Need a website optimization of enterprise website should be how to design the website structure

the above two parts required to write in the meta webpage as well.

; the name of the enterprise; ?


in addition, some sites also need some special effects to meet the customer’s eye, usually with JS or more advanced jQuery with CSS style implementation, which requires that the JS code section to separate JS file storage, to call the JS file in the form of expression in the web page.

from the perspective of optimization, not only the webpage in the title bar can be users visually see the title, also includes information on the optimization function of meta, which is the main key words and describe the work, also called for a different set of. Keywords and description is better understood, each page what keywords, with what, but also require specific settings.

is the title of the site, including not only the website home page, but the entire site each face of the user page, from the optimization perspective, each page should have a separate title and content, in order to maintain the single content, also is the entire station not repeatable.

page or column page title classification structure: " column name or category name " " "

in addition to the two code, also need to pay attention not to frame in the form of writing, because the search engine can not read within the framework of content.

Two, ; the name of the enterprise;

page title structure: " Web page to optimize the keywords of " " "

content page or product page title structure: " news headlines or product name " " "

; the name of the enterprise;

in the Internet website work has been more than seven years, including the direction of web application, art design, editing, optimization, and computer maintenance, space domain sites etc.. In these years of work, for the enterprise web site level is deep, especially contact Shanghai dragon after optimization, have in-depth knowledge of the overall structure of the site design, and used to obtain good results. Need a website optimization of enterprise website should be how to design the structure of the site


at this stage, most of the site code structure for div+css expression, content and style, make the page structure is not deep, so that search engine spiders read more smoothly, and the old table structure has basically been replaced, because the table structure is too complex and not conducive to the environment of competition. Div+css website, according to the optimization requirements, need to separate CSS part write CSS file, to call the CSS file in the form of expression in the web page.

site title structure

, a website code structure


Only CPL advertisers horses and maxima officially launched!How do entrepreneurs view Tencent’s follo

* advertisers: horses and maxima – for you to find your own dream career opportunities! Provides a broad platform for human resources,

on.The definition of

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

. The settlement period:

welcome the alliance members to launch actively,

has received wide attention and heated discussions on this issue. Among them, Zhu Jiyu, the highest number of votes, is his main point:


entrepreneurs are looking for VC, VC’s favorite question is, "what are you going to do if you follow the Tencent project and almost completely replicate it?"

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


is not the first, either this or that! In this world some things, one is enough, and some things, is there a, give you one more choice is good. For example, communication tools, one is enough, and more useless, but like BBS forum, then a good, every atmosphere will be different.



Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

farm thing, you can change a more popular point of view. There are several casinos in the world, only to start playing cards, suddenly one day, you start to play a new > in their own small casino.

type: CPL

users must browse the site for information about the event.


. The effective registration: the registered users only for Jiangsu. And check that the registered IP is Jiangsu, you will need to call to confirm the presence of the user,

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

does not support custom links.

Lianzhong’s death, what reason is because of the Tencent, or two said, if there is a good community at the helm, it should be the development process with reference to grand and 4399 small game, this is not the way to go put up the shutters. If Tencent blocked the road of Lianzhong, and forced it to a dead end, then the grand and 4399 two patterns how to survive and grow,

more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u


therefore, the best choice for small companies is to do the latter. When the Tencent comes to grab the market, its large-scale entry will greatly enlarge the market space and make more people accept this new thing. They don’t rob your market, they help you expand the market. So you can follow it and use its rapid expansion to achieve your expansion. As long as you can make your own personality, users usually choose to try your services while using the Tencent service. Therefore, in the user’s efforts, as long as to make their own characteristics, will be able to retain large numbers of users.

please send more sites to match,

second, see the nature of competition. As far as I know, in the past ten years, the real Tencent has been eaten, with a well-known company, but also Lianzhong one. This time, there will be some more with me happy farm example. Let’s talk about them together, though one is an enterprise, and the other is just a small product.

. The Commission Standard: 10 yuan / registered

. The advertiser names: horses and maxima

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. The data return mechanism: real-time return

quickly helps businesses and job seekers resolve and reach their needs. This promotion is limited to Jiangsu,


unique alliance


* advertising review mode: manual review

users in the world need only one thing very few, and so so many years, Tencent really trampled on the few companies, but rather a lot of Tencent can use the competition, and better develop themselves. Such as BBS, portal, shop these, users naturally like more than one, more than one choice. Even if like gadgets, such as complex operating system tools this just shows that users see the simple and complex, in fact behind than simple operating system, the world would only live a. So, for what users can and cannot use what is a idiot thing ah! Most people can benefit from the Tencent in the competition.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


PHPWind elite webmaster Conference (Southern China) guests comments

famous stationmaster, KDD website stationmaster GJJ

            a cool webmaster called GJJ (KDD) to talk about their own personal and personal experience in the elite owners meeting, the following is the entire contents of the conversation.

anchor: why don’t we just please tell us about how cool webmaster webmaster

become the wind?

GJJ: I found the host a little Jerry, he wanted to say a slovenly, crazy stationmaster, is referred to as the wind.


the image of what everyone is saying? I’ve been told that I looks like a beggar, almost look like fleeing, the website is asked. I came from the disaster area, Sichuan, just when we were in the earthquake, I also stay here in Guangzhou, so it should be said that this is the fourth time to Guangzhou, so I am particularly impressed with Guangzhou.

whether it is the development of the Internet or in all its aspects, only 20% of the traffic from Guangzhou is basically a province of Guangdong. Like our 114, MSCD, and many other many, many sites, anyway, Guangdong, there are many special cattle webmaster.


this kind of person, compared with them completely is far worse, but they are relatively low-key, Guangdong station are particularly low-key, are hidden, and I kind of people are crazy, often shot for a place, I may be a company that you have dozens or hundreds of Internet Co I often say to webmaster friends chat, but your work area is far from me.

is like 114. They are going to buy a building, but they are thousands of square meters. I am now 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers. There’s no way you can compare with me. Just now the host said, "let me come up and talk about what topic,


Moderator: in fact, he is a person who will recommend themselves, we are very pragmatic, and all to promote their site, I found that he is through the promotion of their own, and then put their own site up. So I would like to ask you about this experience and teach you.

GJJ: in fact, do so many years I also planted a lot of fall, Download copyright this thing can not be done, and then they said to do a forum for users to send, after the discovery of user made up, just above the boss said, some things do not have normal hair up. When there is no network that is the Public Security Bureau said that the website you have what problem, we do not pursue your responsibility, you two hours to delete you nothing, if two hours removed has a relationship with you, I put off the forum.

later, I made novel, this thing should be no problem, and then in Baidu’s TOP inside to do some novels, to get to their own website, it is artificial collection. Then go through the search engine, because it was special then

Teach you to simply evaluate the value of your web site

website business, the Internet as a fast and efficient method of investment, more and more people have accepted and respected, for a stable income site, directly over the acquisition than on bank interest rates much higher, of course, the risk is big, this requires our investors must be on the site the value of an accurate assessment. As a senior webmaster of A5 website trading area, I contact and evaluate many websites every day. Here is how to evaluate the value of websites simply (depending on search engine websites).

1. website site time

the longer the site, the better, especially to ask the original webmaster, the site to maintain the current theme for how long?. A web site that has been 5 or 6 years old is trustworthy for both search engines and users.

2. Baidu weight

‘s largest search engine is Baidu, and its market share is the largest, so the weight of Baidu determines the value of the site to a large extent

3. friends chain, the chain situation

have done the website all know, friend chain and the quality of the chain, quantity, have influence to the weight of the website. A station, if the chain is very strong, and its stability and rising space is relatively large, such stations even new sites are also worth possession.

4. site history

how to evaluate a website is good, the most direct is to see whether it was stable enough before. General tools to see him for the last 2 years, weight change big, the fluctuation is normal, but if there is any serious drop right or be K, that the value of the site will be greatly reduced, because the website is a bad record, so that Baidu K will increase the probability of being again.


5. entry

The entries on the

site, preferably in the inner pages, are ranked, and the number of entries is large and should be scattered across different pages. For some sites, may be all his entries are home, there are rankings, this must be careful.

the above five points when we want to invest in the acquisition of the site, we must carefully check the authenticity, preliminary evaluation of good, can ask to see the site specific flow conditions, flow is the most able to reflect the real situation of the website. For practitioners in the traditional industry, if you want to invest in the website, it is better to find a friend or ask me to help you analyze and evaluate.

article starting A5 Qibao – site trading blog

Please network expert pointing out my local talent network

dawn talent network ( was opened in January 08 years, has nearly half a year. I’m not good at writing articles, so people don’t laugh at me.

said please do not laugh at my brothers! The ASP program is not very understanding of what SEO is, like utterly ignorant of. I didn’t spend any time studying these things. I was busy with other things every day. At the time that the application of the whole group ( three very satisfied, friends say that the domain name to do good to our talent network, Chinese is good to remember; the result is operational, my talent network in Baidu always find, Baidu has not been included in, ask you eldest brother check the reason, I am depressed ah! Who can pointing pointing oh. I’m so depressed.

interested parties please add me QQ136012251 or leave a message here. Thank you.

Website revision experience and reason

a website from the line to achieve a stable income, and expand income, usually encountered the following problems: why not? Why the product development effect is not my imagination? Why people don’t want to pay? How the web activities can attract more people and so on?. When the web operator asks questions about the site’s survival, it’s time to make a change. But not all personal webmaster can make changes and their reasons include the following mentality: it seems to be my marketing is not enough, should increase the network promotion; or to wait and see, users have not realized the value of the site; the industry is in a stage of fermentation, the future will have the opportunity to maintain the status quo; changes will be more worse, the existing users will not adapt to. And so on。 But according to my experience, when a webmaster confusion, but try not to change it. I would like to run a website, talk about their website revision experience.

first revision: targeting demand, trendy

I am a Wine enthusiast, had Wine agent at home and abroad for nearly 10 years, the Wine quality is also have some experience, and some contacts in Wine inside this circle, including the sommelier, sommelier, wine etc.. This is the background. The original site is similar to a blog, mainly to write my own understanding of wine, but also some personal evaluation of a wine. Then, in the message, there are people asking questions about how a wine tastes, whether it can be delivered or not. I think: why I do not give a red wine rating website? Stock rating and bond rating, the rating agencies authority in the market discourse influence should not be overlooked, why can’t I do the same thing? Of course I can’t how professional rating, so I want to do is a the professional and popular combination of rating sites. So my website is on the line. In my opinion, the key to grading is fairness. So I didn’t advertise it. My approach is this: let some of my sommelier friends registered members, let them evaluate, write personal feelings, and then let the public vote, combined together is a red wine rating. Soon I had the first problem: when a registered member of a web site reached about three hundred people, there was a stop, no more. The influence of red wine ratings on buying behavior is not as powerful as I thought it would be. At this time, a friend said, you need to promote.

second revision: focus on the promotion of large amount of big

to be honest, the information presented in the first edition of the website, whether it’s an added red wine product, a red wine review, or red wine information, is a fine line. Is after I compiled information, wine ratings are after my friend come to taste, so the wine varieties will not be so much, mainly some domestic common wine brand. But for >

I help the wisdom of entrepreneurship environment is getting better and better

many times you can rely on social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better now, want to have a lot of entrepreneurial approach. In the face of such a good entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial dream of people, it is necessary to act immediately.

he through the case, tells the story of the early start how to survive the storm, sharing the ancients in the book include the enterprising spirit, the three factors most needed and entrepreneurs: team spirit, risk awareness, understand the occasion. We also shared their own way to go through the ups and downs in the road, to provide a lot of valuable experience for each other.

organiser and star maxspace Bullock responsible person told the reporter, 2015 is all the entrepreneurs of the year, from the central to the local government in promoting the public business, and the Internet business is in a golden opportunity. In this wave, there will be a number of impressive excellent start-up companies, there are many amazing cases and opportunities. The purpose of this venture will be to create a private entrepreneurial experience sharing community.

Is a business opportunity



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What is the process of joining the education and training institutions

Now the development of

education and training market is very rapid, and the product development space is very strong, if now education and training institutions that can let you have investment interest, then start the process should be like?

how to join the education and training institutions to join? Secondly, there must be risk awareness. No matter what kind of system is not a panacea, it is impossible to join the system, it will be able to ensure profitability. Join a brand, compared with the independent operation of a training of primary and secondary education institutions, can only increase their competitiveness, enhance profitability, gain support in technology, market, operation experience, products, reduce business risk, improve the success rate of investment.

how to join the education and training institutions to join? Third, according to their business plan to choose the right franchise system. At present, the training of primary and secondary school education chain includes two categories, one is the brand to join, one is to join the product. The so-called brand to join, the general requirements of the franchisee should use a unified trademark, a unified CI/VI system, the main training products should be consistent with the headquarters. This chain of general education institutions are providing the mainstream product technical training, combined with training headquarters, headquarters has strong teachers and technology, a set of standardized management system and strong marketing experience. Join a brand training organization, should focus on developing the enterprise user training market, make full use of the superiority of curriculum system based rich, give full play to the advantages of local customer relationship, and to develop headquarters enterprise customers market local high value.

how to join the education and training institutions to join? Fourth, keep close contact with headquarters. In the carefully chosen to join the system, and the headquarters should maintain close cooperation to jointly promote and maintain the brand or product. Should be based on the concept of win-win, timely initiative to the headquarters of resources and support, and headquarters to analyze the characteristics of the local market and take action. China vast and varied, the headquarters of the standard management system and marketing experience, and some special requirements of the headquarters of each division is difficult to grasp, should be provided in advance, so the division should maintain close communication with headquarters, according to local circumstances, to seek appropriate support to headquarters.

how to join the education and training institutions to join? Want to make money, the site is very important

location is not open and their orientation, and education institutions to prepare their own open scale, the source object is also very related! Well, it can not be said to be a good choice of how to choose the gold position, but the location of the time there are some general rules, it is believed that we can use the!

2016 Chengdu ushered in the peak business

, along with the economic development, increasing employment pressure, many people choose their own businesses and governments in recent years build up the family fortunes, many policies to support entrepreneurship. It is reported that in 2016, Chengdu implemented a series of entrepreneurial support policies to allow more people to join the ranks of entrepreneurship in Chengdu.

4 7, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, in the first quarter of 2016, the new variety of market players, with an average of every working day of the 1024 entrepreneurs to join the ranks of entrepreneurship in the year of 61426.

as of March 31st, Chengdu registered real market players are 1311244, the total registered capital of a total of 3 trillion and 269 billion 560 million yuan. Among them, there are 61426 market players are new this year, 1~3 months. In other words, the first quarter of this year, the main body of the birth of each working day reached 1024 households. This is the birth of the first day of the birth of the main market players." Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau, said Huang Weixin, deputy director of registration. Please set your home page to, every time you open the page will be directly accessible to China venture capital /

commercial system reform and the construction of Chengdu international metropolis, inland free trade zone to create a series of policies to support the development of private economy, superimposed, bringing the public entrepreneurship, innovation". A quarter of Chengdu registered a total of 34224 individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 10.1%.

it is worth noting that the new market main body, and the innovation and development of the information transmission, software and information technology services for newly registered 3208, scientific research and technical services from the newly registered 2764, the registered capital of the new situation, scientific research and technical services to the total registered capital of 21 billion 420 million yuan ranking in the top three. Strong development of scientific research and technical services for the city to promote scientific and technological innovation, in the new normal to break the bottleneck factor, enhance the development of quality and efficiency to create favorable conditions." Huang Weixin said.

Chengdu entrepreneurs in the business before the first local knowledge in the business aspects of some support policy, good policy can relieve the pressure for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship easier, really let you break business constraints, to achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

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Ham sausage ten brands list – the whole

as a product of the meat market, ham sausage has been very popular since it came out, and because of the huge market demand, resulting in the industry’s brand is also very much. So, let us come to know about the top ten brands of sausage, so as to have a better understanding of the whole ham sausage market.

ham sausage ten brands list, NO.1 won the Chinese gongs: brand, one of the largest countries of trademark protection, China pig slaughtering and meat production enterprises, Linyi Xincheng Jinluo meat products Co. Ltd.

ham sausage ten brands list NO.2, Shuanghui: founded in 1958, national technology center, won the national Chinese brand, trademark protection, meat processing of large food group, Henan Shuanghui group.

ham sausage ten brands list NO.3, beautiful: national protection trademark, won the China famous brand, the new hope group’s brand, the top ham sausage brand, the industry famous brand, Chengdu hope Food Co., ltd..

ham sausage ten brands list NO.4, Yurun: national trademark protection, China won the famous brand, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Chinese 500 companies, Jiangsu Yurun Food Industry Group Co. ltd..

ham sausage ten brands list NO.5, Delisi: national trademark protection, won the Chinese China brand, the most competitive brands on the market, the key state enterprises, Shandong Delisi food Limited by Share Ltd.

ham sausage ten brands list NO.6, which the state protects the trademarks, brand-name products in Shandong, Shandong Province, famous trademarks, well-known trademarks in Qingdao City, high-tech enterprise, Qingdao bernia Food Co. ltd..

ham sausage ten brands list, NO.7 Gold: national trademark protection, won the Chinese brand, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Chinese 500 private enterprises, Sichuan high gold food Limited by Share Ltd.

ham sausage ten brands list NO.8, Xi Wang: won the China famous brand, famous brand in Shandong Province, Shandong famous brand, ham sausage meat dish ten brands, the modernization of production enterprises, Yantai Xiwang Food Co. ltd..

ham sausage ten brands list NO.9, Hormel: founded in 1891 in the United States, the world’s leading pork processing enterprises, food industry well-known brands, large multinational meat producers, Beijing Hormel foods.

ham sausage ten brands list NO.10, >