The construction of the chain of forum Raiders (1)


this is a key forum for the construction of the chain, but also the highest weight of a form, when add the chain in this aspect we should pay particular attention to, only through the [url=www.xxxx贵族宝贝]xxxx[/url] to join the site keywords you want, if you can also www.xxxx贵族宝贝 this form, the effect is still stable, in short, the use of these two methods when the article was collected, the website links can also be timely included, in fact, I understand.



forum signature is a chain construction method we use most often, this method is simple, stable effect, as long as we join the site in the corresponding set of keywords, although this method is obvious but not by cheating, the main bundle (since it’s signature), easy to pass. But as the saying goes, "when the world was in apple, Apple has to die, now more and more webmaster BBS signature do, followed by its effect decreases gradually. The weight is decreased, but while also do need forum signature, outside the chain as soon as possible to build their own, after all," a starved camel is bigger than a "forum of the construction of the chain method of document, skill than how video like

2. forum

1. forum signature

content is king, the chain for the emperor. This sentence is a successful web site should have not only high quality original content, should also have a reasonable construction of the chain. The construction of the chain reasonably are of great help to improve the weight of the website and the amount collected, the present situation, the construction of the chain site generally stays on the chain blog, forum chain, love Shanghai know a few outside the chain, which is one of the forum outside the chain is obviously a most obvious effect is the most stable, and how to make good use of the forum for the construction of the chain, has become a new generation of webmaster essential skill. But for how to use the forum, I believe there is not a novice webmaster for the location, so little for webmasters to comb.

first I want to say a little, just reply post, be sure to grab the top five floors, it is easy to own the chain (so you should understand why so many webmaster to grab the sofa bar), in reply to it as much as we can use URL tags to write their own target keywords links, such as [url=www.xxxx贵族宝贝]xxxx[/url], but for some sites do not support this function, and reply to it, we can not be applied mechanically, as much as possible with the content, in addition, we’d better reply in time, a few more, about 3 or so, and not every links, this will show that we see based on the careful thinking, but also can improve the link included speed, but in 3, with a link back to the first.

A novice in the eyes of Shanghai Dragon the original value of people easy to overlook the site

many friends may say, I never mind, as long as the traffic, I do some pop-up ads or advertising, every day can also have a good income, of course I can’t say that this idea is wrong, because when I started learning website, but also think about this money. But after the recent K love Shanghai station storm, let me have to re-examine, re thinking, is to rely on the garbage sites to get temporary benefits, or on the regular site to obtain permanent interests. Everyone has his own ideas, but there is a problem is that the search engine is now increasingly perfect, the requirement of the website is more and more high, enough to see through these events, of course, because of its limited technology, there have been some problems.

as a just contact site was less than a year of the novice, here to tell Shanghai dragon, can be a little feeling but did display slight skill before an expert, in less than a year’s time, learning from the station, to operate the site, and then to love Shanghai K station storm, to learn a lot. There are a lot of knowledge, ideas and experience, today will give you unique insights about some of their own. I hope you can set people thinking more or less please don’t laugh at me.

here, I believe a lot of understanding good webmaster friends should understand the original value of the site is the fundamental survival website, Shanghai dragon as a technology, is based on the original value, let you get more potential value, make you more value of. Do not understand the friend, I can say. If you do the site is like a hotel, visitors to the site as a restaurant customer, and Shanghai dragon as you do all kinds of advertising. In the early stage, you rely on the powerful marketing mode, various kinds of ads to promote your hotel. Opened some time ago, many customers come to dinner, the hotel if you taste food are not what you think the customer will come second times? Obviously, no one will go. This is like you in Shanghai dragon in the search engine technology to get a good ranking, when the user points into the site to see, all kinds of garbage content and pseudo original content, not what he wanted, he would not hesitate to turn off the site, continue to search for the value of the site.

Shanghai dragon Chinese name is search engine optimization, is the site of the keywords so that the search engine position by some technical means and can get potential customers, profit. Literally, Shanghai dragon just for website optimization, we must pay attention to the use of the term. What is the meaning of the word love optimization, Shanghai Encyclopedia of explanation is in order to better in one hand and reject the dross; personally feel that the word used in the main role of local just perfect, directly indicate the Shanghai Dragon – is in you a good, good quality of user experience good site on improvement; make it more excellent, more in line with the user experience, can attract more users to browse.

The Shanghai dragon beyond higher ranked than you website

site structure: This is very important, like a person to apply for the same, the first impression is very important, although the search program is a robot, but also the manual intervention, and the robot is very intelligent, we made the structure of the website please don’t require it to love this is very important, so in the layout of the site. The structure must be reasonable, top, let, right, down should be clear, not redundant code, some labels should be.

if the site during operation to optimize it, and you should analysis on the competition website, anti chain, website structure, content, construction period, and then were analyzed to find out the reasons why, in his ranking than you high, find out the reason, can make up for a lack of effort.

if the domain name is not registered, but also the analysis of many related values of this domain are analyzed, such as domain name service, domain name in the past few years in the search performance, did site type, also is some related historical records, these are only for some basic reference, better than nothing. Then check the trans domain and so on, these small I not say, we all know.

The chain

any website will use a domain name, if it is a new domain name registration, whether com, CN, net, org and so on, so we must do in the domain name, the domain name itself has the distinction of a suffix, on the Internet, but the distinction, so in the application certainly there are, that in the search will have respectively, this problem before a lot of people say, here I repeat, generally in the natural equivalent to the case of several domain name more than suitable for optimization of the rankings are as follows: com, CN, net, org and so on under the same conditions, we have to choose the better international domain name com can.

reason: there is not too much that we all know to do outside the chain and Links, but it is worth noting that the chain is not a lot of the bulk of the increase, but this will make the search engine to doubt your station, Links every day will not do a day two or three, update later most insurance, because the optimization of the site in the search is very sensitive, but also pay attention to the quality of the link.

now no matter what the website, as long as want to rank in the search, then the station cannot do without Shanghai, but Shanghai is not optimal, we think the Dragon so easy, the network also said many methods of optimization, but for Shanghai, the talk of the various methods, I do not oppose here, but does not mean to understand these methods, in accordance with these methods do will make site optimization is very good, actually search engine optimization in large and small influence of thousands, we cannot know all, but we can from the thousands, provided several have relatively large relationship to thus, optimization, observation, understanding, and ultimately to the actual application.

Why do I give up Taobao to do WeChat electricity supplier selling nuts!Shop story 19 the heart of ve


A5: a good manager of Enron, welcome to Taobao A5 Passenger Section story shop. First introduce the vegetation in the heart, store up time, brand creation, development experience and the basic situation of it currently stores.


of vegetation in the heart: our brand for the match, only hope for people to enjoy, although not gorgeous appearance, also not only willing to compare expensive, is the best for you.

love: actively promote "micro public welfare" and set an example of

of vegetation in the heart:

High Commission: 70%

: the heart trusted "pure natural materials" the pursuit of health beauty

2012, I graduated. With anticipation of my dreams, I was on the road to job hunting. For the job, I always feel very simple at the beginning, work should be very easy to find. Because at school, I started doing part-time jobs and making small change. But when I really set foot on the community, I found that the work is not so easy to find. I remember graduation day, my parents took my quilt and other daily necessities moved home, and then the school can not live, because there are interviews in those days, so I did not go home for the time being. So, those days, in the Internet bar overnight, during the day to interview, at night to find Internet cafes to sleep. Three days later, I didn’t have a good job before returning home. After a short rest at home, I returned to Hangzhou to look for a job.

of vegetation in the heart: Hello! Our brand was founded in April 2010, in September of the same year, Taobao Tmall mall began operating, after several years of development in the heart has become Taobao skin care brand hundred shops, we store daily turnover in front of dozens of skin care category.

of vegetation in the heart contains 5 heart, also the core brand idea "is the vegetation in the heart of the five brand"

http://u.alimama/union/spread/selfservice/planDetail.htm? Spm= campaignID=2877152& shopkeeperID=18990385

was also thought for a long time, we mainly want to melt the gift of nature "

returned to Hangzhou, the first place to fix the guard. Then online resume, but occasionally there is a phone like no echo, that is to sell. Then began to run the talent market every day, at that time in July, the temperature of up to 40 degrees, staring at the sun, running east, West, a month down, has not yet implemented.

Hello, welcome to A5 Taobao Taobao shop section off the story, I’m A5 Enron, today we invited the guests is the vegetation heart flagship store manager xu. The vegetation of the heart’s flagship Green Tea Mask sales have reached the whole network first, how they promote their products? Their way to success and with what? Let us walk up! Explore the mysteries of vegetation in the heart of all net sales of the first

A5 Enron: what is the concept of brand management of vegetation in the heart? This "heart" is what special meaning? Why would take the name of the vegetation in the heart of

flagship store !The


but Taobao wasn’t that good. It was pretty hot too. Everybody’s doing Taobao. And I am not the professional origin, the experience in this area is 0. While in school with Taobao, it would be just for fun, there is no in-depth study. So, eventually, by learning the most basic Taobao knowledge, he began his real Taobao trip in September – selling nuts.

High Commission promotion code: want to promote please apply high commission plan


: sincerely provide diversified and good quality products at reasonable prices, the pursuit of rational consumption, sincerely treat every consumer

Ling’an hickory is our specialty here. Each year’s output value is billions of yuan, therefore, can profit from this one hundred million yuan output value one percent, also is the very considerable number. So, after picking up Pecan in his hometown in Ling’an, he formally processed himself and began selling at Taobao.

then rely on this method to operate a half months, sales have increased slowly.

concentration: transfer the pure natural colorful, through the combination of cutting-edge research and development ability and good natural essence, bring a "five sense" to experience the joy of

Thanksgiving: Guardian of the health of nature, the practice of "green life"

in 2012 that will be Taobao, although also very intense, but far from now so intense, brush sheet is not so serious. At that time, with a few keywords brush down, ranking can be very near. Remember at that time with two keywords, every morning, the middle and late brush, ranking second days to the first three pages, and after a few days continue to brush, ranking basically on the first page.

so, to my own understanding, you must have a reason, but I don’t know where the reason, no way to interview a half a month, or not, perhaps it is their work of underachievement, eventually give up the job, determined to start his career in Taobao

The name

I remember the first time to participate in Taobao activities, due to set up their own mistakes, cause the price of two kilos of nuts a pound, the event began, within an hour robbed, the busy rush, want to burst. Busy after, and then still consider whether to deliver goods, after all, the first event in the face of such a large amount of goods, lost a few thousand. Finally we got the goods. Lucky >

Wang Yujun talk about Baidu updated every day included in the successful experience

, as a webmaster, wants to make its website grow, but how to grow and develop? Universal navigation network SEO tracking data show: "most websites, more than 80% of the traffic comes from search engines."". Therefore, the key to the development of the site is how to make their website content is updated by Baidu and other search engines included, and has a good search rankings. Here, Wang Yujun combines his years of management, life, service, peak network and Chinese wine culture network and other websites experience, talk about the realization of Baidu update every day, included some practices.

1, backed by trees, has at least one high quality external link,

Baidu for web updates included a feature, that is, the higher the weight of the site, Baidu update included frequency higher. Because the higher the weight of the site, Baidu spider is more, so for the low weight site, in order to achieve the Baidu search engine is updated every day included, we should rely on the high quality of the external links. Study found: for low weight sites, in order to achieve Baidu search engines, updated every day included, at least a high quality external links. Life service peak network, network and other sites because of universal navigation network strong support, and effectively realize the content of the web site, Baidu search engine updated every day included. Life service peak network and legend network, only universal navigation network, a high-quality external links, has successfully achieved Baidu, Google search engine updates every day included. After the study, from the universal navigation network to remove life service peak network, links to the legend network, Baidu search engine updated every day immediately terminated, and this fully illustrates the problem. As for what high-quality external links, you can refer to the "high quality external links have important signs" article.

2, focus on the establishment of a professional website

people’s energy is limited after all, as an individual webmaster, this is particularly important. Many webmaster in the process of creating a website, it is vulnerable to outside influences, like the original founder of life service peak nets as originally envisaged is fill computer knowledge, then add the results of website building and operation, body art, beautiful pictures, the world delicacy and healthy food and so on large columns, a look back that website is not the original idea, has become the portal site. As many columns, content out of order, let life service peak nets has become a key site in no imperceptibly, every column updates a is a big workload, leading to a lot of columns for a long time did not update, of course, the quality of the user experience greatly reduced. For the future development of the website, as a warning for the future, the initiative to give up the vast majority of the column, and then spent a lot of time and effort, it gradually transferred to the health site, due to the subject clear, clear, plus ads for the customers to support high quality, achieved a very significant effect.

according to the detours he has made, draw the following conclusions, >

What China lacks is not money

webmaster at the arena for many years, heard a sentence, is looking for venture capital. But when you open a nagging web site, you’ll often find that the website doesn’t copy the successful web site from the model, content, style, and there is nothing to say about it. If this site can be found in venture capital, that is too underestimate the venture capital IQ! The biggest problem China webmaster is not modest, the day a "expert" appearance, his sword around the world is not the opponent, in the real master is often the most humble. At the same time, the biggest problem is not the lack of money, but the lack of real ability. A lot of people are actually just getting to the entry level!". This last year from the peer network recruitment talent situation to be supported!


, one of the founders of my companion network, has known for years that they have been in the United States for years, bringing back tens of millions of dollars this time, but unfortunately the domestic situation has disappointed them. For more than a year to recruit talent, not even a "talent" inviting them! They choose to venture in Wuhan, had considered to Wuhan university buildings, is one of the largest city of domestic talent reserves, this can save the cost of talent. But it was a long way from what they expected, and then, at my suggestion, they started recruiting individual owners, and the advice caused me a lot of trouble. Many times they call me: how to apply the "webmaster" how so strange ah, than a "cow", and a more than a "mysterious"! Really deeply asked that you actually understand the entry-level things very shallow and even if he does! "Cow", does not conform to our culture


I think that the development process of a large site, the problems are very complex, need comprehensive quality of operators is very high, not only need to have senior operational experience, but also have very strong management ability, team spirit, cooperation and big business negotiation communication ability and so on. Knowing SEO doesn’t mean knowing the operation. Big website SEO is no longer important, and large websites rely on teams, not personal heroism.

peer network carrying tens of millions of capital reserves, a year long time not to recruit the appropriate operating personnel, not to Chinese "cattle" station we need some reflection Nagato! More modest, there are many things to learn, to improve the comprehensive ability also has a lot of, the road ahead is still very long, here I share with you


companion Network Introduction:

peer network just from the United States spent nearly 50 thousand yuan to buy back the domain name (news you can go online to search for or veteran domain in there, some of them witnessed this auction, Hulu early in the China, considering the user’s habits, with natural Shuangpin more in line with China user > Xi

Some ideas for viral content to be reprinted

we will imperceptibly into the patriotic marketing trap, and some of the so-called Tencent head of colorful marketing trap, this is actually because they have crazy reproduced and forwarding these attributes, the content of some very long, of course, some rely on some marketing tools, such as in the QQ group group to carry out marketing, are described a fact that is reproduced with high content attribute, this author believes that the implementation of the content of viral marketing and reprint is not a very difficult thing, and summarizes the following ideas and the webmaster friends discuss.

is no longer the length of the content, but the depth of

many of the daily life of sharing articles also easily in WeChat and micro-blog widely reproduced, of course, in the web site has become an important content of reprint. Of course people reprint and forward these contents often have a premise, that is the content itself has good readability, but also has certain ideological content, allowing users to read resonate. So to sum up, the content does not need length, but in depth, some philosophical content like this through WeChat everywhere reproduced, especially those in some institutions is not specious, that looks very childish, but it can cause wide spread, because these claims tend to give users a great impact on the ideology.

two, to arouse people’s emotional resonance,

relative to the technology, generally have thoughts and feelings of the more accessible to other users, for example, I have written some website marketing articles, in the article on the subject of ridicule on some effective methods, good reprint rate, but the pure technical post, the number of reprint is relatively less, it also provides new nourishment to the author of the article writing, it is in writing, to pass some positive energy to go out, can not simply preaching, but can not transfer the negative energy, after all the society to promote positive gas.

three, content helpful for users

content from the general rate is relatively high, but it must be original, writing for this part of the contents from two respects, one is written by summing up their experience, through the understanding of life and experience of deconstruction and reading, then his thoughts into one, so that you can let other users know your thoughts and feelings, once thought of the resonance will reprint your article. This part of the original content of the writing is relatively difficult, but once successful, then reproduced like a virus, like the rapid infection of the entire internet.

on the other hand is relatively simple, as long as the user for some advice and information on the Internet for consolidation and integration, also can obtain the user’s reprint, such as some users in WeChat finishing the national all public sector 400 telephone number or hotline number, get good reprint rate, of course, these the contents of the collation to find.

What are the skills needed to do business

education industry to get rich potential can not be underestimated, the state’s support rate for the education industry is very alarming, so as to join the big market, the education sector is a good choice. Want to become a successful education franchisee also need to master some skills.

in business education franchise, entrepreneurs want to shop in the market is relatively good, so entrepreneurs in the shop when the shop can master to create wealth in the market skills, then shop in the market to create success is simple! In fact, for this problem, the key is to entrepreneurs with market and consumer demand to develop strategies for the


A: Education franchise policy risk. So far, the domestic education or other departments have not yet made a clear division of the division of early education industry. A staff member of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said: China’s early education market has just started, we have never been approved education franchise.

three stores: education teacher talent is hard to find. It is understood that the number of children’s normal school in Beijing has not yet opened an early education to join the curriculum, there is no domestic universities set up specifically for the 0 – to 3 year old early childhood professional. In other words, now the country can not provide formal training as abroad, such as early childhood talent. How to train skilled employees in a short period of time, to ensure the quality of teaching, is a major problem faced by investors.


as operators to join the industry education, we must know how to play the advantage of a franchise, to find the right to join the brand, fast brand awareness, a firm foothold in the education sector, the money can only be more simple.



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Abalone feed three abalone food investment needs how much money

abalone rice joined the brand in the vast number of investors are also more inclined to choose the whole abalone abalone abalone this brand, brand strength, integration of business models, speed up operational efficiency. Dongheng Sheng International Catering Management National Bao three abalone juice rice belongs (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive catering institutions, the total assets of the strength, with a complete industrial chain. Dongheng Sheng restaurant group, founded in 1999, currently employs more than and 500 people, more than 2 thousand square meters of the central operations center, training base of more than 5 thousand square meters, nearly 50 thousand acres of breeding base, direct cooperation and more than 1 thousand stores, more than 5 thousand successful entrepreneurs.

so good to join the brand investment bag how much money?

three universal abalone juice rice abalone belonging to Easthigh group by Sheng Sheng, Easthigh International Catering Management (Beijing) Limited company brand management. The Bao created a new class of fast food material field — three abalone juice meal, by virtue of the unique product advantages, excellent products experience, fashionable dining environment, a simple business model to become the rapid rise of the hot food for. So how much is the cost of all the people Bao Bao


universal abalone material costs are as follows:

fashion business shop (30 m below)

advantage analysis: regular fast food stores, low threshold, fast shop.

recommended values: community, market, office buildings and other

investment amount: 30 thousand -5 million (excluding rent and decoration)

fine standard store (30 m -80 m)

advantage analysis: with a certain financial strength, and can find the right store, spend too much, but can quickly gather popularity

recommended values: schools, shopping malls, stations, airports and other places more popular

investment amount: 50 thousand -8 million (excluding rent and decoration)

luxury boutique store (80 square meters -120 square meters)

advantage analysis: financial strength is good, there is a suitable store, as a career to do, the return cycle is short.

recommended shopping area: the main commercial street, pedestrian street, business office, upscale community.

investment amount: 80 thousand -10 million (excluding rent and decoration)


composite shop (120 m above)

How to enable franchise business as soon as possible in order to profit – Business

young people go out to eat, always love eat some special food, cooking is now people love, cooking is a kind of delicious food, can also bring enjoyment to let people gain nutrition, some entrepreneurs see high market development, high open stores, so how to enable, store operating profit? Let’s take a look at the following two practical skills.

How to enable

stores operating profit? Food sales statistics

enable stores respond to consumer order record statistics. What cooking dishes are popular, what cooking dishes are cooking dishes No one shows any interest in, which is often eaten. Cooking dishes of course welcome to retain, by cooking dishes out of course to give up. You can also seek the views of consumers, the development of new varieties of rice in the pot.

How to enable

stores operating profit? Food container chosen

good dishes must also have good packaging, this packaging is food container. Although cooking stores do not like high-grade catering stores that pay attention to the container is delicate, but also can not be sloppy. Only in such small details on the effort, to enable their stores to create a unique, and other common food stores to distinguish, get the attention of consumers.

novel container will create unusual features. Cooking stores do not necessarily have to choose high-grade tea and eating utensils, as long as the color, style, and other high franchise operating style is good.

believes that after watching a small series of articles, we all know that the industry can benefit as soon as possible, enable businesses to open stores, to ensure their normal store profits, is not as simple as imagined, entrepreneurs in the actual business must pay attention to, is small to share with you today’s business skills, do not know Xiaobian today to share content is useful for the entrepreneurial process of everyone? I wish everyone can be successful as soon as possible oh.

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