The chain resources collection how to raise free blog

in Shanghai dragon cannot do without the chain of resources and a webmaster on hand if you have a large number of the chain resources, website promotion to do it themselves, especially for some customers because they tend to stand, Shanghai Dragon don’t know too much, the words are generally relatively unpopular long tail keywords, at this time only need to slightly adjust the internal web site, then in our registered blog the chain, you can go to see my first film production in the chain effect of the Sina blog! We use instructions: domain:www.* **贵族宝贝.cn inurl:blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn, the following is the result:

blog !

two, how to manage their free


nonsense not say, here to talk about how to raise free

we all know that the high weight of the blog search a lot, what Sina, NetEase, Sohu, love Shanghai, if the manual registration, the day I think you have not registered, and let yourself so tired, so we first thought is that there are no tools to assist us? I use the tools the blog group tool, this tool is used to post mass, but now love Shanghai algorithm, with the tool group, will receive severe punishment to love Shanghai, so now only used to register a blog, this tool is the biggest benefit for us to register those free blog, high weight blog 60 brother, as I now want to register Beijing sound lease this website, as long as I fill in the blog name: Beijing sound lease, and then in the blog. Here lies fill: Beijing lighting welcome to visit! The name and password are set, finally only need to select all of the blog, click on the registration, a few hours to fix 60 blog for you! We only need the auxiliary tool to enter a verification code, OK


if you breath registered 50 free blog, no time to management. These free resources is wasted, so we should from time to time to give him some data to update him, many webmaster friends if not what time, don’t be too greedy, manage 4, 5 blogs than you don’t manage 40 or 50 blog, I also registered a large number of blog, every blog article to those who have to spend a lot of time behind, I think this way is not reliable, so the thought of a way to call their friends and relatives to help me manage, they can send some insights in their lives, such as diaries, ha ha, are some of the original, which is also the search engine love the things behind, don’t feel satisfied, will go online to relatives and friends after all is not a lot, but their home computer is scanty, so he thought of a way.

, a registered blog has the skill of


Track extrapolation fast find out efficient marketing platform

by testing a lot of people in the promotion will be the habit of a platform of a platform, which is the most basic way of network promotion, but the vast majority of people will invariably find the efficiency promotion methods is not high, and it can quickly track extrapolation to help find the promotion good platform, is one of the most effective means of promotion.

as a cloud claw analysis of network marketing management platform for small, I always think that tracking competitors is the most effective means of promotion. Perhaps some people do not agree with me, but people who have this idea I dare say nine in ten is certainly promotion novice, because of an experience for the promotion, extrapolation tracking of competitors is almost every day will do, this is just a promotion strategy that has nothing to do with the other. In fact, novices can imagine that in a hurry before you go to the store to buy clothes and always love playing version of the attention model is a reason, since others have worked hard to pick apart the best collocation but also by the majority of people, why don’t we try? So this extrapolation tracking in fact, in the promotion of promotion strategy is very practical, can not only promote the latest dynamic and timely insight into each other’s promotion strategy also helps to quickly identify promotion direction, avoid doing.

in most people’s minds seem to be tracking a shady light thing, but there is no denying that this is not see the light of things but in many cases helps us, saying that we do the network promotion, a situation which is not in the extrapolation by all means to keep track of the competitors? In our network promotion in this circle, track extrapolation is actually a very common situation.

Discussion on Shanghai dragon art review


is very important, but not enough to decide the search engine to determine the content of a web page. When it comes to "Shanghai Dragon Art" in a Book: "navigation on a page is generally not unique, so it can’t help the search engine to determine the unique content." In the words of Wang Shifan, it is because the navigation links are common in many web pages, so the search engine and then decide the content of the page is not taken into account.

love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon, Wang Shifan that is too general. Should from two aspects: one is the definition of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon from the professional point of view, the Shanghai dragon professional personnel; the other is from the customer’s perspective for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon customer groups.

1. from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, how to define the meaning of Shanghai dragon

3. Keywords tag, description tag

mentioned two points, we should learn and absorb the Shanghai dragon. First, the relevance of the link. This gave me the inspiration as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon forum only as simple keywords and attract crawling our website, improve website ranking function is more and more small. Second, extensive anchor text. The same anchor text, a thousand words, the website.


in the description on the label, not on the search engine, but it also has a role in the body, it can be obtained from a section click on the search results list, so the relative value.

2. in the search engine judgment or definition of website content, navigation links

Wang Shifan believes that in China, many workers will be Shanghai dragon in writing the three labels, but also seriously one by one to fill in. In fact, with the passage of time, the three major label status change. We use keywords to spend time studying out only need to add to the site need not fill in the title, Keywords tag, label position gradually because of the keyword search engine down.


team decided to the Dragon Boat Festival collective rest three days, so Wang Shifan decided to buy the book a trip back home. A few days earlier on Taobao bought the "Shanghai Dragon Art", in the home on the train is turned over, draw several key parts, and then go home repeatedly read focus, carefully try to figure out. Now think of this part of Wang Shifan thinks the essence and key place to share to you, if you have any questions, but also hope.

How to handle ?The book is on the

"Shanghai Dragon Art" a book from the perspective of professional definition of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon: "Shanghai dragon is the influence of relevance of query results and process of." See this sentence, Wang Shifan suddenly feel the author’s strong, one sentence Wang Shifan belly to express the meaning, but also easy to understand.

?The definition of Link analysis

4. "Shanghai Dragon Art" mentioned, what is worth paying attention to

To punish the nobility baby before buying to BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝

also complained that their website is always rather baffling nobility baby blocked or demotion? They are not intentionally with you, because they are talking to yourself. Yesterday I spent 37 million 700 thousand pounds to buy British price comparison site BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 at the end of the acquisition within 24 hours after the baby was aristocratic downgraded, because they violated the standard baby aristocracy administrator.

Book said Shanghai dragon BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 too many radical Shanghai dragon, they buy links through paid web pages and other place entrance unruly way to improve their search rankings. After being noble baby downgrade, BeatThatQuote the keyword search you will find the first names is not their own website.

before the noble baby also punished its own noble baby Japanese master, 11 months after the recovery of the Japanese aristocracy baby Pagerank.


Webmasters talk about doing websites, standing trees

how to do a website, do website has been a topic of discussion, I contact site may be more than 5 years, from the free space in the forum, now has 5 sites, it is a little experience, this experience to talk about their own website.

first, choose the space and seed, learn the technique well, do the work attentively, stand

website to do a website, such as planting trees, like trees like to choose, you do what aspects of the network, is a comprehensive network or vertical sites, or social class, to, set network name, domain name, as well as species, species can have good results. It is not enough, but also planting technology, know how to cultivate seedlings. Is the network technology, website knowledge, such as PHP, ASP programming, will use DW, FTP and other software management space. With seed ­ domain name, with technology – site technology, to choose a good environment – space, there is a good space, a good environment, trees can grow better. Space to speed, do not have any restrictions, if necessary, have their own servers. The domain name, space, began planting trees, carefully done station such as trees and water, nourish; with techniques such as the tree stands to soil, have good space environment; (website space), in order to better development. Such a site was born.

two, take root and bathe the sun and moon essence,

seed in your attentive care and take root of teeth, is your membership, a website is not a member, will not have a big development, it is the trunk of your name, your navigation is the classification of branches, leaves the natural – Web content website. Site name, domain name is tree species, tree trunks, that is, positioning, what kind of root will be generated, what kind of membership?. With members will take root, members of the information sent, that is, send the article page. Sites such as trees are beginning to take root and sprout, and the site has some members and adds a lot of web pages. Began to be included in a number of search engines.

then what is the search engine? I see the sun, the sun is the vast number of Internet users. Is not included in the object is covered by the sun, trees without sunlight, will not grow and grow. Such as Baidu now, has become a habit of Internet users to inquire about information, there will not be east or what to buy, as long as the Baidu will have a result. If you want to know your web, let the sun shine on your page so that people can see your website. Do not clone leaves, because the natural conditions are not exactly the same leaves, so do not always copy web pages of others, copy things, such as being covered by things, the sun will not shine. Search engines will not be included, such as less sunlight, leaves color yellow tender. Website is the same, web pages are the basic elements of the site, such as towering trees, leafy, in order to absorb more essence. Currently, Baidu sits in the sun’s position (most of the traffic comes from Baidu), and Google plays the part of the moon. Properly do the optimization, so that the sun can not block

Master site comprehensive diagnostic process. They will also help other sites to their doctor

himself, according to his many years of learning SEO technology, summed up the site comprehensive diagnostic process steps for all to share, exchange

We use 1.

Webmaster Tools query, the basic data of the website, the website of the PR value, the number of included, snapshots, domain, meta, keyword search and tag detection is the major search engines, Alexa website ranking, Alexa statistics estimate site IP, PV value. Wait data.

Speed diagnostics for

2. site

1). Use webmaster tools, query ping command,

2). The picture is too large. The speed of the site may have an impact.

3. look at the title and description of the website.

1> in the title, include keyword and brand name (title, word number not more than 30 characters, keyword appear in front of title)

2> the key words in the title should be ranked by index and competition.

1) using keyword index query, the index does not represent the difficulty of seo.

2) query the home page of the competition degree, query the number of domain name is many, query relevant search results, can determine the keywords competition degree size.

3) the description must contain the theme content of the web site and contain keywords, the content should be simple, understandable and reasonable.

Layout of

4. keywords


1. title contains keywords and brand names

2. in the title of keywords, according to index, competition size.

(1) uses to query keyword index, which does not represent SEO difficulty.

(2) inquires the competition degree of the home page of the keyword, inquires whether the number of the first class domain name is many, inquires the relevant search result, and can judge the competition degree of the keyword.

(3) description must contain the theme content of the website and contain keywords, the content should be simple, understandable and reasonable.

search engine spiders into the web grab page, is how to judge your page Keywords:

1>. This URL, the title of the page where you are.

2> this URL, in the station, outside the anchor text link.


3>". The number of keywords that appear on this page.

4>. The keyword tab and description of this URL page

Sichuan labor exports continue to show the phenomenon of population return

with the gradual deepening of the slogan of returning home entrepreneurship, more and more migrant workers in Sichuan began to return to their hometown to start employment, the new trend of a strong impetus to the economic development of Sichuan, to enhance the output value.

2 1, a reporter from the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of statistics released the "effect of migrants on Urbanization in Sichuan analysis" was informed that the province’s labor output continued to show the phenomenon of population flow, especially the return of investment in the number of enterprises soared in the first three quarters of last year migrant workers return home invested enterprises 12454, the output value of 90 billion 114 million yuan.

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Alibaba Yun Yun Yun Yun said the next 30 years is a good machine

10 14 -15 June, the Alibaba held 2015 Yunxi conference in Hangzhou, Ma Yun made a speech at the meeting, he encouraged entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity, in today’s business environment and financing status than he had when starting a company is much better.

in the keynote speech, Ma talked about BAT and the current entrepreneurial opportunities, "in the past few years I see most of the words is BAT to China all innovation, creativity and Entrepreneurship of the big chance removed, reminds me of twenty years ago, I blame Bill · Gates, I blame IBM, I think these companies took our chances." But in fact, over the past twenty years, there are still countless entrepreneurs.

"I tell you, not the village landlord died, farmers will be rich." Ma Yun said that the three mountains or the seven mountains or BAT will still continue to develop, "but you have the chance to win, because today’s entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial today all the infrastructure financing, the state is much better than fifteen years ago."

For the problem of

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Huangyuan County, Xining trade and Industry Bureau to carry out the Mid Autumn Festival, national da

Xining County of Huangyuan Industrial and Commercial Bureau to truly grasp the "Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday food safety work, to further standardize business practices of food operators, to ensure consumer safety Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, with the ongoing" chuangxianzhengyou "and" building a civilized city "activities, the deployment of a month the food safety special law enforcement action.
the special enforcement action to grain, oil, meat, milk, cakes, beverages, candy, cakes, children food, health food, wine and other food festivals as the key species in food operators to establish and improve the purchase inspection, certificate and invoice, purchase ledger, three expired, spoiled fake food the main content, determine the supermarkets, bazaars, shopping malls, grocery stores, food wholesale business households, urban and residential areas, around the school, tourist attractions and other key area. A total of 992 households to check the food business, and the county’s main business of the moon cake of the 18 households conducted a key inspection, check the moon cake of the 31 varieties, did not find quality problems. At the same time in the dairy market inventory, the circulation of dairy products and dairy food business operators have signed more than 550 copies of the book, with the signing of the responsibility of the industry and commerce book of 3 copies.
through special inspection of law enforcement focus: one is to further standardize the management behavior and management order of food business operators; two is to further enhance the sense of responsibility and quality consciousness of operators; three is to supervise the operator to perform the purchase inspection certificate and invoice, purchase accounting obligations; four is to further purify the holiday market food quality the five is the issue of food; do early detection, early investigation, specification, to ensure consumer safety during the festival.


Third Plenary Session of the Third Plenary Session of the spirit of learning

For further study and implementation of party spirit in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, recently, Datong county organized the county leadership at the county level, the township party secretary, township, county Party committee is mainly responsible for the various departments and county units, people’s organizations, part of the county people’s Congress, members of the county committee, County retired cadres, the provincial, municipal civilized unit and responsible person the village Party branch secretary and director of the community, a total of more than 500 people attended the party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will be the spirit of learning.It is reported that