To talk about the role of Shanghai dragon chain optimization

not long ago, Shanghai love algorithm adjustment again, in addition to crack down on waste station, abandon excessive optimization ", more users to increase the effect of residence time on the degree of weight. For some small and medium-sized webmaster, improve the content of quality degree, fit the user experience, the formation of good drainage has become the future development of Shanghai love optimization.

news chain relying on news column plate, leaving a chain in such a place, can be said to be in the area of gold buried under a kedge. The amount of reading news, spread, page weight is generally small site difficult to match, so the news chain has become an important method for many owners to publish the quality of the chain. Especially after the recent Shanghai love algorithm adjustment, for some video spider chain to control more stringent, and the news chain remaining contribution is larger, can be.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the chain has been regarded as one of the best and most stable operation of Shanghai Longfeng effect, industry and even the "inner chain is king, the chain for the emperor", enough to see the chain for the optimization of the proportion of love Shanghai. Early Shanghai dragon optimization, mostly rely on stop outside the chain to meet the exposure. Leave the chain links to their web pages in different sites, so love Shanghai engine in web crawling, are more likely to record to the original page links, not only has a great impact on the collection, also let love Shanghai more friendly to the original page. Common Links is a very effective method to release the chain. The long chain, for the contribution of the original web page. In a very long period of time, in order to quickly raise the weight of web pages and keywords are ranking, have to rely on a large number of the chain to meet the demand, and even a special exchange chain "chain farm", become the optimization method of Shanghai Longfeng entry-level.

in 2015, the love of Shanghai is still firmly occupy the dominant search engine position, and for the love of Shanghai keywords optimization is still a priority among priorities of each big website, Shanghai dragon brand layout optimization. In many methods improve the weight of the chain to the webmaster stability has been favored, especially the news anchor text of the chain, the optimization effect is better, has become a new way of keyword optimization.  

and adjusted for the love of Shanghai, within the limits of the chain and the chain is more and more strict, a large number of video chain is love Shanghai abandoned, instead of the high quality, high correlation, user experience good outside the chain is more popular, of course, outside the chain of the class is the most difficult to find. A senior Shanghai Dragon said, optimization is now more difficult to do, just a few years ago released a large number of the chain can enhance web weight in a short period of time, many places are provided outside the chain of free release. But after adjustment for this algorithm to love Shanghai, the chain of garbage were shielded, many outside the chain have been ineffective. But retained in quality on the site of a chain is more difficult. In this trend, the news chain chain has become the best way to optimize the key words.

Love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm which sites will suffer how to deal with

criterion is the most important: containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page page is spam. What types of Web sites have been the new algorithm against? There is no doubt that the novel type is the first, why? This is me as a user point of view, because I’m a novel fan, at present most of the novel website, basically be to kill, because it is too focused on user experience the. You said, when you enter this website a lot of advertising, it is also able to accept, but the most evil is when you click on a novel to see, it is actually the first pop up a new window, but the window is advertising, you said you will not be offensive, but the pit is some sites I want three clicks to really enter into sections and chapters about the page, also hanging advertising, seriously affect the reading, even if a person’s tolerance to maniang co.. Unless of course, the Internet only this novel station has the resources, may also be a little audience! Otherwise, this type of website is to kill

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love Shanghai algorithm has added a new category of pomegranate algorithm is mainly used for low quality summary page, enhance the user experience.

love Shanghai algorithm will change with the change of time and the number of users, but as long as we do to grasp the most fundamental point is: don’t worry too much about the user experience and user needs to click.

! Related reading: We can see that the

here, I also understand this novel station mainly included is the main source of these ads, but to develop for a long time you must consider the user experience, and reading novels, many users don’t need your advertisement hanging next to you! In addition there is also a novel station of advice, even if you are hanging advertising, do not increase when you click the section to enter, you can hang in the pages of the first screen, equivalent to our website or to prevent the wheel ginto as for the page font advertisement in, and these ads are for the subsequent user needs! This is the pomegranate algorithm launch with novels of station

and others such as forum, personal blog site, information websites and so on, and the medical site also need to pay attention to, but also because some of these popups, although your intention is for the user, but the actual user is not love this

How to see whether a site is exchange chain

general in the choice of a chain, will look at whether your site included, at the same time, to see whether the site has a stable increase.

4, website

Most of the domestic A Xuzhou company

snapshot update is best of course. The snapshot can reflect the search engines crawl the site frequency, audio frequency reflects the degree of importance for the love of Shanghai website. High weight website basically are able to do the next update snapshot. But not to say that the snapshot update website is high weight website, some web site was love Shanghai right down, but it is still a good snapshot update.


network optimization is the site I now is the case, because of a chain to page down the right, but it can still be updated daily snapshot.

for a web site, if the release is a lot of garbage outside the chain, may not appear down the right punishment in the short term, but when we exchange chain, to avoid the exchange to this website, on our website weight ascension is very little, even will cause a negative impact.

1, Shanghai love weight

webmaster tools to develop the habit, when the query website first look at what is the weight of love Shanghai. Love Shanghai weight reflects the traffic from search engines, chain in exchange, viewed as the other site is love Shanghai recognized or helpful.



5, the chain quantity and quality of

exchange Links is very important for a website. The search engine, whether it is love or give Google Shanghai weight Links are very large. But a chain exchange success rate is very low. Today, Xuzhou billion net website promotion for everyone to talk about how to see whether the site is exchange chain.

sites are the main customers of Shanghai ranked PR as Google website evaluation standard, some people think that is not important. I personally think that although PR is not love Shanghai website evaluation standard, but Google algorithm and love Shanghai although there are some different algorithms, but Google has always been a very important user experience, which is also in love with the sea by the value of the. So PR in Shanghai should be in love or worthy of optimization.

recently added a few special exchange chain QQ group, specialized exchange Links in the group, and I believe that many people in doing the same thing. Originally thought that after the chain would not have to worry about, but the reality is always so cruel.

3, PR

some people will love Shanghai weight is not given the official standard, I in a few days ago in an article from A5 (love Shanghai weight is not an official so unreliable?), has a detailed explanation, love Shanghai weight although not official, but also can reflect the site in weight of love Shanghai in.

Statistics welcome new year free send publicity!Seller, please do not take Taobao as a fool

Taobao, some sellers value the advantages of Taobao customers propaganda, but also attach great importance to this, so the Commission is relatively high and stable. But not all sellers will do so, not every industry will encounter such a seller, so we have to discuss today.

attracts sellers with a high commission, and then sells them at a very low commission or leads consumers to buy.

some sellers, on the one hand, need Taobao customers for their own products, on the one hand will rack their brains "deduction" Taobao customers Commission, here we look at their commonly used several strokes:

is similar to the above operation, and the only thing that is more difficult is that the customer service staff will be very careful to answer your questions, and will let you tell her own situation, such as height, weight and so on


now there are many webmaster in Wangzhuan industry, including Taobao off a few natural. When Taobao customers are determined to push the product project, the choice of which products to promote naturally become the most important. It was sure to say, choose the highest commission not to go home, if doing so, then this is belongs to you how the money lost. If you don’t know, here is a selection of the seller’s knowledge will be large. I saw many novice, including the old webmaster to push up the site, the relevant links launched to ignore, but do not know that every day in the loss of money, today to share with you, how to choose a good seller.

thank you webmaster friends support, from now until December 31, 2007, where the owners or their owners to recommend new statistics and are to be approved, normal use statistical functions or exchange functions, if the daily real IP is more than 10000, send recommendation or Webmaster Station linking 1 letter propaganda, sent a total of 5, the PR was 4, and not only the flow itself, in order to thank you, for a period of 1 months, for recommended or recommended for all web sites formal site.

is counting: zzstat

on the first point how to select good projects, I believe many places, forums have even a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial, training are in a key piece of propaganda, and today is mainly about second points, is often easily overlooked, especially newcomers.


this is the same seller’s product. The product is similar. Do you see the problem? Yes, the Commission is a big difference. The seller’s approach is this: by the high commission of 50% Taobao to attract customers to promote products, but he may have this product that was not so attractive, but will put another low commission product planning is very detailed, and the price is even lower, at the same time will make it a low commission all products in the product page, or even the limited promotion, only one purpose, to encourage consumers to buy another product, and this product commission basically is very low, so as to let Taobao customers to promote the products, but also reduces the cost and profit maximization.

1, stealing dragon, turning Phoenix

we know about the principle, Taobao customer is very simple: 1, choose to do the project; 2, to the Taobao alliance backstage to find the seller; 3, promotion website, micro-blog, etc. 4 sellers receive commission through the link to buy products.


stationmaster :674652654

group: 49849280

51Talk listed on the first day below the issue price, is still a serious lossLu Weiyu sees the net t

? The opening price of

Huang Jiajia also said that after the listing, 51Talk will continue to expand the brand influence and increase the number of users increased in K12 referring to the kindergarten to grade twelve in market penetration, according to the prospectus, 51Talk K12 users have contributed nearly half of the revenue in the first quarter of this year, compared to last year increased by about 50%.

second: are you interested,

network takes time, so I suggest to participate in the work of the people not to resign, if the student is not required, to build a web site and earn profits from, not a very simple thing, the first station belongs to the category of Taobao customers I built, from the site to set up in key words the front page of sh419 and began a total profit in a month’s time, of course, is not a lot of money, would deal with the establishment of the cost, because this station is suspected of cheating, and rarely update and change the sh419 ranking algorithm, not very front. So, if you do not go the wrong door words, have at least a few months, when it depends on many factors, you need to do market research, website construction, writing content, promotion, these are not able to finish at one thirty, I is a typical representative to participate in the work, my day is the formal work, night spare time for the network to make money, earn money from the Internet when I can pay my life time, I will resign.

: the first prerequisite Wangzhuan

as of now, 51Talk is already the third Chinese listed company in the US in 2016. Since 2015, a number of foreign listed Chinese companies have been selected for privatization, seeking domestic listing, but because of rumors

51Talk was $19.50, which closed below $19 at the closing price of US stocks today. The closing price was $18.98, or 0.11%, and the company’s market capitalization was $373 million. Shares rose by 10% in the session.

online English education institutions 51Talk listed on the first day of stock price "bleeding"

51Talk is a core business for online English one-to-one coaching company that allows users to communicate directly with foreign teachers online, shortening the distance of user teaching and lowering the educational threshold. According to its prospectus, the tuition fee for one to one English courses is about $5 per minute for 25 minutes.

, the company in November 2011 on-line, has received from the real fund, DCM, Shun and Sequoia investment, has a good financing background. As of 2015, the number of active students was 87 thousand, with a net income of $24 million.


among them, marketing spending is one of the reasons for the loss of 51Talk, from 2013 to 2016, the cost of marketing has risen from about 17 million yuan to 297 million yuan. The online education market competition is an important reason why the market marketing costs remain high, but still CEO Huang Jiajia told the media that he still has confidence after the listing will be the proportion of marketing and market spending down.

on the morning of June 11th, the online English education brand 51Talk was listed on the nyse. But the stock price performance is not satisfactory.

from the data published in the prospectus, although from 2013-2015, 51Talk’s net revenue increased year by year, respectively 21 million 660 thousand, 52 million 210 thousand, 155 million yuan, but net losses continue to rise, reaching 17 million 800 thousand yuan, 111 million 700 thousand yuan, 327 million 100 thousand yuan.

, of course, is also interested in the network to make money, all starting from their own hobbies, like the students choose a professional, do not choose what kW hot, when I choose the major of international economy and trade, is that the name of the network to make money, a lot of nice, hot industry threshold is high, after all, you have to spend. Time, money and energy is certainly a lot, of course, if you have tens of millions of yuan, you can play like investment. Network money need a lot of things, not only do you need to do network research, product development needs, but also need to study the key words, write a lot of articles for promotion, if you choose the industry not you love, then you think, it is a life after you how sad thing.

however, 51Talk is still losing money and is unlikely to make a profit in the short term.

see a Henan guy website pretty, then I ask some friends with him, "polite" skills, he said to me, he is studying in a forum, and then put the site to me, when I open this website, found that SEO is a forum. A typical CPS, give me a website, let me register, then give him the Commission website, which is a typical way to make money online. Of course, it’s also a way to make money online.

make money online condition is to have a computer with internet access on the line, I admire most Internet entrepreneurs are college students, especially some senior school students, their free time too much, even if I fail. Just imagine: the University uses free time to make money through the Internet. It not only gets the knowledge of the system, but also realizes its economic freedom. So, many students pass the muddle along without any aim for three wonderful years, of course, I am one of them.

fourth: Wangzhuan construction >

third: can you hold on,

because of the sudden change in the domestic capital market, many Internet Co also had to continue under the premise of the U.S. investment market downturn, still listed in the United states.

How to build a successful real estate website — the key to success

now can be said to be very fierce competition on the Internet, personal webmaster think that if we really want to make a station as a career to do, can try to set up a team to do local portal, local portal inside the most profitable of the number of local real estate network and local talent network. Do what you want, and don’t think about too many other factors. Never think about the competition. It’s tough. You can do it if you can do it. Today I am mainly in my own local property website, for example, to share how to do a good property network.

one, the website procedure selects

The program personal property website

is recommended with imitation of housing, the main page is relatively clean, then classification is clear, reasonable structure, very conducive to the optimization and the user experience is quite good. Of course, there are shortcomings. For example, there are fewer advertisements (in order to collect intermediary fees as profit points), there are too many calls and few words are added.

program selection, after the actual needs of their own to build functional blocks, such as second-hand housing, rental housing, residential property market. My site is mainly built second-hand housing, rent, residential, brokers, maps, looking for housing five blocks.

two, keyword analysis of the web site

the habit of searching for words varies from place to place, so we must analyze the target keyword first. Mainly through the Baidu index query, and then look at competitors, make a choice. Of course, in combination with the actual situation of their own team, select the target keyword is the best. Basically, that is, local + real estate network, local + secondary housing, local + rental housing, etc.. In addition to local + property network need to do with the home page, the other two can be classified home page to do.

long tail of the property network is basically divided into the following categories.

1, key words: community name, community name + rental, community name + second-hand housing

according to 1000 cell calculations, there have been 3000 long tail, time and technical relationship, I just made 500 residential

actual operation: each district has set up the introduction page, the plot + rent the house, the cell + second-hand house by calling and cell related information to realize. You can refer to my community arrangement,

2, key words: local town name + second-hand housing, local town + rental

is calculated according to 20 towns in each place, and can produce 40 or so long tail

actual operation: in the choice of second-hand housing and rental conditions, plus the town’s name

3, other real estate keyword is nothing more than a combination of various conditions, such as Kunshan, Zhang Pu, 2 million house, etc..

set a few more conditions, on the one hand, more spiders entrance, >

Build electricity supplier operation team to build core of network marketing competition

to build a competitive electricity supplier operating team is a requirement of modern business, electricity supplier operation team itself is the Internet money tree. So, how to build an excellent electricity supplier operation team,


in the build system to pay attention to the overall thinking, thinking not only in the sales department, customer service department, but to stand in with the boss’s point of view to think about the problem, how to build an efficient, low-cost electricity supplier operating system, and it is a sustainable development system. In this system will include standard work manuals and work table, through the drain can effectively reduce the cost to the lowest level, the system must make the new recruit people can enhance the efficiency of rapid access to a working state so as to effectively reduce the training cost for the company.

Internet era is the era of fast eat the slow, a wrong decision will not lead to a company’s death, but not according to the trend of the development of the Internet and fast to adjust existing marketing strategy of the company would be killed, so to adapt to the Internet, embrace the Internet, through the latest information, an important platform to grasp the data the development trend of the Internet, according to the changes to adjust the marketing strategy, marketing to improve the input-output ratio, the only way to have a fierce competition in the Internet in a place to live in.

electricity supplier operating system to build

sentiment: create electricity supplier operating system is a trial and error, optimization, summary, system formation process, we can tolerate consumption in the test time, but absolutely can not tolerate piaffe, hidebound.

Internet marketing is a combination of platform and content, the platform is the content of the carrier, the content of the platform is dazzling stars. On the one hand, we need to choose the platform, such as Baidu bidding, web promotion and news media, classified information, industry forums, the official website of the company, the platform is very large, according to the company’s products and marketing objectives for these platform planning promotion content corresponding to the selected into a better platform and achieve a single point of breakthrough, eventually the operating system through the standardization work manual to form the entire electricity supplier. Moreover, the electricity supplier operating system is constantly optimized according to changes in the Internet development.

electricity supplier operating system to build steps

step 1, platform effect testing

as much as possible to find the Internet platform, publish promotional content to observe the effect.

step two, filter quality platform

according to the promotion effect data analysis, select the better quality promotion platform.

step three, single break, high-speed copy

looking for a better platform, focus on high-speed replication, in order to achieve the best results.

step four, build electricity supplier operating system

work out the worksheet, Workbook (including workflow, >) based on the content of the work

How much money to join the barbecue Xiaobian for you to answer in detail

barbecue has its unique flavor and the environment, has a huge consumer groups in the country, usually the streets and lanes has always been able to see someone holding a barbecue to eat with relish, or see the people sitting there drinking in knots to eat barbecue in the street stalls, some tall buffet barbecue become the young people welcome the catering mode, diversified barbecue, or spicy, or is delicious, or mixed, to become a delicious barbecue food as necessary.

barbecue it sounds simple, but the good is not easy, because it is necessary to have baked heat, to grasp the taste of the conditioning, as well as to cater to local tastes, let people control is not fine, but also many businessmen to invest the focus here, with less money, get higher return, the network also stall to earn high profits, steady over ordinary white-collar income, then join the barbecue how much money, how do the reasonable risk control, winning wealth?

Why do you choose


The characteristics of location where

since it will choose to join the barbecue, barbecue where, to choose a suitable location to the corresponding people to do a survey is a must, only understand their business customers, make marketing strategy in order to better.

How much money is needed to join


Internet cafes how location

Internet industry is now getting better and better, many people need to use the internet. It is natural to attract a lot of entrepreneurs, now open a cafe is a good choice of business, but before this, entrepreneurs have to choose carefully good location for himself, he can make a good shop.

3 premises: choose the specific location, it is necessary to consider the place of business to business area, regulations and compliance with laws and regulations and how to do the decoration characteristics. According to the size of your Internet cafes to determine the size of. 200 Internet cafes business area, it is recommended to be more than 500 square meters, as far as possible to set the Internet cafes spacious environment, easy. Make the customer feel comfortable. No depression, so even if the Internet for a long time, it will not feel tired, but there is a relaxed feeling.

The perfect marriage of others to achieve their own brilliant

marriage is a very solemn and sacred moment, and although the times are changing, but the emphasis on the wedding has increased, a wedding company believe that not only can let oneself to witness the happy moment, but also for investors to earn money!

wedding as an emerging industry in the country has reached a degree of popular. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, in recent years, such as the wedding company emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. In particular, the establishment of the Shanghai Wedding Association, officially advertised the wedding industry is moving towards the direction of specialization, standardization.

gradually formed a high-profile wedding industry chain, with huge potential business opportunities. In the process of rapid development of wedding industry, enterprises pay more and more attention to the brand and service scale, high service level of the wedding is also increasing, the whole industry in order to meet the contemporary youth, fashion, personalized, diversified service demand and efforts to the pursuit of romance, the wedding industry is a big industry chain gradually formed.

2010 marriage registration in Shanghai, there are 117825 pairs of new couples, if each pair of new wedding photography in accordance with the calculation of the amount of $2000, the annual production value of Shanghai wedding photography is 200 million. With the arrival of 2011 married Wang, wedding consumption will usher in a new round of the peak.

The vigorous development of