How to do URL optimization

search engine is a program on the Internet website and grab the identification standard is: the only path. We want to put the site the weight of it on the way to let us each a little weight together. Path optimization is the site path through the centralization of power, weight is concentrated in a main path to obtain a better search engine points.


How to set the weight concentration of In fact, for the

dynamic path, our common expression is often contain "path address?", or "=" also contains the question mark and sign. This path actually contains a parameter of content delivery means.

we know only path search engines crawl, so the search engines, more or less a path in the letters, numbers, symbols, is a new path. For a number of different paths to the same page, we want to set a path of standardization, focus on a path to reach the purpose of weight. Reflected mainly through two kinds of forms: 1, site 301 redirect. 2, index.html, index.php and forum.php to remove the tail.


static path

1, 301 > redirect website

pseudo static path: pseudo static is a kind of technology to dynamic path into static path, pseudo static path is essentially static path. For example: 贵族宝贝& & &贵族宝贝/index.php/post/54.html

For example:

3, pseudo static path

said the path, we will be talking about the current path of the three forms:

dynamic path

贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/catalog.asp cate=4 is a dynamic path?.

search engine, dynamic routing and static path capture is actually no difference. Unless the number of parameters of the dynamic path of more than three, there will be lost in the parameters of spider crawled, caused by the failure of the web pages. In most cases, the dynamic and static path path alike for search engines. In addition, a website only allowed to set a path, or is a dynamic path, either static path. Not allowed to appear at the same time two path connection. If there are second kinds of connection must be blocked, can be screened out by robots files.

static path: general level are relatively clear, for example, will have a relatively clear Pinyin directory. Link level 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20150707/608460.shtml that is clear, and it does not contain parameters, when spiders crawl will be relatively better.

The solution of network marketing puzzle in Shanghai Shanghai marketing conference to Shanghai drago

three web site traffic come from? How to ensure the flow of income

brought me?

1. there is no way to Shanghai dragon, the number of inputs, the most important is the safety of


4. work to ensure that before and after took over, avoid working in no one left over

in addition, some sites now too much traffic, this is not a good phenomenon. First of all, the flow and the PR value of independent flow transformation will bring benefits to your website, if a user clicks on your site in a short period of time after leaving, even if he brought traffic to your website, but did not bring you any interest. So, traffic can only let users come to your website, and you want to make these users leave and create benefit for you. Besides, there are some black hat techniques will cause some traffic illusion now. Therefore, not blindly believe flow.


today, participated in the Shanghai Shanghai dragon bridge team organized by the Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Technology conference. At this meeting, Shanghai Shanghai dragon bridge team Qiao Zong answered some questions about Shanghai Longfeng technology; at the same time, also explained some problems on the construction site. We will summarize some problems as follows:

to tell the truth, Shanghai dragon ranking effect cannot be guaranteed. Because Shanghai is a dynamic Dragon technology, will be ranked according to the ranking algorithm rules love Shanghai change floating. But some of the work can reduce the effect of floating ranking, of which the most important is the focus on user experience, as long as the users love your website, no matter how they change the ranking rules, love Shanghai will not ignore the user’s thoughts.

site traffic is generally divided into three sources:

five.SNS website contains less what the original.

Shanghai dragon

as a training institution, you share resource is your knowledge. So you can have some knowledge of marketing, to your knowledge as the key point, will show you the advantage to your customers. At the same time, considering the problems or difficulties encountered by some users, as do some long tail keywords Shanghai dragon. So when you search for potential users of such a problem, you can put your show in front of the users.


3. layout can best be accumulated, it can guarantee the long-term operation of

of Shanghai Longfeng:


two. How to ensure the effect of

four. How the number of training institutions to do network marketing

1. comes from the search engine;

2. regardless of size, to ensure easy result evaluation, can receive tangible results from


2. links from relevant websites and

3. users to directly enter the url.

. Some companies do Shanghai, from where to start?

Effectively enhance the conversion rate of the five elements

traditional small and medium enterprises to carry out the purpose of network marketing in simple terms, it is to promote the enterprise through the network exposure, and ultimately achieve the sales, so all the work is carried out around this purpose. If you ask where the key to network marketing, the answer may be traffic, website construction, network promotion and so on, of course, these are all right, but the roots think to do network marketing, which is also a key in the key is more important, it is the site of the conversion rate of


website conversion rate can be divided into several main understanding, such as consulting conversion rate, as well as transaction conversion rate. Why is the conversion rate is the key of the key, the reason is very simple, in site traffic under the circumstance of the same transformation advisory capacity, high rate of turnover is often the site of low conversion site several times, this is very easy to understand, especially for the traditional enterprise website, the specific details will not


enterprise website is unlike portal platform, website audience is not so wide, cannot one-sided pursuit of traffic blindly, after all, the position of the website is different. In this case, the conversion rate is more important than the pursuit of absolute flow.

since the site conversion rate is so important, then how to effectively improve the conversion rate of the site? The following on the basis of some of their own experience, and share this topic with you.

1, flow

to enhance the conversion rate of the site, we must first hold the source, that is, site traffic. It also mentioned this point, the enterprise website is different from the portal, your customer group is a specific crowd, and only this kind of specific crowd came to your website, it is possible to have transaction behavior. If a child of fifteen or six comes to a company that sells large machines, do you think he or she will be your potential customer,


traditional enterprise website should be precise traffic, need to do is to attract your potential customers to your site, rather than by some attractive pictures or text to some irrelevant people dragged over the campaign, because they are fundamentally not your clients, even to 10000, the effect is zero. To improve the accuracy of flow, mainly to make efforts in the promotion stage, and then identify the fish net! This is not a one-to-one explanation of


2, structure

the structure here refers mainly to the structure of the website. I do not know if you have such experience, come to a site, the site is half did not see why, on the site to turn for a long time do not know where to go, it is difficult to find what you want… To…, this is to bring the most intuitive feeling of a chaos in the structure of website to you. As a result, even if the intended customer comes to your website, if you do not have a little patience, most of the less than 10 minutes will turn off your site.

website structure is the main frame of the website, to the user >

To succeed in business, the following 10 things must be done

wants to make your life colorful, to make your dreams come true, all you need is action! Everyone has at least one idea that can change the world. The founders of the difference is that they can be creative into practical action.

if you have quit the idea of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to specify some natural action plan before the. But once you’ve made the decision to start a business, you’d better do it right away.

1.  Market Research

2.  access to intellectual property rights


3.  brand decision making

brand is not simply a name for myself, its purpose is to establish a creative identity for you. Not only do you have to choose a name you like, but also a name that represents the problem you want to solve, and the name of the experience you have gained from using your product.


Nanjing 321 entrepreneurs open class lecture

business has now become one of the themes of the times, around the same time in order to create a more favorable social environment, have begun to create entrepreneurship training programs and institutions, in order to help some social entrepreneurs.

in the keynote session, Lu Qi Tsing capital published "new energy industry" Internet plus "opportunity" keynote speech, she said: "in the sharing of power reform open electricity market, electricity reform is an area under the fire policy benchmark. Expected in the next few years, micro energy grid can promote short-term energy Internet applications. The distributed PV market and hardware equipment manufacturers in the face of new energy Internet outlet are facing many opportunities for transformation." Hina product development group chief technology officer Gao Peng has 14 years of experience in the new energy industry, many areas involved in electric vehicles, batteries, and even children’s toys and other new energy products. He said: do not make solar energy for solar energy, the combination of intelligence and wearable devices will create a larger market space."




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How to operate the Western Restaurant

Western food market has become more and more fiery, leading to a lot of entrepreneurs also want to open their own western restaurant, in addition to select the site, and master the management skills is also very important. So how to operate the western restaurant? Here to give you some business tips, I hope you can help.

first, brand operations thinking

if you do business in order to open a shop, you eat my money naturally simple. Anyone who goes to the shop, right? What size brand. Do not just want to simply fetched without enlarging the overall brand marketing thinking to store the form, then you in good products are not in such a fierce market to survive today! Survival of the fittest, and ultimately they can only be a victim of this commercial war

so the restaurant to join the brand marketing to improve brand first thinking, clear brand culture, brand marketing, brand strategy optimization setting goals; the most important find differences in food business brand shortage, improving the brand image, brand operation and management of the implementation of standardized.

secondly, the pursuit of brand value

For example: Babic

give you a pair of sports shoes, the factory on the value of 60 yuan, with Lining on the label affixed to the value of 200 yuan, Adidas label value 600 yuan, this is the brand value! In the fresh steak Western food products, under the banner of a strong brand that is what we can finally sublimation of the value of the product! So do not look down on a brand or even put you to join the brand as a synonym that is not good! Enhance brand value is imperative. From the overall operation of the store as a starting point, sublimation of the overall value of the product. It’s a matter of intuition.

Babic brand value

to today’s 80% is the culture, it represents a kind of reputation, a taste, a kind of style, and represents a way of life! So the concept of brand culture Western-style food refined steak, give the brand culture connotation, cultivating brand culture, changing the communication way and method, make the brand consciousness penetrated into every corner, so as to affect the public, is an important means to enhance the brand value babic.

finally, interactive offline marketing

In fact,

for food and beverage brands and offline marketing activities, very practical, compared to more network marketing dissemination, after all is to visit the store service experience in the taste of delicacy, the ideal time to taste the taste of the most just perfect Babic steak. Of course, we can also try to brand Babic staff interact with customers in the first time, let customers remember and accept your open Babic brand. The ideal interactive marketing model, can be very good to live back.

food and beverage market has been very hot, Western food as a foreign beauty

Zhengzhou Wang Yuehua Huang Qing to Xinmi research innovation and development

with the development of innovation and Entrepreneurship Economy, innovation will be placed around the development plan. Zhengzhou City, Xinmi, the leaders of the recent investigation of the local industrial economy, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction.

2 16, Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, United Front Work minister Wang Yuehua, vice mayor of to investigate the industrial economy of Xinmi, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction work. Vice mayor Qi Zhihui accompanied by research.

in the industrial cluster innovation complex project base, Wang Yuehua for a detailed understanding of the development of leading industry, Xinmi industrial upgrading, technological innovation, and seriously listen to the relevant person in charge of the case report. After listening to the report, Wang Yuehua and his party on the Xinmi industrial economy, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction work fully affirmed.

2015, Xinmi City, around the steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting transformation of the main line, continuing to enhance innovation capability, actively change the mode of development, firmly establish the overall sense of service, and more initiatives to boost industrial restructuring and upgrading, the overall trend of the city’s industrial economic operation is good.

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Liu Yuan pioneering road – net social returns.

college students’ entrepreneurship has become a trend, many students entrepreneurs face the pressure of employment, choose their own businesses, Xiaobian today will introduce a 28 year old university graduates successful entrepreneurial path, hoping to inspire people are entrepreneurs, help people better business.

About 100000 dollars

farmyard "Diplomat"

in May 1st last year, officially opened the farmhouse. Because people know less, business is not warm. Since the beginning, it is necessary to do a good job, the light is not enough to sell online, to come up with a better mode of operation. Liu Yuan dark determination. A student from a university town played basketball games to her farmhouse for dinner, which inspired Liu Yuan. University City and the village across the river, why not develop this field. Well, Liu Yuan take the initiative to find several university city university student association president promised to negotiate, if students birthday, engage in activities to dine here to give a series of preferential, here is not convenient, is also responsible for the car to pick up car. Slowly, the students love the Liu Yuan home dishes, love the tranquil village scenery, love the most romantic in grape corridor walking.

How to please god

as the saying goes, "the customer is God", if we want to make the store business is good, want to earn more money, naturally need to please god. After all, we often compare customers to "God."". In daily operation, how to serve God, please God, moved God, satisfied with God? This is a topic that we should all think, explore and learn.

as the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul, eyes are the silent language. The majority of the cigarette retailers, sellers is also a kind of social activity. To learn how to grasp the mentality of customers, and customer communication, customer relationship closer to me. This is conducive to improving the customer "turn back rate", promote cigarette retail, maximize profits. If you don’t believe me, listen to me explain —

"God" with "praise" better

customer focus on the performance of the passions, face. When a customer with a benign countenance, into the store shopping, as the owner or the clerk, you must learn to "repay", make the customer happy. You can put in a sentence: "it looks better on you, the" God "is very happy, a lot of luck, blessing." In general, you have this "flattery", the majority of customers will be wild with joy, a variety of happy children, such as "salary, promotion, children admitted to the University, birthday today" etc..


has nothing to do with the thing, you do not pretend to care nothing about the appearance, and to "say a few words," Strike while the iron is hot. liking, let customers feel that you are not only the peddler, or middleman, so in love and you chatted, friends. This is the business of the trick, but also the way of life, can not learn, can not be used.

remember one summer, a young man bought "furongwang" cigarettes in the shop, he hummed, very happy appearance, I would guess; the "God" must meet the "luck". Delivery of the smoke, I smiled and asked him: "young man, is not in love, and girlfriend met?" The young man nodded happily, "today I went to my girlfriend’s house, and the other one was very pleased with me." I took in a sentence: "you are so handsome boy, which is not seen in favor? Good talk, wedding wedding day The day is not too distant when."

the boy listened to, like a drink Huaihua honey, more smiles, with confidence. When I say: "marriage with alcohol, all in your shop to buy." I thought he had no hair on his lips, and he didn’t care what he said. Who knows the end of the twelfth lunar month, he really drove came to my shop to buy a "red HaoMao" smoke and five "six years Xifeng wine", the value of money, make me happy for a long time, it is a warm winter "word, in a sentence. Wang >

New rural construction to benefit thousands of households

in March this year, along with the beautiful spring, seven of us went to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County town of Gan Jing Yang Shu Wan Cun. With the dawn of Sichuan infiltration in a grand view of exuberant vitality, gurgling water is along the road on both sides of the meandering channel merrily toward pingchou jiangmen.

into the village of Gan Shu Wan, we were in front of this neat beautiful, fresh and beautiful village to attract. I saw a row of two storey courtyard well-proportioned stands in a straight section of the road on both sides of the cement, a fan with color tile mosaic door style appearance. Eager to get up early Gan Bay villagers are gathered in the village on the central square of leisure, is being carried out in the morning. The villagers in a piece of new fitness equipment, or turn the wheel, or bent down on his back, or his arms hanging lead pull. Bao Jidong, Secretary of the village Party branch, told us that 270 people in Gan Wan Village, a total of about 1040 people, were covered with new houses. And by convenient traffic conditions, the majority of people in the village engaged in transportation and agricultural products processing industry has gradually become a rich life, has been established as a well-off model village.

In fact, like

, like Gan Wan Village, taking advantage of the new rural construction of the genial spring breeze, those of us who are familiar with the cottage cottage cottage, inadvertently quietly disappeared. Especially since 2010, Datong County, each village can see the farmers are busy building a new house of the figure, an upsurge of rural housing boom in Beichuan.

reconstruction: the first step in building a new countryside

cotton Glenn Qing Lin Xiang Village is one of the typical remote poor village in Datong county. Affected by natural and economic conditions, the villagers living conditions are very poor, 60% of the village housing is a dilapidated housing.

in order to change the backward living conditions, so that the villagers live in peace, happy life, truly feel the warmth of the party and the government, in 2009, Datong County Civil Affairs, poverty alleviation, integration of the three new rural construction funds about 12400000 yuan, the implementation of the overall relocation project for the village. In the flat Hering River, each banqianhu built 6 spacious and bright house, conditional tenants are still supporting funds support, built two storey building. New cotton village water, electricity, roads, communications, everything is smooth, the villagers have a spacious place to move, in one fell swoop changed the living environment behind the block. Villagers Qi Yanping moved into a new home that day is particularly happy. As they moved the furniture, while from time to time with the author revealed the joyful mood: "to be honest, we are accustomed to these poor villagers have never thought about the future to the new house to live on such a good day. Used to live in the top of the mountain, not the way, the draft is very difficult, can only rely on cattle carry; children reading is also very convenient, the road is far, the dolls are bitter, adults do not worry. We are now moving down the road, in front of each new home are the tap water, worry about the draft, children go to school is also convenient, we sincerely thank the party and the government’s great kindness." < /;