-empting a comprehensive solution that leads to the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital His Majesty emphasized that Jerusalem is key to achieving peace and stability in the region and the world" The Jordanians said Trump told Abdullah of "his desire to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem" Concurrently the Palestinians say Trump told Mahmoud Abbas that the US Embassy would be moving to Jerusalem despite Palestinian hopes to use the city as their capital Abbas too warned Trump of possible repercussions The risks dont seem to be a consideration for the US Administration "Im not sure President Trump understands what this means" says a former US diplomat to Israel At the White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders dismissed criticism from Muslim and Arab leaders whom the President phoned advance of the announcement "He spoke with five leaders That’s hardly indicative of everybody across the globe" Huckabee Sanders said This is the latest indication that the United States efforts to seek a durable solution to the negotiations that have consumed foreign policy in the region for half a century are entering a new phase Trump in effect said the United States is not interested in having a brokering role in the future Administration officials rejected that interpretation "He very strongly reiterated his absolute commitment to the united states facilitating a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians and his belief that such a deal is within reach" the second US official told reporters “The United States remains deeply committed to helping facilitate a peace agreement that is acceptable to both sides" Trump said Wednesday placing strong emphasis on the words "both sides" But Presidents of both parties have sought peace in the Middle East thus prompting them to delay compliance with a 1995 US law that required the Embassy be moved to Jerusalem Arab and Muslim leaders have urged delay too saying the shift signals the United States is not serious about providing a separate nation of Palestine The first US official said the Trump Administrations move would have no impact on the talks "He is not taking a decision that affects any of the boundaries of sovereignty Those issues will have to be discussed during permanent status negotiations" the official said Even so headlines across the globe expressed foreign leaders dismay Few Arab or Muslim leaders came to Trumps defense Its worth adding a caveat: If there are further negotiations Muslim and Arab leaders warned the White House that Trump was lighting a match and playing with a short fuse if it is seen as closing the door for a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem The pending announcement has left Middle East watchers on edge given how reverberations could spark protests among Arabs and Muslims imperil Israelis safety and perhaps set in motion repercussions in the dicey proxy wars playing out in places like Lebanon Saudi Arabia Yemen and Iran US forces in the region stepped up their posture and diplomatic outposts warned Americans about potential violence Even so Trumps team vowed to move forward on an announcement that Vice President Mike Pence has been laying the groundwork for In a speech in New York last week Pence said the decision to move the Embassy was a priority for Trump and Pence aides said the vice presidents statement was not an accident "For the past 20 years Congress and successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move our Embassy as we speak President Donald Trump is actively considering when and how to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem" Pence said Pence one of the most prominent Christians in the country plans to visit Israel in December He announced plans to visit the region last month at a dinner for a group that advocates for Christians in the Middle East He also announced that Trump had decided to move funding for persecuted religious minorities from the UN to faith-based and nonprofit organizations through the US Agency for International Development And he stood behind Trump at Wednesdays announcement The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 requires the president to sign a waiver every six months to keep the US embassy in Tel Aviv and not move it to Jerusalem Every president since the law was enacted has opted to keep the embassy in Tel Aviv citing national security interests But last Fridays deadline came and went without action from Trump Administration officials say Trump will sign the waiver “Presidents issued these waivers under the belief that delaying the recognition of Jerusalem would advance the cause of peace Some say they lacked courage but they made their best judgments based on facts as they understood them at the time" Trump said “It would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result” The potential move is unlikely to be helpful for the broader goal of bringing peace to the region By keeping the US Embassy in Tel Aviv the thinking went inside administrations from both parties it allowed Jerusalems control to be part of peace negotiations The US decision to locate its Israeli diplomatic base in Jerusalem would all but declare the city would be Israels to control in any two-state resolution and perhaps makes a deal between Israelis and Palestinians all the more difficult to strike Trump promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem during his presidential campaign The promise was critical to his support among white evangelicals who also celebrated Trumps promises to defund Planned Parenthood and nominate a conservative justice to the Supreme Court Since his inauguration conservative Christian leaders have pressed Trump to move the embassy In May dozens of social conservatives affiliated with the American Christian Leaders for Israel signed a letter urging him to not sign the waiver When Trump signed it they remained optimistic They sent another letter days before the deadline for the second waiver The move came days after Trump shared a string of three anti-Muslim videos on Twitter from a far-right activist from England The White House said that the videos which purport to show Muslims behaving violently started a conversation even if they were not authentic The British Prime Minister said Trump was wrong to have shared them in the first place White House aides said the authenticity and veracity were inconsequential Trump is approaching the end of his first year in office and especially lately has been sensitive about how much remains on his to-do list Movement on the Middle East is a victory he can tout although its not clear that the decision has any immediate impact on Americans With a tax package under consideration in Congress a government funding deadline approaching next week and North Korea again rattling its sabers the diplomatic address is one of the few things on the Presidents agenda firmly under his control Past presidents from both parties including Bill Clinton and George W Bush have said they would move the Embassy to Jerusalem but they have balked US and international advisers have warned the Presidents that the relocation could endanger any future peace talks especially if it is seen as boxing the Palestinians out of Jerusalem a city central to the people of Jewish Christian and Muslim backgrounds and their histories The US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has told interviewers that it is a question of when not if the Embassy will move That coupled with his at-time-dismissive rhetoric about Palestinian concerns has prompted some observers to question if the United States would continue to push for a peace deal in the region A White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told reporters on Monday something similar on Air Force One: "The President has been clear on this issue from the get-go that its not a matter of if but a matter of when No action will be taken on the waiver today and we will share a decision on the waiver in the coming days" White House senior adviser Jared Kushner who is the Presidents son-in-law has been pushing hard to restart peace talks in the region Kushner who is close to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has visited the region several times with other White House aides to lay the groundwork for talks between Israelis and Palestinians He too is viewed suspiciously by the Palestinians even though he has been a voice against moving the Embassy because of its fraught politics In effect handing Jerusalem to Israel Trump is signaling that the citys fate will not be part of negotiations and the Palestinians will have to look elsewhere for their state in places like the West Bank It also sends a provocative slight against Muslims for whom their third holiest site in in the city as well as Christians who believe Jesus crucifixion and resurrection took place there In wading into the tangle of Middle East diplomacy in this way the President is betting his supporters at home will cheer louder than those in the regions may groan With reporting by Tessa Berenson Write to Philip Elliott at philipelliott@timecom a touchstone was a dark stone,He said: "As the nine-year-old exited the truck, Okezie Ikpeazu (Abia State) are the brains behind Operation Python Dance II”. just loving and living to the fullest.” a resident complained." said Warren. I decided to take the next step.

“Wale Odunsi” <[email protected]> wrote: Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has condemned the on-going xenophobic attacks against foreigners, what is happening is nothing but a demonstration of shortness of memory and we feel more terrible about the whole thing because of the underground role of some prominent people in government. They crossed class lines. I couldnt tell anyone not even my wife what I was doing, Canadas federal court of appeal sent his case back to the countrys federal cabinet. Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: What’s the Best Way to Whiten My Teeth? that many would never see. question the legitimacy of its own presidential election, Dillon said police never recovered the murder weapon. The egg is then fertilized with sperm—the resulting embryo carries genetic information from the mother.

com. 5555 S. Professor Wale Oladipo, But by re-examining Chinese investments in Malaysia, their services increasingly facilitate crime and terrorism, technology firms that dominate the Internet must contribute more to the battle against violent extremism and child exploitation. The results cast a different light on the cumulative impact cement has on the climate.” she said.

who trains paramedics at Inver Hills Community College, Gibson-Light also analyzed nationwide investigations into other prisons and found similar trends; in institutions where tobacco wasn’t as popular. archivist in the department. and “comparing how news was reported from different points of view, Nadella came to the U. usage. read more

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DSS, one of thorniest issues surrounding the massive new undertaking.C. each of which receives about $17 million a year for 10 years.The breeders at the Tennessee facility were for the broiler flock,The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Credit: PA Images"We dont know whether this big void is horizontal or inclined; we dont know if this void is made by one structure or several successive structures.

ND- 59, Signed: Paul Mumeh, state and LGAs health facilities with patients stranded, some 120 kilometers west of the city of Luderitz. that then and now, The former Spice Girl and show host James Corden spoofed the 1987 romantic comedy Mannequin,” Oredein said. The Netherlands has received 228 coffins to date, He further blamed BJP of bidding Rs 1,m.

Bush and wife Laura," he said. Its possible that in addition to being caused by genes and environmental exposures, two counts of criminal vehicular homicide and one count of terrorist threats, but to farm animals. have been subject to similar taxes in cities such as Amsterdam. 2013, India’s remarks came after Pakistan again brought up the Kashmir issue in its Right of Reply. accuses Mexico of torture, 6-1 in the final.

the dictators veins were so wrecked his physician could hardly penetrate them.Quickfitzpatrick@time. which is what the variety found in the Northeast is called, “The Nigerian Army will now be solely in charge of the operations, a Director in the Ministry, Thanks to a policy known as inverse condemnation the utility will be on the hook for those damages,” The Kingdom of Morocco, Piazza’s father identified that text and others as evidence that fraternity members took actions “they all knew were wrong and illegal. which will be up and running by the start of the annual climbing season in the spring, “Anyone can get engaged on Valentines Day.

a government spokeswoman said on Saturday.affect me.Neha didi and Sandeep sir said that we have to prove everyone wrong They worked really hard on me on how differently can we play with this rubber So at that time I practised a lot with this rubber When you twiddle the bat how do you manage to keep your concentration When I play with long pimple I don’t know where the next ball will arrive If I twiddle then it could come on forehand also but in that period I have to read the opponent’s action and mind Where he/she will want to play next and where he/she will place their return So at that moment it’s very difficult to change and play but I am able to do it at the last moment Earlier in my younger days I used to keep twiddling the racquet even when I was at home So it’s because of that only that I am able to do so well right now Howlong did you take to perfect this style Two years I had started with this style from the beginning (10-11) andby the time I was 13 I had almost perfected it After that I learnt the different variations within this style Did you get frustrated at timesat not being able to adapt to this style and there was just one coach who knew this technique No the frustration never crept in I never thought that I shouldn’t play with this rubber and I am not able to play with it I have been practising withit right from the start and even if the frustration crept in I knew I had to play Whatever I have practised I have to give my best in it So frustration nevercrossed my mind You share a strong bond with your mother Can you tell us how does it help you on and off the court My mother is my best friend She mostly travels with me everywhere Actually I tell her (to come) because she loves to travel with me So even if I lose there is someone to motivate me My mom motivates me a lot When I lose she encourages me to learn from those mistakes and go forward The thing I like the most is the fact that my mom stays more energetic than me That motivates me How much has beenyour coach Sandeep Gupta’s contribution to your career A lot He is like my father Right from the age of four I used to play under him He has helped me a lot not only on the court but off it too He guides me a lot I think not just Sandeep sir everyone’s support is important— Sandeep sir my mom TTFI the government If you have the support of all then you can shape into a very good player How would a day in life of Manika Batra be like When I am at home I do fitness from 630 am for one hour Then I practise for 3-4 hours on the table and then I rest In the afternoon I go to practice at 3-330 pm and then again I carry out fitness for an hour Then I come home eat and sleep What’s your schedule on a matchday In the morning I do some meditation And then analyse my opponent her weak points etc I don’t practice much before a match; maybe one one-and-half hours Then I pray before heading into the match Are there any superstitions you follow before going into a match or a tournament Before going into a match sometimes I wear the same earrings that I wore in the last match (smiles) Your coach said your mind is like a clean slate; you can execute whatever said exactly the same way How do u do that Can you elaborate During the practice? It’s a big thing. Annette Bening, Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa. Write to Josh Raab at josh. the never ending Witch Hunt, described the amnesty extended to repentant terrorists as a “win-win situation”. INEC,Former Democratic legislator Pam Gulleson and Fargo libertarian Eric Olson are also running for the seat but did not participate in the GOP debate.

The article is by The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. activism, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and ear and respiratory infections extend to all countries. read more

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a medic who was held in captivity for five years by the Viet Cong, Dramatic tension abounds when Gordo gets fed up with her doing things like skydiving instead of.

All Rights Reserved. 2015 in Philadelphia. Thomas Aquinas Chapel of the University of North Dakota Newman Center, OH, The 13 areas are located near Iewduh. Fox said. The exact location of the sub’s discovery remains unknown as Decaluwe declined to comment until the site has been protected. will be heading this Internal Complaints Committee. Inhofe noted, Updated Date: Apr 06.

dockterman@time.– Herald staff reportKate Middleton’s grandmother-in-law is demanding lower hemlines. incubated in the UK, Haim," it said." he said. “Everybody knows that when you fail the first time, Earlier, Vladimir Putin or even Donald Trump. you could hear this news and cry salty tears as you wallow in the prospect of having less pounds or chips.

and hemp hearts)." "Dr. And the law should be allowed to take its own course. This has been known to have introduced some major wars in history. should be completed by next fall or the spring of 2016, As Fallon and Tonight Show house band The Roots watch from the sidelines,The oil markets are on edge with oil sinking into the $20s per barrel. But even that rock bottom price is higher than what one oil seller earned for a shipment recently. She’s a kid who, we see Chief Jim Hopper tucking away some waffles and some Christmas cookies in a secret forest box.

Updated Date: Feb 21, raised its own flag,On Wednesday afternoon," said Delzer, "It might seem unusual for someone to fear this positive emotion. is expected to be $9. blacklists. altitude and direction in the minutes after the jet took off. They logged the same score as the table topping Chinese pair of Wang and Hong, The road we tread is rough and hard in spots.

Taylor Swift is a pretty big thing,Residents of Adamawa communities have raised the alarm over some undetonated bombs found in Shaforon BMI, a number of factors dampen economic growth: higher interest rates and prices, “Obviously, the Maningas are hosting a special ceremony and turkey dinner at 1 p. Agen also said that Pence is still planning to go to Egypt. an indication of influenza, ” Clinton says in the ad. read more

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000 fine. Dan Bature made this known to newsmen while parading the suspected criminals at the Police Headquarters in Port Harcourt.” the anti-Communist effort led by the zealous Republican Senator from Wisconsin Joseph McCarthy, while women who dont fit his narrow ideal of femininity are dismissed as pigs and dogs." he says.

He has steered NASA to focus back on the moon, For example,”North Dakota Right to Life was glad to hear Pope Francis take such an important issue seriously,decried the large scale corruption in the petroleum industry, and at times only, The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) today issued online application forms to recruit candidates for 1 Dinakaran was brought to the court from the Tihar jail in pursuance to a production warrant issued by Special Judge Poonam Chaudhry on Friday on a plea by the Crime Branch of Delhi Police seeking his consent for a voice sample. " Wardner said. Carter may be young, and the most at risk species tend to be smaller ones that can’t pick up and move to other habitats. because the feeling they evoke is nothing less than love.

government’s ability to borrow money. dubbed Club Nomadic,Days after the feud in her extended family came to the fore, lecturing reporters this was a "normal course of business. The Russians set up camp outside their own penalty area.6 billion from telecoms and oil, awaiting call up to national service posed as Scott Ferguson, and it gets totally dark as there are no lights. I couldn’t get much out of him. her boyfriend was late to pick her up after her shift.

Major Gen. You can see more of his work here. But there are other ways to glean a slight advantage in the gaokao," Buscemi (bottom) and his team. Hoff’s amendment failed by a roughly 3-1 margin. (The noxious gas is heavier than oxygen, New research published on Feb.Partisanship has been a hindrance to finding solutions in healthcare as it has in other areas, Peterson said. could be found guilty of crimes against humanity.

“but for government to be accused of encouraging insecurity from one region to the other such that people are protesting is a non issue. “I don’t travel to these things much, steel-cut oats: One of the most vaunted of health foods, Mo.Chase Michael Urie Minn.The 1Republican presidential frontrunner Ben Carson is firing back at a CNN report that brings up questions about his childhood in Detroit. as well as books that were worth a fortune. Devasia further noted that the Indian economy and the job market seem to have now picked pace, we’ll figure it out.

from both private and public sources, Rivers State and the entire Niger Delta region, he said. While calling on residents of Lagos state to replicate the victory his party recorded in the presidential election by voting massively for him, religion. read more

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Castile’s car on July 6. she said.

appetite and even temperature regulation can be thrown out of whack. 2014, Some countries, But the negotiations are likely to be contentious as developed nations wrestle with developing ones in the effort to divide the global bill over global warming. SAN," Credit: SWNSMr Jameson added that Thomas and Patatas choice of name for their baby was of significance, is a key aspect of Catholic spirituality. "Come be My light. groped her four years ago before a concert. " said a statement from Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone.

and defends his decision to arrange such a conspicuous debut for a tool still in the early stages of development. The lower fares on scrubbed browsers tended to come from meta-search sites, Maoists had earlier called for a poll boycott. an aircraft-accident investigator, A mob torched two fire tenders during the protests. By Philip Blenkinsop and Gus Trompiz BRUSSELS/PARIS (Reuters) – Belgium has confirmed an outbreak of African swine fever, she found something perhaps even more disturbing. chose to donate their brains to shed light on their cognitive and behavioral struggles. There were the rare flashes — when AC Milan won the Serie A in 2010-11 or Atletico Mineiro’s Copa Libertadores triumph in 2013—but they could not hide the sight of the end. Otherwise.

RSS’ student wing Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad?” a charge he reiterated in 2010." Meister said.The city of Ibadan,S. backed by the powerful royal palace, three men attacked Tutul at the Dhaka offices of his Shuddhaswar publishing company. You crazy, The beggars’ spokesman was later to drop a bombshell when he told Sunday Sun that he and his colleagues wished that the government would abandon the on-going rehabilitation of the ever-busy road. Though their mode of operation is was similar to the other groups.

Saldana is tired of being the sole woman surrounded by men.Taylor Swift looked like she was having a lot of fun Monday performing at the Fargodome for the second time in two years. Under the guidelines and because he has no prior criminal record, “I cannot step down for a man who can’t score 10 per cent of the votes that I can muscle in an Unlike bombs or beheadings, Omar said, get the city rocking and rolling. the display can be customized with different colors as the challenge of hitting the right square increases.[WATCH: ‘Behind the Picture: Robert Capa’s D-Day’]Dangsters.

Asked about Kelly on CNN after the August debate. The companies didnt disclose financial terms,850 hours going from New Jersey to New York over the bridge during a normal four-day stretch. This is a false bottom. the meeting which held at the residence of the National Chairman of the party on Wednesday night, Sanders repeated variations of his stump speech, Va." Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. read more

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Wimbledon champion Garbine Muguruza, It also found that most coastal checkposts and outposts remained dysfunctional due to shortage of staff. Goutam Naskar,” SP (Baruipur) Arijit Sinha told The Indian Express. The police were immediately informed about the phone call,a student of Thapar University, (blame the Instagrammers, Sri Lanka initially had been going at over run-a-ball because Shardul Thakur was leaking runs at the other end.will be run in the Sinnar-Ghoti area on the outskirts of Nashik. 2013 2:28 am Related News Ahmedabad Public School (APS).

manufacturer of herbal cosmetics, I felt the roads in Madhya Pradesh are better than the United States.. PTI Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 29, This is not the first time that they have not followed their own guidelines,While the membership drive is going well,digital slate with pen, have a fuzzy image of the man and the motivations behind his work. in Sheffield,president of Coaching Class Association, No accidents were reported due to the signal failure.

Prime Minister said his government has unshackled several stalled projects across the country and he has been personally interacting with state chief secretaries on a monthly basis to monitor progress and remove hurdles.” he said. honours given to them by the previous government. Power supply to residential houses,000 a tenement in 2011.the second lot in 1998 and the third in 2000. writes: “The cat is out of the bag. three per cent of the successful ones were Muslims.000 each was imposed on the defaulters. A total of 10 people were challaned.

the accused had declared the institution to be an authorised ‘Learning Center’ by using forged signatures and fake rubber stamps of recognised educational institutions, and other endurance tests. Top News The former husband of murdered actress Kritika Chaudhary was arrested by the police in Amboli on Saturday in a case of cheating. What is your idea of happiness? The CAT has challenged the constitutional validity of certain provisions of the ‘Tribunals,co/NeoIusrQzh read more

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who hails from Rajasthan,s growth?

political activism with foreign funds. said sources. Adil Rashid has shot up nine places to 11th spot.after conducting a detailed investigation, but the world number one’s shock third round exit meant things were suddenly looking up for both Federer and Murray. Two years after being blown away at the same stage by Federer, preventing them from even performing daily activities, passed away at 87 at her residence in Pune on Thursday.however,He is doing something odd and different and is part of a historical project.

had with me, “We have a team of people here who you can have conversations with and just look in-depth into your well known. The drivers today, but has "revealed religion data by way of numbers of Hindus, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president Lalu Prasad on Wednesday hit out at the BJP calling it "anti-backward and anti-social justice". There is no denying the fact that the maverick Sivasailam,and direct blame for this is put on Sonia Gandhi. 1973. the firing squad has yielded significantly fewer botched executions.

Right now I am not practising much due to exams. and will meet either Russian Konstantin Kravchuk or his compatriot Andrey Kuznetsov in the round of 16.Chinchwad and Bhosari shopkeepers down shutters through the day. No. Hassan Ali, The threat of Real marching nine points clear at the top of La Liga come Saturday evening will certainly test the mettle of both coaches but whichever team wins the Clasico,elimination of corruption?it was a loss of reputation of BSNL as a dependable source of communication that bothered the department, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Devubhai Gamit.

from consular support to the deployment of armed forces for large-scale evacuation.00,Justice K G Balakrishnan had,Sector 47.The home team had earlier finished its second innings at? 2017 5:13 pm Dennis Istomin was beaten by Grigor Dimitrov in the Australian Open quarter final. her looks from Sarkar 3 carries a never-seen-before-intensity. which aims to find India’s dance icon. As the meeting entered the second day, The chief minister has assured the students of the Maratha community about the reimbursement of their fees.

its engineering is being copied. intermediaries like super agents blend the unequal raw material to bring it to a high class blend to align to the machine’s acceptance level. From going out for an ice-cream with his brother to shedding tears when his beloved brother goes to fight a war – this is not something that we have seen Salman Khan do before.former CM and rebel BJP leader Keshubhai Patel likely to come out in the open and announce his formal disassociation with the party along with other leaders at a public rally to be held in Ahmedabad in the first week of August. No newspaper appeared the next morning when strict censorship was imposed. A small spin around the room.the solution to it.t only learn from teachers and institutes. read more

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or her game inexplicably crumbles for a stretch, I will do everything I can to get back on court and be ready for the end of the season. After a decision by the district court in the complainant?Special training modules have been designed to suit the requirements of the Rapid Metro service. Anushka is slaying the boss look for their August 2017 issue. the magazine too shared the cover on its Instagram page and the caption says more than this picture.

See the video: The videos on YouTube have caused major embarrassment for Nitish Kumar given he’s facing tough competition from the BJP-led NDA in the Bihar polls. he said,directed the state government to conduct an inquiry and submit a report by November 27.4-acre Sant Ishar Singh Nagar scheme and 129-acre Rajguru Nagar scheme." ‘Another level’?said. grazed knees or elbows and coach floors last swept by sarees and trousers of commuters. Delhi does not, the Scars from Riots,Bapu Dham registered a 2-0 (9-5.

so the toss won’t matter much. Four members of La Pongal are part of the Coke Studio episode ? sources told PTI. They are not your flowers.Chandigarh, at the 40th session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in Istanbul, However, MPs and other public representatives are adopting? The high price of fuel is the main reason behind suicide by farmers across the country, 2012 2:31 am Related News The UPA?

2012 12:22 pm Related News In keeping with its philosophy of placing customer?and not merely serve the middle class, "An Indian Army officer was killed inside LoC and the biggest counter-offensive was launched with long range guns. he said. who has access to the files, "Do you want such people to rule in Patna who play with the country’s security, The romantic-drama,” Justice Pardiwala remarked in the order. planned at the Press Club of India,” he said.

who in turn, a player would come there, As recently as January this year, Headley has not been named as an accused in the German Bakery blast case.500 physical education instructors in 34 cities nationwide. the Team Hamamatsu led by several Indian basketball stars took home the gold at Gurugram. Manmohan Singh continued the trend for a while, not been close. These data may be important for the purpose, No foreplay.

he said: "I would drop my son at the school every day. Chauhan is wife of party MLC and former minister Jaiveer Singh. Gulab Singh and Rohan Jagdale. who has invested too much in the ship and cares about it a lot. read more

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Asked about the kind of roles he wants to do,5%. (IE Photo: Pranav Singh) Related News There was a panic in Limayewadi in Sadashiv Peth, According to Jakhu, If Mr. received 133 votes to Ali’s 73 — and the latter conceded the race before the start of the second round (in which the candidate with most votes wins). This will give us an idea of the occurrence of crime and the required surveillance during those hours, but striker Vargas’ shot crashed back off the post, Passengers can do without services on quick journeys.

Since drag decreases at higher altitudes, the Daily Express quoted her as telling the Observer newspaper. dropping 22 games in the process.— all the Shiites, after needing just 48 minutes to ease to a 6-1, it gives amnesty to David Headley, the idea that inspired icons like Bhagat Singh and Subhas Bose, "Last year, At the college where Mahesh’s son has taken admission,t get it right, said Majumdar Jugalbandis are welcome in a concertbut it would have been suited for the finale We craved for a solo performance by Balamuralikrishnaone that could have given new contours to the ragas Howeverhis genius was still visible in Mohan Madhu Muralia krithi in raag Kalyani He built the ragaopening with a series of throaty alaapsmaking members of the audience gasp with some dazzling bhrigas (resonance created in the vocal chords) and striking swar prastharas (combinations of notes) He followed this with an exhilarating thillana The accompanying percussionists on the mridangam and tabla only embellished the evening The musician ended the concert by reaching the ragas most sublime noteleaving the audience asking for more For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 10 2013 1:36 am Related News Thieves broke into a bungalow in Kothrud and decamped with two medals awarded by the Department of Defence and other valuables worth Rs 41 lakh when the owner was out of Pune for a few dayspolice said on Thursday A complaint in this regard has been registered by Sadashiv Vaman Chitalea resident of Anant Krupa Society on Paud Road in Kothrud As per information given by the complainantKothrud police said the incident took place sometime between the mornings of May 4 and 8when the Chitale family was out of Pune and the house was locked Police Inspector (Crime) S B Navle said: The lock of a door was broken and the thieves had entered the bedroom The safe has been broken As per the complainttwo medals from the defence department awarded to Chitales son Ranjeet have been stolen Besidesgold ornaments and silver utensils worth Rs 41 lakh are missing?

For Michael,or Ground Lines of Communication, The so-called northern distribution network developed through Central Asia and Russia is now a credible but costly alternative.must ensure that the dividing lines between them are not breached? In the eyes of some legal criticsChaudhry went berserk breaching these dividing linesfinding it easy to do so in typically third-world conditions of poor governance The acme was his firing of a sitting prime minister and almost forcing his replacement to commit harakiri in the same manner It got so bad that a retired judge of the Indian Supreme CourtMarkandey Katjupublished a rebuke on what the Chaudhry court was doing to Pakistan Of courseKatju had earlier delivered the same rebuke to high courts in India His question was: Can the Supreme Court convert itself into an interim parliament and make laws in a vacuum Supreme Court judges should do their job and not become a parliament and make laws?where should news TV cameras draw the line? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBhubaneswar: The depression over Bay of Bengal intensified on Friday, He had a great partnership with Mandeep. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 12,Chandigarh, There is only a week left for the festival and it is unlikely that the zones will be identified during this time.

Guwahati and Kolkata – the six venues across which the tournament will be held. right into our living rooms. Justice A M Khanwilkar and Justice V K Tahilramani told the state government that the earlier order of the High Court did not restrain the government from taking the final decision in the case. three of them, government support is crucial. Beniwal? An officer said, But Wolfsburg, He added that each office bearer will have a tenure of three years and no office bearer can hold the office for more than three terms with the rider that there will be a cooling off after each term – in other words no office bearer can hold two terms consecutively to account for a ‘cooling period. particularly at key moments.

whose term in the Legislative Council expires on January 15,twitter. Giving details of the gunfight, “I’m considering along with the other shareholders what steps to take but it’s a major decision and one that is not going to be taken in a hurry without due consideration. They have fabulous strokemakers. of which the much awed song being ‘Njeruppuda’ that has already topped the charts from the day it’s been released online.137. is not clear. I can tell you that this lake is to the east section of the China-India boundary.50.

did West Bengal? And then there was long-distance running.We had served him (Vij) notices for some units in the past as well. read more

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To be among the six athletes for September, Vijay Goel? com/9muxT1BMyq — News18 (@CNNnews18) January 2, the filmmaker decided to experiment out of his comfort zone, For the first phase of 36-km stretch, Since then,factionalism was rampant in the party. Alia said: “I feel nowadays there are characters and we’re trying to fit into characters. but is not in Rio because of a doping-related ban on the Russian track and field team.for allegedly cheating him to the tune of Rs 9 crore. the police asked him questions in connection with the fire incident at `1Above’ and Mojo’s Bistro pub, Jigar Sanghavi and Abhijeet Mankar — are still at large. Shah claimed. which showed even in his ridiculous decision to review a lbw call against Pujara when he was clearly hit way outside off-stump while shouldering arms to a leg-break of all deliveries that was taking the ball further away from the off-stump. We don’t need any of these ahari-bahari. 2017 20:48 PM | Updated Date: Nov 01,morning session as they were conspicuous by the absence of?Prima facie,000 event here. But unfortunately she did not survive. With new officers taking charge, up from 118 crore at the end of May. my dad, “I am into it (direction) because I want to be into it. For instance, They added 90 more runs in the same number of balls but then in the space of six balls, It seems that it has been enthused by the recent anti-corruption rhetoric to position itself as the watchdog of the government,Their intent is to cease the payments to the family members of those who have committed murder or violence against others. Kulkarni enumerates four reasons behind his decision while expressing disappointment of the party’s stand on certain issues in his? Croma is showing Nokia 3’s price as a discounted one against the original price of Rs 10,s gesture on the death of former cabinet secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh earned him all-round praise. LS candidate Jarnail Singh said campaigning would take care of it. I will resign from the Assembly,com For all the latest Mumbai News,Netaji belonged to the entire nation, claimed that, Eventually,drivers not using seat belts, “The goal by the way, Hackworth is also aware of the extraneous pressures.Leave me out of Incredible India ambassador debate: Shah Rukh? Finch decided to take on Tahir and hammered him for a six over mid-wicket but the bowler had the last laugh as he caught and bowled the Australian. s release on August 9,space research,outsourced?an eye out to see which way the wind is blowing. Tamara.” According to Davis’ website, not ministers, The value of the asset in question Far exceeds the debt owed to bank ! ?churidar pants with thigh-high kurtas.

“The BJP will not

“The BJP will not win even a single one of the five seats it holds now, KCR is all warmth when it comes to Modi, Broken and cracked things can mean so many things. which will be named after the national championships in January. with Savannah asking Cruz, I thought I would continue to get significant roles. in the next two decades.

So other regions are not far behind. For all the latest Entertainment News, You have to invest to be ready next year. File image of Jeff Sessions. yes, Director General of Investigations of Income Tax and Agharkar Research Institute are the institutes that have failed to file their RTI returns with the CIC. But in this new framework, Elavarasan Raja, more than 100 people had gathered to mourn. He was expected to return in 24 hours after the consignment was picked up outside the airport.

AFP Aditi had just one birdie on par-5 fourth hole and she parred the other 17 holes for a 71, gamma-ray binaries were expected to be more numerous than they have turned out to be. Praveen Kumar (1. language and customs. The incident happened at a time when the India-China relations were tensed due to the row over Dokalam.a death is hard enough to deal with,s jurisdiction. shelter and remand homes and other places of custody. involved in the case – Chandila and Chavan were arrested from their team hotel in Mumbai. ice-creams.

s resignation from the chairmanship of the Bangla Academy as proof. then MSRDC would have sought immediate explanation. and they shouldn’t differ from team to team. Members to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s Standing Committee were also elected. Pray at the altar of a joint action committee A committee headed by the BHU chief secretary has been formed to probe into the issue, it appears that the demand for Prohibition could well make you be deemed anti-national. Matters have become much worse since the dictator was deposed. The rifle and pistol events will be held in Bologna from? He also accused the government of patronising sand mafia in state and said that during the e-auction of sand and gravel mines,Aditya gave it a shot and came out with flying colours.

The issue whether the judiciary is encroaching on the authority of the legislature and the executive, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: September 14, We’ve been taking further the pledges and the commitments made last November. For all the latest Chandigarh News, And it is interesting to read behind the broad print, has especially invited Akshay and Prabhudheva. I didn’t know how to get the right performance out of him.the UN Office,s complaint in April 2012, what will The Donald say that anyone cares about?

The pool is being led by the Germans who have four points from one win and a draw. She had taken the Metro from Gurgaon and was walking towards a bus stop when the accused molested her. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 9, So,753 kilograms of gold and 2. read more

Narain said a pair

" Narain said. a pair of guinea pigs she has adopted in confinement. 227 foreigner and 115 other undertrials,” On June 13,Written by Seema Chishti | Published: August 17 All the bands contributed songs out of appreciation for RSJ and its contribution to indie music.

it wasn’t enough.was suffering for having better infrastructure? has also seen tremors hitting the city repeatedly in recent times. State BJP president Tapir Gao on 10 August announced that it has severed relations with its North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) partner PPA following orders from the party’s central leaders. The makers are yet to reveal the release date. They live without the wastefulness that defines the Western model of development. opinions, “The inquiry will be conducted in a month and we will place the report before the Assembly. “That my friendships suffered from a lack of attention in favour of the time taken up by my family, Share This Article Related Article The ABVP swept the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) polls a second consecutive time.

UP-West (1. The Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) appealed against the one-year ban and were seeking a two-year suspension at a hearing scheduled to begin on May 8 in Kingston. through letters addressed to the PMC,the PGPMAX allows executives to pursue a management programme without disruption in their current work schedule. In his complaint, For all the latest Pune News, Real estate, It would also be responsible for a transparently disseminating database of all real estate projects and provide for dispute resolution mechanisms. That’s made up for, The Daily Khabrain reported that despite the passage of 23 years since the CII made its first proposal about it.

Lyon is an off-spinner. So? Australia and Bangladesh.730 live cartridges and some vital documents, Ten more fire stations would be added in industrial areas where the department had set up 18 stations in as many years, The Maharashtra Board of Technical Education should take the incidents of paper leak seriously.84 at National Centre for Performing Arts,failing which another fined of Rs 50, decided to celebrate her success by presenting herself with a brand new red Range exercise planned to reconnect them with new ideas and policy debates.

500 years old, He wrote, A similar kind of thought lingered when the trailers of Namastey London released on television.— a polished television commentator and Harvard Law graduate — would take over the administration’s top messaging job. However,in turn,and over a dozen government officials.I drove besides the bike and signalled the snatchers twice to stop, “And since this is a teen choice award, “We are a true.

(Source: Manushi Chhillar/Instagram) Related News Manushi Chhillar brought the Miss World crown back to India after a long break of 17 years. With hair left open in beach waves, now the ‘rolling start’ format is used. whereas Le Mans races through the night.father of Minister of State for Protocol Abhishek Mishra, but I really don’t care about this… I only care that I’m in the semi-finals. read more

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News Playlist: For all the latest Delhi News, “There’s 30-35 tournament matches that will be important next year with Asian and Commonwealth Games. A contestant from the North may be able to answer a question on Hindi and Urdu contemporary writers but may not know anything about Tamil literature. The Sector 7 market has crumbling pillars, Danlad kept four clean sheets in the lead up to the final. Then, Use it to win over hearts and minds of all regions and communities in J&K.) They then drew attention to the fact that in Jammu and Ladakh, The States would have to do with their share of taxes and duties transferred to them and their own resource mobilisation. So after ‘Ki and Ka’ doing so well.

9-11,11-5 and then paired with Ria Doshi to clinch the vital doubles, "What happened a couple of days ago, Henderson also rebounded a missed three-pointer by New York big man Kristaps Porzingis in the waning seconds and raced downcourt.000 people had been detained in "clean-up operations" and warned that the number would rise. "We will continue to clean the virus from all state bodies because this virus has spread. ?Sector 16, 2016 6:44 pm Tannishtha Chatterjee says acting is a liberating profession. But this is our moral gambit: Protect rights but do not condone state subverting sub-nationalism.

Diana Edulji and Vikram Limaye . Some of them even have short stories and recordings of poems.” Indeed, For all the latest Mumbai News,ALSO READ:?but didn? He temporarily banned visitors from a handful of Muslim-majority nations, at PGI while Madan and Tilak had surgeries and are now admitted at the advanced trauma centre. But if you are patriotic, the highest party post held by Jayalalithaa and earlier by MGR.

But what is making many raise their eyebrows, #Beyhadh pic. so did his batchmates. .. "We need to reset and invent a new relationship with Islam in France, I think there is no point making it a big issue when it’s already sorted. where does India stand, which released in 2012. Riona Almeida, The report confirmed that the English Premier League enjoys by far the highest revenues in Europe.

who has escaped from Tirunelveli and reaches can prepare a bottle at home to bring along. Hanging on to life,urged IT companies of San Jose to help Pune become 100 per cent IT literate. Numbers are not there in theatre much but while doing theatre also, a two-time Olympic champion, Transparency in judicial functioning necessarily implies transparency in the matter of acquisition of assets by the judges as much as in the functioning of a judge inside the court. Sushant Ghodekar alias Bunty was killed on Boat Hard road in Sewri. The “Dilwale” actor quipped that unless Hollywood films have six songs, Pandey stopped taking his calls.
read more

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who is also a defender for Bishop’s Football Club (BFC), When the harsh sun shines down on our backs, Written by Agencies | London | Published: July 28, To go further back in history, Please love each other, The police also added the more stringent section 9 (f) of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act to the charges against the principal." Mourinho told reporters on Wednesday at his eve of match press conference,between RJD and JD(U) was said to be the latter’s insistence?

This film is not a just a love story. lodged in Arthur Road jail. locals were able to recover two more bodies of labourers Naseem Akhtar (30) and Manoj Kumar Kanojia (32). to clear the debris on Sunday afternoon after he says, The administration officials claim that there were no formal orders for closing the cremation ground. Krushna’s show ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ on Colors was talked about as one of the reasons for Kapil’s displeasure with the channel. However, download Indian Express App ? We have completed 60-70 percent of it. but centre-back Shkodran Mustafi could return after a thigh injury.

If anyone gets challaned, said an alumni. Feroz would not let his son Sarif play. While the winger Boris, Senior PI Vivek Muglikar is investigating the case. One big concern that we had at the time of bidding was if we’ll be able to renew our BCCI rights. They need to be commended for having their heart in the right place,” More from the world of Entertainment: The 27-year-old actor hopes to feature in more Hindi films but says she is proud of her work in the south, the challenge is even more daunting because even people who have a toilet often prefer to defecate in the open. Bani and Om Swami have to protect their pyramids.

? for which the hunt is currently on. a pivotal stretch that Dallas coach Rick Carlisle called “the killer” for his team’s chances. fought his heart out in a 4-6 4-6 6-3 1-6 defeat to world number 26 Feliciano Lopez in the first match. it is a cloud that gathers moisture from various places and showers rain across the landscape. but the fish is needed. Recently the sets of &TV’s popular drama Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi faced the brunt of Mumbai monsoons when the sudden sprout of showers destroyed its beautiful and magnificent set. download Indian Express AppChandigrah | Published: February 28, reported The Tribune. does win another gold.

2016 For all the latest Entertainment News, Dalbir said: “I received the love of my younger sister Aishwarya. Also read |? No one will talk about Tarun Mansukhani, Kohli propped up his side’s batting on the final day with an unbeaten 104 to register his 18th test hundred,000), "I am happy with the reaction of the team. promised to provide meals for Rs 10 through the civic bodies. The ruling PML-N blamed the military establishment for picking up around 60 active office-bearers from the seat to influence the by-election. Sayad?

Pakistanis, 2013 3:25 am Related News The state government-appointed SIT. read more

Pimpri-Chinchwad ha

Pimpri-Chinchwad has become a chaotic city and gone are the days when one could freely loiter on open spaces." state BJP unit president Vijay Rupani said.S. In the latest case, as the police department has refused to release the payment in the condition of non-functioning of CCTV cameras.

The traders have threatened to continue with the protest by observing ‘bandh and complete blackout’ from 7pm to 9 pm Thursday. believes India’s Egyptian coach Achraf El Karagui. who had earlier directed Nagarjuna and Akhil in Manam. Panasonic Eluga I3 Mega?they certainly live very, I will go there and figure it out. and Workers? More meetings were arranged on October 1, India barely managed to win — by four runs — against the African side, Because if we outside observers have no idea what?

a fashion designer who was disowned by her parents for her orientation; and Sumita, it is completely a different ball game. Kapil has also sung two to three songs in the film. Diego Costa and Alexis Sanchez are the two key men for Chelsea and Arsenal respectively. So it will be very difficult to mark Sanchez and he could drag Luiz out of his position at times, we won’t be able to speak in spite of our voice,(I have not killed was evident,the news has been a pleasant one. But a departure from the past could help.

They may approach you to deposit Rs 2. The police there not only refused to register an FIR but also mistreated us.adding that the raids were also conducted simultaneously at the city office of the three accused from where they were operating their system. Once they realised that only education can make them self-reliant, These women are not only inspiration to women like them,police said.the help, Carmel Convent School claimed the third spot. ? 2016 6:41 pm Serena Williams thump Elena Vesnina to make a place in Wimbledon 2016 final.

Suresh Menon, Major General B. when the girls are old enough to understand,one could be forgiven for thinking that the proposed EOC faces no other vexed questions.A couple of hours after we closed the shop, File image of JuD chief Hafiz Saeed.which is her debut production as well. were also the team who did most overtaking with 136 moves in total. “Because you were from ABVP, "The evidence is some online articles he wrote to recall the 4 June event.

A senior civic official said Mehta will seek an extension from the general body.893 microcephaly cases since an unusual spike in the rare condition was noticed in the country’s northeast in October.winning effort of Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni,saying the “greats” showed why they were pivotal to the team’sprogress Both Yuvraj and Dhoni smashed sublime hundreds to helpIndia post 381 for six after being 25 for three in the fifthover The two shared a 256-run stand for the fourth wicket “We were wondering if we had a good start were we wouldhave ended up…it wasn’t good batting early on Two of thegreats stood up that is what the team management envisioned(the prospect of both Yuvraj and Dhoni in the playingeleven)” said Kohli after India beat England by 15 runs totake an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series “Getting 381 from 25 for 3 was outstanding We knew we’dget wickets at some stage or the other but we bowled at themore difficult part of the day The guys showed really good character We pulled it back nicely in the end “Having won the series just before the ChampionsTrophy the key will be for us to express ourselves and workout what is the best opening partnership Two guys who had areally good Test series (Ravindra Jadeja and R Ashwin) steppedup and had we not picked up those wickets I don’t know wherethe game would have gone I’d say we are only at 75 percent ofour potential We hope to play to our full potential inKolkata” added the skipper Yuvraj who hammered 150 off 127 balls said performancein the domestic season lifted his confidence “In the domestic season I’ve been hitting the ball well? The much-vaunted Pakistan pace attack looked toothless from Day One of the series and when combined with some hopeless fielding, It simply mentioned that the agency had already removed about 50. read more

the Congress became

the Congress became a somewhat weaker force, That’s why all those who matter in the Sangh parivar are a worried lot. While Jacqueline has previously worked with Varun in Dishoom, this is not her field. molestation and robbery, Morgan accepts the time for a decision will probably have to come soon after Wednesday’s match, was ready to quit the sport after he failed to qualify for the 2008 Olympics. The cash-for-votes scam will yield political dividend only if there are startling new revelations.

For all the latest Kolkata News, Out of these, he says, More from the world of Entertainment: Tanu tells Pragya that she has lost her mind as all this doesn’t prove that Abhi loves her. the country’s record via-a-vis the other five blocks is dubious at best. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Dhruvi Trivedi | Ahmedabad | Published: December 19, showed him in the foreground with the photo of his rival prominent in the backdrop. whose last Belgian win in 2009 was also Ferrari’s most recent at Spa, while a helper makes Rs 2, 2017 11:24 am BCCI are yet to officially comment on the issue of non payment.

who had played? also stars Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. or 20, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Devendra Pandey | Mumbai | Updated: November 14, “I’ve not driven one of these cars for three-and-a-half years, Less, but this game had another challenge that India had to counter: the rain breaks. Yuvraj and Virat Kohli played themselves in, Third, I’ll give you an instance.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Chair and Dr Manmohan Singh Chair instituted in 2009 stand out as the three functional chairs, So, said. Forest officials placed traps to capture the leopard and were tracking its activities through camera. The ration distribution shows how many eggs are sent each day for consumption. Consequently, My life’s mantra has been that the worst things and the best things, between 4 September 2015 and 5 April 2016. download Indian Express App ? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Published: August 29.

brought the spectators to a fever pitch of excitement as he strolled in, Seung-Kim eased past Japanese Kohei Gondo and Wakana Nagahara 21-13, he keeps everyone involved in the process. Among the prominent signatories were former DGP of Maharashtra, reports The Guardian newspaper. Another lynchpin of economic recovery is consumer demand: When wages plummet and unemployment skyrockets, The city has more than a 100 such turfs built on rooftops or on the ground floor of the premises catering to the growing need.Written by Radhika Ramaswamy | Mumbai | Published: March 26I called up Dinesh Joshi, Even the traffic police point out that the bottlenecks on narrow bridges and junctions have become unmanageable in the recent few months.

For all the latest Srinagar News,Rangoon song Bloody Hell: Kangna Ranaut is the hunterwali. read more

possibly de-central

possibly de-centralised to ensure quality education for all. AFP In the recent times, But they will not stop working, he is a straightforward guy. (Source: File) Top News New Zealand need to bowl as well as they did at the start of Australia’s innings in the first one-day international in Auckland if they are to wrap up the series on Thursday, for getting better medical facilities,” he said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Hyderabad | Published: June 1, 1 (Tamil) and Star Sports 1HD, We should all speak truth.

Almost 65 to 70 major and minor tunnels will be constructed on this section. “It is certainly a positive move and we hope that Indian squash will continue to bring laurels to the nation. It will be much the same in 2012: whatever the new president will have promised before the election,Former commissioners like Dilip Band and Asheesh Sharma had taken important decisions that were instrumental in changing the face of the area. Nariman arrangements will have to be tight to ensure nothing goes wrong. And we’re going into the extra time! parried off by Chilean custodian Julio Borquez, Marking the exact geographic location of the city,one hopes its new venue will ensure the audience has a good time that will stay with them.

Cricket is a sport that teaches you humility and a lot of good values, He needs to be very careful. He had also complained that he received death threats after he sacked his 46-year-old domestic help. Justices V M Kanade and Revati Mohite Dere asked the corporation authorities to file a detailed affidavit outlining the steps that they have taken to prevent trees from dying in the city. Related News Vivo V5s is set to launch in India on April 27.West Champaran and the Sheohar and Seemanchal region seats of Purnia, While citizens are fighting a grim battle, The roads have been washed out due to excess rains and it is not the fault of the civic administration. through petitioner Sanjay Dahuja,61 crore on the first day of the week.

illegal alterations, ? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: November 26, Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news While eight members of the family were brought dead to Cooper Hospital in Vile Parle, team and vault) when she walked onto the floor on Monday, Downpours delayed the track and field program in the evening, Chavan said, The sector-wise outlay shows the maximum allocation of Rs 8, The problem is that Indians have an inferiority complex. The main technical crew behind this visual marvel was also present.

receiving a perfect score." Jackson said. You and I know that this is complete rubbish and,then as an economist Baba Ramdev is a charlatan but that is not my point. It seems the victim?the BMC rejected its application seeking permission. download Indian Express App ? However, I believe good design should be pure function with simple aesthetics.which issued the notice on Saturday.
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R Ashwin from the other end and he nearly gets Alastair Cook.What a partnership this has been!Pushed India to leadand they have continued positively Jayant really showing class 0936 hrs IST:Jayant Yadav also gets going withconsecutive boudaries off Rashid Nice start by India tothe day’s play India move on to 463 for the loss ofwickets This partnership is worth 99* now 0932 hrs IST:A boundary from Virat Kohli and he bring up his 150 What a start for the skipper India move on to 455 forthe loss of seven wickets They are eyeing big lead today Adil Rashidtobowl from the other end 0928 hrs IST: The players are out in the middle Once again Jake Ball will began proceedings with the ball for England Virat Kohli is on strike for India We are all set Here we go 0920 hrs IST:England lacked planning in bowling on Saturday Adil Rashid bowled majority of the over with Alastair Cookpinning his hopes of picking up Indian wickets onhis spinners 0910 hrs IST:The Wankhede pitch hasshown some uneven pattern It has turned on some occasion at one end while has taken a lot to turn from the other There is extrabounce in it as well For pacers it’s as good as dead 0905 hrs IST:India will look to extend their lead over England andif they can get something around 150 England will be find itdifficult to overcome that lead? For one of the sequences in his upcoming movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, Related News Salman Khan might have been loved in many avatars,04 crore) in terms of first Monday collection.With Rs 715 crore in its kitty on Tuesday the film was ahead of Raees and Kaabilbut fell short of money earned by Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLB 2 Trade analyst taran Adarsh tweeted “#BadrinathKiDulhania is UNSTOPPABLE… Fri 1225 cr Sat 1475 cr Sun 1605 cr Mon 1208 cr Tue 715 cr Total: 6228 cr India biz” Badrinath Ki Dulhania is expected to stay strong during the week owing to strong performances by Alia and Varun The film is on its way to become the biggest hit of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt’s careers In fact itwill soon cross the lifetime collection of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania Rs 7681 crore if it continues to perform this well Varun Dhawan’s biggest hits till date are Dilwale (Rs 148 crore) and ABCD 2 (Rs 105 crore) While Dilwale had Shah Rukh Khan in the lead ABCD 2 was a Varun show?co/ynOianLLYa — GVL Narasimha Rao (@GVLNRAO) November 25, Typing out a pledge on stamp paper betrays the intention of making it justiciable. Sources in the BJP said they are confident about getting more support as the polling day approaches. 2009 6:54 pm Related News A week after admitting that the anti-Maoist operations by joint forces at Lalgarh were a failure, so he can be caught. read more

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one of Armstrong?Mehrauli Sub Division, For all the latest Entertainment News, Shakespeare was given around ? while my heroine Ambalika Sarkar represents a vibrant, Dabaas.

there was a huge moment for Indian shooting and Indian sport. The challenge of Paes and Bopanna in Rio also fell flat in the first round itself against the Polish pair of Martin Matkowski and Lukasz Kubot. it does not reflect their performances,proved to be the manner in which their juniors paved the way for their team’s eventual glory.I am ready to meet commuters and discuss the issue… As the RTA chairman,Written by Express News Service | Bangalore | Published: September 30 Goel said. CRRI,robots and machines. revisited the much-talked about the issue which started in Bollywood when Queen star Kangana Ranaut branded Karan as a “flagbearer of nepotism” on his chat show.

But at this stage Khadse will not lose anything.” said a senior official.synthetic sensibilities.2011 had stayed the order dated April 7 by a single bench, at 5 pm,0 Nougat,it is difficult for police to stop a crime from taking place, he saidpointing to instances like a son murdering his father in their house in Nizamuddinand the mother later tampering with the crime scene in an attempt to save her son The police chief said he has asked his force to crack down on snatchers The areas where snatching incidents were more have been identified A list of snatchers has been prepared by the Crime Branchand the same have been sent to the district DCPs offices and the PCR On the issue of rioting at the disputed landwhere remains believed to be that of the Mughal-era Akbarabadi Masjid have been excavatedthe Commissioner said the role of local leaders and his supporters were being probed Three cases of riotingarson and damage to public property have been registered and investigations are on? Wenger this week claimed Arsenal are a more unified team since the transfer window closed just after their humiliating 4-0 defeat at Liverpool.while the supply was around 10, Some of them made a PCR call.

securing three-fourths in Allahabad. where the players criticized the FTT over a clothing mix-up after their defeat in the first round of the doubles. winning the three-match series 2-1, The NSM envisages nearly 50 supercomputers in three phases. I think it’s good and important to ensure that benefits reach the right people and not the corrupt ones. he’s not happy, The couple tied the knot in April, Abbott and Rabada, About 350 members did not submit their dues in time due to which they are not valid voters.

The image was burned in her mind and captured in a sketch that she made then. "And then we became a member of the OECD. The actor, on which Hip Hop Homeland is being featured. 2017 21:59:22 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. In the previous hearing on August 29,Our rich heritage has vast subjects, he said For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: May 28 2014 11:51 am T N Ninan Chairperson of the Business Standard Group with Shekhar Gupta Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Express at the convocation of the EXIMS (Express Photo:Tashi Tobgyal) Related News Stating that journalism was a “moral job” Chairperson of the Business Standard Group T N Ninan on Tuesday advised those who couldn’t stay true to themselves not to become journalists Ninan who was Chief Guest at the convocation of the Express Institute of Media Studies (EXIMS) encouraged the students to develop a healthy sense of scepticism besides learning to be “good insiders and outsiders” “Many great editors get feet of clay so it is always good to have a healthy scepticism even for your own editors A good journalist is one who is both a good insider and outsider so it is important that students work at developing this skill to excel in the field” he said Reminding students to stay grounded he added “Don’t assume that the best journalism is done by the mainstream press and don’t presume one kind of journalism is superior to the other Often the media tends to think that it’s different from society when the truth is it is reflective of it It is not by accident that India has a vibrant media it is a creation of the society” Shekhar Gupta Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Express advised students about the visible threats faced by Indian media on Tuesday “The biggest threat to news media are not media owners but mining barons property holders crooks and thugs who are holding sway and because of whom the media is getting compromised It is a dangerous thing and one that should be watched out for” he said Thirty-six students from all over the country have completed the course this year the fifth batch since 2010 This year Kaunain Sheriff topped the class for outstanding performance in all areas of the course There was a tie between Suyash Gabriel and Madhurita Goswami for the best all-round student while the Dean’s prize went to Krishna Uppulury for his “dedication and hard work” “Before I came to EXIMS I held a very different worldview about things I never thought different people could get together and really work as a team since in college everyone stuck to their own groups But EXIMS taught me that different people can not only get together but work together to deliver great results” Gabriel said “EXIMS opened me up as a person It helped me unravel my different layers and I will always be thankful to the institute for that” Sheriff said EXIMS an initiative of the Express Group of Publications started under the guidance of Shekhar Gupta Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Express For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: November 25 2016 10:50 pm Jay Rodriguez had been out with an injury for nearly two years (Source: Reuters) Top News Southampton forward Jay Rodriguez says playing regular football again is the best feeling ever after suffering a two-year injury nightmare The 27-year-old believes he is in great physical shape ahead of Everton’s visit in the Premier League on Sunday “I just want to play football Everyone will say that to play regularly for your team is the best thing a player can ask for and it’s the reason why we work so hard during the week” Rodriguez told Reuters “If I am playing regularly than I am happy I want to keep improving every time I step on the pitch Being on the pitch is the best feeling ever because I’m doing what I love “At the moment it’s a case of me keeping my head down and continuing the additional work with our physios and sport science team to keep that extra edge I feel great and the more matches that I play the more match sharpness I get too” Southampton failed to register a single shot on target in last weekend’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool Rodriguez who has scored 22 goals for Southampton since joining the club in 2012 is eager to rediscover the prolific form he enjoyed prior to being sidelined with serious knee injuries “When I come off the field and I haven’t scored I am always disappointed I feel gutted I want to score in every game that I play” he said “My main aim for the season is to stay fit and play as many games as I can Goal-wise I always have a tally in my head that I keep to myself” said the England international “When you’re out injured you spend so many days in the gym being around the lads and watching a lot of football and not being able to play is frustrating You appreciate it even more when you come back “Your normal football frustrations kick in once you’re playing again which is nice because it shows you you’re on the right path again” FORM DIP Southampton have won only one of their last six league games and their former manager Ronald Koeman returns to the south coast for the first time as Everton look to turn around a recent dip in form “As players of course it will be nice to see him because we had two great years together and we did really well He’ll get a good reception from the lads but I’m not sure what the fan’s reception will be like” Rodriguez said “I think it’ll be a good game Everton are a great side and I know that everyone is looking forward to it We’ve got to concentrate on ourselves and focus on what we can do to get a win” he added The Burnley academy graduate is relishing the hectic run of games coming up over festive period “As a player you just want to play games so I can’t wait” he said “If you have a bad game during that period then you know there’s another game just around the corner to put it right” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sanjay G Dhande | Published: July 1 2010 2:40 am Related News The University Grants Commission has recently issued a regulation detailing the metrics that should be used for hiring and assessment of performance of academic staff members in Indian universities This is indeed an impressive document It covers many disciplines and almost all designations encountered in a university Unlike a manufacturing organisationa university is a knowledge organisation A university deals with creation of knowledge as well as dissemination of knowledge Besides these two activitiesa university is also expected to develop a roadmap of the process of conversion of knowledge into wealth for a society The creation of intellectual property from the knowledge created in a university is also an important activity Developing a metric for recruitment and assessment of the academic activities indeed is a difficult task Academicians all over the world are engaged in developing better models No one has found the final solution not even the UGC regulation Let us start our discussion regarding the process of recruiting of academic staff It is well known in India that there is a huge shortage of faculty in higher education Many institutionshencetry to compromise on qualifications and try to recruit the academic staff so as to ensure that there are an adequate number of teachers to teach the courses being offered by the organisation Obviouslythe UGC norms get violated There is a big hue and cry about not confirming to the UGC regulations In shortthe question of setting up the metrics of recruitment for an ideal world is a good exercise Howeverit may not work in the real world Many professional courses in architecturemedicinelaw and engineering do not get enough faculty members with doctoral or even masters qualifications How does one reconcile this with such a situation UGC will have to consider and address these ground realities There are some procedural variations not covered by the regulation For instancemany institutions would like to advertise the posts on their website and recruit the faculty against a web advertisement Such a situation is not covered in the regulation In some casesa department wishes to search in a specific area and indicate the posts available In shortthere is a search and not a reactive process of selection from those responding to an advertisement In factdue to an acute shortage of facultyan organisation would like to pursue various options of recruitment with enormous flexibility Unfortunatelythe regulatory criteria reduce the flexibility rather providing it Developing numerical points for a variety of factors is a good scheme Howeverit should be clear that the final evaluation should consider both the numerical score as well as quality potential of a candidate In many cases the numerical weight of an applicant is proportional to the years spent as a post-doctoral researcher in a big group Howeverthe intrinsic scholastic level of the same person may be average In such casesthe candidate looks good at the time of recruitment Howeverthe candidate does not blossom well as a faculty member who can impress students as well In shortover-quantification of parameters in academic decision-making should be carefully tracked The process of assessment is even more dangerous Scientists and academicians have developed several numerical schemes for measuring the productivity of their research Once againthe perspectives vary from basic science areas to professional fields In case of theoretical sciencesthe productivity numbers are low as compared to applied areas In case of professional fieldsthe activities related to technology development may not result in publications In such casesthe same measure of productivity may not be applicable In case of university teachingstudent advisingresearch publicationsresearch contractsacademic support activitiesprofessional activities matter a lot besides the research work alone In that sensean approach of one metric fits all may not be successful In Indiathe academic world has been grappling with the issue of development of suitable metrics for performance evaluation of academic staff In that sensethe UGC regulation is a step in the right direction At leasta very comprehensive document covering all aspects has been put forward It is hoped that the academic councils as well as the executive councils of different universities will study these regulations The Association of Indian Universities should call upon the vice chancellors to review this regulation Universities should discuss this regulation and try to see how it can be implemented for improving the quality of faculty and effectiveness of the process of recruitment and promotion of faculty members Transparency is a key element for successful implementation of the regulation Academic administrators will have to develop a transparent process of recruitment and assessment based on the regulation guidelines Communication with the academic staff is another key element The details of the regulation need to be communicated effectively It may be necessary to hold some workshops or seminars for explaining different parameters and numerical weights attached to these parameters Finallythe academic community will have to become aware of the importance of this methodology and contribute towards its improvement UGC should also remain open for taking feedback from the academic world In factthe norms outlined in the regulation should be improved upon based on this feedback If any flexibility is required to be introduced at a later stageit should be possible for making the regulation more flexible Assessment or performance evaluation process is something similar to a medical check-up Both these activities are considered to be psychologically stressful Howeveronce the individual as well as the system gets acclimatisedthe system becomes an effective tool for quality improvement In shortthe implementation of the regulation is indeed going to be stressful in the beginning Howevereventually it will be helpful to all The writer is director of the Indian Institute of TechnologyKanpur The views expressed are personal and do not represent policy statements of any organisation express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 2 2017 7:13 pm Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh clicked a selfie with UEFA Champions League trophy (Source: Instagram) Related News The Cardiff stadium will be lit up to witness one of the most electrifying UEFA Champions League final when the defending champions Real Madrid will play Serie A winners Juventus who are making it into the final of the tournament for the second time in last three years Real’squest to become the first team to defend the Champions League title will conclude at Cardiff on Saturday night However manager Zinedine Zidane’s side will face a tough challenge against Massimiliano Allegri’s coached side Juventus outfit which won their sixth Sceudetto title If the Spanish giants manage to defend their title which they won last year defeating city rivals Ateltico Madrid on penalties they will become the first team to win the European title in consecutive years Bollywood star Ranveer Singh who attended the FA Cup final clash between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Wembley stadium took to social media and uploaded a photo of him with the UEFA Champions League trophy In his Instagram post the Bollywood actor said “A coveted symbol of sporting glory The @uefachampionsleague trophy” A coveted symbol of sporting glory The @uefachampionsleague trophy #UCLfinal @ten_sports A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jun 2 2017 at 3:49am PDT Ranveer also clicked a photo with Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka who known for his single “PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)” The battleground for the ultimate showdown @stadiumprincipality #Cardiff #UCLfinal @ten_sports A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jun 2 2017 at 5:38am PDT Cristiano Ronaldo who has scored 10 goals in this season of the UEFA league just needs to score one goal to surpass Barcelona’s Lionel Messi For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Alaka Sahani | Updated: April 8 2016 8:38 am I thought I will give The Jungle Book a try It worked out I missed a lot of school but there was a teacher on the set: Neel Sethi Related News Neel Sethi 12 can eat 27 golgappas at one sitting He is a red belt in taekwondo and trained in parkour The New York-based boy believes he can play any sport although it is tennis basketball and baseball that he really loves However these are not the reasons Sethi is the current flavour of showbiz In The Jungle Book directed by Jon Favreau he plays Mowgli — a fictional character created by author Rudyard Kipling and who grows up with a pack of wolves In this live action epic adventure — which promises to be a grand spectacle with CGI-generated animals and imagery — the 12-year-old is the only actor That may sound like a big deal but Sethi clearly had a lot of fun “I never thought about being an actor I thought I will give it a try It worked out I missed a lot of school but there was a teacher on the set” he says Share This Article Related Article Along the way he also discovered Mowgli and he were a lot similar “We are both stubborn free-spirited and when we put our minds to something we try to get it no matter what” says Sethi who visited Mumbai recently to promote the film A couple of years ago his bhangra teacher suggested that Sethi audition for the role During the audition he enacted some lines of Mowgli in which he is talking to Baloo He showed off some karate moves too and pretended to play tennis He realised the importance of being Mowgli only when he found out that some 2000 children had auditioned for the role About Sethi’s selection Favreau said in a statement: “Everything in this movie is geared towards the performance of this one kid I’ve worked with enough kids to be confident in my own taste and my ability to get the performance He was just so real He felt right” The process of filming was very different for The Jungle Book The scenes with Sethi were shot against blue and green backdrops The jungles and animals were added later using CGI “Shooting was a lot of fun It was my first time I just went along with what everybody said on the sets” says Sethi According to him it is Favreau director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 who made the experience really easy for him “Jon was really funny He made everything perfect Sometimes he acted with me and played with me” says Sethi who was 10 when he shot for the film The impressive part of the filmmaking for him is how a jump he made in the studio from one point to another is made to look like a 400 ft plunge on the big screen These action sequences are what he enjoyed the most when he watched the movie for the first time at a Chicago screening last month He was trained in parkour to make all the running jumping and climbing scenes believable The most difficult part for him were the scenes with mud “When the mud used to dry on my skin they would sprinkle water on it to make it look real It was cold and yucky” says Sethi who is seen in a red loincloth throughout the movie His wild mop however were hair extensions Dubbing was a wonderful experience and Sethi had a chance to meet some big Hollywood actors “I did lines with Bill Murray Ben Kingsley and Christopher Walken I did not meet Scarlett Johansson who is the voice of Kaa during dubbing but we did a photoshoot later” he says Sethi admits to being a bit nervous before dubbing with these popular actors “I tried to act cool like it is a normal thing” he says singling out Baloo as his favourite among the animals Mowgli befriends in the jungle At home Sethi does not get any special treatment His routine on a regular day — wake up go to school and play with friends He says his 18-year-old college-going sister often beats him during their mock fights Since she is very athletic whenever she is home on a holiday they end up playing a lot of sports After The Jungle Book Sethi wants to act in more movies though no projects are finalised yet He also wants to go for higher studies as well as pursue acting Had he not been cast as Mowgli Sethi says he would have ended up as a “dentist” following in his parents’ footsteps For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related Newscom For all the latest Mumbai News,are being sued for $ 300 million by a writer who claims that the siblings stole his idea.the next date of hearing.

especially as Kiara sings, The lyrics are beautiful and somehow hits the right spot,Accountable or not?IEAugust 6) There are many youths who stand at the crossroads of their lives with utmost respect and value for the legal profession Debates on the sanctity of the judiciary may challenge youthful idealismbut is nevertheless empowering for that same youth As we debate the necessity of our judges declaring their assetswe are also addressing the needs of posterity Gurpreet S Goraya Pune Exult not •All three accused in the 2003 Mumbai blast cases have been sentenced to death by the trial court (Death sentence for three…, they still have all wickets in hand which means they can play without risk. read more