Small defeat 51 stage a financial network business end

Wang Yu said, "assembly number" is the most touching movie, and the "dead command", "executive power" is its enterprise sentiment. But obviously, the mere discussion of executive power does not work in the practice of many enterprises. For example, Wang Yu had founded the "51 stage", although from the CEO to the employees are full of strong execution of the blood, but ultimately did not go through this, Wang Yu summed up his life in another perception — don’t let the world with his ningba.

51 crossroad

Wang Yu, born in 1978, graduated in engineering and finance, and earned an MBA degree more than 10 years ago. He admitted China banking the glorious future, also believe that they can be themselves, since 2009 to enter the business venture a month later, they entered the hot field of electronic business, and the 51 stage is to help banks to set up a network online mall site, supply and price. As the "assembly" advocated by Wang Yu, believe that entrepreneurship must persist in him a wild burst of energy into electric tide in three years. However, he thought educational background, look not on high school students can "buy goods sellers" and the electricity supplier’s hard-earned money, this let him pain.

"do bank credit card management consulting.". But state-owned enterprises (Chinese banks) don’t care what model you do. There was not enough money to hold on to the day when I finished the model. In 2009, we were meant to be finance. Based on the purchase of consumer installments, points exchange behavior, made a model to each bank to do credit card management consulting." Wang Yu explained his original idea.


51 staging network founder Wang Yu

but as time progresses, Wang Yu found that this road is too long. Among them, there are five ups and downs:

first column, cash flow difficult. After all, in the early days of the startup, the project failed to produce effective cash flow, but the company wanted to survive. Eventually, the 51 installment of the network abandoned data mining for consumer behavior. Wang Yu said with emotion: "in the process of mining data, you will have greed.". Money, of course, is good, I can’t bear it. You see, you can make two hundred dollars by selling a cell phone; you can earn three hundred bucks by selling a quilt. After the first month, we started to do a better job. Doing it, the market pushed us to the electricity supplier in this industry."

second Hom, the growth of the trapped. Steering electricity providers in the early stages of 51 networks only five people. Five people think it’s interesting to do this. Everyone can make a lot of money. With the excitement of entrepreneurship, the company expanded in size, with ten employees, twenty, five, and thirty-three. But the increase of the number of employees, does not mean that the increase of the size of the company, then banks has been close to the Red Sea, especially the deep mining investment banks and other businesses on the Internet: "we are the bank business, banks to make online shopping mall.

Use YAHOO QQ bookmarks crazy brush traffic 3000IP no problem

this method has been used for a long time, and now have time to talk about it in detail.

is looking for attractive titles, beauty pictures, headlines, or popular movies, as long as the title is clicked.


can collect some title on the site, and then hit the database, all the titles are copied to the Excel inside the first column, then the second column of the first row into your web site for example: double click the bottom right corner, will generate index/2.html…… Until your heading ends second:

sets the 404.htm error page of your site, turns this page to your home page, or moves traffic to the address you want.

below is the code for the 404 page. Copy into Notepad, rename to 404.htm (< meta http-equiv=" refresh" content=" 0;; url=" >) Third:

login YAHOO bookmarks, or QQ bookmarks page. Use the button wizard, or mouse and keyboard playback software, to send your false url.

above method completely does not need the website content, may apply some two level domain name to turn to your website, this is safer.

when I use this method, 2 hours brush about 3000, IP. brush is more than 1W…… Say so, so as not to let people say I Huyou, detailed articles in my forum there are.; tid=1365& page=1& toread=1 didn’t see clearly. You can ask ~~

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Primary school grade three culture. The network brought him millions

he is my friend, a real person. A primary school grade three culture, he can make his life through the network of the first pot of gold.

I said today this is not to hit, but a real thing, I just talk about the network, because many of us have been buried in the network, every day thinking about making money online, there are new ideas every day, every day looking for ideas. So confused, including my.

he is my friend, in the clothing, I used to teach in the town knew him, he opened a clothing school, because we were only more than 10 county city occupation school, and I was in the county town, the network is still a bit of circle of.

he used to have a small shop and made clothes. Later he got a computer clothing CAD school. In 2001, I helped him with a website. That’s when he began to really touch the Internet,

he is a very clever man, he is fascinated by computer, willing to learn. Of course if you can Kan, and he talked about computer network, is definitely an expert, you can’t imagine that he had only the third grade primary school. And he also exposed to new things faster than.

The country is still not open

clothing CAD a course in college, he was the first to this school, oh, he was the school only 10 machines may be professional, because I told him this is not very understanding, because we are in one county, so I have to he went for a walk, we often chat, he on his school to talk about the current apparel CAD market, and where he can operate both at home and abroad all about fashion design software. A set of genuine software clothing generally at least tens of thousands, at least about one hundred thousand thousands, a bit bigger, because they are a a small computer school, so he could not buy genuine software to teaching, so he did break the software on the Internet trying, perhaps professional reasons, he in his circle of network has a certain reputation, as long as there is A new set of clothing software, he can find a way out, break the software, at this time, he met a large number of peers, whether it is engaged in software, or engage in software development, or engage in a break. I was also the first time when he heard the dongle, heard a lot of professional knowledge of.


in 2003, once I see him for a laptop computer, the notebook computer he said he is in exchange for a software. I feel very surprised, when I began to pay attention to his software. And his movement, also often call to greet.

began in 2004, he began selling his collection of software on the network, and others hacking software, he began to get busy, because the demand is too large, you think of a genuine software clothing in the tens of thousands or more, the general small and medium-sized enterprises few. So he will buy pirated monopoly. A software as long as thousands of pieces, and he also.

Website ranking is unstable nowadays, personal experience is summarized


I am also a novice, from the beginning of the search engine site optimization, and now about half a year’s time. Everyone who does this industry will meet the decline or rise ranking, ranking instability, for the user’s experience also has an important impact, of course, the front of the ranking is better.

friends in this optimization process, the site in search engines ranking instability is inevitable phenomenon, as webmaster of us, for the first time long want to how to restore rankings. We should analyze the reasons, persist in optimization, unless the search engine algorithm has changed, or, of course, from their own website to analyze the reasons. The following five points are the main reasons for my personal experience, for reference purposes only.

a title change, website revision

web site must do all the necessary basic measures before the line, after the line, try not to update the website template or website title, keywords, description and so on.

two site is hacked

a lot of people in the construction site has left many loopholes, it is very easy for hackers to take advantage of a weak point, the site was attacked or is linked to the horse. The general is linked to the horse after ranking does not immediately fall, until the owners to remove those pages when the horse will produce some failure pages or dead links, until the search engine update then ranking also fell. If you’re not a very professional developer, I suggest you use some of the more commonly used web apps.

three server stability

, whether you use a virtual host or an independent server, be sure to be stable. Don’t be greedy. If your site does not open for many days, the search engine search page can not be opened, then your ranking will face decline or disappear.

still decreased or deleted


said the chain is emperor, but not to say that the more chains, the better, the key depends on the quality. If you sent one hundred of the chain today, tomorrow was deleted eighty, so the effect must be very poor. Therefore, when doing the chain must be careful and careful to do, do not casually find, you can leave the link, leaving the link, so it will only bring the opposite effect.

five links

links must be regularly checked, many problems may occur in the link. Whether or not to exchange links or buy links with others, it may have just begun to be stable, and finally to a sudden decline in rankings. This may be because the link site has been K or website increased a lot of export links, and your site links ranking has been out, so keywords ranking will of course will slowly decline.

above is my personal summary of some experience, novice friends can refer to. Article original: cloud >

How to open micro shop

how to open micro shop? This is a lot of small entrepreneurs want to know. Many investors get good income through open micro shop, want to let investment businesses shop is very jealous. Today Xiaobian take you to know the steps to open a micro shop.

The concept of

know the micro shop, so the question is, what is the open micro shop steps?

register a micro shop in the micro store official website, enter the page after clicking "5 seconds to open micro shop". Fill in the micro shop screen name, set the password to determine the password, the registration will be completed to complete their own micro shop, that is to become a micro shop owner.


1. submit audit information

2. waiting for the auditor to review

3. pay margin and charges

4. release products, suppliers do not need to open their own micro shop advertising costs do not spend, as long as the responsibility for orders, delivery, sale can be. Save a lot of manpower and material resources to promote.

In fact,

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How to create a small cake store wealth

dessert is everyone’s favorite, dessert can make people have a good mood, can make people feel happy, this is the special dessert, but also the characteristics of dessert. So now there are a lot of people to open the dessert cake shop, the more successful people to make money! Today Xiaobian take you take a look at the small cake shop is how to create great wealth.

no matter what kind of business, the location of the store is very important choice, as the saying goes: to open a shop, site is the key." The location of the famous cake shop requirements "flourishing". But for small shops, the rent is too high downtown, so it is recommended to choose a more prosperous residential area, near the school, the rent is more affordable, the place is not too large, there are 30 to 50 square meters is enough.

small cake shop business model in the shop decoration, famous cake shop will arrange uniform decoration and design, will assist the stores like Ganso the choice of shops, store decoration design and construction work. The cake shop on their own, it is necessary to do their own, it is recommended to pay attention to the following in the decoration:

is the first daylighting better glass wall. First of all, the customer can look at the store’s cake and other food, no doubt made an image advertising. Secondly, the glass wall is easy to clean.

second is the main color to elegant. Ganso pink is a good example of decoration, gives a warm feeling, do not use such a deep black color.

if you are also in front of the screen, then open a dessert cake shop! Small series of analysis and presentation, we can see the prospects for the development of the industry as well as the advantages of dessert. If you choose to open a dessert cake shop, there will be a lot of advantages, profitability will be guaranteed! If you want to shop before the screen to make money, then choose the cake shop, I believe you can create great wealth!

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Those micro business dark horse mask brand

2015 is the first year of micro operators, all kinds of masks settled in the field of micro business, to start a new market for the battle". In this year’s micro business mask market, who will win the first sales? Worth looking forward to. Here inventory of micro business dark horse mask brand, these masks are likely to be elected.

TOP  1: "Invincible Eastern" innovation –

classic baiqueling

2014, China first national brand also followed the trend of 100, settled in micro business, investment 1 billion, micro business customized products off the market quickly,


TOP  2: "sister in a circle" glamorous – Han beam

has not well-known brands in the business of micro channel, Han beam as a benchmark, micro operators continue to establish a standard guide. With the strength of the TV advertising program title, take the "circle of a sister of the


TOP  3: "fashion angel" free rebirth – CHAREAN Jia Lan

2014, "German Mestizo" — Jia Lan was born, with its "China first deep-sea biological membrane material" and quickly occupied the market, the quality of the products won the praise of many people in the industry, becoming the 2015 micro business is worthy of the name of the dark horse! Billions of dollars of investment TV ads quickly occupied the screen, covering nearly 1 billion people


2015, CHAREAN good LAN has "brand endorsement" and "increase efforts to put the plan into the TV" and other travel, is not difficult to see that the micro business war has started a comprehensive CHAREAN Jia Lan, the momentum can not be underestimated  


TOP  4: "legend days" beautiful still – after Han

Han that micro business will be the mainstream of the future, and the massive presence of micro business, is bound to bring a new trend, attracted more big add micro business, open up a new world.

TOP  5: "Lotus" tenderness hit – Recommended

Dumbo is how much store Yunying fee business

maternal and child market, market opportunities are good. Choose to join the mother and child market, no doubt, is a very wise choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you join the mother and child project, is also very yearning. May wish to consider joining the Dumbo Yunying shop?

Dumbo Yunying shop, for parents to provide maternal and child products one-stop shopping platform. Dumbo Yunying shop also has many shops, business online and offline at the same time, to attract more consumers. Baby what brand franchise? Join Dumbo Yunying shop, headquarters to provide all in one service, for you to solve the problem of entrepreneurship.


maternity stores? Dumbo Yunying shop merchandise variety, so that consumers have more choices. How maternal and child supplies store? Dumbo first introduced the Yunying shop business management system into the world advanced way of sale of intelligent and modern equipment of high quality, reference to international business philosophy and management experience, the integration of the local consumer demand.

Dumbo Yunying shop OK? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful entrepreneurship is also very good. An open their own Dumbo Yunying shop stores, headquarters to provide more support to join. So, what are you hesitating about? Act quickly!

Silicon Valley God in Zijin Mountain to listen to 2016KK business ideas that

The development of the Internet on behalf of

is the development of an era, with all this in the "Silicon Valley God" Kevin Kelly expected, recently, the "Silicon Valley of God" and "family predictions" to participate in the "2016KK Zijin Mountain venture created to predict tinghui".

is called the "Silicon Valley of God" and "scientific predictions" Kevin Kelly, more than 20 years ago has accurately predicted the current situation of the development of the Internet today. The concept of the Internet of things, cloud computing, shared economy, etc., has now been verified, and are booming.

"artificial intelligence (AI) in the future will become a commodity, like electricity, how much you want to use on the Internet to buy much." In the hearing, Kevin Kelly believes that artificial intelligence products will replace human beings engaged in a lot of work, and in human life has become an indispensable necessity.

turning reality and virtual reality technology, Kevin Kelly believes that this will be the second major trend in the future. This technology is a kind of style into the experience, it will make people in the visual, auditory, tactile and other aspects really feel ", as long as the professional equipment personally on the scene" wear, can let a person feel in knowing another environment ".

A meeting of


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How to do a good job in advertising

a good way to promote, often make the brand can quickly be recognized by consumers. In order to improve the popularity of food and beverage stores in the market, popularity or by consumers. So entrepreneurs in the business, the ability to correctly master the project in the market to do the advertising skills is conducive to the development of the project in the market.

so, for food and beverage stores entrepreneurs, the correct grasp of this department the wood good advertising skill is very important. Next, we will discuss how to do a good job in the food and beverage franchise advertising content.

1 moves: using signs. The signs, the original purpose is to let people recognize the name, if you do well, will be able to play the role of advertising. Such as vertical signs, on the front of the sign on the gate and will attract more customers. Another example of people, animal signs, such as the uncle of the front door, such as KFC uncle, because the image is very clear and greatly attract people’s attention. Other such as neon lights, light box signs, hanging, wall hanging signs, etc., as long as the design is appropriate, its advertising effect will be very good.

moves 2: the use of food advertising. The presentation of the food itself is a very effective form of promotion. It can through the visual effect, so as to achieve the purpose of mobilizing people’s other senses, and further arouse the desire of customers to buy, attract guests into the dining room and stimulate the guests to order a la carte. Move 3: store advertising. For the restaurant to choose a unified font, color and uniform design, production of advertising products, can highlight and deepen the image of the restaurant. In addition, the exquisite food advertising pictures will stimulate the nerves, stimulate appetite.

so, for food and beverage stores entrepreneurs, when operating the project, correct mastery of the issues is conducive to the success of this project