How to increase the site outside the chain

set up a blog

increase the soft outside chain methods known, this method by many webmaster emphasized repeatedly, can say soft Wen is a method to add the chain the fastest and most effective, the advantages of soft Wen is not easy to be deleted, but it can be joined to promote their products. Like A5, Chinaz such a web site, is a very good soft release platform. And the other soft weakness is: because the chain by reprint, the similarity is almost 100%. So when we love Shanghai domain: website domain name, the results seem a lot, but most are not display, it will affect the love of Shanghai site weight judgment to a certain extent.

three, Shanghai

know loveWe all know that

love Shanghai’s own products have the advantage in the rankings, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love weight is the highest, love Shanghai know the answer also can bring a lot of traffic. You can choose your own website and relevant questions to answer, and then add their own links, or emphasize the effect, the problem of high quality can bring the same high click rate, click rate is high, ranking will naturally follow up.

adding Links, and not the more the better, the higher the quality is good, high weight links can put your weight increase, so, learn to look for their favorable Links.

this method can steadily increase the chain, but the effect is relatively slow, there must be patience blogging every day, but the weight of blog is low, the snapshot will be relatively more slowly. You can choose several fixed blog, regularly updated, long time inevitable will work.

! A soft,

five, Links

forum chain needless to say, every webmaster will. The forum is a quick way of adding outside chain, published a high quality thread can quickly gather popularity, love Shanghai snapshot faster than you can imagine, you can choose A5, Chinaz as the high weight of the forum, the chain will increase very soon. The chain in such a way, the fat content of free combination, unlike the soft outside the chain is relatively simple. This website chain widely degree there is no problem. But for the quality of the chain, you can filter out the sort of similar sites, first visit PR high, a new snapshot, included more web site, so the effect will be very significant.



two, the chain

by go9go6 Links platform (贵族宝贝go9go6贵族宝贝), please indicate the source, thank you

On the chain effect of the ten best blogs

compared to the NetEase, the international first-class mail is good. Why blog visibility poor, if sina is not a dry fertilizer, Sohu is difficult to survive with food, then the NetEase is not food and keep not to live, according to Xiao Bian nearly a year to combat, NetEase is raising a dead one type of change during a variety of methods, unless you do not expect it to do outside the chain to bring traffic, joking, it also raises what it. Finally had to give up on this battlefield,

Two former

is famous Tianya forum, one of the best domestic, but the blog is relatively.

needless to say this, more than 800000000 QQ users, basically everyone has a QQ space, entertaining, in the lower people’s love, kill Matt noble of heaven, but who do not intend to use this stuff to do rankings, search engine is not included is very positive, so QQ space let it kill Matt’s paradise.

, a sina

three, NetEase

four, Tencent

two, Sohu

Sina blog popularity is very high, sina is also the first choice of celebrity blog, Sina blog is relatively easy to use, but also the top effect, is very conducive to the chain of publicity. Just a small years of observation and statistical summary: Sina blog home page included fast, but the inside pages are not easy to be included, even if it is difficult to be included in the search engine rankings, even if the same type of long tail words, basically do not see its signs. Even with the most sophisticated articles to raise, always light to eat long dart, so it is very easy to have lost confidence in it. If it is the case, to six points, barely passing.

blog is a personal homepage, the Internet is also written diary thoughts, where an enterprise wants to show themselves, in addition to their master, the blog is undoubtedly the second battlefield. A good blog can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Attached to each big blog high weight website, advantage is simple, easy to use, good and popular search engines faster, if you can use the blog to the long tail word ready, believe that the traffic is very considerable.

and sina is a large portal under the blog, but also have a basic characteristic of sina, but Sina is different from the Sohu, Sohu blog threshold should be higher than Sina, new special difficult to raise, and two months ago is Xinbo do not expect to be included, but if you can successfully through the growth period, which included the effect is good, unlike Sina’s generosity, dry raising fertilizer. Xiao Bian had successfully raised to the Sohu blog home page, the flow is very considerable.

small after a year of experience, for our webmaster comrades talk about characteristics of small experience of their own this year to keep the blog and blog and included effect. Listen to the statements of a school, Xiao Bian carefully to. Said the first four portals blog: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent.

Five, the

Shanghai dragon is not yet mature, he said to the end!

can’t convince you? Some of the events that I I experienced to let those people lost confidence.

"spicy ginger or old" this sentence really classic. 360 a well born "kids" after all it is not on the market mix, without the precipitation and accumulation, more than Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar know love love the two community, now is not 360. Shanghai love is so strong, but on the two communities have been very successful. So the webmaster you also can not rely on the 360 search, maybe you will beat yourself. 360 love has caught some of Shanghai’s vulnerabilities or mistakes, but this is not to let the group away from the love of Shanghai.


I remember in 2012 August, we ushered in a new search engine search friends: 360. Our team is no stranger to the 360, 360 development we are obvious to people not to mention it, and who said widespread fighting, 360 security guards and 360 browser, not love Shanghai, but absolutely comparable. According to the data of 360 said: 360 search on-line after two months, the market share reached 10%. Many webmaster can’t bear love in Shanghai will be changeable, had lost sight for the Savior -360 search, but, life is always counterproductive.

2. you forget the 6.22 and 6.28 events

did you forget? I didn’t forget. Here is not to mention the awful events, site punished, good mentality in the female owners started and get recovery, but, life is always counterproductive. People began to love Shanghai, strange people began to blindly use other means to optimize the whole industry, Shanghai dragon is like a vegetable market, vegetable market or a fly disorderly bump. This is our not mature, our own reasons, we should avoid the situation, but often not willing to admit. If, after this thing, you give up.

1. is "360"

recently read many articles from the Internet, including the teacher level of Shanghai Longfeng led figure of speech, has been discussing 2013 or more, or the prospect of Shanghai dragon road. Public opinions are divergent.. Some people say: the front end of Shanghai dragon has done, some people say that Shanghai is a promising dragon. In Shanghai, more than two years, for the understanding of the industry is also more and more deeply, which is the experience of the large and small events countless, also realized that as a Shanghai dragon face instead of your own website, but the Internet is a huge market. See the end of the future Shanghai Dragon said, I don’t know whether to laugh or anger, as I stand up to say: Shanghai dragon is not yet mature, how to end

360 maybe one day is on the other side of the search market firmly grasp, Shanghai dragon is not mature in 360 out of expectation.

Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain optimization method.

chain mainly has two forms, one is the URL link, the other is the anchor text link. The main role is to accelerate the link of the website, the main role is to enhance the link anchor text keywords ranking. The anchor text link function is superior to the URL, because anchor text links not only contains all functional links, but also played a role in promoting the keyword ranking. In general, only to be able to click on a hyperlink is a valid chain, one can not click on the text in the form of Web site is not effective outside chain.

in the actual work of Yue Hao is mainly to determine the quality of Links through the following aspects: 1, Links Page * * * value. Correlation between the 2, Links website with their own website. This is a very important search engine, if your website is a cosmetics website, while the other site is a site of heavy machinery, so the effect is not very good. Number 3, Links page links. If you do too much Links, the effect will inevitably decline. Update 4, Links page. If the Links page content often update, search engines often to grab this page, then the effect is better. If it is a separate Links page, not what content updates, the effect will be relatively poor. 5, web page snapshot date. The snapshot date reflects other website weight and update rate, the better the more the new snapshot date. 6, Links site Alexa ranking, included, the chain number etc..

Shanghai Longfeng, for general website, accounts for the entire process of Shanghai dragon about 50% of the proportion of the optimization of the chain. Therefore, the chain is we the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng extension workers how to do the most concern.

The >

Links is undoubtedly the best effect of the chain, in some cases a Links effect might be equivalent to hundreds or even thousands of Forum on the role of the chain, so to significantly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking, the most effective way is to get the weight of the Links.

, Links

There are many kinds of methods

site outside the chain optimization purposes there are two, one is to enhance the site’s weight, the other one is to improve the site keywords ranking. Yue Hao believes that the website weight is a more general concept, is often expressed as a number of technical indicators, such as the value of the website, website * * * included the number, website snapshot date. If the weight of the website effectively improved, will have more chance to be recommended so as to enhance the search engine, web site traffic and increase the corresponding income. The website keywords ranking for enterprise website is the most direct, if you can get some products or services to optimize keyword search results page, can bring a lot of potential customers for the enterprise accurate.

The following

and share with you can leave the chain where, to assist Shanghai Longfeng website optimization.

Website optimization every day to write original, but not what egg

correlation is not strong.The

first, the quality is not high

see the title don’t get me wrong, is not to say no to write original, search engine of the original article preferences, do Shanghai dragon people are aware that it is quite effective, but why not write original every day what use? Because there are three kinds of situations:

The correlation of

second, the


search engine love is not equal to the original, the original article search engine said what the quality of love, imagine a piled up with various keywords a "original", but even the grammar passed, without any context logic, the search engine will be like? Also, an article is less than 100 words, any point, what mood state, simple and abstract, search engine is not micro-blog, this is a bad mouth.

is relatively good, as long as the theme of the original article, the correlation is generally not bad, after all, not the copy. But the problem is that keywords above, may the theme is very pertinent, but the keywords appear too much irrelevant and repetitive, the search engine might think that repetition is the key word. This situation is not a few, for example, the "new webmaster should be how to do Shanghai dragon" as the title of the original article, key words should be "how to do a good job, but the content is Shanghai dragon" and "many novice webmaster have such problems, in fact, it is easy to understand, after all, is a novice webmaster over the. There are two main reasons: one is the novice webmaster experience, two is probably not enough "novice webmaster theory almost repeated many themes >

correlation is also related to keywords, website optimization and write original, then the correlation is particularly important. For example, the medical industry site, the key word is tax planning, although the original, but see this article, people will think of this in the end is a medical website wrong topic, or tax website wrong title? Is it a search engine, and do it more thoroughly, search engine according to a phrase to "read" the key words in the article on behalf of the subject, keywords are not obvious, the correlation is not strong, the search engine will not read.

the quality is better, the original is more effective. What is the quality? The first thing is to have the practical value of things, such as the "extension of the rapid expansion of the Meida derivative reason", "Joyoung machine instructions", "Soybean Milk domain name: www.aaa贵族宝贝" such a case analysis, can produce something of value to the reader, not thinking of the collision theory, practice, teaching case sharing, or simply to win readers a happy. Then is to sentence anacoluthon, on illogical, typos incessantly, not only the reader with search engine to read hard, you know, the search engine is actually the service for readers.

Three factors occupy the important position of the website optimization in Shanghai Dragon

space in many webmaster eyes with excellent website >

, content is king

In fact,

most of the time, even don’t know what Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the most important, what is important. Because everything is important and not important. As the saying goes, if you want to practice martial arts masterpiece will only be careful not to forget the martial arts, martial arts martial arts wins, to reach the highest level. So to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to go beyond the Shanghai dragon optimization, then forget to do Shanghai dragon! Here is not to say that no, but the Shanghai dragon as optimization instinct, so that we can use more and more freely. So what is the most important for the website optimization Shanghai dragon? Today I talk about:

two, the chain for emperor


space is a basic

"content is king, the chain for the importance of the emperor" this sentence should be able to explain the content. I often say that the content is a web site of the soul. It also shows that the content is important for survival of the website. Shanghai dragon in the optimization and the optimization is not content? How to add search engine love content, what content is popular with users, which shows the importance of content. For the webmaster, it is difficult to update the quality of the content, each person’s brain is limited, not every day there are a lot of original writing, then bitter webmaster, many webmaster began with the acquisition, because the acquisition is simple and easy, but also very efficient, little the mouse can get a bunch of than you write a day more than the original. But the search engine for the acquisition type of net production did not catch a cold, it is also contrary to the original intention of the station we do. So, the website content is very important, but high quality original content for website optimization is the priority among priorities.

is saying that "content is king, the chain for emperor", the two are complementary. Not a single one can be omitted。 Less content cannot talk about what kind of user experience theory, less the chain on the lack of let the spider into the site crawling channel, so that both are important. But the quality of the chain for the website ranking weight is absolutely helpful. Every webmaster promotion optimization not to be able to add more high quality of the chain to the site? Although a lot of the time, a little nonsense, do garbage chain mostly, but it also proved the importance of the chain. If the chain is not important to you, then why still hard every webmaster everywhere leave links? Why is old to do outside the chain of high quality and anguish? And HAO123 of the original owners also said the site to do the ranking is chain, which also shows the importance of the chain. The author gives little hint: it should be more the pursuit of quality rather than quantity chain, because the number of the chain can rely on a large number of spam links to get, but not what the website optimization. The quality chain is different, he can effectively improve the site ranking factors such as the weight of the.

How to make money through the SEO websiteHow do sh419 Optimization Website Optimization

    editors: recommended learning website promotion website took www.xuanxue, the content is very good, learning network marketing, website promotion students must not miss.

1, with SEO as a garbage station. What is a garbage station? My definition is "not designed for users, websites designed specifically for search engines."". These sites don’t last long and may get a lot of IP from Se in the short term, but the K station is a sure course for this type of web site. But we can’t totally ignore this direction, and a lot of IP can still be operated in the short run, although I don’t agree with this kind of website.

3, >


sh419 didn’t flow, I did not give up the site completely, still from time to time to update, but no previous work; the old station, or to rely on shlf1314 every day I 4000ip about the flow, because the website content is not suitable for GGAD, put a click on the ads, every day is more than 10 rmB. Of course, this old station is not my focal point now. But this website, I will not give up, at least I can guarantee that the next 5 years even if sh419 is not included, I will still be for its renewal, not for anything else, just because this old station records I have experienced some The imprint is engraved on my heart.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

2, with SEO do regular station. The content of this kind of website is the website that the user really needs, want to optimize excessively only, se is very fond of. The way to make money is with all kinds of advertising alliances, including GGAD, sh419 promotion, as well as many small and medium League, Ali mother and so on. Those who use advertising revenue to maintain the development of the website can be classified as such.

kind of noble talk about SEO theory is not the result I want. I can’t be a great master, but I can’t be the one who doesn’t want to make money, because I’m not so noble as not to lack money. Here, float easy to share with you my personal direction on how to make money through the SEO media:

did not come into contact with SEO, naive, guarding their own daily seven thousand or eight thousand IP days, one month has thousands of dollars of income, then sh419 haven’t k off my those old station, was also satisfied. And so on, one day, sh419 k my station, I found that the "master" is taught the method is wrong, simply pile up keywords, not K station, just strange.

again, learning SEO and understanding SEO to operate SEO, our purpose is not for SEO, but for seo. I think SEO is just one way for us to succeed. Stone money version of the slogan says: "love money is vulgar, not love money is false. A little better than hypocritical vulgar". Through SEO, we can actually earn more money is our ultimate goal.

, now, network marketing has become one of the industry’s hot. More and more enterprises and individuals have realized the necessity of developing network marketing, meanwhile, a large number of network marketing service enterprises have emerged as the times require. Whether for enterprises or individuals, or network marketing services, before carrying out network marketing, it is necessary to carry out targeted network marketing analysis. Through network marketing analysis, using data and reality to guide yourself to carry out network marketing steps, can effectively improve the efficiency of network marketing. To brief you on the seven kinds of network marketing analysis direction, combined with various directions, you can make a relatively objective and accurate network marketing analysis.

1, domain name analysis a good website, first of all have a good domain name. As a network marketing analysis, first of all from the target object domain name start. Domain name analysis is the core of network marketing analysis, because domain name plays an important role in network marketing activities. The domain name is selected to be modified once, is the project a lot of injured in the sinews or bones, you need to work related to network marketing. Therefore, in the domain name selection, we must be careful, and more contrast and analysis. We can query the domain names through the domain name query function provided by OnlineNIC website onlinenic/chinese. Including inquires the domain name whether has been registered, inquires the domain name registration information two big functions. Whether it has been registered registered a can also query the three domain name prefix, can also query the,.Net,.Org, China.,.,. Net,.Tv,.Cc,.Info,.cn,,,.Cn,.Us,.Biz and other domain name suffix. Domain name analysis includes two main domains: domain name query and website domain name determination. Query by the relevant domain name of the domain name, domain name, alternative creative competitors such as domain name, can understand the situation and registered the domain name registration information, to determine the final is selected a registered domain name or domain name through the purchase transaction more optimistic about the registered domain names. This is a more influential domain name trading and value-added services forum, namely Nets’s easy domain Forum: eachnic/club.

2, site analysis is the basis of network marketing website. Generally speaking, the network marketing is good, and its website is definitely more ideal. How to analyze a website is ideal? If there are deficiencies, how should we improve it?. These questions need to be answered through web analytics. To introduce you to a better website analysis website: World Network linkwan/gb/. This is a professional website that provides Web testing and analysis services. Through the world network >

Mack won the Dai Zhikang million investmentThe top 10 lies of entrepreneurs

Abstract: entrepreneurship is a process of reinventing itself and reshaping values. Entrepreneurs are also ordinary people, we do not need too dirty or the myth of the group.

held in the 2014 Chinese innovation entrepreneur NEXT debut recently by the angel investor Dai Zhikang Mack Mack investment founder Li Hui said, the amount of financing for millions of rmb. In July 2013, the team won angel financing from the Sequoia cloud, broadband capital, Aurora Borealis ventures and Jinsha River venture partners. Mack since last September officially launched since, there have been more than more than 30000 enterprise users, monthly living rate of more than 20% monthly increase of more than 40%.


Mai get another reason Dai Zhikang was favored by the team’s landing. In the B2B market in Mack is particularly young team. According to Mack said, at present the product satisfaction is more than 94%, there are a lot of clients to pay. Whether it is a special market research needs, or general information collection requirements, can satisfy the mai. Mack wants to convey the idea that data collection can be easy, from the beginning of the end of the commercial network change work, laying the groundwork for the way the entire industry changes.

is the founder of

1. only succeeds, has not defeated,

based on this, I’d like to sum up the 10 top lies and blows that entrepreneurs say.

early in the product just released, Li Hui and Dai Zhikang met, she was the latter, this product is equivalent to help enterprises and external users to build a bridge to solve the problems in the management of information collection, through the form, build customer data pool, structured management contacts, and email marketing solutions. The meeting, Li Hui’s words, Dai Zhikang is very imaginative on products, quickly affirmed the Mack value, immediately raised his vision, recommended that the team have more pattern in the next stage of the product.

in fact, more common people are joining the entrepreneurial force, because the threshold of entrepreneurship is on the surface, under the influence of "popular entrepreneurship". However, when you really become the day of entrepreneurs, found that entrepreneurship is a very high threshold of things, in the face of a more than my ability problem, they can only use a lie to cover the limitations. So, we see a lot of incredible things happen, "cut wires" and other breakthroughs in business ethics bottom line, it is not surprising.

for the sports industry is even more so, when many people think that when opportunities come true, to seize a small minority, because the opportunity in front of a lot of naked human weakness has exposed: personality, ethics and integrity, lies, boasting such as flying, and concentrate and focus on product development is one of the few.


my WeChat often meets people who want to talk to me, but when I really sit down and talk about it, many people always brag about their success. For example, how financing; how many users of the project progress; and what layout?…… That’s all right, but I can’t hear his reflection and difficulty in business from start to finish.

recently discussed for entrepreneurs also say anatomy increasingly bloody, in the process of demonizing many emotions involved, through the fermentation of social media is more and more cheap — nature lost itself discusses meaning. We are too familiar with the routine, because after we were infected by a lot of entrepreneurial miracle inspired, they become marvel at the unicorn in a short time, it was time for them to obtain financing envy: what they can "success", according to the truth I better than they were

Li Hui’s view is that the future B2B products will have the following characteristics: first is easy to use; the second is lightweight, is not large, but starting from a certain point; third is the connectivity with other products, as the SaaS mode, these products and many products have B2C interface, through the circulation of information to create new vitality.

entrepreneurship is a process of re recognizing your own process and reshaping values. Entrepreneurs are also ordinary people, we do not need too dirty or the myth of the group. How entrepreneurs look at themselves and the environment is often just a microcosm of this environment, but whether it is true to yourself, to the project, to the team, to the investors, will determine how far they can go.

< >

makes Li Hui proud of the point is that B2B enterprises will generally be modified because of the different needs of different customers, and then become customer oriented, customized product status. The whole idea of Mai and the earliest founding in mind when there is no difference, but also very standard. To maintain the current state of the lightweight Mac, while adding some function.

recently many VC and Internet heavyweights will be pulled back to the B2B industry, which believes the latter has unlimited potential. Their point of view boils down to one point: the B2B field is full of many old products that have existed for years, and they are far from the ideal state of the product, not science, and need a new team to break it.

"the end of the world is coming. Why don’t you turn a blind eye to it?" said a line in a recent film "Pompeii doomsday.".




it’s very unusual. Maybe the other side has reservations. But a really good entrepreneur is more reflective of his mistakes every day

Mai Li Hui

Stationmaster makes money road, I am very laborious

see a lot of people are talking about how to do to make money, have depressed, surprise, there are complaints, also preaching tuition I look after is very calm, do the purpose is to make money, the starting point and I think more important, no ground for blame, is that the website make money did not move, interest first! Because the interest will be more investment, more professional, more excellent website! Here is my interest, do


I was engaged in scientific research, is not a full-time webmaster, the website is also a super rookie, not afraid of you laugh at me, I do not understand is interested in, do not understand programming, database, do not understand the optimization. Well, what do I know? I only know how to make a static page. I can only use fronpage. Now you believe I’m a newbie.

just started also did not want to do, because I love to watch the game on the Internet, all often for a NBA or a football game to find what network TV, love to watch live online friends may know, now network TV station links many are able to see today, tomorrow not necessarily, so here too often change, especially irritated! Finally one day, I want to live every day all over the world to find such view is not the answer ah, why don’t own a TV website? But just contact the website construction, what all don’t understand, no time to engage in scientific research all day go to school, how to do? Go to some online TV program download site, a change (just change some simple, profound or do not understand, ha ha, usually is to change some background. Ah, font, and so on) Title modified to engage in a free space to put up, in some Post Bar on some today what games like advertising, ha ha, is really effective, really some people to visit, as long as there are a few people heart indescribably happy and every night (day not empty) have good statistics in the background after a long. Because I also want to see a big game, too often go to some web sites to find some can see the link, so my website links little, slowly every day hundreds of people come to visit. At this time, I am also familiar with the website a bit, thinking about how to do their own domain name and space to do, coupled with the fact that the free space is very unfair at the bottom of the ad. Want a good, the first is to choose a domain name, ha ha, said that there is a small episode, I would have to consider several domain names, I do not know what a good first guess, and finally how to set it? Oh, on the Internet to find a place to forget about all the fortune teller finally selected as the domain name, because only when a fortune teller "Ji", it is to let you laugh at me! Is followed by selected domain name space, because all static pages, do not account for the expected time game resources may also peak in the number of lines will be many but before, so I bought a limit IIS link number, then everything is ripe, a free Internet TV station.

How to write a tech blog

With the

technology blog in the United States first emerged, such as TechCrunch and Mashable have achieved great success, the domestic technology blog also gradually popular, from the beginning to now have been developed, such as Lei Feng, tiger sniffing, and titanium media, Jian Soubo guest, 36kr etc. are in constant progress. How to write a tech blog is a big concern for every blogger or blogger team". According to my personal experience, I would like to talk about a few points for your reference.


1, locate

what is positioning is nothing more than blog content and user positioning. When you’re writing a tech blog, first of all, make sure who your users are and who you’re targeting. This is the most easy to identify things, because we often because of various reasons, the content of love and the expansion of user groups, although have been large, but ignore the needs of professional users, and the Internet, is the era of information explosion, lack of large and complete content, but the lack of small the content of beauty. For example, 36kr, which is a rapidly growing technology blog, their idea is to become the China version of TechCrunch, but from the current situation, they are slowly narrowing their own position, according to reports of entrepreneurship is more prominent, this field in today’s fickle Internet, have the courage and courage is rare.

two, real time

the ancients said, "hero", the "potential" is not "thing", but can be linked. The so-called current situation, is the social environment, often refers to the chaotic social environment, here stressed that the timing of the opportunity accounted for a large proportion. Today’s Internet can be described as highly developed, while at the same time developing at a high speed. All kinds of news are updated in real time, and the rapid development of micro-blog and WeChat is to deepen the real-time sharing of the internet. As the technology blog itself, the real-time nature of the article is particularly important. Whether it is TechCrunch or Mashable, they pay attention to real-time updates, we are interested can pay attention to.

three, practical

has just shared the importance and necessity of real time, and in fact it’s very important. Blogs are like daily food. People come and eat it. You share the content of rice, the user can eat, you share the bread, the user can also eat, you share the tomato egg noodles, users feel a change of taste, feel good. If you often provide mustard, I guess the user has come two times, and Hold can not live, unless he is mustard brother. What this means is that the content we share is more in line with the user’s taste, not too far off.

four, prospective

blogs are in a variety of forms