Talking about the development of web page design to cater for users and dare to innovate

The emergence of

web design is to cater to the needs of users, and the current web design is no longer a "design and development integration" a few years ago. Simply put, can have a magnificent picture ", you can now? The answer is no, now" in addition to the pursuit of gorgeous but also the pursuit of practical utility, has become a part of web design.


Font layout for

web design. In simple terms, that is, to increase the font design in web design, font design, before we use Photoshop and other tools to make pictures and then export, referenced to the web page. This will cause some disadvantages, such as increasing the burden on the server, slow opening of web pages, and inconvenient to modify such problems. The font server, such a display of the form is compared with text, pictures or JS scripts are more "light", so that the font design must later become "beauty and the technical level of the wind vane.

web design development road, abandon Flash. The purpose of abandoning Flash is not to Seo, because search engines have been able to read Flash easily. Flash, if you use a large number of mobile terminals, the reaction is very slow, very affecting the user experience. Let users wait and not get good results, it is to meet the user’s appetite? Moreover, more than 4.1 of the Android system and apple devices already do not support Flash, so we should not use Flash as an important element in web design, should be replaced with HTML5/CSS3, not only will not cause the browser crashes and other issues, but also bring a very good visual effect.

web design, the development of the road, multi terminal design. That is to say, future web pages are not only present on PC, but also on tablets and mobile phones, in other words, responsive design. The design and content of web pages similar to those of PC on tablets or smartphones seem a bit off the mark. It is an inevitable trend to develop different terminals and give different designs. Of course, it is also convenient for some users who are reluctant to download mobile applications.


web design development road, larger atmosphere. Have you found that in many of Tmall flagship store’s Home page, with the atmosphere as a big screen for the first screen, increase web infection?. Large footprint resources have to be admitted, but it can be a good way to combine them organically with the font layout. The big picture as the background, font layout in a particular position on the formation of the Photoshop processed images, even more amazing is that the text which can be directly copied and shared with friends, isn’t this a good idea? The background image is the atmosphere, this design will meet a lot of a user. < >

Personal webmaster network business can not ignore the 10 points

1, don’t make team

just because of friendshipAlthough

does not advocate the individual owners in the process of network business in the closed doors, but just because of the friendship and the composition of the team. If team members are connected with each other together do dumpster understanding are not, the final outcome is only one part, not even the original friendship.

2, consider clearly their compressive ability

network entrepreneurship is not overnight, starting from the idea of entrepreneurship, to entrepreneurial success, there is a long process. In this process, to bear the "pains, hunger, body skin" of the pain, compression capacity is weak, weak willed will likely give up at a stage.

3, don’t let your mind go beyond your own pace,

this problem, a lot of friends in Admin5 every day in the article often see, is the executive force problem. Personal station growing up, thinking active, not lack of creativity. In the depth of night may be because of a feel good creative and exciting can’t sleep sleep, but the second day morning all still. So don’t think too much in the process of doing it. Don’t let your mind go beyond your own pace.

4, do not always ask what to do stand, both traffic and make money fast and the like,

to see more advanced experience of the article, encountered problems do not understand, to communicate with friends. But don’t add other people’s QQ, even the minimum "hello" is not, in determining the other party is an expert, immediately to sentence, "tell me what station, both traffic and make money quickly."". For an expert, what station is to do both traffic, money is also fast, and for you, may be what station, no traffic, can not make money.

5 can be a garbage station, but don’t be a garbage collector,

, read the post, do not move, "rely on your mother, you are really a garbage", curse others are garbage people, many times they are actually a garbage. If you do not agree with the views of the article or the author’s attitude towards life, you can use a civilized language, do not need to move, just like crash, like Aberdeen, now in twenty-first Century, is a civilized society.

6, in front of the server to be prepared for horse

personal station will grow up more from the virtual space age to the era before the server, set up their own independent server to do the website was hacked or is linked to the horse ready, so to prepare a data backup, when necessary to prepare a standby server.

7, site operating time less than a year, do not say that he insisted on

often has friends who say, "hold on, but fail.". Asked him how long it lasted, he said, I insisted for more than a month, traffic is still not up, so I closed the site. Such webmaster did not read, adhere to the meaning of two words.

8, have a bunch of iron core friends,


Shop guide 6 ways to control the cost of the shop

cost is every investor concern, so how to control the store effective cost for venture capital expenditure?

How much money to open a creative home accessories shop

creative home accessories market demand, profit margins, so investors have been optimistic about. We have recently asked Xiao Bian such a problem, how much money to open a creative home accessories shop? Creative home jewelry shop investment funds are entrepreneurs are most concerned about, and now Xiaobian for everyone to look at the budget of the creative home accessories shop needs much money.

a creative Home Furnishing jewelry shop, beauty Yimeijia Home Furnishing jewelry life Museum, Home Furnishing jewelry brand development business star. The United States and the United States since the establishment of the United States, that is very focused on brand building, while focusing on the development of enterprises, pay more attention to corporate brand shaping. For each of the United States and the United States should be home furnishings stores to lay a good brand effect.

a people business brand building is not easy. But if you stand on the shoulders of a group of people to develop the brand is much easier. Beauty home furnishings store, is such a business intelligence. If you want to start a business, if you want to go the road of branding, then you must remember that leveraging". Beauty home furnishing accessories are willing to give you a fulcrum.

beauty Yimeijia Home Furnishing small accessories to join, ten thousand yuan to open a shop of his own, so the low cost shop, so, can I believe? In addition to investment is small, there is no other project advantage?


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How to open a fast food franchise shop site you know

now people fast pace of life, many lifestyle has undergone great changes, so in the diet is dining, with the accelerated pace of life, people’s life has now become very busy, for many people, they have little time to cook their own food, is to eat some snack. This also brings a huge market for fast food restaurants, venture to open a fast food restaurant, presumably still very profitable. Today to introduce you, how to open a fast food store location.

some of the business is not good looking at the fast-food operator always love their way of doing business on the problem, in fact, in the early stage of site work, they may have made a mistake, because the location of fast-food restaurants on its business activities have a huge impact. The restaurant’s address can not be the same as human, financial, material and other operating factors can be adjusted accordingly, it has a long-term, fixed and other characteristics. For the future development of the fast food restaurant, the operator must be cautious in choosing address.

"local" by joining information store location and market choice means in fast food is based on market demand to determine the location. It determines how much traffic, restaurant customers buy force, customer consumption structure, to attract potential customers restaurant and the degree of competitiveness in some extent. Only occupy the geographical advantage, in order to attract a large number of customers, business will thrive.

The main factors that influence the establishment of business strategy and objectives of fast food restaurants are the restaurant address environment, including the geographical environment, population, transportation and regional planning and other factors of

. Facts show that the direction of operation, food structure and service level of the same fast food shops will be different because of the location, and the economic benefits of significant differences. This requires a fast-food restaurant location should pay attention to the market environment and competition situation, and based on these factors clear target market, determine the business strategy, including advertising, service measures, the promotion strategy etc..

choose a position that is conducive to the long-term development of their own store is really very helpful to everyone’s business oh! Good project, good product, good brand, good service…… We are all the dream of a wealthy partner! However, to find suitable for their own business projects, most of them have to spend a little thought, ah, fast food shop selected address soon fortune.

development of the fast food industry is very fast, if you want to engage in this industry, we need to pay more attention in many ways, since the decision to open a fast food restaurant, want to bring good business, not only delicious and healthy food, also need a good store location. Venture to open a fast food franchise, the market competitiveness is quite large, we have to choose a place where people shop, bring more customers.

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O2O enterprise is how to develop in the three or four line city

many people think that O2O enterprises can survive only in a big city, in fact O2O company in the three or four line of the city can be fast, attracting investors attention, so they in the end is how to do it?

The author is currently working in

some around the community entrance from the retail, mother, property, some segments of the population around the students, carry out the classification, distribution, service and so on, can be said to Beijing. A new mode of promotion, every 1 months, has received a similar pattern of business plan. And not only learn from some of the new model, that is, at the beginning of the venture have copied a lot of media publicity to start the model, the model business plan regionalization, and then take the business plan to find a direct investment.

…I do

line in theory very much at home, but in order to more improve the single customer contribution and profit, did not rely on the original channels of cooperation and win-win, but the self built terminal to improve the profit and the customer response speed. The terminal building and the construction of its own logistics bring great enterprises operating pressure: the rent and decoration, delivery vehicles, fuel consumption, personnel, information system, all this means that the time spending, and weight of this model when the enterprise expands to 5 of its own stores, the founder of recommendation

新龙任务X Wii U拖车游戏不卖马里奥党9

Square Enix公司已经发布了一个新的预告片,其即将推出的Wii U的称号,Dragon Quest X.










Capital Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship contest officially launched

now the country in order to promote people’s entrepreneurial, have held a lot of business competition, especially in a series of business competition activities, some young entrepreneurs launched recently in Beijing’s capital, Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition was officially launched.

2015 "CITIC Guoan record held in Beijing guest capital Cup" Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition news conference the day before. It is reported that in 2015, CITIC Guoan hit off the cup "capital of Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by the Communist Youth League Committee of Beijing City, the Beijing Internet Information Office, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing economic and Information Technology Commission, Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Beijing Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, CITIC Guoan Investment Limited 8 units jointly organized by the Beijing youth entrepreneurship development association and the Beijing youth employment fund specifically, the Communist Youth League Tianjin Committee, Youth Committee of Hebei Province as a support unit to participate in the contest. The contest theme is "innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence, create the future".

competition goal is: Centering on "four overall" strategic layout and the capital of the overall situation of reform and development, based on the capital development in the new stage and new requirements, and actively play a leading role in the capital, to build a platform for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a whole society to encourage and support a good atmosphere of the new youth entrepreneurship, innovation into the driving force for the grand the goal of harmonious building a world-class livable are, realize the collaborative development of Beijing Tianjin hebei.

the contest will show in the contemporary capital youth style to the society at the same time, also help young entrepreneurs more comprehensive learning entrepreneurs should possess the knowledge and skills, to further clarify the direction of entrepreneurship, improve entrepreneurial skills, to create a business atmosphere, will bring more young entrepreneurs to join the practice. To participate in the capital Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the participants will be on this stage to demonstrate their ability and talent, the journey from here. As an entrepreneur, courage and perseverance required is immeasurable, choice of youth entrepreneurship is endowed with an extraordinary life experience, this innovative, entrepreneurial spirit is worth learning the majority of young people.

the capital held a business competition that is for the purpose of more young entrepreneurs can actively participate in this activity, further stimulate some of their entrepreneurial enthusiasm, promote the whole social entrepreneurship.


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In contrast to Hudajie and sister and the potato powder brand

What brand of

occupy in the snack potato flour industry’s market share is relatively large, in other words, the most popular consumer items, of which there are two brand is a Hudajie be on a par with that of potato powder. There is a potato powder. At present, potato powder industry professional, high visibility is Hudajie and sister and the potato powder, potato powder is a leading industry brand, famous brand. Headquartered in Henan Zhengzhou, then Hudajie and sister and the potato powder these two brands do?

Hudajie potato flour company has been operating for 21 years, there are 700 successful stores, Hudajie summed up a set of mature store operation management system and marketing system in china. Help franchisees copy.

Hudajie and energy-saving respectively, what are the advantages?

Hudajie potato powder join advantage:

1. has a strict protection range. Store protection. Ensure store market stability.

2. Hudajie potato powder do not need to operate a professional chef, is very simple, do not need too many employees.

The taste of

3. products is unique and its core competitiveness.

4. professional R & D team for product development. Help store products to keep customers fresh.

5. has a professional operation team, opening, late operations and holidays to help do the planning program.

6. free of charge based on the design of the shop decoration drawings (including renderings, construction drawings, circuit diagrams, etc.).

sister and the potato powder on the basis of traditional technology, combined with modern high-tech developed a "sister" special chili oil and soup ingredients and unique seasonings, the formation of siblings unique flavor characteristics, by the majority of customers praise, in the community formed a good reputation.

potato flour to join the strengths of both sides:

1, free site guidance and evaluation

sister professional team to assist franchisees for business assessment and market guidance to seek location. To judge the building, merchants, customers, evaluate its feasibility and success rate of the shop. According to the geographical area, the area, the crowd consumption characteristics and food culture, the market investigation and feasibility analysis.

2, unified decoration

in order to ensure a unified image of sister chain, siblings joined branches should be in strict accordance with the "benefit

Rose Garden barbecue buffet investment conditions

The opening is

small to say South Korea and Japan we often mentioned is first settled Chinese tribe after the formation of the country, these can be found from the diet to guess what with their culture, than to talk about the Korean delicacy project — the rose garden barbecue buffet.

Rose Garden barbecue originated in China Datang, the rise of the palace in Korea, South Korea in the name of the national flower, authentic Korean barbecue, non Rose Garden buffet barbecue, who belongs to the rose garden?

What are the conditions for

Rose Garden barbecue?

has a long history of ancient China and South Korea to law for the soul, the integration of the most authentic origin ingredients, after promotion of contemporary high-tech patented technology innovation, production process very standardized, to ensure consistent authentic taste of Rose Garden barbecue buffet.

Rose Garden barbecue buffet restaurant attaches great importance to the atmosphere, relaxed and simple style of decoration, elegant fashion, let the busy urban people which have the unique Korean style, in the enjoyment of nature.

Rose Garden buffet barbecue conditions:

1, with independent legal personality or strong economic strength of natural persons;

2, with good sense of cooperation, good business reputation;

3, able to devote himself to the rose garden buffet barbecue business, and have a certain degree of market sensitivity;

4, with a rose garden into the self-help barbecue industry self-confidence;

5, independent investment rose garden barbecue all costs, and can bear certain operational risks.

happy consumption concept, of course, can eat a good mood, go to Korea to taste authentic barbecue? Now you don’t have to fly to Korea, you can taste the most authentic Korean barbecue! Rose Garden buffet barbecue restaurant, urban natural ecological cuisine, so that each into the store customers have a good mood!


above is the rose garden barbecue buffet is introduced, the join conditions of course, if you join the rose garden barbecue buffet on the interested, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.