Now consider what we want to do website optimization and cost optimization

With the rapid development of the Internet website

many webmaster think so as long as the site to enter the home page can Everfount get a lot of free love Shanghai precise flow, before 2010 it is very objective optimization because the competition is very small, as long as the line on the website after the release of some content slightly do some outside the chain may rank will go up soon, but if it has shrunk now, you don’t know the love of Shanghai is upgrading its own algorithm we know the algorithm, Scindapsus has be too numerous to enumerate, Mars, pomegranate algorithm, love Shanghai white paper on the quality of various algorithms let love the sea to the webmaster tortured half alive, under the high pressure policy, Shanghai Er competition becomes more and more fierce dragon. Although after the site do the home page, we can get a lot of free traffic to get accurate, but we pay in the optimization process of manpower cost, time cost and other related resources integration cost, you now have the nerve to say your traffic is free? Your site optimization is very easily up to do it.


first, the rising cost of website optimization.

as everyone knows, the optimization has become increasingly intense. In this case, as a webmaster optimization difficulty is increasing, we as a webmaster how to do the work of their own website optimization, a new station on the line we have to optimize the planning and thinking the site through investment and the reporting period as price. What should we consider the optimization of the webmaster

third, experience will have unreliable.

second, Shanghai dragon accurate flow is brought about by the need to pay the price.

said the optimization experience we should be divided into two periods are analyzed and discussed, it can be said on the two day the website optimization content is king, the chain for the emperor before 2012, when we’re just a little for the web site after online update some of the content, and then to the hair of the chain, the chain of hair hand cramps, artificial suck our machine group, so save much of it, is also very easy to Links operation as long as the money, buy the chain! Can be said that at that time.

we know that the optimization before 2010 is very easy with the website, after the 2010 Ali Alliance launched Amoy, a lot of people pouring into Shanghai and Phoenix lead industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated and upgraded, led to the current web site optimization of all aspects of the cost is rising, more and more companies see the trend of e-commerce, the upsurge of network marketing in a wave hit, promote Shanghai dragon to learn to use the product, is a way of Internet marketing choice of many small and medium enterprises is very important. That we must face our problems is to optimize the cost, in order to promote optimization work, enterprises must pay more effort and expense. Now the Shanghai dragon we need to put more manpower, time, and these things are now Shanghai Longfeng most directly reflects the increased cost optimization.

The virtual host site migration method

use FTP to migrate to the new virtual host on the manual to confirm whether the site can normal visit, the general virtual host will provide a free three level domain name, to test migration from the site in the three domain. If the test no problem began from the new domain name resolution.

moved to play the amount in advance, the original web content stored for at least 7 days or more, without updating the station, ensure that search engines use the original IP address can still access to content, because many search engines will cache DNS, if you go to the original site to delete all data at the time, may be a lot of 404 the error page, after the search engine cache DNS update, you can delete all the original virtual space. "

five: A

in general, choose during the early hours of the morning is the best time migration site. But it is not realistic for people like me not to stay up late, so up early to replace the most appropriate space, such as 7 in the morning. 2-5 PM and 8-11 PM is the peak of the Internet, is the most visited website, see your statistics clear.

domain name: member login, domain name management, click on the need to set up the new analytical domain name address, domain name service, that is, to modify the domain name A. In the domain control panel and quickly on the site after the resolution in the control panel to set the new domain name, usually two hours you can successfully access the new virtual host.

six: please retain the original site for at least 7 days more than

two: access time migration of

as a webmaster, is actually a group of vulnerable groups, when we pay, what is what IDC said, the basic personal is incapable of action. Then, the replacement of the virtual host, has become the most common problem among webmasters and bloggers. Today Lou song song will introduce some same domain site from one host to another host migration techniques, in order to avoid the site unnecessary losses caused by migration.

analysis of domain name recordThe setting method of The most important

: the replacement of the virtual host preparation – check

four: pay attention to retain the original virtual hosting site

virtual host can not be replaced, you should first check and replace the virtual host IP is safe, is search engine shield, above if there are other illegal websites, do not go without safety on host IP transfer website.

three: to the site to do the backup

database backup and upload folder, be sure to backup. If you don’t know the directory structure of web application, can spend more time on the backup station. Lu Songsong usually do backup is to download the several important directory to my computer. At the same time to the site to do the backup can be a variety of services, such as web site reviews, close the message function.

less in the website

YAHOO search engine YAHOO is about to be closed

YAHOO search


all the way!

dating back to 20 years ago, the YAHOO Yahoo Directory, provides a quick way to search for Internet users. In "not many times, through the website directory retrieval way users can quickly find the content they want to search for. However, this has the epoch-making product will be shut down by YAHOO.

Yahoo Corp announced today: Yahoo Directory and Yahoo Education, the video sharing services such as Qwiki are close together. YAHOO issued a document called: "20 years ago, YAHOO launched Yahoo Directory as a web directory, to help users search on the internet. Although we are still committed to connect users with the information they are interested in, but our business has evolved, by December 31, 2014, we will close the Yahoo Directory. Advertisers will be upgraded to the new service, more details can communicate directly."

Online money, past life, this lifeFrom the FaceBook inventory out of 20 entrepreneurs in a Mafia

network, Wangzhuan development road to look forward to, don’t understand an industry, do not forget this industry, who said that,

to see how you should look for a small partner, but should think about what you should become a small partner,

stage 1: the world’s first free money company appeared in June 1997 click class. Put the company’s ads on your home page. If someone clicks on the company’s ads, then you can get a certain amount of dollars. In November of that year, the advertising agencies that offered click class money making services specifically providing click class money making The Mobility Company appeared.

two, the prospects for making money online

more money!

today to see "FaceBook Mafia", 10 years ago, Facebook announced that, after 10 years, the 20 people together to assist Zuckerberg in his own business, among them, some people on a map to get billions of dollars worth, have patience and dedication to work into the evaluation team Facebook. Today let’s count, who joined the Facebook and later break their own piece of heaven and earth entrepreneurs.

story: Facebook, the world’s most famous social networking site, led the Facebook listing, breaking the market value of $100 billion in a day.

Making money on the

currently serves as president of Facebook,

worth: $20 billion

bandits ruled Silicon Valley buddies, PayPal Mafia, you may feel buddies and the strength of a circle of the role.

The development history and Prospect of in November 2009

, according to expert estimates, by 2010, global e-commerce transactions will reach $450 billion. Along with the development of new industry Wangzhuan will have hitherto unknown. Moreover, the future Wangzhuan industry will present new features as follows:

Like attracts like., entrepreneurs always Birds of a feather flock together., a group of entrepreneurs, even together has made a very great company, but also prevent them to create a great company

network is a new way to make money. An emerging e-commerce industry in mainland China is a branch of e-commerce advertising. Online money development has gone through the following stages:

story: Moskovitz is Facebook’s first CTO, and Zuckerberg’s College roommate. The two gave up their studies at Harvard University and moved to California to show up at Facebook. After Facebook came on the market, Moskovitz, 27, became the youngest billionaire in the world to make money on his own. He had a 7.6% stake in Facebook. Post employment, develop Asana team collaboration >

joining Facebook time: 2004

1, Mark Zuckerberg,

one, the history of making money online


third stage: July 1999, broadcast advertising a special kind of advertising software profitable company, as long as the Internet can be run at the same time, it provides software to make money, one hour ranging from $0.40-1.00. In August of the same year, the company that sent and sent e-mail came to e-mail just by sending and receiving the company’s e-mail or by sending the company. From rampant, Wangzhuan companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, flowers all over the network.

worth: $6 billion 800 million

, and all this can not be separated from an important fact: the emergence of e-commerce E-Business 80s and the rapid development 90s. E-commerce has become the fastest growing field of Internet applications. Although the electronic commerce activities currently successful basically in the United States Note: Wangzhuan company also basically in the United States, but the developed countries, such as Germany and Japan are also aware of its importance, develop a series of relevant policies. In such an international environment, with China’s accession to WTO and the "direct method" with introduction of e-commerce will gradually be accepted by the public, with the network marketing characteristic "Wangzhuan" will be gradually recognized by people. As early as the late acceptance acceptance, early contact to early money! Let your

2, Dustin Moskovitz

second stage: August 1998, a new type of money making company, introducing members, making money companies also appear. As soon as you become a member, you can get a few dollars immediately, and by introducing friends, you can also deduct a percentage from each other.

1, the company will Wangzhuan more closely, all-round, multi-level cooperation and e-commerce company, make people not only through the registration of e-commerce companies to make money, "

Facebook experience: co founder, as president,

‘s experience after leaving office: as venture capitalists, co founded Asana company

!The last time a summary of

Facebook experience: co founder, served as Facebook CTO CTO post

joining Facebook time: entry in 2004, leaving

Public information is also a great helper website optimization

we can often see that enhance natural website optimization keywords ranking eight points on the Internet:

4, TITLE and meta

, a positive answer to the information




generally we see the "public opinion" of the word, will come out in my mind this is not a good message, why to help website, this should not be regarded as the opposite of

, 3 URL path factor

1, the domain name server and factors2,

, "the 8 factors composingSo today I think

monitoring network public opinion specific to different enterprise network public opinion monitoring process may not be the same, but are roughly three parts:

7, from other valuable website recommendation

public opinion events because many companies do not have the concept of Internet business, only know that every year is difficult to do, but do not know how to evaluate your company on the Internet by people. Can we do only detect the network public opinion, allow enterprises to embark on a positive path, first of all, to determine their own monitoring scope and target, know what to do; secondly, to have their own public opinion view, processing personnel, responsible for the first time to collect public opinion information.

5, the content of the website factors

site navigation and site map structure


6, keyword density

: now we want to know the society is a company, to find the address of the company, will first love Shanghai. The name of the enterprise, but we often see a lot of people on the Internet found that the company was in Shanghai after the love of countless infamy, such as: the business does not pay, the boss mean, the company’s internal system chaos the company’s products, there are problems…… All kinds of public opinion information, resulting in the company staff turnover is too large, resulting in replacement without the latter, employees with difficult people; customers see such information will cancel the order or test, or the selection of a good reputation in the same industry. Why would this do a rattan design amplification, the others think of this company that is a search element? Because only you in dealing with public opinion information reasonably, answer the users of information and the establishment of word-of-mouth marketing, the user will publicity for your business and your website will be more attention and give a good evaluation, look at the company with the right vision, so that public opinion information is a great helper Website Optimization Website on the Internet, and improve the position.

Although the

should not say rattan design or 8 points, as long as the search on the Internet can see detailed information eight, in fact, Xiaobian want to say today is public opinion factors.

Multiple site home page is not the first reason

home is not a reason in the first is often, especially long time station webmaster is a look at the home page snapshot, ranking as wind sways grass can from all aspects to find the reasons, so I according to some reasons they are familiar with, start one by one to see if we can find the reason.

as everyone knows when we were in the weight analysis, a web site, especially in the first home page is important is, in the past the SITE home page is not the first site we often do not exchange with Links, my website Chinese pesticide talent network (www.nzrcw贵族宝贝) has been in operation for many years because the ranking is also good, love. Shanghai has a certain weight, in exchange Links process also attaches great importance to the exchange of a chain, the weight is high, ranking good, excellent operating for a long time the formal site. If under normal circumstances, there could be a large area of drop right phenomenon.

: a step by step control home is not the first

3:IP addresses the frequent changes of

1: the site was linked to horse or poisoning

then this phenomenon is now really emerged, and the fierce storms make people panic, fear has suffered, then immediately open the site, analysis of the problems.

for several reasons


In my analysis of this site when the chain of

: a large number of friends of the chain of home is not the first let the shocking

website cheatingThe >

site is cheating can easily lead to the home page is K or even total station is K, is my Links in this situation? Think there may not be the case, because the first of these sites are stable for many years ranked good operation site, already bid farewell to the need to maintain the operation of cheating so, analysis of key words for each site are piling up, whether the chain software release traces, did not find the relevant traces, the reason can be ruled out.

recently, suddenly appeared a large number of test results "is not the first home page" the red words deeply stimulation, why there are so many Links also have this phenomenon? Will not let my site also suffered a series of problems in trouble? I began to go analysis of the causes of such problems and possible consequences.



is the most easy to cause web trojan website right down there, after the performance of the site was linked to horse general: stop updating the snapshot, the page has been K, long time no treatment after ranking a lot of drop, which there is a performance from his home after the first fall. So I open the link each site, problem analysis code, and simulate the robot crawl, did not find any horse phenomenon and improper words, ruled out the site was linked to horse or cause poisoning.

Write to reading surge 15th Title skills

1: sign rule 2: digital rule


is used to reveal the answer, unexpected results, the long-awaited event

modified: God skills, the people of India and the hanging

9: exposed thigh Rule 10: key contradiction rule


! . The symbol

the following 15 major title law is reading article summary from more than 1000

exclamation case:

13: rule 14: rule

through the use of questions to attract attention to the readers’ interest to ask, thus, try to put narrative sentence into a rhetorical question, that is expected to significantly strengthen the core content, more prominent questions, but also easy to resonate

induction for many beginners do not quite understand, and then combined with the specific case analysis


Of course, this

ellipsis highlighted the good suspense, about to speak, but saying nothing left room for imagination full of

a good people from the media is a good "title party", on a good title will directly affect the amount of reading, the site visits, users will eventually affect the conversion rate. Some people say that the network marketing is not the absolute dry cargo is 100%, some soft, I think so, as long as we provide is the content of the user demand and value, I think it is a successful soft

5: Rule 6: down to earth law

3: bangdakuan Rule 4: know the body rule

a few people can put the title up in place, especially beginners need to continue to exercise to try, through the data analysis of user feedback to adjust. Statistically, 10 out of 8 people will read the title, only 2 people will read the article. So we should spend more time in the title, because it directly determines the opening rate. So a good title is a small

also expressed surprise, for praise, anger, sad sigh, such strong feelings, can generally cause the attention of people with this symbol, help you brain emotion


comment: before the amendment is an open.

11: human weakness rule 12: Chase hot rule

7: recognition rule 8: the user through the rule of

is highly abstract, expression of abstract concept can help the readers to fill out the brain contains emotion, in addition: people are born to have the very strong symbol recognition, so use can play a good effect in the title.

1: Sign Rules

: India three before the revision of what God is there

15: inventory rule

exaggerated condemnation

Luo Qi how do I make $70 a day by ShoushouPersonal website income can be diversified, the webmaster

shlf1314 Adsense:40 knife = about 300 yuan



gossip less, return to the subject. Although I am also a member of the army of the search, but I did not like most people, just for the video and search, I admit, I used to engage in the Internet exercise superb search ability, sanxialiangxia found video and secretly in the company with a quick way to appreciate it, ha ha, I am not afraid of the company the leaders and colleagues to see, but at my age, sex is not so curious, moreover, I have more things to do, this thing of course is to make money, the master is what you eat? Is when others are enthusiastic, hard earned dollars flow and people.

above is the desert song network in all aspects of income, total monthly income:

hard work pays off, after a door download video and Shoushou as easy as blowing away the dust, links have been placed in my personal website, this time, the shlf1314 and the sh419 hot list has not been Shoushou occupied, not even the popular vocabulary, this involves news sensitivity and network editor of the webmaster. I found Shoushou door three words a netizen from the group of obscure words, and the first time that this will fire, put Shoushou three words to search for shlf1314 replication, it is not the Shoushou case in brewing and propagation period of blossom everywhere. I was glad he sent a few related news, keywords are mentioned: "Shoushou", "Shoushou door download", "Shoushou door video", "Shoushou 30M download", "Shoushou 220M full version download"……

double: 500 yuan

total monthly income: around 1700. For a station around IP4000 PM, I’m satisfied, last month

had little effect on the viewer

at the beginning of 2009, Edison Chan A Jiao selflessly pornographic, let the whole world color male entertainment, 2010 did not let us down, the Spring Festival is just dragging entertainment and alcohol to defeat the body back to the company, he met Shoushou, the first Chinese beautiful car models show passion, make everyone feel refreshed and tired away. Crazy and then have to open shlf1314 and sh419 search for "Shoushou" and "Shoushou door download", "Shoushou video", "Shoushou 30M download", "Shoushou 220M full version download"……

this is a impetuous and sexual repression of society, embodied in the Internet more realistic, of course, I am also a member of the search force, the so-called "people at the beginning," the nature is also.

sell links: 400 yuan

station is currently set a senior member, can enjoy unlimited number of music boxes and so on some functions, this piece of income can not be ignored about, after all, people used to eat free lunch now, maybe I won’t do it.

3, wireless products now put a ringtone download advertising, of course, is only suitable for music station, according to the nature of the site you can send pictures, novels and so on. The station is currently sending this month about 150.

wireless advertising: 150 yuan

Alimama:60 yuan


is waiting for me, as in the past work, Internet Co working tired and happy, tired is because in the Internet industry itself is a toil live, is comfortable because I already love this industry…… Stop the train, but also run. About 2 hours later, I went to the shlf1314 search results page third Shoushou door, impressively is what I have just released ", my site in the third row, the heart is a chuckle. Look at me, dozens of group concerned about this event has more and more people, and then look at the shlf1314 hot list, has appeared in this hot words, I seem to see huge traffic and huge amounts of dollars hit me,

1, click on the shlf1314 Adsense is the first choice, of course should be placed. If you can apply to sh419 Wangmeng to promote cooperation it is also very good, I have to apply for, was K. The second is Alimama, but recently Mama less and less income, so put the banner for other station the union, it’s double the advertising, network owners see, of course, a lot of people say that this is a liar alliance, but I have three consecutive weeks of receipt of money.

popups: $300

two, sell link revenue

many personal webmaster website income I believe are shlf1314 Adsense or Alimama, especially shlf1314 Adsense, believes the 99% owners have invested, has become the site the main source of income, but if one day your GG account is K, how to do? What to feed website? Several aspects of the following network as an example the author the songs about personal website revenue sources, this website IP on at least 4000, thirty thousand PV.

one, ad League

three, membership fees

this one don’t underestimate, do more than the monthly income of the advertising alliance, as long as you stand high PR, normal included is money. At present the old network to sell more than 20 links, there are about four hundred of the monthly income of.

2, pop category now put the code back shells of a union, one day ten yuan income. Of course the normal station is not recommended to put the window, but the back shells can still be taken into account, one hour back at once,.

Discuz! X1 beta version installation uses full record

March 28, 2010, Comsenz company released its 2010 core product Discuz! X experience a lot of version, wait for the grassroots webmaster in droves, some people can not wait to get this does not rise, do not advocate the establishment of the official program built version of the site experience. There are many people on the official experience website all day long, waiting for child tiger daily release team diary, the official every change is holding everyone’s heart, never any kind of software, so so worried. Obviously, the company tried to Comsenz making it something, as Kang Sheng Mister Dai Zhikang previously said that, discuzx tries to open up the establishment of the new era.

April 29, 2010, the official release of the upgrade version, in just one hour, downloaded more than hundreds of thousands of times, I am also the first time to download the program, even without careful study use, could not wait to put the UPLOAD stuff uploaded, full of fantasy, but the result is a sleepless night. Because of some small mistakes, web site for the first time failed to upgrade, the so-called styled, in an effort to restore the original user’s head and part of the data the whole day was gone, regret to die. As a whole, there is no improvement in the middle of the night. The headache is like the pesticide, but I go to bed, but I don’t necessarily go to bed when I go to bed. It’s full of discuzx

fortunately, second days early in the morning, the site has been upgraded successfully, but the user’s Avatar data has been lost forever. At the same time, a large number of BUG makes me a headache, one point one white eyes, a repair. This process is more worrying than a wife’s child. How beautiful the 51 ah, to be wasted, dwelling in less than 20 square meters of rented room, day and night,

pain ah!

now, the owners are on the new journey again, and officials say the official version will be released before May, and everyone is looking forward to it, and hopefully the day of the release will be the end of the pain,


Challenge WeChat, I want to believe myself, I didn’t think how to do it

recently in a number of television commercials saw easecredit advertising, there seems to be some feeling, and this one started easecredit advertising compared to some chills, easy letter from the beginning to now, we can say buried in torrents, and not to say that it has not been used for the crowd, even if it has some innovations, such as call low price pure communication advantages, but still in today’s market has not had the slightest change.

But when

easecredit just appeared and indeed to the market hit a shot in the arm, and then with easecredit bundled sales of hot models for a lot of momentum, at the same time we have to mention is the beginning of the easy to use letter to send traffic activities that I was impressed in the teeth of the storm and mobile Unicom is a high tariff issues, and easy to believe this also caused a certain impact, but easy to believe now why become a time tide loser?

is difficult to change the user’s habits,

the first point from the user’s perspective, easecredit did not really change the user’s habits, easy to believe in before the unfamiliar street, WeChat, QQ and other social networking, Fetion chat software early to seize the market, develop user dependent and long-term usage, and easy to believe that the bright younger generation rely on what advantages to change the user to use this habit? Users in the original social software in the accumulation of contacts

will decide on what path to follow?

can be said easecredit did not bring the user function updates, but have a similar function with their predecessors, it gives the user the listing did not substantially changed, so it is difficult to change the user’s habits which is not only in the late easecredit sustained expansion has brought some problems, in the early stage the user is no longer in use after a period of time easecredit, such easecredit is difficult to form the user viscosity higher, more difficult to change their position in the market.

positioning blur, can not accurately find the source

can be said easecredit is just beginning to locate the route to go family chat, but later became a couple in the market before the exchange tool, not a solid, easecredit is eager to open up a market, will lead to the two markets are not taken into account, no matter how many advantages of this software is easy to believe and if the customer does not have the opportunity to get to know, then there is no way to obtain a good product development, of course, this has many relationships and market positioning fuzzy easecredit.

brings a barrier for the development of positioning fuzzy easecredit, in the development of the accelerator because each customer wants to seize the customer level, so the every aspect of the customer in the loss, this approach allows easecredit The loss outweighs the gain. weakened, although there are some easy credit households are still in use, but as the number of easy to use letter of this circle is less and less, presumably the old user can persist will be less and less, after all this easecredit fuzzy market positioning from the view of development, is the enterprise product development taboo.

products emerge in an endless stream