Optimize website landing page need to pay attention to what


2, the game website landing page: One Piece

5, using the call of language.

2, concise and simple, involves more steps the conversion rate will be lower, such as some key five seconds to complete the registration, registration and so on.

Some of the issues for

6, according to the analysis of the user login landing page, the nobility had a baby 400 thousand hits in the test a few years ago, found that users open a page is the focus of a type F, so this should be the important information inside and be able to quickly grasp the user to turn.

4, the information should be clear, prominent features, outstanding outstanding sales channels, channel advantages and so on.

short, landing page optimization in addition to several points mentioned above, more still to be found in practice, the study site positioning user behavior, to improve the design of the landing page constantly, so in order to get the best results. This article from Zhang Donglong’s personal blog 贵族宝贝zhangdonglong贵族宝贝/archives/373, reproduced must be supported.


is more than two more often use the landing page from this type of site, we can see a common point, that is simple, and it is as long as the registration page, enter the mailbox password, simply complete the registration. Because more steps will be transformed, is relatively less.

1, the third party is now back platform landing page – the return of net

landing page refers to the user through advertising, or the first search engine ranking website page access time. Authoritative data show that users access to a page in the 8s to decide whether he will accept this website, or opt out, thus, the landing page as the first page is how important. The user is by clicking on ads or search keywords through search engines came in, so it was SEM and creative and Shanghai dragon selection optimization keywords and keyword ranking on the.

landing page optimization key:

then look at several common website landing page:

3 professional, page layout, vision is obviously different from other pages, the overall style should be unified with the theme of the website.

1, ensure that the landing page can be opened quickly, if not open for a long time, it will inevitably cause the bounce rate higher than a mile.

The Shanghai dragon, whether has entered the alley

three: whether the website promotion has certain effectiveness. The chain of information content, also need to have a certain degree of quality. So, in order to get the search engine included, to help the site. The role of the chain in decline, but its importance, or can not be neglected. Strong chain, the weight of the website promotion association of

from the following aspects, that after the Shanghai dragon road, will be more difficult to walk. The increase will gradually matched the requirements specification to the effective site.

: a website access speed. The server is a virtual space bearing sites, servers need to support. Now the Internet users need is fast-paced, can know the moment. When access to the site, more than five seconds in the cache, may direct the closure. Therefore, the server access speed is timely, directly affect the site;

Shanghai dragon road, seems to be lost, let a person have a kind of elusive feeling. Such as search engine algorithms, in the continuous adjustment. Accordingly, the effect of the web site has been poor. Thus, greatly reduce the site optimization personnel mentality, to dispel the enthusiasm of some. In this way, the better will affect the site. Therefore, the current Shanghai dragon, whether has entered the "Hutong"


Shanghai dragon, is a long and boring work, need to have some patience. Then, to develop efficient optimization scheme, and practice. This will make certain effect. The optimization is not easy, need a comprehensive. Thus, the effect will gradually appear. Especially at the early stage of the optimization of personnel, more need to focus on these basic points. Optimize the way at present, would be more difficult. If a little attention, may make the site into the alley, in a stagnant phenomenon. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

two: website content is readable. This point is the most attention of visitors. The need to understand the product information content. Then, will have the desire to buy. Compared to the content is the introduction of products, like the appearance of fruit. The surface of things, there is the possibility of understanding, will be the next action;

The current


Gold rush station see the decline of SkyDrive’s money making stationMake a dream Poly Wangzhuan is s

in the establishment of a few such as gold station Wangzhuan station promotion, I rarely do SkyDrive make money this one, so the majority of freakshare’s revenue comes from income promotion. On the one hand, because of the popularity of several sites, you can also, the number of offline quality is high. On the other hand, the subjective factor, I myself do not like to make money SkyDrive this piece. Whether it’s the first or the second, it illustrates one thing: there are some people of my kind who gradually give up and do SkyDrive in person.

freakshare SkyDrive: before, freakshare can go to $200 a week, and now the last 10 days are far short of $100. The day 23 or even only 0.0091 euros, it is too cold to shame. It also indirectly reflects a problem: the active assembly line has been less and less. What caused it,


2 Wangzhuan this is actually a very vague concept, when we have seen many search Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, into the future is full of advertising. In fact, a part of so many ads are deceptive! Is said to the master, master is beginner Wangzhuan earn money. If the value of those simple Wangzhuan project, so I think they do not belong to the regular project, will not do a long. If we take the website operation to find! This requires more professional! If you want to run a real valuable website, investment is quite large! If it is not what the competitiveness of individual operation basically, if it is to become bigger and stronger, we need team operation. If you have to do more, such as Renren, you need to involve venture capital. These are not what we little webmaster can not do.

SkyDrive is so slow that I can’t recommend a novice SkyDrive money station, such as Filesonic SkyDrive. Basically, more and more friends, give up SkyDrive earn

today my third, Wangzhuan engaged in more than a year’s time! A project site is too many to count, change and change every sleepless night! Let me remember. The original is so obsessed, so crazy! Now, third, face the graduate looking for work! When I slowly recalled more than a year of hard Wangzhuan life! Let me give up all the other is so not to engage in. Let me courage Wangzhuan is so powerless in the end.

of course, freakshare instability and upload speed is slow, but also determine the SkyDrive station a major factor in the decline.

offline is more than quality. If there are 100 people and 1000 people webmaster novice make friends when I want to line, choose one of the two, I will choose the webmaster. This has nothing to do with the platform to help the webmaster to promote, but I too do not believe that novice friends do work patience and perseverance.


1 more than a year of Wangzhuan life, although gain some money, but do not have their own core technology and project, so all projects are basically unstable income, or some informal project. One of the reasons is that you have no money to make some investment, so you can’t make the project flow and systematize.

shareflare SkyDrive: This is 10 days ago, because today I opened shareflare SkyDrive, click on the file management page, even jumped to the ad page, can not enter the personal management page. I guess I’ll hang up and look at it for another two or three days. I really put a lot of steam into this dish at first. Not only pulled thousands of referrals, but also focused on the guidance of the 2 friends make this disk. Now everything has become empty, and this is also the risk of relying on other platforms must bear. 1 to 18, 18 days, the number of referrals, I do not have specific numbers, almost more than 2000 bar, a lot of dense. More than 2000 referrals can bring me such a high income. I can’t think of second projects except SkyDrive. First, the survey network recommended nearly 2000 people, so far, the cumulative total recommended reward has not yet reached 1000 yuan.

sees the decline of SkyDrive’s money making station

Hello everyone: Internet screen dreamers, currently only poly earn, download a web site. Want to discuss a topic with you today: Wangzhuan is suitable for our full-time operation.

3 Wangzhuan can be said that the gold in the virtual space, it has advantages and disadvantages, we have to come into contact with the people and things in the process are basically Wangzhuan in the network. Many personal webmaster Wangzhuan or people are basically a dwelling living in their own home, in my opinion, this life is not perfect, on the one hand, our own quality and ability will not have a lot of big increase, more connections can not, on their physical and mental health is a hazard!

through the above analysis, I think "Wangzhuan for us as their own part-time.


, shareflare is a long life, but also can not stand the people’s crazy brush cheating. I hope shareflare can Jiadezhu, waiting for the good news.

4 Wangzhuan can in fact be part-time. I think we can be used as a second Wangzhuan part-time occupation, do Wangzhuan is more suitable for us! In his work by virtue of their own interests and hobbies to do Wangzhuan, even can not earn much money will not affect your normal life, and will not hinder you from other aspects of high and normal life. By continuing to learn, you’ll make a lot of money while you work part-time.

thought, let me have your views on Wangzhuan wish to share with you! Wangzhuan together.

Special 9158 feeds to click on ads online, put a lot of welcome!2009 webmaster can still make money

Hello everyone! 9158 links to click on ads online, welcome webmaster actively launch, believed to bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact webmaster customer service opened. Customer service :183288818 319035197
data return: return real-time      
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first: do the industry professional standards, relying on professional profit website

09 years just to, how about me in the 09 year profit money emerge in an endless stream of articles, like everyone to highlight new ideas, and create a lot of profit model, but these so-called new profit model, as stated in the sentence: like a glass bottle inside the butterfly, the future is bright, there is no way out of the

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because the station will have so many loyal members, members regularly to charge a membership fee, if the other site want to have a large number of loyal members must be content efforts, but also the spirit of sharing and Internet conflicts, such as you build a learning English charge member station, too a period of time, you search for free station similar content at the same time so do meet the eye everywhere, and we must think of a way to control the content of the loss of way is varied, but it is anti gentleman.

third: do unique content, membership fees

in my opinion, as a webmaster want to make money, also can make money on the profit model has been proved too, such as the following 5, although it is old, but in 09 years is still the main mode of money Webmaster:

this kind of website is more professional, professional knowledge by itself is convincing to affect users, allowing users to share information website most willing to pay per view, the value of advertising itself is relatively high, easy to attract advertisers to engage in quality.

probably do not elaborate on it, really not what to say, different alliances, different scale sites are doing, but I think we must choose the right location, according to their own advantage to do.

can also have a small innovation, such as many websites can web games and web games with respect to the alliance, the webmaster, no upfront investment, can easily have their own game channel, is the effective way to the webmaster sites and online games together. To help owners in the joint development of web games, bubbles play web game platform is the joint operation of the joint operation of web game platform is the largest, three months on the line, there are over 110 thousand of the owners to join bubbles play web game joint operating platform.

Of course,


if you do this kind of website, do not want to imitate, imitation is no way out, to find more, try more, perhaps in your inadvertently, the new standard is created by you.

second: make alliances, earn money by alliance,

The way that

but this kind of website for the webmaster is demanding, not only requires a profound professional knowledge, but also have strong innovation ability, such as Ai Rui, is a professional data analysis, ranking as the site of the later just copycats, but to imitate those who want to build more than the standard, the need to pay a the high price, but it is almost impossible.

Talking about the five main points of grass roots station

do stand easy, do stand difficult, with 90 also began to step into this industry, competition is more intense, today I will tell you, I do station five main experience. OK, no more ado, start.

the first point is to have an attitude of persistence.

as the saying goes, "persistence is victory in the end". In fact, I am also deeply aware of the true meaning of this sentence when I am in the station. As many as a successful person, whether it is wise, is the head relatively awkward, just stick to it, and finally succeeded? So that every webmaster should maintain a belief to encourage himself. Of course, the insistence here is not only to talk about, but also to work hard and faith.

second, fixed point update.

why do you say you need to update regularly? Here’s my story. My every day is from about 10 to about 11.40 points to start the update (because most content needs to be original, pseudo original so a long time point), after each update is completed, and then update the generated home page and column page, and then use Baidu Search himself released today things have been collected.

why is included so fast, so accurate? Of course have a great relationship and original content, and timing of the update, update the site to develop over a period of time the habit of a day for two days, for a long time the spider slowly realize that this is a habit, you almost out of the article almost can get seconds this is the author, after a long test to experience.

third points, original content.

original content is always a web site for spiders important scoring channels, so, we must adhere to the original and pseudo original writing and publishing. Do not for a temporary lazy and go to a large number of copies, once two times, perhaps not too big relationship, for a long time, you will find that your website ranking in a little bit of decline. Original content is the most important thing to optimize the website.

fourth points, the chain release.

statement, I said the chain refers to the childish outside the chain, rather than those loose with the chain. In fact, many people have misunderstood the chain, to pursue the number of the chain blindly, but who really thought about how the chain for the website is really helpful? This is we need to carefully analyze carefully, after all, everyone has their own small abacus, I not to say, we rely on the excavation.

fifth points, do a good job in the website chain.

with the chain more and more attention to the situation, many people pursue the chain at the same time, often ignored the importance of the chain. Within the chain, is an important bridge site internal communication, an important link is to transfer the weight, Baidu spider to crawl through the chain and determine your site keywords to do, and give a certain score, so that combination of inside and outside, this effect is far.

My view on misunderstanding of new station construction

When the

in the early stage of the site, do not understand a lot of things, especially for the promotion of this technology, needless to say, are used in the free program, and the program inside the function template so how to move, to increase the program function block and change template that is to dare to after all, you have to think of things, involved in this involves too many things such as database, ASP, hungry, DIV+CSS+JAVASCRIPT must have the deep understanding, taking into account the limitations of these knowledge, thus beginning by the station, on their own position or on the promotion of this aspect, can foreknow, if it is to do good if not, the template is very beautiful, the function is not very good overall, but for our late site value is still very impressive.

so, I want to think of the site and due to the technology to try the friend said: "go your own promotion, let the technology drift!" as long as you dare to take the first step, also means that the opportunity has been secretly spying on you, just waiting for you to search, to find.


figured out, to determine the early site specializing in the promotion, it can not learn SEO promotion, there is to register a free account for statistics, ready for their web traffic in all aspects of the surveillance, the advantage of this is that when you use a promotion can quickly see the effect, to prevent long-term direct promotion in some ineffective and a waste of time and energy. To do promotion, the premise is to think much, practice more, analyze and summarize more. Only in this way can I finally walk my own way.

may, when you confused how to increase the flow of time in the beginning, a way through the Internet to see, will try to add website alliance, exchange links, or in various forums, Adsense nets, blog, Post Bar mad with links to their site content, I think it brings traffic is not even bring traffic flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, to us, because there is the value of the alliance you give them with their traffic flow, pitiful, but do not expect them to what will bring to you. If it is a hair of the post, not only traffic can not last long, in the long run, and even cause resentment of search engines, included in the negative. At the same time on the website you add code that alliance, make whole website whole looks very fresh, indirect effect on the user experience of visitors, repeat is a big blow, so let the union code, start from the search engine, it is a long-term strategy, after all, most of the people is the engine to find your site.

so, just started to do SEO optimization, keyword optimization can be, the key is good, can imitate included good with your station is the same type of website, understand their grasp of the key is what, where, are on the web page is a good imitation of what density, every day to update their the content of the website, the next is a matter of time, must have patience, because the process of search engines is a long process, as long as they are updated every day, I believe.

This morning the storm caused the prince Ping Cun, Luonan Shaanxi town Lost Patrol

typhoon’s influence began to decrease, many people finally breathed a sigh of relief, however, the storm was once again around the country, and even caused some places lost contact, so that people worry about. In July 12th at around 1 am, Luonan County town of inspection by heavy rains, causing the town 8 villages affected to varying degrees, causing serious losses to the agricultural production and the life of the masses, infrastructure, industrial and mining enterprises. At present, due to communication, road disruption, is located in the village of Prince Edward Hill Village lost contact with the whole village, more than a thousand villagers are unknown, the local authorities are starting emergency rescue measures.

7 the morning of 12 August 3, Luonan County newspaper special correspondent Luo Gang rushed out inspection. According to its introduction, the rainfall caused flash floods, Gan River, river deer, horse driving flat three river water surge inspection town. After preliminary statistics, the town of Prince Ping, high mountains and rivers, driving deer, patrol street 4 villages severely affected.

patrol street community water area of more than 100 meters away the fork; a small Laojun Mountain gate across the river 50 meters away, the road half emptied; Laojun Mountain River and Mountain Gate destroyed nearly 100 meters of white marble railings, hollowed out road; sewage treatment plant near the water surface, the flood into the ground.

driving deer Village 8 farms were all washed away, more than 30000 chickens were washed away; 1 sheep were destroyed; trunk road about 5000 meters to be destroyed; on the village 100 acres of walnut was destroyed, two horses were sent a long Pang home away, waung bridge destroyed. High mountains and rivers, the village of Wang Xincheng, 5 houses were washed away. Prince Ping Village due to communication interruption, lost contact, the situation is unknown." Luo Gang said.

this is a natural disaster caused by the rapid local leaders attach importance to the relevant leaders rushed to the scene. After the disaster, Luonan County inspection town Party committee and government to act quickly, the first time to organize cadres rushed to the affected village to carry out emergency rescue and disaster relief disaster investigation work. 12, 2009, when the reporter was informed that the current local authorities have launched emergency rescue measures, the rescue team sent to the town on foot rushed to the village of Prince Edward.

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What are the skills to operate barbecue shop

is not only a popular summer ice cream, the barbecue is beginning to attract the attention of the market chowhound, barbecue will be hot up. Some people want to do barbecue business, barbecue shop in order to make more money, you have to do some skills. So what are the skills to operate barbecue shop?

barbecue shop how to make money? Join the barbecue shop need to select, identify the timing is the key to better attract customers, need to consider in detail, such as shop decoration and construction, made of transparent glass enclosed in glass cabinets, on street filled with boxes of food appealing and so on.

how to make a barbecue shop to make money? Join the store style to be personalized, highlighting the psychological needs of many consumers. In the decoration materials should pay attention to texture, the layout is best to add some flowers and plants, to give customers a sense of warmth. Franchisees need to do all the preparatory work, to find the most reliable skills is king.

barbecue shop how to make money? Barbecue franchise needs to identify the skills of the way faster now, a lot of profit, investment, to be successful operating barbecue stores, need to find ways to make the barbecue franchise business on the upgrade, to do business planning is very necessary.

above is about how to make more money on the barbecue shop tips, I hope we can harvest. If you want to open your own barbecue shop, you might as well be prepared in advance, learn more about the successful experience of others, I believe you can achieve brilliant!

How to successfully operate a fish shop

fish eat is many, the chowhound who, baked fish is the most delicious, its market is very large, the price is very affordable, especially in summer, fish business is once again hot up. We want to do business for many fish friends they ask Xiao Bian most questions is to open a fish shop to how operators? Xiaobian know is more than fish Rui is very reliable absolute hall, it was very experienced, will be very good to join your fish hall Yu Rui business. Here to introduce you.

Rui Yu Tang fish market competition is very large lux, Rui Yu Tang joined the fish you are absolutely can make money. A fish shop need to how to operate? More than fish in the Tang Rui rich experience, it is very important that good products. Rui Yu fish from the hall of national chefs selected dozens of Chinese and foreign research, medicine as a recipe, combined with nutrition, health is not lit. Rui Yu Tang fish fish flavors, freedom of choice, a variety of flavors to meet the needs of consumers, but also for the stores to attract a lot of customers, get more profit point.

Very strong

Rui Yu Tang fish strength, it tastes good, nutritious, join the fish market hall you Rui Yu assured. A fish shop to join Yu Rui how operators? You do not need to fish hall for operational concerns. Rui Yu Tang fish production standardization, operation procedures, without cumbersome management, easy operation! Wagang baking, secret material package, nutritious and delicious, Swiss investors more than fish fish hall can easily open a hundred years old. Full training, on-site guidance, until the church hall fish fish more than Swiss agent headquarters training to support the heart.


opened a fish shop but do not know how to succeed in business, the headquarters will full support! Rui Yu Tang fish put fish business to the extreme, it can launch a variety of delicious products, daily sales are very large, a lot of fish to join friends more than Rui Tong has achieved entrepreneurial success. Invite everyone to join!

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For new projects of women entrepreneurs

now, whether man or woman, choose a good business project in the business of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is now very popular, the girls do not walk the line the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial hopes to realize their life values. So what should be the choice of female entrepreneurs to invest in the shop to share with you four new venture for women entrepreneurs.

Second, open a shop to go abroad. More and more people go abroad now, but they are not very clear in the end what to bring to go abroad, so women entrepreneurs can open a shop from abroad, suitcase to daily appliances, from the power outlet to the battery charger to prepare a set of equipment for consumers, as they easily solve the troubles abroad, at the same time also bring opportunities for the development of their own.

Fourth, open a flower clinic. Nowadays people are more and more interested in growing plants, but most people are not good at growing flowers. Due to the changes of water, soil, fertilizer and other factors, flowers often appear leaves, yellow and so on. In addition, the flowers in a certain time to change pots, fertilization, watering, pruning, but we do not know how to do. Therefore, in this new life boom, wants to start a female friend should be aimed at this popular occupation, pay close attention to the study of raising flowers knowledge, to seize the opportune moment engaged in flower doctor in this new business, can cure disease, nursing clinic opened flowers flowers, flowers provide consultation and treatment services.

in fact in the modern society, there are many female entrepreneurial projects, how to choose the key project to see women entrepreneurs themselves, choose suitable for their own love often has more advantages, there are many new projects for women entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intention of female friends can to everyone to understand the entrepreneurial relevant information, so as to better entrepreneurship.

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